Chapter 193 What do you think you are?

    Lu Chen really didn't play parkour.

    However, the long-term efforts to adhere to the results of martial arts exercise, so that his body is getting better and better.

    His running speed, body flexibility and nerve reaction ability have been greatly increased, and the actions that could not be done before can now be easily accomplished, and there is no pressure to deal with the uncomplicated parkour movement.

    And from the memory of Mo Ran, Lu Chen in the process of shooting, it feels like it has already gone through thousands of exercises, naturally achieve the effect that the advertisement needs to achieve.

    What Director just said, and what Wang Hai once demonstrated, in Lu Chen's mind together constitute a complete picture, he only needs to do as required.

    This feeling is really amazing.

    He thought, he can!

    Falling into the eyes of others, it will be a god.

    There was a burst of applause around, and several of the crowds watching the crowd greeted Lu Chen with a thumbs up and praised him: "Good!"

    Parkour was originally a sport that spread from abroad to Domestic. Relatively speaking, foreigners saw more, but they were still impressed by Lu Chen's wonderful performance. Many people raised their cameras.

    Today is the second day of the National Day holiday. There are many tourists in Jinling Film and Television City. Many people think that Lu Chen is filming, and there are at least hundreds of people outside and inside, and the pressure on the field responsible for clearing the field is big.

    The onlookers of film and television dramas are regarded as the tourism characteristics of the film and television city. If you are lucky, you can see the performance of the big actor's live performance, and visitors have the opportunity to be a background or extra actor.

    Someone actually recognized Lu Chen and shouted his name.

    Well, it’s a girl.

    Lu Chen smiled and waved at the other side to continue the shooting of one's own.

    For Lu Chen's extraordinary performance. The Clock Director is really overjoyed. He hit the iron and quickly shot all of the morning scenes of Lu Chen.

    Let this Director be speechless. In addition to sports scenes, Lu Chen's acting in the ordinary scene is also remarkable. For example, when chasing downstairs to search for his girlfriend's figure, the anxious expression on his face is very vivid and natural, without the stiffness of newcomers.

    Zhong Director knows that Lu Chen is the Singer from the draft. I don't know if he thinks he is a graduate of the film school!

    This also greatly speeds up the speed of shooting, and most of the scenes have passed.

    The advertisement is different from the movie or the drama series, and the requirements are not that high, but the clock director feels that Lu Chen is fully qualified to shoot the real film, with his appearance and amazing acting. When an idol is more than enough.

    But the Clock Director is not completely comfortable.

    Because Lu Chen’s scene was finished, the heroine of this advertisement film has not come yet!

    The eyes were all at noon, the Sun Shan had no shadows, and other scenes involving the male and female protagonists couldn't be filmed. The original director's original joy was quickly annoyed.

    His original plan was to complete the filming in a day's time, and the preparation was very good, for example, the members of the shooting team were neat. The shooting venue and group performance are in place.

    I didn't expect the heroine to drop the chain. It should have arrived before 9:00, and now it is more than 11 o'clock!

    The clock director really wants motherfucker, he is an assistant.

    The assistant was so embarrassed that he had made several calls to remind him, and the other party had been saying that it was coming.

    Didn't you come to blame him?

    When Sun Shan came to the shooting scene, it was already 12 o'clock. It was 3 hours late.

    The C-list actress is not too small. At least Lu Chen San Street.

    She came over an extended white Lincoln car with a black Mercedes Benz.

    The people here have not come down from the car. There were assistants rushing over to serve and be attentive. I felt that her style was not much more than the real big day, and it was very attractive to passers-by.

    Some tourists thought that they came to superstar and wanted to take photos around them, but they were blocked by Sun Shan’s entourage.

    The young actress is very fashionable, and her skirts, shoes and accessories are famous.

    It’s just that Lu Chen found her figure, far from being as good as the online photos.

    Zhong Director was relieved, and asked Lu Chen to introduce together: "This is Mr. Lu Chen…"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Miss Sun Shan, hello."

    He did not take the initiative to shake hands, because in accordance with etiquette, in such an occasion should let the woman reach out first.

    However, Sun Shan had no intention of shaking hands with Lu Chen. She reached out and took off her sunglasses. She frowned and said, "What happened? How did I find such a high partner for me? How is this film shot? ”

    Sun Shan's height is estimated to be less than 1.6 meters, even if wearing high heels, it is a lot worse.

    She looked at Lu Chen is looking up, the expression is very unhappy!

    Is it too high?

    Lu Chen’s mouth was pumping, and he didn’t know what to say – this is what his mother’s reason is!

    Zhong Director is also awkward, explaining: "It doesn't matter, we are taking advertisements. You don't need to stand together for comparison, so it won't affect."

    He knows that some Celebrity pays great attention to their own image. For example, a short person can't easily take photos with tall people. If you are full, you won't find a slim one. Slim will be happy to find a full…

    But now it's just an advertisement film. There are very few scenes involving two people. If you care about the image of height, there are actually many ways to solve it.

