Chapter 199

    Lu Xi clipped a piece of braised pork to the bowl of Lu Chen, which is his favorite dish.

    She said softly: "Emotional things you have one's own grasp, I just remind you, now your identity is different from before, to get along with others to consider the impact of all aspects, especially the people in the Entertainment Circle."

    Lu Chen nodded silently.

    Since choosing this path, his life can be said to have undergone tremendous changes.

    The life of ordinary people has gradually gone away from Lu Chen.

    Although knowing that this is an inevitable result, he is still a bit Xiaoxiao depressed – the so-called happy troubles!

    Lu Xi blinked and said: "Mom just called me and asked if you really fell in love with Chen Feier. She said that she likes Chen Feier very much."

    Said, my sister couldn't help but smile: "Mom still wants to let you hurry to give us a Lujia ancestor!"

    Lu Chen’s face, at this moment, is a big “囧”.

    To say it, he is really the only man in Lujia.

    Lu Chen smiled bitterly: "Don't say this, I will not consider personal matters for the time being, the cause is heavy!"

    Lu Xi smiled and said: "Everyone cares about you. Li Mushi mentioned to me that she is a big sister who just came back from abroad and asked you to find a chance to meet and see, even if it is a friend. ”

    Su Shi’s sister?

    Lu Chen stunned, Li Mushi's eldest brother is Li Murong, and Li Murong's wife is Su Shi.

    Lu Chen once saw Su Shi in Li Mubai's home, and also sent a song to the female Celebrity who used to be a famous treasure island. Later, she was busy with work and had never been contacted.

    Su Shi originally intended to make the mountain and make another album. I didn't mention it after that day.

    It is estimated that it was impulsive at the time, and it was restored to rationality after calmness.

    After all, her identity is different now. Stepping into the Entertainment Circle doesn't make any sense, it's a hassle.

    Lu Chen perfunctors: "I have a chance to talk about it."

    Lu Xi gave him a look. Said: "You don't want to be wrong, people are very serious, Li Mushi said that Mu Chen crowdfunding will open a celebration dinner on the 8th, when her sister will come over, you have to give face?"

    Mu Chen Crowdfunding is a company opened by Lu Chen and Li Mubai. Although Lu Chen accounted for 51% of the controlling stake, he basically ignored the affairs of the new company and let Lu Xi help him.

    The same is true of Li Mubai. Mu Chen’s crowdfunding is basically Li Mu’s monopoly.

    As the first business of the new company, Lu Chen’s "You at the Same Table" album crowdfunding project. It was launched on the day of September 23, and has so far raised 1.5 million+, reaching 300% of the pre-target.

    The first crowdfunding project was undoubtedly a great success, so Li Mushi decided to open a celebration meeting on the 8th, that is, the day the project ended, inviting guests from all walks of life to take the opportunity to expand their network and customer new business.

    Lu Chen although not Manager. It can be such an important occasion that he is definitely a field representative of the company.

    Entertainment is a must.

    I have to kiss Su Shi’s sister…

    Lu Chen felt that one's own head was a big circle, and smiled bitterly: "Let's see you."

    He thought about it in his heart. After he met the face, he said that it was inappropriate. Can Su Shi always hold the red line?

    Lu Xi was finally satisfied: "You remember it right."

    As a result, Lu Chen left the matter behind the next day and began a busy job.

    Time passed quickly, and the National Day holiday ended.

    For Lu Chen studio. This is a 7-day holiday. A lot of important things happened.

    The first major event, that is, Lu Chen and Chen Feier’s scandal.

    At that time, it was a lot of trouble. Although it was quickly settled by the two sides in time, it still brought great influence to Lu Chen. At least he ran out now, and sunglasses and hats were standard.

    On the evening of October 4th, the China Original Music Rankings announced the ranking of the first week of October.

    In Lu Chen’s "You at the Same Table" album, all 10 works were on the list.

    Lu Chen "Open Air Cinema" / Popularity Index: 2074, ranked 50th this week!

    Lu Chen "beauty" / popular index: 2756, ranked 42nd this week!

    Lu Chen "Cinderella" / Popularity Index: 3015, ranked 39th this week!

    Lu Chen, "Brothers sleeping in my upper shop" / Popular index: 3566, ranked 33rd this week!

    Lu Chen "Youth Jinshi" / Popularity Index: 4223, ranked 22nd this week!

    Lu Chen "Love Wind" / Popularity Index: 4357, ranked 20th this week!

    Lu Chen "Once You" / Popularity Index: 5250, ranked 15th this week!

    Lu Chen, "You at the same table" / Popularity index: 5980, ranked 7th this week!

    Lu Chen "The Flowers" / Popularity Index: 6682, ranked 3rd this week!

    Lu Chen "The brightest star in the night sky" / popular index: 8790, ranked first this week!

