Chapter 198 The lover is not full


    Inside the high-quality earpiece of the smart cell phone, there was a silver bell-like laughter that swayed the heartstrings of Lu Chen.

    Out of such a big thing, the news has been on the headlines. Compared with his anxiety, the other party does not care, but it seems to be very interesting.

    Lu Chen helpless: "Finan sister, do you say that I am making an explanation here?"

    In just half a day, the Eight Trigrams he and Chen Feier's private club spread throughout the Entertainment Circle, becoming the hottest topic in the Inspur blog. During the photo shoot, Li Feiyu received dozens of calls!

    Lu Chen just brushed the blog, his blog commentary area is simply boiling against the sky, one side of the one's own fans are sending blessings, while Chen Feier's Philippine rice or other sunspots are raging and raging. It’s black smoke.

    One of the most poisonous arguments in the morning was that he was intentionally hyped, using Chen Feier to create an anecdote to raise his worth.

    The reporter who broke the news is what he hired!

    This kind of smearing argument is really not what the sunspots think out of the air. The anecdotes in the Entertainment Circle are really too many. There are countless incidents of small Celebrity artists who "touch the porcelain" and swear by one's own.

    Chen Feier had encountered a similar situation before, and her fans are very sensitive.

    After all, relative to this sweet song, Tian Chen is now a newcomer in the circle!

    But Lu Chen really died.

    As an independent artist, he has not brushed a few announcements since he debuted, and he rarely actively promoted publicity one's own. He stood on the cusp of several times, all because of the need to counterattack.

    With the strength he has and the desire to make big coffee, all that is needed is the accumulation of time and networking resources.

    In fact, as far as Lu Chen’s current achievements are concerned. Not many new people can match.

    Why should he use this despicable means to attract attention?

    So after knowing the situation, he called Chen Feier at the first time.

    Can't let the other party misunderstand is one's own playing means.

    Chen Feier said with a smile: "You don't have to worry. Let me explain it, studio will also make an announcement, you should first do one's own work, and bring some popularity. ”

    She knew that the news was far earlier than Lu Chen, but did not immediately make an announcement until Lu Chen called.

    Chen Feier trusted Lu Chen and heard that he had some irritating explanations, but could not help but laugh.

    Because Lu Chen is very concerned about the relationship between the two.

    Otherwise, with his calmness, it will never be so anxious!

    Now the Philippine sister is satisfied. Of course, taking action to solve the problem is only a small matter for her.

    Lu Chen dumbfounded.

    Also with popularity, his blog has been smashed, and the fans on both sides have already fought!

    Of course, Chen Feier believes in one's own, Lu Chen is still very happy.

    The depression in his heart was missing.

    In fact, Lu Chen at this time did not realize that Chen Feier had the weight in one's own heart…

    Unconsciously aggravating!

    At 7 o'clock that evening, the opening ceremony of a new brand Jinling flagship store was held and the new product promotion banquet was held. Chen Feier, who had just finished the red carpet, was surrounded by a large number of media reporters.

    Their problems seemed to be like a squally shower against Chen Fei.

    "Miss Chen Feier, are you really in love with Lu Chen?"

    "Miss Chen Feier, may I ask if the person who eats alone with Lu Chen in the photo of Wangjianglou is you?"

    "Miss Chen Feier…"

    Tonight, Chen Feier wore a gorgeous evening dress, with a fragrant shoulder and a half-faced style. In the face of the bombing of the media reporters, she calmly replied: "I was in the Wangjiang Building last night. Morning meal."


    Actually it is true!

    Many reporters thought that Chen Feier would deny it. After all, she wore sunglasses in the photos.

    I can’t think of Chen Fei’s confession without hesitation.

    A reporter asked excitedly: "Are you in love with Lu Chen?"

    Chen Feier smiled and said: "I am a good friend with Lu Chen. And I am here to tell you a good news. The two main songs of my personal new album have been confirmed, and they are all composed by Lu Chen! ”

    "If everything goes well. That will be the new album next month, it will be my transformation! ”


    What is the album? We asked if the relationship is good!

    The reporters all stunned. They thought they could dig up the big news in Chen Feier’s mouth. The result…

    Well, Lu Chen wrote the title song to Chen Feier's transformation, which is also a piece of news.

    But the value of this news and the value of the brother-in-law between the two people is really different!

    As a result, the reason for the two to eat alone is very simple, and it is not worth making a fuss.

    Another reporter was very reluctant to ask: "Miss Chen Feier, are you really not in love with Lu Chen?"

    I don’t believe in the look of doubt.

    Entertainment reporters are like this. In order to get news, they can do everything. The rude question is a very small pediatric. If it is not Chen Feier’s coffee table is high enough, otherwise it will be more difficult to hear.

