Chapter 196, Chen Feier’s Mind

    Wangjiang River looks up the river.

    For most of the Jinling people, it is a very face-saving thing to be able to eat in the Wangjiang Building.

    This century-old restaurant is a long-established business, adhering to the tradition of Jiangnan cuisine, combining the characteristics of Hunan cuisine, Cantonese cuisine and foreign cuisine, creating its own flavor and being admired by countless gourmets.

    The most commendable thing is that the Wangjiang Tower in Jinling is only on the banks of the Yangtze River. There is no semicolon except for it. The taste is the most authentic. However, the business is extremely hot, and the seat reservations are scheduled for a few months.

    In particular, the location of the river view can be seen by the window, not just the money can be booked.

    The restaurant is only three stories high, with an antique style and carved antiques.

    The most special thing is the one hundred and eighty-eight palace lanterns hanging under the gallery. When it comes to the night, it will shine brightly, and the whole building will be magnificent and magnificent!

    When Lu Chen boarded the Wangjiang Tower, a bright moon on the vast Yangtze River just rose.

    The river along the river is covered with green willows, which makes him faintly aware of the feeling of "the moon will be on the head, and the people will be after dusk."

    In the highest building of Wangjiang Tower, the so-called upstairs building, Lu Chen saw Chen Feier again.

    The sweet song was changed to a white long-sleeved T-shirt with floral prints. The black and blue denim pants were worn underneath, revealing two crystal-clear legs, and the sneakers and crystal glasses were very fashionable and young.

    The long hair of the yo-yo slid down incomparably, most of them were draped over the shoulders, and a small part was attached to the undulating chest. There was no kind of temptation and charm.

    She tied a Xiaoxiao ruby ​​bow on her head and showed a bit of fun.

    "Philippine sister!"

    Lu Chen enjoyed it for 1 second and then naturally said hello.

    Chen Feier, who is brushing the cell phone, looked up and she took off her glasses. Showing a charming smile: "Come on."

    Lu Chen nodded: "Come."

    The two smiled at each other like a friend of many years. There is no need to talk nonsense.

    Lu Chen sat down opposite her and curiously asked, "What about Zhang Jie?"

    Chen Feier said: "We are two at night."

    Lu Chen’s heart jumped and smiled and asked: “Are we a date?”

    Chen Feier smiled and asked: "Is your sister asking for a dinner to be a date?"

    Lu Chen smiled bitterly.

    Chen Feier glanced at him with a sigh of relief and handed over the menu: "I ordered two, you order a few more."

    She added: "The dishes here are very good."

    "Then eat more!"

    Lu Chen was also welcome, took the menu and read it, and checked several dishes.

    He is really hungry.

    Since the beginning of the martial arts exercise every day, Lu Chen's meal has at least doubled, and usually requires a lot of nutrition to supplement the consumed Stamina. Not to mention that I am still tired today.

    He feels that one's own can swallow a cow!

    The most important thing is that intuition tells Lu Chen that he does not need to be hypocritical in front of Chen Feier.

    After finishing the meal, Lu Chen called the customer service personnel of the restaurant and told the other party to serve quickly.

    Chen Feier smiled and asked: "Is it very hungry?"

    Lu Chen nodded and asked: "Fei Jie, how are you in Jinling?"

    Chen Feier explained: "I came to participate in a brand's endorsement activities. Then I saw on the blog that you said Jinling took the advertisement, so I just invited you to dinner. ”

    Lu Chen asked: "When are you going back?"

    "Tomorrow, I want to participate in the opening of the brand flagship store. If there is no accident, then I will return to Beijing…"

    She said helplessly: "I will go to the radio station to do an interview later this evening. The relationship can't be pushed."

    As an entertainer, especially a famous artist, that time really doesn't belong to one's own.

    Celebrity like Chen Feier, the usual itinerary is full. There are very few private times.

    That is why. The couples in Entertainment Circle are too unusual to be combined, and everyone is busy with home. There is not much time to talk about love, and the relationship is weak and normal.

    Many artists simply don't fall in love until they are 40 years old!

    Chen Feier is 30 years old this year. Although she has heard a lot of scandals before, she has no real boyfriend.

    The two chatted like friends, and the dishes were quickly delivered.

    Wang Jianglou really deserved the name, a few dishes are done in a variety of colors and flavors, leading to the morning sun index finger move, regardless of the beauty face, mention the chopsticks to pick up.

    Before he started eating, he did not forget to first give Chen Feier a dish.

    Mother once said to Lu Chen, if you eat alone with the girls, then you must first give the other party a dish, and then you can eat one's own, this is the demeanor that the boy should have.

    Lu Chen always remembers Mother's teachings.

    When he was in love with Wang Ying, it was a habit to give the latter a dish every time he ate.

    Lu Chen one's own didn't think too much, and Chen Feier looked at the dish he had caught in one's own bowl and suddenly groaned.

    Apart from being at home, no one really helps her to pick up food while eating.

