The accident in the 119th chapter

    Leisure is leisure, work is work, and Lu Chen divides the two clearly.

    The beauty of jinling scenery again, the romance of the Qinhuai River again moving, can not let him linger ignore the work.

    On the second day of Jinling, Lu Chen got up early.

    Li Feiyu was still asleep, and he quietly left the hotel and ran outside to exercise.

    After returning, Lu Chen woke up Li Feiyu and the two went to the hotel restaurant for breakfast.

    After breakfast, just Luze came.

    Today is the day to shoot the advertisement. According to the arrangements of the silver horse, if the filming is completed in the morning, then he will go to the Senqi headquarters to take a publicity poster photo in the afternoon, and he will return to Beijing in the evening.

    Of course this is the most ideal state.

    Film and television shooting work has never been simple. Even the simplest advertisement film, it is difficult to guarantee accidents and twists and turns, such as clothing item error, actor state is too bad, etc., will affect the shooting process.

    Under the leadership of Lu Ze, Lu Chen first met with the shooting team of the silver horse advertisement.

    Although it is just a film of the exhibition, there are quite a few people in the filming team, Director, photographer, photography assistant, field reporter, art, lighting engineer, lighting assistant, Item teacher, makeup artist…In addition, there are more than a dozen people who are responsible for miscellaneous, pushing orbiting and carrying.

    This also highlights the strength of the silver horse advertising. If it is the kind of grass-roots team, maybe a few people can do it with Director plus photography, and there is no such big battle.

    In addition, we can also see the value and investment of Senqi in this advertisement.

    The location of the filming was on Xiangjiang Road in Jinling Film and Television City.

    Jinling Film and Television City is a government-enterprise cooperative construction. It has invested as many as tens of billions in front and back, and has already become one of the famous tourist attractions in Jinling City.

    This copy of Xiangjiang Road, built on the Kowloon Commercial Street, is surrounded by high-rise shops and commuter trams and real subway stations. There is not much difference from the real scene.

    Domestic There are quite a lot of movies and TVs here, and it is interesting. It is said that even the film and television company of Xiangjiang has filmed Hong Kong-flavored film on Xiangjiang Road.

    When Lu Chen arrived, the filming team was just in place.

    According to the plan, this advertisement piece first shoots the outdoor part, and then shoots the room after completion, the plot is not complicated.

    This advertisement story tells the story of Lu Chen’s actor and cohabiting heroine who had overslept, and the latter rushed to attend an important meeting of the company, and accidentally left the document at home.

    After the male protagonist found out, he immediately put on the Senqi sportswear, put on the Senqi sneakers and ran out to catch up. It was found that the heroine had already taken the taxi and left.

    So the actor ran wildly on the street, and there was a process of overcoming obstacles in the middle. When the heroine arrived at the conference room and found that there was no document, the sweaty actor was like a god soldier!

    The moving actress sent a kiss on the spot, which attracted everyone in the company to applaud.

    The final scene is focused on Sendi's logo.

    The advertisement script has been seen by Lu Chen, and a few lines of content have been kept in mind.

    The character he plays does not need to have high acting skills. The only difficulty is that during the running process, in order to show the brand's sports characteristics, there are several scenes related to parkour.

    The silver horse is about to use the avatar. It is also a professional parkour enthusiast to replace.

    Lu Chen came a little early. Under the introduction of Lu Ze, he chatted with the director of the shooting team and listened to the latter to explain the main points of the shooting. After all, the main scene of this advertisement was in Lu Chen.

    Director also introduced Lu Chen's substitute.

    The substitute is a professional fitness instructor, surnamed Wang, who is nearly 30 years old.

    His head is slightly shorter than Lu Chen. However, the muscles of the lower jaw are very strong. It’s a bit shy when you talk, obviously it’s the type of character that is straightforward.

    Director told Lu Chen. The fitness instructor is a military man, and he usually likes parkour sports. He once won the fifth place in the national parkour competition.

    After understanding the director's intentions, Lu Chen thought about it: "Director, can you not use a substitute, that few parkour moves let Wang coach show me first, then I'm one's own to complete?"

    "No substitute?"

    Director suddenly got a shock and looked at Lu Chen with an incredible look: "Are you one's own to complete the action?"

    Next to the photographer, lighting, makeup artist…The look of coach including Wang is a bit different.

    Professional things of course need professional staff to do, although the use of substitutes is more troublesome, need to use post-editing and changing to avoid wearing, and greatly increase the difficulty of shooting.

    But it’s better to go to the adventure than Lu Chen!

    One of the scenes in the advertisement piece requires the man to flexibly climb over the railing and then jump over the flower sill that is 3 meters wide. There is not enough bounce ability to complete it. I don't know the skill and even the injury situation.

