Chapter 130 Job Seekers

    On August 22nd, the "Singing China" Program team successfully completed the national tour PK schedule and returned to Beijing.

    In another 7 days, on August 29th, the last game of "Singing China", that is, the national top 10 finals will be held in the newly launched T1 studio in Beijing Satellite TV.

    On the same day, Shonan Satellite TV’s "The Strongest Singer" just ended, and Viewership Ratings barely broke through 4%.

    Ling Xiaoxiao, a newcomer who was once praised, played poorly in the finals and only got the 5th place.

    The two ace of the David Vision's ace program, the first season of "Singing China" won the "strongest singer".

    "Singing China" No. 20 live broadcast PK in the Bihai Stadium, Viewership Ratings reached 5.76%, the industry guessed that the final national final should be able to easily break 6 points, and even hopefully rushed 7 points.

    Whether it is 6 or 7 o'clock, it is a victory for Beijing Satellite TV worthy of Exhale!

    Lu Chen, one of the top 10 national singers, also returned to Beijing with the Program group.

    In fact, he can still play in the blue sea for two more days. There are still many things in Beijing. Therefore, he can only come and go in a hurry. They don’t have a good taste of the beautiful scenery of the tropical islands in the South China Sea.

    Work and responsibility, like an invisible whip, is struggling to advance in the morning.

    It’s still far from being able to lie down and enjoy.

    Back on the second day of Beijing, Lu Chen personally interviewed a job seeker in one's own studio.

    Chen Xiang, 22, graduated from Fangshan University with a major in computer applications. He has been in Beijing for more than a year. Currently working as a programmer in a network company.

    Fangshan University belongs to the three universities of Minority, which is the third-rate university. The gold content of education is very low.

    Resting in the talented Beijing, he can't even count the small shrimps in the sea. It is almost impossible to find a good job. It is necessary to know that even a graduate like Lu Chen had been hitting the wall.

    The recruitment requirements of Lu Chen studio are not high, but they are not as low as this.

    You are welcome to say that the three-legged shackles are difficult to find, and the two-legged college students are full of streets in Beijing!

    However, Chen Xiang's academic performance is still very good. He has received scholarships every year in college. He is very hard at work in Beijing, and his work performance is remarkable. At least it is a bit of a feed.

    Most importantly, Chen Xiang has a special status. He is a member of Lu Chenfan’s Lu Jiajun.

    And it is a senior hardcore!

    He contacted Lu Chenyu through Li Feiyu and came over to the interview.

    "Why do you want to work for me?"

    Lu Chen asked curiously: "Your future on my side is definitely not comparable to your current company."

    Chen Xiang's current company is not a big company, but it is a real IT company and belongs to a kind of emerging enterprise with great development potential.

    In terms of professional nature and career prospects. That is far stronger than Lu Chen's small studio.

    In addition to the conditions of treatment, job promotion and career prospects are also very important.

    Lu Chen Studio is a small group dedicated to Lu Chen's own service. Currently recruited network managers are mainly responsible for the website construction and maintenance work of studio, taking into account network marketing.

    Lu Chen has no intention of expanding studio into a large company for the time being, so the requirements of the corresponding employers are stable and reliable.

    But all young people. Especially the Beijing drifting family. Most of the time to come to Beijing to work hard is to dream of doing a career. Xiaoxiao's Lu Chen studio obviously can't satisfy their desire to go forward.

    In this regard, Lu Chen bluntly confessed to any interviewer. Do not bully and mislead others.

    When he first came to Beijing to find a job, he met such a company without virtue. He almost didn't plant it.

    Lu Chen is very disgusted with this.

    During his singer's departure from Beijing, Lu Xi has interviewed many job seekers, but the other party is not arrogant. The eye is low, or the level is poor. So far, no suitable candidate has been found.

    A truly talented person will not succumb to an obscure personal studio.

    "I know…"

    Chen Xiang smiled bitterly: "But with my education, I can only be a bottom in the company, how can I not get up, and the overtime pay is not high every day, the dry is a dull job, can not improve one's Own."

    "So I want to come to the studio to try, at least in the morning brother, I can do more work independently, and have time and opportunity to continue to learn to enrich one's own, I will work hard."

    He graduated from college one year earlier than Lu Chen, and Lu Chen was the same age, but the birth month was two months smaller than Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen and Lu Xi looked at each other, and the latter nodded slightly.

    The recruitment of employees should have been completed by Lu Xilai, but Chen Xiang's situation is a bit special, plus professional reasons, so it is still by Lu Chen one's own.