    Although it was expected, all the works of "The Same Table" went to the original sound list, which still caused quite a stir in the industry, and many people really began to realize the talents that Lu Chen possessed.

    Since the birth of the original sound list, the history of all the songs on the same album has only appeared twice, and it is all in the early stage, data collection is not perfect and comprehensive situation occurs.

    Nowadays, the popular Musical World of Domestic is huge, New Generation's Singer artists are endless, and there are not many albums and singles released every week. It is really too difficult to copy such a miracle.

    The most important thing is that now the original Strength of Domestic is not as good as before. Entertainment and Manager Corporation will not include many good songs on the same album in order to extract the best interests.

    The independent Singer is mostly one's own songs, and the works are inevitably mixed, so naturally don't want to be on the list.

    Lu Chen's album is undoubtedly a subversion, a real miracle!

    All 10 works are not on the list, among which "You at the same table", "The Flowers" and "The brightest star in the night sky" are also in the top ten, "The brightest star in the night sky" is the first time. Advance to the top spot.

    In the blink of an eye, Lu Chen was promoted in the popular Musical World's coffee table and forced to go!

    In fact, the appearance of this miracle is normal, and the quality of the creation of "The Same Table" is really too high.

    The campus folklore brought by it has become popular in the society and in the school. Countless young people and folk songs like Musicer even regard "You at the same table" as a classic. The video of the cover is everywhere on the Internet.

    A time in the Inspur blog and post bar forum, there are a lot of Music commentary articles about the "You at the same table" album, all praises, and some people think that it is fully qualified to be the best album of the year!

    Lu Chen, fame!

    The number of people who called the studio for inquiry suddenly increased.

    The price of 350,000 songs has scared some ambitious Manager Corporation and Singer artists.

    But even if they want to invite songs to Lu Chen now, they are not inviting.

    Because Lu Chen is currently on hand, there is Chen Feier’s new album work, and an important invitation to the Fei Shi record MSN girl combination, so if someone wants to sing, then wait in line!

    Chen Feier had already given two songs, but the sweet song Tianshou was really satisfied, and added another one, and the MSN girl combination is scheduled to be three works.

    It’s not that Lu Chen can’t get a song. In fact, as long as he is willing, it’s easy to sprinkle dozens or even hundreds of works in one breath, and one or two days can be done.

    But Lu Chen did not have brain damage to that point.

    He also doesn't have to worry about the offend people at all, but the more he is reluctant to sell, the more people value it!

    In the view of these entertainment Manager Corporation, it is not the top author of the industry to make a title song for Chen Feier. Although Lu Chen debuted, his talents are far more than his own fame.

    If possible, they would like to recruit Lu Chen to the company, but unfortunately it is not realistic.

    The reputation of Lu Chen studio has also become louder in the circle!

    Also on October 4th, the original sound list released by Lu Chen at the Beijing Satellite TV National Day party, "I Love You China" directly airborne to the ninth place, making him at the same time the list of works reached 11.

    This original sound list record was really created by Lu Chen!

    On October 7th, the "You at the Same Table" album was successfully announced in the crowdfunding network project, raising a total of 2 million + total funds, and also pushed the pre-sale of CD albums of Lu Chen to 110,000+!

    Although the sales of CDs are far from being comparable to the sales of online albums, such achievements are enough to kill a large number of famous Singer, and at the same time represent a lucrative profit.

    Lu Xi is expected to be the entire sales volume of this album plus the surrounding, can bring Lu-Chun studio 3 to 5 million revenue, not to mention other added value, can be said to earn a lot of money.

    On the evening of October 8th, Beijing Muchen Crowdfunding Network Co., Ltd. and Lu Chen Studio held a grand celebration dinner at the Five Star Regent Hotel and invited hundreds of guests from all walks of life to visit.

    It also includes representatives of a number of venture capital funds.

    The business model of crowdfunding network, together with the copyright protection certificate that Muchen Crowdfunding has obtained, has made the crocodiles in these financial industries smell the smell of profits, so they have come around.

    Of course, this is mainly because Li’s network has played a role, and it’s changed to Lu’s one’s own. It’s estimated that a few friends in the circle will be invited to join in, so where can you make such a big scene!

    In addition, the background of Li’s family also makes these “crocodiles” dare not play any tricks. They can only rely on their own strength and conditions that are strong enough to compete, and the bait thrown by Li Mushi.

    As the legal representative of Mu Chen crowdfunding and the core of Lu Chen studio, Lu Chen was duty-bound to attend the dinner party, dressed in a suit with ironing, accompanied by a smile and many guests to socialize.

    But this is not to make him really feel a headache.

    The real trouble is the sister brought by Su Shi, which is the object of Lu Chen’s "blind date."


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