Chapter 136, both sides

    When Lu Chen back to the apartment, the night was already very deep.

    After ending all the competitions of "Singing China", after winning the national singer championship, Lu Chen and everyone went to the sorrowful grass bar to celebrate, and the carnival arrived at midnight.

    He completely relaxed one's own, did not know how many glasses of wine he drank, and was sent to Lu Si by his family.

    When I arrived at the apartment, Lu Chen was awakened a lot: "Sister, how do you bring me back here?"

    Lu Xi said with no anger: "Don't send you back here, don't you leave you alone in studio?"

    The drunken man is in fact very much in need of care, and she certainly will not leave Lu Chen alone.

    I can't think of Lu Chen's good amount of wine, but I didn't get drunk.

    In the bar, she looked at one's own brother who was filled with a cup of wine, but everyone was so happy and happy at night, it was not good to block the scenery, just a little pain.

    Now I saw Lu Chen’s wisdom clear, and my sister finally let go of her heart.

    I knew that I would throw him into the studio!

    Lu Chenxi smiled and said: "Then I am sleeping on the sofa."

    This single apartment was originally rented by Lu Chen, and Lu Xi came to Beijing and gave it to her.

    Lu Xi pinched his nose and said: "Go to the bath first, the smell of your body is too big!"

    Lu Chen brought up the shirt and smelled it. He didn't smell the alcohol: "Hey, my clothes are all over there."

    Lu Xi said with no anger: "I bought you on the road…"

    When she came back, she thought of it. Fortunately, the business in Beijing was extremely developed, and there were supermarkets in the middle of the night.

    Lu Chen scratched his head and he was really a little confused.

    Lu Xi impatiently stuffed the paper bag in his hand into his arms and pushed him to the bathroom: "Go wash!"

    Lu Chen smiled. Grab a paper bag and take a shower.

    In the bathroom, I took a hot bath and washed away the alcohol and wine. After putting on clean clothes, Lu Chen felt that the whole person was refreshed and comfortable inside and out.

    Usually, no matter how busy the work is, even if he is playing outside, he will exercise every day without any obstacles.

    After a few months of persistence, Lu Chen's body is obviously a lot stronger, and the contours of the muscles can be seen in the abdomen. Not only is Stamina energetic, but the amount of alcohol is greatly enhanced.

    "Come and eat…"

    When Lu Chen took a shower, my sister prepared him a nightingale in the kitchen.

    The nightingale is a bowl of noodles. Simple tomato with eggs, plus a few paragraphs of green and green onion, white red yellow green soup clear color, smelling aroma and not talking, watching people make a big move.

    The full stomach wine that Lu Chen had in the evening had been digested and cleaned up. When he was hungry, he sat down uncomfortably and raised the chopsticks. In the blink of an eye, the whole bowl of noodles and soup are eaten clean!

    After taking a picture of his belly, he was very satisfied with his satisfaction: "Full."

    It’s good to have a family and a family member.

    Lu Xi always watched him finish eating, and then said: "Then go to rest, I will wash the dishes."

    Lu Chen nodded: "Sister, thank you."

    Lu Xi did not speak. Just a little more soft in my eyes.

    Lu Chen suddenly felt a little embarrassed. Itchy inside the ear, could not help but reach out and dug with a little finger.

    At the time of the game. Wireless headphones are worn in this ear.

    "Early itchy?"

    Lu Xi said: "I will help you with a trip, go to the sofa."

    Lu Chen originally wanted to say no trouble, but her sister got up, and he had to swallow the words and follow.

    Lu Xi took the tool out of one's own bag. She let Lu Chen lie down, pressed the latter's head on one's own leg, and then gave Lu Chen's ear to the light.

    At the beginning, Lu Chen was a little inexplicable because her sister had not been so gentle about one's own for a long time.

    But very quickly, he relaxed.

    He remembered that when he was a child, his sister also gave one's own ears.

    Is it just when the sisters and brothers are alienated and there is a gap? Lu Chen really can't remember.

    But the ears are really comfortable!

    The two did not speak, and Xiaoxiao's living room was filled with a touch of warmth.

    Lu Xi carefully scooped up a group of earwax and suddenly whispered: "Are you separated from the leaves?"

    Lu Chen took a moment to react, and smiled bitterly: "Sister, we are not in love."

    He and the leaves have a good relationship with each other, but this good feeling has not become a true love, and it becomes a faint sorrow and memories as time passes and distances are separated.

    There are regrets but not sad, because I haven’t really invested yet.

    After experiencing so many things, Lu Chen doubts that one's own has the courage to deeply love.

    He said: "She sent me a text message at the end of the game and wished me a championship."

    Lu Xi was silent for a moment and said: "The leaves are a good girl. It is right that you didn't hurt her."

    She is very clear about how busy Lu Chen is recently, and there is no time to talk about love.

    Or more accurately, Lu Chen one's own and don't want to fall in love.

    The heavy debt at home is like a huge mountain, pressed against him.

    Also pressed on Lu Xi's body.

    She can understand Lu Chen’s hardships, but she is a little sorry.

    The leaves are good girls.

    Lu Xi’s ear movements are more gentle.


