The 190th chapter Jinling Qinhuai

    Jiangnan Jialidi, Jinling Imperial State!

    Jinling is the capital of the province of Jiangsu. It is located in the eastern part of China, in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, near the Lijiang River, with a population of over 10 million.

    The city has more than 6,000 years of civilization history, nearly 2,600 years of city history and nearly 500 years of capital construction history. It is one of China's four ancient capitals, and is known as the "six ancient capitals" and "ten dynasties".

    It is also an important birthplace of Chinese civilization. It has been used to protect the summer of China for several times. It has long been the political, economic and cultural center of China, with a rich cultural heritage and rich historical remains!

    From the G107 high-speed train from Beijing, Lu Chen and Li Feiyu arrived in this ancient and very modern big city in just 3 hours.

    Lu Chen is the first time to come to Jinling, the first advertisement piece to shoot one's own.

    Half a month ago, Beijing's Silver Horse Advertising Company and Lu Chen Studio reached a Writer's Association meeting, inviting Lu Chen as the brand spokesperson for Senqi Sportswear. The contract period is one year and the contract amount is one million.

    Both parties are very satisfied with this contract.

    The original endorsement fee proposed by Yinmao Advertising Company was 800,000, but after Lu Xi’s struggle, finally increased the contract amount by 200,000. The contract content mainly includes publicity poster, advertisement film and so on.

    Senqi is a new clothing brand on the market, focusing on the sports consumption market of young people. This brand, which is in the ascendant period, chose Lu Chen mainly because Lu Chen is young enough and the image is very healthy.

    Especially in the recent hype of Beijing Satellite TV, he sang "I Love You China" in advance, and gained a high reputation outside the circle, finally prompting the two sides to sign a contract.

    For the first endorsement of one's own, Lu Chen is also very important. Just after the National Day, I arrived at Jinling.

    The reason why this Senqi advertisement film was placed in Jinling instead of Beijing was that Senqi was the local brand of Jinling. Some of the posters that Lu Chen needs to shoot will be taken at the headquarters of the company.

    Secondly, Jinling Film and Television City of Jinling is one of the three major film and television cities of Domestic. It has large scale and advanced facilities. It has large-scale real-life buildings such as Xiangjiang Road, Minguo Street, Ming and Qing Palace, Qinwang Palace, Qingming Shanghe Map, and Buddhist Temple Taoist Temple.

    Coupled with numerous gardens in Jinling and a modern metropolitan cluster, many Beijing film companies and drama series production units use Jinling as a fixed-point shooting base. The annual Celebrity big names in Jinling are numerous.

    Moreover, there are many film and television companies in Jinling. Beijing Yinmao Advertising Company has opened Branch Office in Jinling. It is very convenient to shoot advertisements and save a lot of cost.

    For example, this Senqi advertisement film that Lu Chen will shoot is related to the urban scene, if it is shot in Beijing. The issue of approval alone can be a headache, and the capital is very strict in this regard.

    In Jinling, it is not a problem at all. The film and television city does not need to be said. Even if it is a live view in the city, the government has a green channel to encourage and support the film and television industry.

    So if everything goes well, Lu Chen can finish the advertisement and the poster in Jinling in a day or two.

    One million he can earn very easily.

    High-speed rail arrived, Lu Chen and Li Feiyu got off the bus.

    At the gate of the exit gate. The eye-catching Li Feiyu first discovered a young man holding a passenger card.

    The two characters of "Lu Chen" are very conspicuous.

    Before departing for Jinling, Lu Chen Studio negotiated with Yinmao Advertising Company. Lu Chen arrived here and will be accompanied by the other side's Branch Office.

    The young man in a blue T-shirt is undoubtedly the one that the Silver Horse advertisement company sent to meet.

    Lu Chen passed the ticket gate and went straight to the other side. He smiled and said, "Hello, I am Lu Chen."

    The other party was stunned first. Then wake up. Busyly put down the signboard and shake hands with Lu Chen.

    "Hello, hello, Mr. Lu Chen, hello…"

    This time, Lu Chen wore a pair of sunglasses. So the T-shirt man didn't recognize it immediately.

    Although there is not a lot of hype publicity, Lu Chen is now a little famous. Going out on the road is often recognized by fans, wearing a blind mirror just to avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Let you wait a long time, let's go."

    Probably did not think that Lu Chen was so polite, T-shirt male excited face flushed, all innocent: "No, soon wait, the company arranged the car outside, I…I am Lu Ze of Yinma, call me Xiao Lu. ”

    Lu Chen nodded and introduced him to Li Feiyu: "This is Li Feiyu, Li Ge, my assistant."


    Lu Ze should be a fresh person who has just emerged from the society. His work experience is not very rich and he is not good at interpersonal communication.

    In other words, the silver horse advertising company sent him to greet Lu Chen, how many scornful suspicions.

    However, Lu Chen did not care, or more accurately, he did not have a Celebrity shelf.

    He will not do this when he plays big names.

