Chapter 134 My dreams

    Lu Xi frowned and showed an unpleasant look, like something that made her very unhappy.

    But when she heard Lu Chen’s inquiry, she immediately collected the cell phone: “Nothing, you don’t have to!”

    Lu Chen shook his head and said: "Sister, you have made me more worried and have a greater impact on me."

    Lu Xi must have encountered something related to him, otherwise it will not be like this.

    He knows how to deal with his sister.

    Lu Xi reluctantly glanced at him, or took the cell phone and handed it to him: "A boring guy…"

    Lu Chen took a look at it and quickly understood it.

    Lu Xi cell phone shows the contents of the Inspur blog, the blogger is Zhuang Hao.

    The editor and music critic of the fashion magazine "Sweet" made a blog post at 3 pm. He commented on a song that was very popular on the Internet recently. The song titled "Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart".

    Zhuang Hao wrote in the blog post that this song sounds very good, the lyrics are exciting and exciting, and the level of the singer is OK, so the fire is justified.

    But pay attention to this but!

    However, he could not agree with the original singer's ideological realm, because the original singer was publicly on the live broadcast program before saying that his dream was to make money, and he made a lot of money!

    Isn't that ridiculous?

    Money is of course important, but young people’s dreams should not be stared at, and they should have higher values.

    Isn't the dream of pursuing Music not good?

    This blog post is nearly a thousand words, and it will be unfortunately approved by Lu Chen.

    The core focus is to link Lu Chen’s words in the Beijing singer finals with the “Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart” sung by Bihai PK. The ridicule of Lu Chen’s dream is full of copper smell, which is an incorrect value. . Therefore, it should not be the object of young people's pursuit!

    At the end of the blog post, he also added Lu Chen's video clips in those two games as evidence.

    The so-called literati kills people without a knife. As a magazine editor and sound reviewer, Zhuang Hao's writing is quite sharp, and he catches Lu Chen's loopholes and attacks him. He has made Lu Chen a morally corrupt person!

    This blog post was forwarded and Luchen FMX, and the result was seen by Lu Xi.

    Lu Chen's Inspur blog, currently paying attention to the number of fans is 4.2 million+, and the large V standard of 5 million is still a little worse, but his number of fans is accumulated in just one month's time, it is very impressive.

    Inspur blog is a very important publicity, even the small Celebrity of the three D-lists must be published. Carry out hype or promote the image of the popularity, so as the Lu Chen manager's Lu Xi is very important, has been personally managed.

    In particular, Lu Chen experienced two hacking incidents, and she was particularly sensitive in this regard.

    Zhuang Hao’s esoteric blog post naturally made her angry.

    However, Lu Chen did not pissed off, but smiled.

    When Zhuang Hao was in the "strongest singer" sea election, it was difficult to make it difficult for Lu Chen to join forces with two other judges to eliminate Lu Chen. Later, the incident was dismissed by Shonan Satellite TV and the face was clean.

    This guy doesn't remember to hate Lu Chen, that's a weird thing!

    But for a moment, his reputation for one's own was stinking, and it was ridiculous to think of smearing the black morning.

    This blog post was sent out at 3 pm, so far the number of forwarding is only 200+, and the number of likes is only 75. There are thousands of comments – all of them are jealous of him.

    Su Xiaobai: Do you also have a morality?

    Beef Ramen Pills: Is this with Lu Chen? Let's talk. How much money did you take this time?

    Scientific Electromagnetic Cannon: Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart is a good song that you can't stop listening to, and you have to be black to a little level!

    Ash HK: Is there a problem with making money? No money, what do you eat?

    BOBO: Well said. Reward you for five points and continue to keep it up!

    Big Shark 777: This is the most funny blog post I have seen this year. The blogger has a face!

    Cat: Oh, the victim is not enough once again, I want to be black again, my heart is so bad, not afraid to go out and be hit by a car?

    I want rice: What about making money? My dream is to make a lot of money, you want to manage it?

    Eighteen years old: Xiumei magazine is not yet in charge of your dog, it is biting again.

    Free: Please roll…

    Except for a few passers-by who do not know the truth, 90% of the commentators are in Zhuang Zhuanghao. There should be no lot of Luchen's real powder inside, otherwise it will have been blown up.

    Most of these Zhuang Zhuanghao people have heard and liked "Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart", and they are very disgusted with Zhuang Hao's forced smearing behavior, and actively help Lu Chen to counterattack and ridicule.

    There are also those who know the grievances of both sides, but also the extreme point of Zhuang Hao's contempt – one's own itself has no ethics, but dare to say shamelessly, others are not as good as hypocrites!

    In order to express one's own contempt, many people who slandered Zhuang Hao also rewarded him with 5 cents.

    This is the irony of this blog post is worth the money.