    Director feels that Lu Chen doesn't know Immense World a bit, of course he hides the disdain of one's own.

    The director of the advertisement film is not a movie TV director. The coffee table is too different, and the Celebrity artists are offended.

    Therefore, he can only explain with good words: "That is too dangerous. We can't take such risks. Please understand."

    Lu Chen smiled and did not insist on the idea of ​​one's own, choose to respect the Director's arrangement: "Well then…"

    Director is therefore relieved.

    He has taken a lot of advertisements and knows how difficult it is for some Celebrity artists!

    Lu Chen is obviously not the kind of person, very good-looking.

    After pacifying Lu Chen, the Director lifted his wrist and looked at his watch, his brow wrinkled.

    He turned and pointed to one's own watch and asked the assistant: "Look at what time it is now, how did Miss Sun Shan not come over? Call and remind me, what are you doing here! ”

    The assistant was drunk and shrunk his head, and he quickly got in touch with the action machine.

    Director also said to Lu Chen: "Mr. Lu Chen, I am really embarrassed. You have to wait for more. Miss Sun Shan may have encountered something. You should sit here first?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "It doesn't matter, I will wait a little longer."

    Sun Shan is the partner of Lu Chen's advertisement film, a three-D-list film Celebrity.

    Lu Chen searched the other party's information on the Internet, knowing that there have been several TV dramas on the other side. Although they are supporting roles, they are quite popular on the Internet. They are said to be very good at speculation and have won one or two unknown awards.

    Sun Shan’s people are pretty, and the wind evaluation is not very good.

    Of course, Lu Chen does not care about the other person's character, anyway, he will cooperate with an advertisement.

    But he soon knew that one's own thought too simple!

    After the assistant finished the phone call, he said with contempt: "Director, Miss Sun Shan is still in the hotel, saying that it will take another hour or so. What do you do?"

    "I still have an hour?"

    Director is simply angry and rushing to the crown, his eyes are round and round: "So many people are waiting for her…"

    He insisted on suppressing one's own temper and did not attack it. He waved his hand and said: "Forget it, then don't wait, let's take the lead part of the actor first, let's prepare soon!"

    With a command, the team immediately got busy.

    The photographer set up the position, the makeup artist rushed over to Lu Chen makeup, and the lighting assistant ran around with the reflector.

    The field record with the field work to isolate those who are curious to see the lively, so as not to interfere with the shooting work.

    The first shot was not Lu Chen, but his substitute.

    Coach Wang replaced a full set of sportswear and sneakers. After the warm-up, he started the first shooting, mainly a movement over the obstacles.

    The professional coach was very strong, and he ran a dozen steps and jumped up. He easily skipped a few boxes stacked on the side of the road. The movement was very smooth and smooth.

    The camera mounted on the rail follows his footsteps and takes the entire process in its entirety.

    The first time was very smooth.

    Director is very satisfied, after watching the replayed screen, it passed directly.

    Next, the second parkour scene, the difficulty is a lot higher, the need to step over the railing and then skip the flowers on the grass, because of the long distance of jumping, there is a certain danger.

    When the avatar tried, Lu Chen received a call.

    A phone call that made him unexpected.

    "Fisher sister?"

    The person who called him was actually Chen Feier: "Lu Chen, where are you?"

    Lu Chen wondered: "I am now shooting in Jinling, Feijie, what are you looking for?"

    Chen Feier chuckled: "You can't call you if you have nothing?"

    Lu Chen: "Hey…"

    Chen Feier smiled and said: "Don't make fun of you, are you filming in Jinling Film and Television City?"

    Lu Chen said: "Yes, I am now on Xiangjiang Road."

    Chen Feier said: "I was filming there, the place is more familiar than you, then I hang up first."

    Lu Chenxi: "Hey, Philippine sister, goodbye."

    Ending the call with Chen Feier, Lu Chen had some inexplicable feelings.


    He was thinking, suddenly there was a painful scream in front of him.

    Lu Chen was shocked and rushed along with several field staff.

    Then I found out that it was his substitute, that is, the coach of the king had an accident!

    When the filming jumped over the flower 圃scene, the coach did not handle it when he landed. As a result, he twisted his foot and could not stand up.

    Everyone helped lift him up and moved to the stool to sit down.

    Taking off your sneakers, Wang’s ankles have begun to swell!

    Although there is nothing in the bones, I don’t know, but he looks like this, and it is definitely impossible to continue shooting.

    And the front of the scene is also tantamount to a white shot.

    Because it has to be replaced.

    The problem is where to go to find alternatives now, knowing that these actions are a bit difficult, and that no one can do it casually.

    Director's sorrow is going to flow back into the river!


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