    The car that was connected to Lu Chen was just an ordinary Buick commercial vehicle. The driver was a silent middle-aged man. After everyone got on the bus, he drove a Luffy to a hotel near Jinling Film and Television City in Jiangning District.

    In the hotel accommodation, the company is in compliance with the contract, and the arrangement is five-star.

    Now, during the National Day holiday, even if it is booked in advance, the film and television city around Jinling is also a difficult place to visit. It can arrange for Lu Chen to check in the five-star hotel, which undoubtedly shows the energy of the silver horse.

    The only problem is that the booked room is a standard room, not a business suite.

    When Celebrity goes out to work, he usually talks about the treatment conditions with the receptionist in advance, such as the means of transportation, the hotel standards for check in, etc. The more detailed the artist's requirements are, the more detailed.

    There are often Celebrity artists, because the partner's reception standards have not met one's own requirements, and they are tempered, even strikes, and they are listed in the entertainment Eight Trigrams news.

    A lot of artists, it is important to look at the face, even if the coffee is not enough, we must find ways to improve the treatment.

    I am very sorry about this Luzer: "Mr. Lu Chen, now the hotel room is too tight. The business suite of the five-star hotel was booked two months ago. If you feel that it is not suitable, then…"

    "It doesn't matter…"

    Lu Chen smiled and interrupted his explanation: "The standard room is very good, thank you."

    Lu Ze could not help but greatly relieved: "Should, it should be!"

    What he was most afraid of was Lu Chen’s temper. When the company calmed the latter’s anger, it was sure to take responsibility to his head and let him carry the black pot.

    A few days ago, Lu Ze received an artist who was also taking a promotional film. Because the pick-up vehicle was a Buick commercial vehicle instead of a Mercedes-Benz, he actually turned his face on the spot and left him in a hurry.

    Although the company urgently transferred a Mercedes-Benz to the company, it criticized Luze’s internal briefing on the grounds of poor reception, so that he had to go to work as usual during the National Day holiday.

    At that time, Lu Ze did not mention how much it was, and really wanted to stop doing it.

    But now the good work is too difficult to find, the treatment of Yinma is considered first-class in the industry, and he can only bear it.

    Luck's is that this time Lu Ze did not touch the unreasonable generation.

    Originally connected to Luchen, the company arranged the Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle, but because another Celebrity temporarily changed the itinerary, Mercedes-Benz was called in the past and could only continue to use Buick.

    On the way I just came, Lu Zexin’s heart is uneasy.

    Lu Chen’s tolerance and understanding really made him very moved.

    The assistant of the silver horse company asked diligently: "Mr. Lu Chen, if you are not tired, wait for me to accompany the two to the Confucius Temple and taste the local specialties, then play along the Qinhuai River. How are you looking?"

    Lu Chen nodded and said: "Guests are with the Lord, you can arrange it."

    Qinhuai River is famous for a long time. Since it is here, it is natural to have a taste of the legendary Qinhuai style.

    After settled down, Lu Chen and two people followed Lu Ze to the Confucius Temple.

    After eating a sumptuous dinner in the 100-year-old famous building, the three people spent the night in the Qinhuai River.

    Since this time, Lu Chen has been working hard for his career, and it is rare to have a chance to relax today.

    So he temporarily put his work and responsibilities aside.

    The scenery of Qinhuai River is the most prosperous and lively in the area of ​​Confucius Temple. The crowds in the market are like woven hustle and bustle. There are many teahouses on both sides of the bank. There are countless shops selling handicrafts and traditional snacks. The neon signs on the store are bright and colorful, and they are in harmony with the scenery on the river.

    Wuyi Lane, Zhuque Bridge, Wang Xietang Qianyan, the former historical sites have long become such a tourist bustling place, only countless tourists walk through the streets of Confucius Temple, or take a boat trip on the water .

    The riverside of the willows is low, and many old people sit around a table and enjoy the fun of tea.

    Qinhuai into the night, the moon warms the stars, the sound of the river's squeaking sounds is heavy, and the waves of the carved bridges from time to time come to the sound of the string cymbals, which makes people seem to shuttle to the ancient time and space.

    Lu Chen strolled between the riverside corridors, sniffing the fragrance of the vines and flowers on the wooden frame, listening to the sound of the Qinhuai River flowing, can not help but feel relaxed and happy.

    On the Wende Bridge, I stared at the bar and saw the big Xiaoxiao's light boat shuttle back and forth. The pedestrians on the boat held photos with the camera and cell phone.

    Some people pointed the scene to Lu Chen, who was standing on the bridge, and laughed and recorded his image.

    In this situation, Lu Chen couldn't help but think of the poem of a famous poet—you stand on the bridge to see the scenery, and the people watching the scenery look at you upstairs. The moon is decorated with your window, and you decorate the dreams of others.

    Although he did not drink, he also felt a sense of guilt.


The first one is sent, there is still in the evening!

    PS: Start from the advertisement, the protagonist will gradually set foot in the film circle, we have some support AH Ah!! (To be continued~^~)

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