    First, she is very famous, others do not dare to offend, and secondly, she does not like others.

    Unless it is one's own relatives.

    Lu Chen is certainly not a relative of Chen Feier, but when she sees Lu Chen naturally giving her a dish, Chen Feier not only has no resentment, but even a touch of shame and joy, even her one's own can not tell the emotions. .

    Chen Feier is not otherwise one's own. She is very fond of Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen is tall and handsome, and has a talented personality. What is rare is that he is very assertive. His personality is tolerant and easy to follow. He feels like a big boy next door, but not good. climb.

    It is a pity that the age difference between the two is a bit large.

    Lu Chen is 22 years old, and Chen Feier is 30 years old, which is a full 8 years old.

    Chen Feier knows that age is not a problem. It is no problem to like her status and status, but this dipstick prevents her from continuing to deepen her relationship with Lu Chen.

    However, yesterday’s “unintentional” brush blog saw Lu Chen’s news, knowing that both of them had come to Jinling, so they couldn’t help but contact Lu Chen, so they had today’s quest, and at night…Dating!

    Chen Feier feels very relaxed with Lu Chen. The latter does not have the kind of sincere fear or deliberate appreciation of the young artist on the senior big coffee in front of her. It is naturally like an old friend for many years.

    She can see that Lu Chen is also motivated by one's own, but he has no active pursuit and is very rational.

    Of course, even if Lu Chen took the initiative, Chen Feier would not agree.

    But her heart also produced some kind of dissatisfied thoughts, and could not help but tease the big boy.

    "Thank you."

    Chen Feier said softly.

    Lu Chen was surprised: "You're welcome, Philippine sister eats it quickly, it's not good to eat cold dishes!"

    are you idiot!

    Chen Feier was really mad at him. She hated to pick up the candied lamb chops in the bowl and bite heavily.

    It seems to be biting on Lu Chen's body.

    Lu Chen was a bit puzzling, but his attention was quickly drawn to the delicacies that were constantly being served.

    To be honest, at this moment, Chen Fei's Charm is really not as good as Lu Chen in the eyes of Lu Chen.

    Fortunately, Chen Feier does not know this.

    She is a bit depressed by Xiaoxiao.

    At the same time, on the banks of the Yangtze River, 100 meters away, Fan Fan, who was hiding in the trees, was terrified.

    Although there are a lot of mosquitoes here, he has estimated a lot of packages, but Fan Da’s reporter didn’t care. He held his SLR camera intently and patted the Wangjiang Tower.

    Big news!

    A generation of sweet songs, the jade girl Sect Master actually sneaked out to date with people, and the date of the date was actually Lu Chen, a newcomer in the circle, and in Jinling instead of Beijing.

    Teachers and students love? Sister and brother love? After the day, love a little newcomer? Male and female appearances, Chen Feier secret society folk talent?

    If you want to have a urine point, you need to explode!

    Fan Fan feels that one's own luck is too good for his mother. When he comes to Jinling, he can get a big fish.

    This is definitely the news of the entertainment headlines!

    Fan Fan firmly believes this, because both Chen Feier and Lu Chen did not bring assistants together.

    Generally speaking, entertaining Celebrity friends in Entertainment Circle, especially male and female friends, often bring their assistants, so open and aboveboard will not misunderstand what is falling in love.

    Even if it is photographed by paparazzi, it can be explained in a generous manner.

    Gossip is a double-edged sword, and some artists like to use the scandal to speculate, but many Celebrity are reluctant to get caught up, worrying about the loss of fans and popularity, and the resentment of the irons.

    In Fan Fan's view, there must be a bit of a greasy between Chen Feier and Lu Chen. In all likelihood, they are in private contact, and the relationship between the two is completely traceable, not suddenly appearing out of thin air.

    Even if it is not, what is the relationship?

    Photographs are like a mountain, plus Fan Da’s reporter’s wonderful flowers, 99% of tomorrow’s entertainment headlines!

    Unless it is unfortunately hit the big event that Wang Bin was arrested.

    Fan Fan wants to be more happy, while sneak shot and snarl in his heart: "You don't want to patronize eating, come to the intimate scene, you handle!" Feed the dishes! Kiss it! Would you please add some big ingredients? ”

    It is a pity that such relatives have never appeared.

    Lu Chen and Chen Feier left the Wangjiang Building after eating the dinner, and the two were at the door.

    There are no scenarios that Fan Fan expected.

    Chen Feier quickly left on the Mercedes-Benz, and Lu Chen actually came alone to the river embankment.

    Facing the direction of Fan Fan.

    Fan Fan was shocked.

    He also thought that Lu Chen found one's own, and quickly put everything in the camera.

    However, Lu Chen did not expect that this side actually took paparazzi and took a picture of one's own and Chen Feier's meal.

    He just went for a walk on the riverside to eat and eat, and by the way, enjoy the night view of the Yangtze River.

    Therefore, I did not notice the Fan Da reporter who disappeared quietly.


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