The thirty-fifth chapter of the brightest star

    "My original dream has not changed…"

    "Because I have to make money to help my family pay off debts…"

    "I want to let one's own family live a happy life, I want my mother not to work hard day and night."

    "So I have to make a lot of money!"

    When Lu Chen's firm and powerful Voice, through the LCD TV sound hanging from the wall, was clearly introduced into Lu Xi's ear, the sister's eyes suddenly appeared a little more crystal.

    She came to Beijing from the sea and saw how hard Lu Chen was trying to make money and know how much he paid.

    Chen Jianhao once talked to Lu Xi in private. When Lu Chen came to work in his bar, he was always very diligent, and he almost never got to work late.

    In order to make more tips, all the waiters in the morning run are the most diligent, because every day to give customers tea, often tired to bend over to straighten, and often go to the evening The last subway back to the rental house.

    And he has always lived in a basement where he could not see the sun and rent it cheaply.

    Later, when she sang and sang, Lu Chen tried to make up for the lack of one's own and practiced the guitar desperately. Even if there were picks available, it would still bounce off the fingers and bleed out the flesh.

    He can now easily refer to the ballads, which is the basis of the practice, until the technique leaps forward.

    Chen Jianhao is willing to help Lu Chen, and he is also impressed by his hard work.

    At this moment, Lu Xixin’s glimpse of Lu Chen’s existence disappeared silently.

    Now Lu Chen, it is not the big boy who didn't understand things that year!

    What reason does she have to continue to hold prejudice?

    He is a younger brother.

    In the T1 studio, the applause sounded.

    Although the current draft program has changed a lot from the past, the players are no longer desperate to make a story. But when it comes to dreams and ideals, everyone will naturally say something or passion or touching words. Inspire the audience to fight for votes.

    Lu Chen has been participating in the "Singing China" draft competition. Whether it is the sea election preliminary or the tour PK competition, he has always used one's own talent to win the victory with excellent original works.

    Lu Chen never talked about it and did not tell any stories. He even said that one's own dream is to make money.

    Now all the talents know that his dream is the most sincere!

    The warm applause of 3,000 spectators is the appreciation and encouragement of this sincere attitude.

    Chen Feier moved: "I hope that your dreams can be realized, I believe that it can be achieved!"

    Lu Chen smiled: "Thank you!"

    Tan Hong nodded: "Then start your performance!"

    Lu Chen took a deep breath and suppressed the intense fluctuations in his heart. Adjust your breath and mood to the best.

    Then he turned around and gave a thumbs up to the accompaniment band on the scene – you can start.

    The prelude sounded immediately.

    This song, Lu Chen sings for one's own!

    He holds the guitar and dials the steel string.

    When the studio was quiet and quiet, the surrounding lights quietly went out, and countless stars on the black dome began to flash, like the most beautiful starry sky at night.

    "the brightest star in the night sky.

    Can you hear it clearly?

The person who looks up,

Loneliness and sigh at the bottom of my heart.

    the brightest star in the night sky,

Can you remember,

I used to walk with me.

The figure that disappeared into the wind.

    I pray that I have a transparent mind.

And tearful eyes.

    Give me the courage to believe again.

    OH goes over the lie to hug you!

    Whenever I can't find the meaning of existence.

    Whenever I am lost in the night,

OH ~ the brightest star in the night sky

Please guide Shit near you~


    Behind Lu Chen. The huge screen shows a brilliant cosmic scene.

    There are also lyrics that appear and disappear.

    "The brightest star in the night sky" is the original work that Lu Chen prepared for this final.

    This Singing is the dream of Lu Chen's youth, with the courage, self-confidence and enthusiasm of young people, showing the strength of love to each young heart like him!

    What is expressed in the lyrics is a spirit of pursuit. In any case, there is a shining star in front that guides us forward, and we always believe in the existence of light.

    Because there is always something in life that makes us worth worrying about, it is worth moving!


the brightest star in the night sky,

Do you know,

Where is the figure that I used to walk with?

    The brightest star in the OH night sky,

Do you care,

Waiting for the sun to rise,

Still unexpectedly coming first.

    I would rather leave all my pain in my heart.

Don't want to forget your eyes.

    Give me the courage to believe again,

OH goes over the lie to hug you!

    Whenever I can't find the meaning of existence,

Whenever I am lost in the night.

    OH ~ the brightest star in the night sky

Please illuminate me~


    Inside the T1 studio, there is a strange tranquility.

    This kind of tranquility is not the kind of meaning on the surface. It is very quiet and there is no Voice. Instead, 3,000 spectators at the scene are listening quietly, listening to the song from Lu Chen that touches the soul.