    Lu Chen promised, and the tiredness hidden in the body came quietly, making his eyelids heavy.

    Close your eyes, Lu Chen fell asleep, and soon made a small squeak.

    He is too tired.

    Lu Xi quietly waited for a moment, and waited until Lu Chen was asleep.

    Then she took a pillow and replaced one's own leg as a pillow.

    Then put a thin blanket on Lu Chen, and the sister turned off the light and went back to the room of one's own.

    Late at night.

    The living room was in the dark, and the outside light came in through the glass window, which was faint.

    In the dark, Lu Chen turned over on the sofa, making one's own sleep more comfortable.

    He slept very well and was very relaxed.

    In the midst of it, there is a familiar Voice telling Lu Chen that he and his sister have really reconciled…

    So he was relieved.


    early morning. Marina.

    Fang Hao got up very early, simply washing and cleaning. She hastily ate breakfast and is ready to go out to the supermarket.

    Today is Saturday, Dabaifu Supermarket not far from Dongping District has discounted special treatment activities. Many times the price of fresh meat and vegetables is much cheaper than that in the food market, so housewives often rush to buy goods.

    But if you go late, many discounted goods will be robbed, even if there are left, it is bad.

    Fang Hao’s mood is very good today, so she wants to buy more things and specially prepared two big shopping bags.

    Before going out, she was a little uneasy and thought about pushing the door of the small room.

    The room is still air conditioned and the temperature is a bit low. Lu Xuezheng screamed and slept on the bed, half of his body was exposed outside the blanket, and it looked like a sleepy pig.

    "This child…"

    Fang Wei complained, found the remote control to re-adjust the temperature, and then pulled the blanket over the snow cover.

    She reached out and slapped her hand on Lu Xue’s little butt.

    The latter "snapped" two dissatisfaction in his sleep, twisting one's own and shrinking it.

    Fang Wei was dumbfounded and turned and left the room.

    She carefully closed the door.

    I bumped into a neighbor above the stairway below. Zhang Meilan, the wife of the head of the Department of Local Taxation and Management.

    The Collection Management Section of the Local Taxation Bureau is a key department. The chief of the forest is a half-powerful person in the unit. His continuation of the wife is a bit proud, and the other party has always been ignorant.

    However, today's situation is very different. Zhang Meilan saw Fang Wei immediately smile and took the initiative to say hello: "Sister, is it so early today?" Is it going to go to Dabaifu to buy food? ”

    The party stunned. The response replied: "Yes. You are very early. ”

    Zhang Meilan smiled and said: "I get used to getting up early every day, but today I want to go to the supermarket with you."

    Fang Hao was made confused by her. But it is not good to give face, so I can only promise.

    On the way to the supermarket, Zhang Meilan said: "Sister Sister, I saw your family Lu Chen on TV last night. He is getting more and more good. He won the championship. This is to be a superstar!"

    Speaking of the final of "Singing China" last night, Fang Hao could not help but smile.

    Lu Chen's wonderful performance in this crucial game not only won the high praise of the four judges, but also conquered countless audiences on and off the court. Finally, he relied on the big score to overcome all the opponents.

    As Lu Chen’s mother, Fang Wei is really very proud.

    After the game ended, Lu Chen called her, and then many friends and family also called.

    Of course, she still has to be modest in front of outsiders: "Where is the superstar? So Lu Chen is lucky enough to run into it. How can you say it in the future?"

    Zhang Meilan grinned and said: "You should not be modest for him. My Feixin circle of friends has spread all over the place. They all say that your family is a talented musician. It is also the pride of our coastal city. He will definitely have a great future. !"

    Then she turned around and asked, "Do you have a girlfriend in your family?"

    Fang Wei understood it a bit: "It seems that it is not yet."

    Zhang Meilan was shocked: "Lu Chen is so handsome and talented, how can he still have a girlfriend? Would you like me to introduce him to one, my sister’s niece is going to college in Beijing, and there is nothing to say about the character…”

    Fang Wei is speechless, and she knows that the other party has nothing to offer, and that is definitely purposeful.

    She was perfunctory Zhang Meilan and soon came to the supermarket.

    There are more acquaintances in the supermarket.

    "Lujiazizi is here!"

    "Oh, sister, you are coming to buy food, it happened…"

    "Fang accounting, I really want Congratulations. You, you have a good son, and we are glory for our coastal city!"

    "Lu Chen is so good, my son is very admired by him!"

    "Your family Lu Chen is really alive!"

    Binhai is a small city at the county level, and the local circles are relatively closed. What is going on is often spread quickly.

    Fang Wei is also living in Dongping District, where the staff of the Municipal Finance Bureau, the State Administration of Taxation and the Local Taxation Bureau are located. Her son Lu Chen participated in the "Singing China" draft competition, and it was spread early.

    Many colleagues know Lu Chen, and naturally they pay special attention to the finals last night.

    As a result, Lu Chen won the championship and won the championship!

    So I saw Fang Hao here, everyone gathered around and sincerely congratulated her.

    They pushed Zhang Meilan to the side.

    Fang Wei was surrounded by people, and her heart was proud and moving!


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