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Chapter 195 Paparazzi Fan Fan

    Fan Fan is an entertainment reporter.

    He has many titles on business cards, the most prominent one is the special correspondent of "Daily Entertainment Broadcasting".

    In fact, it is commonly known as "paparazzi".

    Paparazzi was first born in Italy in the 1950s, originated from the Italian photographer PignorPaparazzo. Later, after being introduced to Xiangjiang, Xiangjiang people changed their name to Paparazzi as Puppy (puppy). The pronunciation was similar, and the follow-up behavior of such reporters was also Dogs are similar.

    Paparazzi hyped the news with the privacy of the celebrity Eight Trigrams. In the 1980s and 1990s, with the prosperity of Xiangjiang entertainment industry, the paparazzi in newspapers, magazines and TV stations flocked in groups, making Celebrity artists miserable, living. There is no secret to privacy.

    After entering the new century, Domestic's Entertainment Circle has grown, and many Xiangjiang reporters have been seeking development opportunities in the north. Therefore, the dotraric circle of Domesticism came into being, and the people in the circle talked about it.

    In Beijing, the number of newspapers, magazines, and radio stations is hundreds of thousands. These media employ a large number of entertainment reporters, Fan Fan is one of them.

    He studied at the university is a journalism major, but after graduation, he has no relationship with the formal news unit. He can only bend into the private media, and after a few years of mixing, he became the old paparazzi entertainment record.

    By the hard work and keen observation, Fan Fan mixed quite well in this line.

    Although the people in the Entertainment Circle talk about their paparazzi, or dismissive, or gnash their teeth, Fan Fan knows that their existence is mutual with the Celebrity artist.

    Paparazzi Although eating by Celebrity, Celebrity is not sought after by paparazzi – is it still Celebrity?

    There is always no shortage of entertainers intentionally revealing privacy to paparazzi to speculate, even secretly asking for money.

    Fan Fan did not earn less.

    But recently a time. His days have been very bad.

    Fan Fan's top boss didn't know if he had taken the wrong medicine or the menopause had arrived earlier. If there is nothing to do, he will find Fan Fan's trouble. Give him small shoes and make him annoyed.

    Too much more, it was hard to get a National Day holiday. I thought I could sleep for a few days. The old woman actually asked him to go out and run the news, saying that others can take a vacation, but there is no rest day.

    Isn’t it a human being?

    Paparazzi is also dignified!

    Fan Fan left Beijing and ran to Jinling.

    He thought very clearly, just when one's own came to Jinling holiday tour, saving the swaying under the old woman's eyelids.

    As for what to do with the news, go to the film and television city for a turn. Just find a drama crew and take a photo and you're done.

    If it can't be mixed, Fan Uncle is ready to pat the butt to leave.

    I don’t have a grandfather here, I have my own place!

    Comrade Fan Fan arrived at Jinling on the 1st and played a whole day.

    As a result, the newspaper called to call the manuscript, Fan Fan verbally promised, in fact, indifferent.

    Today he slept late and got up at 10 in the morning. Then slowly swayed to Jinling Studios.

    As an entertainment record, Fan Fan is not the first time to come to Jinling Film and Television City.

    He is very familiar with this piece of land. It is still very easy to really deal with the errands.

    Near noon, Fan Fan was a little tired, thinking about finding a restaurant nearby to fill his stomach.

    Suddenly he heard someone shouting in front of him: "Chen Feier!"

    Upon hearing this name, Fan Fan slammed into a spirit. It seems as if a switch in the body is smashed. Strength is constantly emerging, and the spirit is concentrated in an instant – the conditioning of the profession!

    Chen Feier. That is superstar!

    She also came to Jinling?

    Fan Fan looked in the direction of the first time in the direction of the Voice. I saw a lot of people around there, and I couldn't see the shadow of Chen Feier, but the shouts from the crowd were enough to prove the facts.

    Fan Fan did not immediately rush to grab the news, but looked around and looked around.

    He soon discovered that there was a statue standing in a small square nearby, with a high base of granite.

    So Fan Fan immediately ran over, climbed up and down, and raised the camera in a condescending manner.

    For any paparazzi, a digital camera with a telephoto scene is a more important thing than a wife, always carrying weapons around.

    Fan Fan is no exception. Even if the camera with the scene is very heavy, if he doesn't bring the equipment, he will feel the unsettled inside of the heart, often carrying it at non-working hours.

    This habit also allowed him to grab several exclusive entertainment news!

    When he focused on the scene, he instinctively told Fan Fan that he could grab a big news today.

    Scene left and right drift quickly focused, from fuzzy to clear, Fan Fan accurately captured Chen Feier's figure.

    Sure enough, this sweet song is a day after her, there is still…

    Fan Fan's eyes are very toxic and the memory is quite good.

    In addition to completing his job, he often watches news from other peers that are well-matched, so many Celebrity can be easily identified and locked in.