    Feel the emotions that are so intense that people are shuddering!

    In this song, Lu Chen fully showed his voice characteristics.

    His high-pitched sound conversion is smooth and free from the hardships, especially in the high-pitched parts. There is no sharpness that pierces the eardrum, but it can make people goose bumps and have a feeling of electric shock.

    On the other hand, Lu Chen's guitar playing is also perfect with the live band. Together, the song's excellent melody is fully expressed, leaving no regrets!

    Everyone present, along with the millions of viewers in front of the TV and the computer screen, were the first to hear the song, and they were all deeply moved.

    Different people can have different understandings of this song, it can represent love. It can also represent family and even friendship. Its tolerance is its biggest Charm!

    The song is also telling everyone. Even if you are in a desperate situation, be brave enough to find hope, even in the most lost or even desperate, you must learn to face everything.

    Because of youth, we were arrogant;

Because of youth, we have gradually become secular;

But no matter where we are, we should keep a pure heart.

    Listen to the call of the heart and pursue the direction of life!

    "The brightest star in the night sky", Lu Chen sang to one's own, and sang to everyone.

    "the brightest star in the night sky. Can you hear clearly, the loneliness and sigh of the people who look up! ”

    The sound of the piano is far and wide, and the sound is lingering.

    Tan Hong stood up for the first time. He stared at Lu Chen and slammed one's own palm, and shot it hard!

    Then Chen Feier, Lin Zhijie, Zhen Zhen…

    And 3,000 spectators on the scene.

    The applause is loud and so tidy. As if pre-rehearsed in general, it is so exciting!

    But for a really good song, the glory it gets is what it should be!

    Lu Chen put down the guitar, he bit his lip, his face showed a happy smile, and then he was deeply embarrassed.

    Thank you, listen to me singing this song.

    The applause is no longer so neat. Suddenly it became violent. It was like a storm that was set off, hitting the walls and domes of the studio. Let the whole tall building resonate with it!

    In the background, many players and members of the family and friends also applauded to applaud the powerful opponent.

    Lu Chen’s song conquered the audience and also conquered them.

    No embarrassment, convinced orally!

    Lu Xi looked at Lu Chen on TV, and the tears accumulated in his eyes finally slipped down his face.

    At this moment, no matter whether Lu Chen can win the final feeling, she feels no regrets!

    The applause in the hall lasted for two minutes.

    After the quitting, Tan Hong said: "The brightest star in the night sky, this is the best song I heard at night."

    "I don't want to over-evaluate, I will give you 10 points, because I can only give so much!"

    Chen Feier 10 points, Lin Zhijie 10 points, Zhen Zhen 10 points…

    A dazzling number of flashes flashed on the big screen, superimposing the highest judges score tonight.

    40 marks!

    Although the final result has not yet been announced, there is no suspense in the ownership of the champion.

    Although the performance of the other nine singers is very good, but they are all singing other people's songs, Lu Chen is not only inferior to any opponent in singing, but he also produced a brand new original song.

    A work that can make a classic!

    The brightest star in the night sky, he is undoubtedly the brightest star of the night.

    Whether it is on or off the field, Lu Chen’s advantage has been surpassed!

    No one doubts this.

    This situation is extremely rare in the previous draft program.

    At the home of Binhai City, Lu Xue’s holding of Fang Wei is also a jump and a call, and he is too excited to control one's own.

    Fang Wei let her make trouble, her eyes are always staring at Lu Chen in the live broadcast screen.

    This is her child!

    Forget the grass bar, the guests patted the table hard, they lifted the glass high and laughed loudly.

    The beer in the cup swayed and there were countless white foams.

    Lu Fei live broadcast, the celebration of millions of fans has reached its climax, the amount of bombardment has reached a horrible situation, and even affected the [Whale TV] server, bringing heavy pressure to the latter!

    "we are the champion!""We are the strongest! ""Long live! ”

    I don’t know how many members of Lu Jiajun will reward the fish balls that have been collected by the usual tasks. Many people even put together an aircraft carrier to celebrate Lu Chen’s winning the first season of Beijing Satellite TV in the name of the group. Champion of China.

    Before that, they cast countless votes for Lu Chen through the network, cell phone, phone, and text message.

    They can be proud to say that this champion has a contribution to everyone!

    Live broadcast At the scene, the counting of votes was all over, and Host started to announce from the 10th place.

    Until the last one.

    "I announced that the winner of the first season of "Singing China" is…"

    "Lu Chen!"


Note: "The brightest star in the night sky" word / song: escape plan.

    PS: Thanks to the friends for the monthly vote and the reward, finally climbed one again, the author is grateful! (To be continued~^~)

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