    Sun Shan’s hardship is beyond the expectations of Zhong Director.

    "No, I have to change a partner, otherwise I will not shoot this film!"

    As she said, she looked at Lu Chen with her arrogant eyes, as if she wanted Lu Chen to retreat!

    "My partner, long face, no temperament must match me!"

    Obviously intentionally find yo!

    Lu Chen was keenly aware that the actress’s attitude was very wrong.

    The two had never met each other. It is reasonable to say that there are no grievances, but things in the world are difficult to say. Maybe Sun Shan has reasons to see him not pleasing to the eye.

    Lu Chen didn't quarrel with each other, so it was too Low.

    He turned away and quietly avoided – anyway, the real worry is not one's own.

    Of course, Lu Chen is not a slap in the face, too lazy to pay attention to Sun Shan.

    Why bother!

    Clock Director is in a hurry. They are all in a hurry.

    He wanted to talk to Sun Shan's theory, and the result was blocked by the latter's manager.

    The two sides are deadlocked.

    Lu Chen asked the field worker to sit down and chair one's own. Unhurriedly take the action machine and start to brush the blog.

    Lu Chen sat very well, because the endorsement contract was signed long ago, and the advance payment also hit the studio account. He did not violate the contract, and did not passively absenteeism. What are the concerns?

    After brushing for ten minutes, Li Feiyu ran over and secretly said something to him.

    It turned out that this Sun Sun, it is said that a deputy general manager of Senqi had a relationship, and he signed an endorsement contract with Senqi.

    She has made a request. The actor of the advertisement is appointed by her.

    The result was not as expected.

    Senqi signed Lu Chen through the silver horse advertisement.

    Li Feiyu's gossip is that the assistant of Zhong Director just revealed to him, everyone is talking privately!

    Lu Chen understood.

    This is a background. It is estimated that one's own has blocked the road, so I took the opportunity to make trouble.

    It is undoubtedly very sensible for him not to care about each other. Otherwise, he might give the other party a handle and make trouble with the strength of the background. He can't wash it!

    Just take an advertisement. Is it so complicated?

    Looking at the Director still in the negotiations, Lu Chen shook his head a little helplessly.

    The Entertainment Circle is really complicated!

    At this time, he suddenly saw a silver-gray BMW just parked on the side of the road.

    The door opened and a woman in a long white dress and big sunglasses walked down and looked around.

    Lu Chen suddenly stunned.

    Although the other person's appearance was obscured by sunglasses, he easily recognized the identity of the woman.

    Lu Chen immediately got up and walked over.

    The white skirt woman also found Lu Chen, showing a sweet smile. Stepping forward to meet him.

    Sun Shan noticed. She grinned disdainfully and said to the clock Director: "You don't have to say anything more. Anyway, what kind of Lu Chen is the actor, I will not shoot, if you feel that Kungfu is delayed, then please Gaoming! ”

    "Is this not another one?" I think she is quite suitable. ”

    A sly smile appeared on her face, and she looked at each other.

    The clock Director was almost mad at Sun Shan, and his eyes could not help but look at the white skirt woman.

    He is very clear about Sun Shan's backstage, knowing that the other party has no fear, and there is fire in his heart.

    Otherwise, if you lose the big customer of Senqi, one's own rice bowl will have to be destroyed.

    Zhong Director even knows that Senqi chose Lu Chen instead of Sun Shan’s recommended person as a male endorsement, which may involve the infighting of Senqi’s top management.

    The result is now that he has been hit by the fish!

    If possible, the clock Director really wants to slap the past and let this arrogant Sun Shan get out. He is not afraid of finding a replacement, even if it is the white dress woman who just came to Lu Chen…

    Also suitable for Sun Shan!

    At least the other person's height and body shape, and Lu Chen is very right!

    Sun Shan did not depress the Voice when she spoke, so Lu Chen and the white skirt women could hear clearly.

    The woman in the white skirt stopped and looked at Sun Shan and smiled and said: "Let me shoot?" That's okay. ”

    Sun Shan smiled and sneered out loudly: "Let you shoot?" who do you think You Are? ”

    This white skirt woman's body is very good, a pair of long legs are long and straight, the skin is like a jade, such as lotus, although the face is covered by sunglasses, it can also be seen as a beautiful beauty.

    Sun Shan never admits that she is jealous – one's own but Celebrity!

    The woman in the white skirt reached for her sunglasses and smiled and said to Lu Chen: "Can I really shoot it?"

    Lu Chen smiled bitterly.

    Seeing the true face of the white-skirt woman, Sun Shan’s expression instantly solidified and stayed like a chicken.

    Not only her, the clock director, assistants, etc., are all dumbfounded!

    It seems that all of them have been cast with petrochemical magic!


The second is sent! (To be continued~^~)

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