Chapter 197 Headline Big News

    The sound from the living room made Chen Xiang wake up from his sleep.

    He opened his sleepy eyes and fumbled to find the cell phone resting on the bed and lit the screen to look at the time.

    October 3, 9:22 in the morning.

    It’s almost time to get up.

    Chen Xiang took a seat and stretched out, then opened the cover and rolled it up.

    Rubbing his eyes, he opened the bedroom door and came to the living room, ready to wash in the bathroom.

    Shortly after joining Lu Chen Studio, Chen Xiang moved out of the underground dwelling where he lived and moved to the talented apartment in the Blue Sky Creative Park. The rent did not increase much, but the conditions were much better.

    This two-bedroom apartment property belongs to the Creative Park. It is only leased to people working in the park. It was rented by Lu Chen studio and distributed to Chen Xiang and one of his peers.

    The other party works for Mu Chen Crowdfunding Network Company, and it is also a colleague.

    Chen Xiang is really satisfied.

    This small apartment is located on the upper floor, the room is clean and the sun is bright, the decoration is clear and refreshing, and you don't have to worry about crawling out of the bed or squatting under the bed, and you won't hear a lot of parts of your body at night. Annoying sounds of congestion.

    And close to the work place, do not have to work hard and get up early to get on the bus and subway.

    That kind of hard life, he really is enough.

    Lu Chen Studio Despite its small size, it is full of vitality and vitality. Colleagues have a good relationship with each other. Everyone is like a friend, and there is no intrigue.

    If possible, Chen Xiang wants to keep doing it.

    "Old Chen, got up?"

    Colleagues are having breakfast in the living room, soy milk steamed bun fritters white rice porridge is placed on the table. Exudes a seductive scent.

    "Let's come late, I bought your share!"

    Chen Xiang smashed his hand. Said: "Thank you, you eat first, I will come soon!"

    In the bathroom, I personally cleaned up the work. Chen Xiang sat in front of the table and couldn't wait to pick up a warm steamed bun into his mouth.

    Full of meat, he has a great satisfaction!

    "Old Chen, show you a big news!"

    Chen Xiang just swallowed a meat steamed bun, and a colleague stuffed a newspaper: "I saw it on the road."

    What big news?

    Chen Xiang took the left hand and copied it to the soy milk. The right hand took the colorful newspaper.

    Daily entertainment broadcast!

    The bells and whistles of style, the advertisements that are everywhere. It clearly shows its origins.

    The private second- and third-stream tabloids are mainly for entertainment news.

    After entering the new century, with the development of the Internet industry, the traditional newspaper industry has been seriously affected.

    The prosperity of new media is the trend of the times. The state gradually liberalizes the control of the newspaper industry and turns to full marketization. Many private tabloids have emerged. Grab the market that has already shrunk.

    Although the strength of private newspapers is not strong, but the way of operation is very flexible, the content of the newspapers is not seeking for the whole, and the route of the characteristics is somewhat mixed.

    In Beijing, there are hundreds of tabloids like "Daily Entertainment Broadcasting"!

    I noticed the confused expression on Chen Xiang's face. Colleagues smiled mysteriously. Point out: "Turn it over and see the front page!"

    Chen Xiang turned the newspaper over and laid it on the table.


    The soy milk that had just been drunk in the mouth was all sprayed out by him. A lot of it was sprayed on this tabloid.

    I saw the front page of "Daily Entertainment Broadcasting", a line of bold and black fonts is very eye-catching.

    [Sweet songs after the day Chen Feier Jinling private meeting Lu Chen, behaving intimately suspected brother and sister love! 】

    My gold dog eyes!

    Chen Xiang feels that one's own eyes are flashed by the headline of this line.

    Chen Feier and Lu Chen fall in love?

    This is really big news, I can really make a headline!

    Needless to say, Chen Feier, the people all over the country know who she is, the real superstar.

    Lu Chen, that is the real boss of Chen Xiang!

    Although it is not possible to meet every day, in his feelings, Lu Chen is not much different from ordinary people except for high points, handsome points and talents.

    Actually, with Chen Feier, he really could not believe.

    But this third-rate tabloid is not a mouth-watering, but a full-page photo as evidence!

    This report comes from a reporter named Fan Fan.

    He used a long piece of content to illustrate the process of catching news.

    Yesterday during the day, Chen Feier appeared on Xiangjiang Road in Jinling Film and Television City. The class was shooting Lu Chen of the advertisement film, and Chen Feier attended the endorsement of a brand in Jinling.

    In the evening, Chen Feier changed her dress and left the hotel where she stayed to the Wangjiang Building. She and Lu Chen privately ate, and there were no assistants around them!

    The front page of "Daily Entertainment Broadcasting" was made clear, and it was determined that Chen Feier was dating Lu Chen.