    Chen Feier was used to the ups and downs and would not eat the other party's radicals.

    She grinned and said: "Lu Chen is a very talented boy. If I am ten years old, I might be chasing him. Now I can only be a good friend."

    Chen Feier has a characteristic, that is, never talk about the true age of one's own, unlike many female Celebrity, who are obscured by the age of one's own, others ask to use the answer such as "you guess" to keep mysterious.

    And her current answer shows her frankness, but also brings Lu Chen to a very high level!

    If you are ten years younger, this day is willing to chase!

    Which newcomer can get such praise?

    Really do not have!

    The reporters still want to continue to ask, but Chen Feier did not give them a chance, and turned to enter the banquet scene.

    At 8 o'clock in the evening, Chen Feier's blog posted a public statement.

    At 8:20, Lu Chen’s blog also issued a statement.

    The contents of the two statements are similar, first explaining the friendly relationship between the two, followed by the new album.

    With the release of these two public statements, this brother-in-law relationship quickly subsided.

    The Philippine rice is satisfied, and Chen Feier is still the perfect goddess in their hearts.

    Although Lufen is a bit regrettable, Lu Chen’s news of writing a new album title song for Chen Feier still makes everyone feel very excited and expecting, because this is the first cooperation between Lu Chen and the real big coffee Celebrity!

    Moreover, Chen Feier’s praise of Lu Chen also made them feel very comfortable.

    Look at what Chen Feier said, young people want to chase after ten years old, is the strength of my family Lu Chen still used?

    The entertainment media did not want to give up, and produced the Eight Trigrams news such as [Chen Feier said that he wants to chase after Lu Chen] to draw attention, but unfortunately, I can't look down on any storms.

    The most important thing is that this thing is purely accidental. There is no big V to push the hype, so the thunder and rain are small, and there is too much news in the Entertainment Circle. The artist who catches the head does not know how much, naturally. It can't have a bigger impact.

    In a few days, everyone will naturally forget, unless the two people are caught in the scene of true intimacy.

    For Lu Chen, the most direct consequence of this anecdote was that his wave of blog fans soared to 7.5 million+, and the album "You at the same table" sold on Fetion Music online actually rebounded, finally breaking 50. Ten thousand platinum standards are a foregone conclusion!

    Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages, that is, because of Chen Feier's sake, the amount of black powder has also increased.

    As for Chen Feier, this incident has no effect on her, but publicity has a wave of one's own new album.

    At about 11 o'clock that night, Lu Chen and Li Feiyu returned to Beijing.

    When Lu Chen opened the door of the single apartment in the startup park, he found that the light was on.

    The smell of the food is scattered in the air, and the hot dining table is filled with hot and delicious dishes.

    Lu Xi came out from the kitchen and said: "Is the stomach very hungry? Eat it soon. ”

    Lu Chen was surprised: "Sister, how are you here?"

    When getting on the bus and coming to Beijing, Lu Chen sent a message to Lu Xi, telling the other person's itinerary.

    I didn't expect my sister to go to the apartment and give him a nightingale.

    Lu Xi said with no anger: "Li Feiyu said that you didn't have enough dinner, and drink too much!"

    Lu Chen smiled bitterly.

    In the evening, Senqi Company hosted a banquet for him, and several executives accompanied him, which was very good.

    In such a place, where can he open his belly and eat a lot, so the wine has been drunk a lot, and the rice has not eaten half a grain!

    It is really hungry now.

    Since I was very tired when I arrived in Beijing, Lu Chen went home first, and I couldn’t think of my sister getting ready for him.

    No wonder the news that Lu Xi gave him back was to let him go home and rest.

    Lu Chen is warm in his heart.

    It is really better to have a loved one to accompany and take care of you. All the hard and tired efforts are worthwhile.

    But he is obviously too happy to be too early.

    Just sat down and ate a few mouthfuls, and the sister sat down and began to interrogate after taking the last dish.

    "Are you really with Chen Feier…"

    "She is very good, and she is superstar. I am afraid that others will say that you are climbing high…"

    "Age is also a problem, she is eight years older than you!"

    "You talk about what you think about one's own?"

    Lu Chen was dumbfounded and quickly explained: "Sister, I have nothing to do with Chen Feier, it is a friend."

    "Really nothing?"

    Lu Xi sneered: "Do you dare say that you didn't like her? Does she really mean nothing to you? ”

    Lu Chen was speechless.

    Touching the conscience, he likes Chen Feier, but this kind of love does not reach the level of admiration.

    Chen Feier seems to be the same, or is it more friendly?

    Maybe use these words to describe the most appropriate, that is…

    Above AUO, the lover is not full!


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