    Zhuang Hao actually earned several pieces!

    Lu Chen saw that he was too happy. He showed a few classic comments to Lu Xi: "Sister, you don't need to be angry. You see others are jealous of him. It has no effect on me."

    It’s nothing more than a jumper, and it’s not worth pissed off.

    If Lu Chen really cares about Zhuang Hao and confronts him, it is estimated that he is just in the middle of the other side.

    The purpose of perhaps Zhuang Hao is exactly the same!

    Just after the last Beijing Satellite TV launch, the basics of Lu Chen’s criticism against Lu Chen disappeared. Without the big V/speculator/marketing number, the blog post could not turn over Xiaoxiao’s spray.

    Zhuang Hao is undoubtedly wanting one's own to bring up a wave of rhythm, and borrowing Lu Chen to hype, and retaliate by the way.

    His choice of time to make trouble is also painstaking.

    Unfortunately, no one responded.

    Lu Xi certainly won't be easy.

    She just didn't expect this circle to be so complicated.

    The traps are all over the thorns, so that my sister can't help but worry about Lu Chen's future.

    Chen Jianhao came to care with Na.

    After understanding the cause of the incident, he smiled at Lu Xi’s depression: “The Entertainment Circle is like this. It has never been cleaned. Lu Chenjie is self-sufficient. Even if others want to be black, they have to blame one's own weight. ”

    "You don't have to worry too much. No Celebrity has ever experienced such a thing on the road to fame. As long as Lu Chen’s own strength is strong enough, he does not need to fear any rules that are either explicit or dark. ”

    Lu Chen nodded, and he still needs his own hard truth. He naturally understands.

    Chen Jianhao added: "Zhuang Hao is not a big handle, but you can also fight back before singing!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Thank you for your guidance."

    Chen Jianhao patted his shoulder and encouraged: "keep it up, be sure to win the championship!"

    In the T1 studio, the finals continue.

    One by one, "Singing China", the top 10 national singers will go on stage one by one, they make every effort to exert one's own strength. The impact was made towards the highest goal.

    Countless viewers sit in front of the TV or computer, paying attention to and enjoying this fierce final.

    [Whale TV] Lu Fei live broadcast, the lively to the extreme.

    Since Lu Chen participated in the "Singing China" live-action draft competition, the number of attention and online number of people in Lufei's live broadcast has been rising, and it has always been hot.

    Although it is because of the competition, Li Feiyu is often anchored, but the popularity is still very high.

    Especially the final in the evening. 【Whale TV] made a key recommendation on the front page!

    Under normal situation, the official is opposed to the signing of the anchor to invite people to broadcast on the air. Occasionally, it can be closed for a few times. After all, there are accidents.

    However, if it is often broadcasted, there will be problems. The official must impose penalties and even terminate the contract directly.

    But Lu Chen's situation is completely different, as a new star from the [Whale TV]. His success in "Singing China". Let the official also have a light on his face, and he took the opportunity to speculate.

    So the finals tonight. 【Whale TV] is on the front page of the big banner publicity.

    And the eye-catching advertisement, Lu Fei live broadcast brings a huge amount of popularity!

    Concerned that fans have broken through the million mark, the online number has reached 1.7 million+, and it is still climbing!

    Such data has undoubtedly created a new record in live broadcast.

    The barrage is like a sea tide, and the fish balls are like rain!

    Li Feiyu was so excited that the Voice was hoarse and tried his best to bring the rhythm.

    Lu Jiajun's fans are also eagerly awaiting the landing of Lu Chen, expecting him to win the final crown.

    Forget the grass bar, although Chen Jianhao and others are not there, the live broadcast on the big screen of the stage.

    In the home of Binchen in the morning, Fang Hao and Lu Xue stayed in the living room early…

    At 9:05 in the evening, the 9th singer will end singing.

    Lu Chen is the last player to stage.

    He played, bowed, and greeted: "Hello everyone, four judges Teacher, I Am a Singer Lu Chen!"

    The audience of 3,000 spectators all focused on him, and he quickly calmed down in the big studio.

    "Hello, Lu Chen, we met again."

    Chen Feier asked with a smile: "Standing on this stage tonight, what do you think?"

    Lu Chen thought about it and replied: "I have a lot of feelings. When I was in the final of the Beijing singing area, I once said that my dream is to make money and make a lot of money!"

    Chen Feier’s eyes are bright: “So, is your dream changed now?”


    Lu Chen shook his head firmly: "My original dream has not changed, because I have to make money to help my family pay off debts. I want to let one's own family live a happy life. I want my mother not to work hard day and night." ”

    "So I have to make a lot of money!"

    "I still have a new dream, that is, people all over the world can hear my songs."

    "Let them remember my name…"

    "I am standing here, I am coming for one's own dream!"


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