Chapter 194 has an appointment

    Taking off the sunglasses, the true face of the woman in the white dress was revealed.

    Her appearance is very beautiful, and her smile is full of the unique charm of mature women, which makes people feel uneasy.

    And this face, no one who is present does not know.

    Chen Feier!

    The popular song of the popular Musical World, the debut of the famous coffee in the circle for more than ten years!

    For Sun Shan, Zhong Director, and so on, this discovery is too irritating – who had expected to visit Lu Chen is actually Chen Feier.

    Everyone was stunned at once.

    Especially Sun Shan, it is a blank in my mind!

    She just sneered at Chen Feier!

    Although Chen Feier is the identity of Singer, she has also made movies and guest characters in several large movies.

    Working with her is the top people in the circle, big director or superstar.

    Whether it is the popularity of popularity or the status in the circle, Chen Feier can say that she completely crushes Sun Shan.

    The two are not at all a series of existence.

    If Chen Feier seriously cares about Sun Shan, then the latter will have endless troubles, and the development within the circle will inevitably have a lot of resistance, unless Sun Shan has the strength or the strong background to resist.

    Sun Shan is very clear that she has neither of these two things.

    In front of Chen Feier, she has no place to be proud of, and the gap between the two is too great.

    And even if Chen Feier's magnanimity is not true to her, letting others know what she is doing today will make her a joke and a mocking object!

    "Chen…Sister Chen …"

    Sun Shan stammered and said: "Yes…I am sorry. ”

    Her arrogant arrogance disappeared, and her face was red and pitiful.

    Sun Shan wants to find a place to sneak in, because such a scene is too embarrassing for her.

    However, she can't turn her head away, otherwise she will offend Chen Feier to death!

    Chen Feier glanced at Sun Shan faintly and said nothing.

    In fact, Sun Shan thought more. Chen Feier has debuted for more than ten years. What kind of people have not seen it?

    With red top white. The mouth of the sword, the shameless, the appearance of the shore…

    She will not go to the truth because of the offense of one or two sentences, and she really loses her identity.

    Maybe it gave the other party a chance to speculate.

    Chen Feier’s eyes do not have Sun Shan’s character and will not give her a chance.

    The clock Director woke up and asked with a smile: "Miss Chen Feier, are you coming to visit the class?"

    Seeing that Sun Shan is like a frosted eggplant, the director's heart doesn't mention how refreshing it is.

    Call you to install, pretentious to install SB, right?

    He is not good at directly expressing his inner feelings, but he has to send Chen Feier with admiration.

    Fei Jie, you are really forformable might!

    There is Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen is quiet. Who knows that he still has such a great ability, can he please move one day and then visit the class?

    This makes the clock Director look at Lu Chen really, and write a big "service" in his heart!

    Chen Feier smiled and said: "I don't want to visit the class. I am a friend with Lu Chen. I know that he came here to take a photo and didn't affect your work?"

    "No no…"

    The clock director smashed his head like a rattle: "You can come, it is our pleasure."

    He has taken a lot of advertisements. However, the objects that have been collaborated are basically Celebrity artists of the second C-list, and the big names like Chen Feier are usually not at all.

    Today, Chen Feier came to his field to visit the class and said that she had a face!

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Thank you, Fei Jie."

    He and Chen Feier's eyes are on the opposite side, and the latter's eyes contain a shallow smile, as if they can speak.

    Although Lu Chen has a lot of questions to ask her, it is obviously not appropriate at the moment.

    Chen Feier’s eyes are also discouraging him.

    The man grinned and said: "You are welcome, I just came by. Then don't bother you. ”

    At this moment, some people in the onlookers recognized Chen Feier. Immediately shouted her name.

    "Chen Feier!"

    "Chen Feier, Chen Feier!"

    "Really Chen Feier! I am not mistaken? ”


    It’s normal to hit the entertainer Celebrity in the studio. But like Chen Feier's level, it was really luck when it came across, and immediately there were countless people who came around and wanted to see her style.

    Fortunately, the shooting team and Chen Fei's assistant are very experienced, and immediately protect her, separating the onlookers.

    Chen Feier blinked at Lu Chen and turned and left to return to one's own car.

    If you don’t leave, it’s hard to go!

    Lu Chenmu sent her car to go far, and there was some wonderful feeling in her heart.

    When Chen Feier gave him a call, he had a faint hunch.

    I didn't expect the hunch to come true!

    "Mr. Lu Chen…"

    From the clock of the Clock Director, Lu Chen took his attention back.

    The Director asked cautiously: "Now it's noon, let's go eat, come back and shoot?"

    His attitude toward Lu Chen is at least twice as polite!

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "You are Director, you are the master."