    "Daily Entertainment Broadcasting" is still in the second edition, which lists Lu Chen's photos and information.

    I have to admit that this kind of third-rate tabloid is very efficient in the publication. The photos I took in Jinling last night, I made headlines this morning.

    Things are going to be big!

    Chen Xiang woke up, and since the photos are there, things may be true.

    He quickly pulled out one's own cell phone and selected the number in the first place of the address book to dial.

    This must be done by Lu Xi.

    In fact, Chen Xiang did not need to call to inform, Lu Xi has already got the news.

    At the same time that the daily news was published in the newspaper, its website and blog also released news simultaneously.

    Then, the peers who were sensitive to the smell quickly forwarded, and they had already set off a storm in the wave blog!

    Chen Feier and Lu Chen!

    When everyone saw this news, the first reaction was similar to that of Chen Xiang, and that was not to believe.

    how can that be possible?

    However, Fan Fan's photo is very clear. Although Chen Feier is dressed and dressed differently, it is easy for people who are familiar with her to distinguish it.

    Lu Chen didn't have to say it, not even wearing sunglasses.

    Although all the photos do not show that the two people have too close intimacy, the private meeting is a fact!

    In the past, Chen Feier was repeatedly rumored to be rumored, and many photos were taken by reporters. Later, it was proved that these anecdotes were not intentionally hyped or caught in the air, and they were quickly squandered.

    The current situation is obviously a bit different.

    Lu Chen is the champion of "Singing China". Chen Feier is one of the judges. The latter is obvious to everyone. The two people have many interactions on the blog.

    Chen Feier even invited Lu Chen as a guest to participate in her personal concert to be held next month!

    The relationship between the two is undoubtedly very good, and it is not a strange thing to have a relationship.

    Even if the age difference between the two is a bit big.

    Chen Feier’s fans first fried!

    "This is impossible!"

    "55555 ~ Chen Feier, my goddess is in love?"

    "Hyco, it must be that Lu Chen is intentionally hyped, please people set-up sneak shots, too despicable!"

    "Everyone is calm, don't guess, wait for official news."

    "I do not believe! Do not believe! Do not believe! ”

    "Weakly said a word, in fact, I feel that Lu Chen is not bad, worthy of our Mayfair."

    "Say a good one, please one's own to die?" Thank you. ”


Many Philippine rice people are emotional, some people question the authenticity of the news, some people cursed the Lu Chen, as if the latter tarnished the holiness in their minds, and wished that he would be ruthless!

    Chen Feier's debut in the past ten years, the beautiful and pure image has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. She has a wide influence in the 70s and 80s, and is loved by countless people.

    For many fans who like Chen Feier, they hope that the idols in one's own mind will always be pure, and never fall in love.

    And for those who dare to destroy, it is absolutely irrational hatred!

    This is the helplessness of the idol Celebrity, many artists are afraid to announce one's own love, sneaky.

    In contrast, the reaction of the land powder is completely different.


    "It should be true, people have been photographed, I can only say that morning brother too forformable might!"

    "Hey, that's Chen Feier!"

    "My family is very talented, and it is normal for Chen Feier to like him. Let's bless you!"

    "In fact, there are signs. I will see the game that sings China."

    "Sad, why do the men I like always fall in love with others."

    "You are also a man…"

    Today's news media is very fast, and the headline of "Daily Entertainment Broadcasting" has just come out. There are dozens of websites that have been published there, and they have increased rapidly. In the blink of an eye, the topic has been heated up.

    As for the Inspur blog, it goes without saying that with the collision of the fans on both sides, Chen Feier + Lu Chen’s search in just a few hours is the summit, the topic of clicks, forwards and comments. rising!

    Compared with the carnival of the media and the fans, the people in the circle should be much calmer. Most people are silent and waiting for the follow-up news. Some artists have said some blessings or sour words, and they are sizzling one's own popularity.

    And Lu Chen, who is far away from Jinling, was already at noon when he got the news.

    His job assignment today is to take Senqi's publicity poster, some of which need to be taken at Senqi's headquarters, so it's so busy.

    There are a lot of photos to be taken, and there are two photographers accompanying them. The cell phone is temporarily placed in the hands of Li Feiyu. Although the latter knows the anecdote of Lu Chen and Chen Feier, they do not immediately tell Lu Chen, so as not to affect. Go to him.

    But the paper couldn't hold the fire until after the morning, Li Feiyu opened the page to show him.

    Lu Chen is simply dumbfounded.

    He never dreamed that one's own was sneak shot with Chen Feier last night.

    Also come up with such a big headline Eight Trigrams news!

    This made Lu Chen feel the first time really, and the entertainment paparazzi is amazing!


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