    But Lu Chen also respects the will of one's own sister.

    Lu Xi has no objections.

    Chen Xiang is thin and tall, and looks ordinary. He is obviously not the kind of person who can talk. He can see that the character is good and belongs to the kind of employee who is willing to do things seriously.

    His education and ability perhaps are not very strong, but it is enough for the current Lu Chen studio.

    Lu Chen thought about it and said: "That line, since you made up your mind, come to me and try it."

    The same major, coupled with the experience of Beijing drift, made Lu Chen very sympathetic to Chen Xiang.

    Then why not let him try it?

    Chen Xiang suddenly relieved: "Great, thank you morning brother."

    He can't help but smile.

    Lu Xi added: "We are here for a half-month trial, and then we will sign a formal contract after the trial period."

    "The monthly salary for formal treatment is 3,500 yuan, 5 insurance and 1 gold, and 500 food and lodging subsidies. Performance benefits and year-end rewards are calculated separately. If there is no problem, we will sign the employment contract first."

    She asked: "Do you have any questions?"


    Chen Xiang replied quickly: "No problem, no problem!"

    This kind of treatment is already stronger than the company he is in now, and the half-month trial period is very kind.

    Many companies hire new people, and the trial period is often as long as three months, which is the longest period of regulation.

    Then, in the past three months, only the minimum wage guarantee was given, so that the newcomers could work as cattle and horses, and they would be trained and trained. After the end, they refused to sign the formal contract for various reasons and kicked out.

    Chen Xiang used to be a former job seeker and was not allowed to do it.

    The half-month trial period is really too kind!

    He secretly made up his mind that he must work here.

    Lu Xi smiled and said: "No problem, then when can you come to work?"

    Chen Xiang said: "I will come tomorrow!"

    He was so eager to wait for Lu Chen and Lu Xi to be embarrassed.

    Lu Chen was surprised: "Can you resign so quickly?"

    The normal resignation process usually takes ten days and a half to complete, and even a few months.

    Unless it is the kind of temporary work.

    Chen Xiang smiled bitterly: "I offended the project team leader. He wants me to get out of the way, so I can resign tomorrow."

    Chen Xiang one's own can't tell who he really offended.

    Since taking office, the other party has always seen him not pleasing to the eye, often with eyebrows and eyebrows, and he does not say anything about his work, but also sneers a few times from time to time.

    It was just that this job was hard to come by, so Chen Xiang was patiently endured.

    Yesterday was his rest day, and the result was caught by the supervisor overtime, and he was also reprimanded.

    Chen Xiang was really angry but had a second argument with the other party. The relationship between the two sides was completely broken, so even if he did not take the initiative to resign, it would not last long in this company.

    After turning his face, Chen Xiang remembered that Li Feiyu had mentioned it in the live broadcast, saying that Lu Chen had opened a studio, so he had to go through the contact method and ask if there is a professional-related employee.

    As a result, his luck is good, Lu Chen studio is really recruiting network managers.

    Lu Chen did not ask right and wrong, said: "There is no need to worry so much, we will give you three days of time to solve, it is the beginning and the end, anyway, this job is yours."

    Chen Xiang nodded hard: "Good!"

    In fact, in the heart of Chen Xiang, there is no saying to Lu Chen.

    That was yesterday, he quarreled with the head of the project team. The reason why the emotion could not be controlled was because he listened to the first "Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart" performed by Lu Chen that night.

    It is this song that awakens the blood that he has been suppressing!

    Chen Xiang can endure hard and tedious work and can endure unfair and discriminatory treatment.

    But he is also dignified!

    Today, I came to Lu Chen studio, Chen Xiang is thinking about breaking the boat. If I am interviewing here, then he is going to go back to his hometown and never come back.

    Lu Chen gave him the opportunity to start again.

    Chen Xiang was sent away, and Lu Chen went to Nirvana studio.

    Both studios are in the same park, and the distance between them is 10 minutes walk, so it is very convenient.

    Lu Chen's debut album has been intensively produced, Nirvana studio is even more important than him, whether it is arranger or accompaniment, are always improving.

    From the beginning of the month to the present, Lu Chen followed the Program group and ran outside, so the production of the album was inevitably affected, but the work of Nirvana studio was not interrupted.

    Now that he is back, it is natural to pull back the backward progress.

    This album carries Lu Chen's first Music dream.

    If there are no surprises, he is ready to release one's own debut album next month, in September!


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