    Zhong Director’s heart is Zhen Shutan, the appearance of Chen Feier, and did not let Lu Chen’s respect for him change.

    He smiled and said: "Everyone has worked hard in the morning. At noon, I invite everyone to have a good meal, and continue in the afternoon!"

    Zhong Director did not even ask Sun Shan for advice.

    Because he is very clear, as long as Sun Shan still has a little bit of mind, it will inevitably not make troubles to play big cards. On the contrary, she needs to work hard to get a good relationship with Lu Chen.

    The relationship between Lu Chen and Chen Feier is obviously very unusual.

    Sure enough, as Zhong Director expected, after lunch and re-starting after dinner, Sun Shan was as clever as he was, and listened very carefully to the command, and completed her and Lu Chen’s opponent.

    The outdoor and indoor scenes were taken, and the days were not black.

    The shooting team of the silver horse advertising company went home, and then the post-production task.

    Lu Chen finished the exhibition today and had to stay in Jinling for another night.

    Because I want to take a publicity poster tomorrow, I may continue to live in Jinling tomorrow night.

    Of course, the hotel's accommodation fee does not require him to pay.

    When I leave. Zhong Director vigorously shook hands with Lu Chen, and said sincerely: "Mr. Lu Chen. If you have the opportunity, I hope to cooperate with you again next time! ”

    What he said is not a guest, but a real heart.

    Lu Chen’s work attitude is not to be said, very serious and sincere, and his acting skills are beyond expectations.

    As a Singer, Lu Chen performance is actually better than professional actor Sun Shan.

    In the drama at home, because of Sun Shan’s reason, NG 4 times, Lu Chen only only 1 time!

    Lu Chen nodded and said: "I think there will be opportunities."

    The clock Director took out a business card in a juggling manner and offered it with his hands: "This is my contact number…"

    "If you want to shoot an advertisement film, MV, promotional film. Please also take care of you, thank you. ”

    Lu Chen smiled and took the business card of the Clock Director, and also let Li Feiyu give the other party a one's own business card.

    Multiple friends have multiple roads, even if the other party is just a small director who is obscured, maybe you will find a chance to fly in the future? Self-conduct can't be too snobbish, otherwise it's easy to go out like Sun Shan.

    Speaking of Sun Shan. Sun Shan came over to find Lu Chen.

    She smiled and asked: "Lu Chen, I am really embarrassed today, let me ask for a penalty at night?"

    The C-list little Celebrity smiled at the watery eyes, revealing a hint of temptation.

    But Lu Chen didn't care about her at all.

    Sun Shan's face is estimated to be full of tolerance, laughing at the muscles of the face is a bit stiff, and a lot of powder.

    He is very glad that the last part of the advertisement film is not a real shot. The borrowing technique is used.

    Otherwise, it is estimated that there is no need to eat at night.

    Lu Chen said with a slogan: "Miss Sun Shan is too polite. I have already made an appointment with a friend in the evening, so I am really sorry. I will ask you next time. ”

    He spoke very politely, but his tone was not shaken.

    Sun Shan can't hold it anymore. She must have lost her temper on the spot. Old lady, please you can see you. Who do you think you are? Not a small Singer out of the draft!

    However, now she has a temper and has to endure, barely smiled and said: "Well then…"

    In fact, Sun Shan’s real intention of inviting Lu Chen is to use the latter to catch Chen Feier. Even if she just saw a meal, it would be good for her.

    It is a pity that Lu Chen did not put on the set, so that her cheeky eyes were lost to the feet!

    "This woman!"

    On the way back to the hotel, Li Feiyu said disdainfully: "It’s just…"

    Forgive his vocabulary a bit poor, can not think of the most appropriate adjectives, can only "snap".

    Lu Chen smiled and said nothing.

    Chen Jianhao told him that the Entertainment Circle is the most complicated. There are birds in the forest, and there is no extraordinary.

    For such people, it is the most sensible choice to stay away from it.

    drop! drop!

    At this time, his cell phone suddenly rang twice – short message.

    Lu Chen took the action machine and looked back, then returned the message without moving.

    He reached out and patted Li Feiyu's shoulder and said: "Li Ge, I have something to go out, dinner you one's own solution."

    Li Feiyu smiled and smiled a little secretly: "Understanding, is anyone asking you?"

    Lu Chen smiled and touched his nose and said, "Yes."

    He knows that he can't be a little brother of Brother Fei.

    Li Feiyu said "Ha", proudly said: "I will know!"

    He has already guessed who is about the morning – that really…Really enviable!

    Li Feiyu is not a fool, and as an assistant to Lu Chen, he knows more than Lu Xi.

    "Then you have fun, it won't come back at night!"

    Lu Chen is speechless.

    He stopped a taxi on the side of the road and told the driver the destination.

    The address is from the short message just received.


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