    It is because of this ability that Fan Fan is not afraid of mixing with food.

    The Hero spectrum in Entertainment Circle, Fan Fan remembers very firmly, and is updated from time to time.

    He recognized the tall and handsome young man opposite Chen Feier, Lu Chen, who was the winner of "Singing China", and he remembered that Chen Feier was one of the judges, and he seemed to appreciate Lu Chen.

    Then two people appear here…

    Of course, it’s not about love, but there’s a camera next to it!


    I haven't heard that Chen Feier wants to shoot a film and television drama!

    Fan Fan, regardless of the three seven twenty-one, first pressed the shutter to take more than a dozen photos, Lu Lu and Chen Feier simultaneously in the scene.

    The shooting position he chose was very good, and the people around him did not form a cover.

    If you don't have these onlookers, Fan Fan can match the photos with enough wonderful titles.

    For example – [Chen Feier private meeting Lu Chen, two people with love relative to the teacher and student relationship]

Definitely big sale!

    Fan Fan is very sorry. Chen Feier seems to have left two sentences with Lu Chen and left. There is no more to shoot.

    As for Sun Shan, who stood next to the two, was directly ignored by Fan Fan.

    Which green onion is this?

    Fan Da’s reporter was a bit unwilling, and he thought about jumping off the Stone Platform immediately and rushing all the way to the street.

    Fan Fan’s luck was good, and just a taxi with a green light was stopped by him.

    Fan Fan couldn't wait to open the front passenger's door. He sat in the ass and pointed at the silver-gray treasure On Horses in front of him: "Master, please help me to keep up with this car!"

    The taxi driver asked the old god: "Are you entertaining?" Which newspaper? ”

    Fan Fan knows that this is true.The old driver said quickly: "I am coming from Beijing, know the rules, give you double car money!"

    Domestic Three major film and television cities, Jinling Film City is the closest location to Beijing, coupled with good shooting conditions and local government support, so Beijing's film and television production company has been filming many times here.

    There are more Celebrity artists, and paparazzi naturally gathers around. It’s normal to stop the taxi and chase the stars. However, the local drivers have long been eccentric, calling them “with dogs”.

    "Old Wang, where are you, to change the time, I brought two dogs today!"

    "I…I am at your house…"

    It’s not just grotesque, they even have to make more money to increase the price of paparazzi.

    In order to get the news, the entertainment reporters don't care about this little money, anyway, they can be reimbursed.

    Seeing that Fan Fan was on the road, the old driver said with a smile: "When you are done, remember to wear a seat belt and make sure you don't lose it, otherwise I will pay you four cars!"

    Under the leadership of the old driver, Fan Fan followed the BMW car of Chen Feier and came to a five-star luxury hotel in the city.

    He paid the fare and got out of the car. He didn't go inside the hotel. Instead, he found a hidden location outside and kept it ready for a long time battle.

    This kind of waiting for the rabbit is likely to have no result, let him waste time.

    But if you have a chance, if you don't keep it, then there is no chance!

    Fan Fan has been working in this line for seven years, and he has already understood this truth deeply.

    And it turns out that his insistence is correct.

    At 4 o'clock in the afternoon, Fan Fan saw Chen Feier coming out of the hotel.

    Although the sweet song changed clothes, and brought a hat and sunglasses, the long black hair still exposed her!

    Fan Fan stares at the details, especially the Celebrity artists, and some of them will disguise themselves in order to avoid paparazzi.

    Chen Feier is undoubtedly very alert, and even the cars that have traveled have changed to a black Mercedes.

    Unfortunately, she was stared by Fan Fan, and she was destined to run.

    Fan Fan stopped the taxi at the entrance of the hotel before he left, and followed the Mercedes-Benz along the way.

    Finally, I followed the Wangjiang Building on the Yangtze River.

    Wangjianglou is a 100-year-old shop in Jinling. It is very famous in Jinling. Sitting in the building, you can see the mighty scenery of the Yangtze River. Many tourists will come here.

    Fan Fan looked at Chen Feier alone into the Wangjiang Building.

    He did not follow the past.

    Because Fan Fan knows very well that this time point is another golden week, there is no way to have a seat in Wangjianglou.

    Chen Feier must have made a reservation in advance.

    In the inside, he wants to find a place to sneak Chen Feier, it must be allowed to go directly to the police station.

    So Fan Fan simply ran to the river bank in front of the Wangjiang Tower and aimed at the restaurant with a telephoto scene.

    He is betting that the position that Chen Feier ordered is by the window.

    If you want to take something, this is the best location and opportunity.

    Fan Fan was right, his scene caught Chen Feier again, and it was sitting at the window.

    The paparazzi started patiently waiting again.

    He did not believe that Chen Feier did not even bring his assistant to him, just to go to the Wangjiang Building alone to eat.

    There must be 蹊跷!

    Thinking, Fan Fan could not help but excite, the secretion of adrenaline accelerated.


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