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    "Singing China" is the first live-action draft program launched by Beijing Satellite TV. It is divided into Beijing, Shengjing, Huhai, Hangzhou, Tianfu, Huacheng and Bihai. The total prize amount is more than 30 million!

    Such a handwriting has greatly surpassed the Shonan Satellite TV, which is famous for its rich and powerful atmosphere.

    Although only 10 million of the 30 million are cash prizes, the rest are contracted training and packaging promotion gimmicks, but the allocation is still not small.

    The singer's championship reward reached 100,000, the runner-up was 50,000, the third runner-up was 20,000, and the remaining 7 players who advanced to the top 10 also each had 10,000, and all of them were after-tax bonuses.

    After the birth of the top 10 Beijing singing area, it will travel to the country's six major singing districts to tour the PK race early next month. The top 10 winners will have corresponding bonuses until they decide the top 10 in the country and return to Beijing for the final selection.

    The national championship prize is Gundam 5 million, including 1 million cash prizes and 4 million Nova nurturing gold!

    It is because the rewards are so rich, so "Singing China" has been sought after by countless professional or non-professional Singer. The competition in the seven major singing areas is in full swing, and the Viewership Ratings are climbing.

    Beijing Satellite TV is even more profitable in terms of advertising.

    As the most important Beijing singing area in the seven major vocal zones, the Viewership Ratings of the top 10 finalists on the night of July 31 broke through 4%, reaching 4.76%, which is very close to the 5% Big Fire standard.

    At present, the Viewership Ratings survey of the Domestic TV Program is independently completed by the new line-of-sight company of SARFT, and belongs to the state-owned third-party authority, so the authenticity is unquestionable.

    In the past when television advertising benefits doubled, Domestic's TV Program Viewership Ratings survey agencies used to have more than a dozen, because there is no fixed standard. Coupled with the black-box operation and insider trading, there is an endless stream of chaos.

    Some institutions do not even have any qualifications. Also dare to create a Viewership Ratings list.

    Later, due to the opinions of the industry, SARFT personally took action to create a new line of sight, sweeping all the ghosts and snakes into the garbage of the history, so that the Domestic TV Program has reliable Viewership Ratings data.

    The new line-of-view Viewership Ratings data collection is not limited to TV screens, but also includes the live broadcast of the network, Beijing Satellite TV "Singing China" Beijing singing area, has never been more than 4%.

    This breakthrough reached 4.76%, an increase of 1%, and it is worth celebrating.

    On the evening of August 1. Shonan Satellite TV's "The Strongest Singer" first national finals live broadcast, Viewership Ratings 3.42%.

    This result is very eye-popping. You must know that in the variety show, Shonan Satellite TV has always been the overlord. In the confrontation with other TVs, it has basically not lost. In the early stage, it also steadily suppressed Beijing Satellite TV.

    But the situation has finally changed.

    Although the specific reasons need to be analyzed specifically, many people in the industry believe that. "The decline of Viewership Ratings, the strongest singer, has a certain relationship with the lack of success of Ling Xiaoxiao.

    In the evening's game, Ling Xiaoxiao's original work "Kaleidoscope" was flat, and on the Internet, the discussion about his work copying the Republic of Korea's former male group KDK has not subsided.

    In contrast, as Ling Xiaoxiao's competitive opponent, Lu Chen, who was sung by Zhonghua, was more and more brave.

    Lu Chen's original work "Flying Higher" in the Beijing Top 10 Finals. The next day I boarded the new song list of Fetion Music. Ranked 9th, the number of clicks and downloads is amazing.

    Inspur blog. The arrogance of the Xiaoxiao post-help group is no longer, and the dead dog is installed in the face of Lu Jiajun’s provocation.

    With the rise of Viewership Ratings in "Singing China", Lu Chen finally broke through the original circle of one's own. In the popular Musical World or the Big Entertainment Circle, it has the status and reputation of one's own.

    Although he is still a young star, as an independent artist, this step is already a miracle of Xiaoxiao, and his starlight will become more brilliant in the foreseeable future.

    Two days after the end of the Beijing Top 10 finals, a number of entertainment media and Manager Corporation came to the door.

    They apparently found out the details of Lu Chen and wanted to come over early.

    Lu Chen pushed all of these visitors to Lu Xi.

    His opinion is very clear, that is, signing a contract to avoid talk, but cooperation is no problem, as long as the other party is sincere.

    And his so-called cooperation is to say that it is selling songs!

    Do you have any new idols, new emerging artist, do you need a good song?

    Then we can make tailor-made for our customers. As for the quality of the works, please refer to "In the Spring", "Strong Reasons", "You at the Same Table", "Flying Higher" and so on.

    As for the price, a song of 200,000 is not capped!

    The price of Lu Chen studio scared away several guys who came from a cheap mind, and made other powerful companies feel very entangled.

    Lu Chen’s talent is unquestionable. The value of the single head “In the Spring” is not to say 200,000, even if it is 1 million, it is worth paying, but such a classic is really rare.

    It costs little to buy 200,000 songs for them, but if the songs bought are not suitable or can not create enough benefits, the person responsible for handling will undoubtedly want to eat and hang.

    Say a thousand 10,000, or the speed of Lu Chen’s rise is too fast, unlike the old-fashioned big coffee authors, both reputation and strength are trustworthy. If he is exhausted, he can’t write good songs anymore. ?

    That 200,000 lost in the water, but also to be laughed at by the peers!

    After all, Lu Chen has created a lot of works now. As a young newcomer, his accumulation is still shallow.

    In addition, there are some rumors in the circle, saying that "In the Spring", "Strong Reason", "I want to have a home", "Flying higher" is not like a song written by Lu Chen, who may have behind the scenes. The team is working.

    Similar things have not happened before.

    Now the so-called grass Celebrity, 99% is being hyped.

    This kind of rumor has a nose and an eye, and there are certain reasons, even if it is said that it is a mediocrity. However, Lu Chen, who has no roots and no bottom on the surface, is so beautiful, and there is no reason for the wind to come!

    So after talking with Lu Xi. These companies have chosen to wait and see.

    Lu Chen did not care about this. He said to Lu Xi: "The next time they come to the door, they will mention the price of a song to 300,000. Don't talk about one less point!"

    Lu Xi smiled and said: "Is this not very good?"

    Lu Chen is full of confidence: "At that time they came to ask us, not because we asked them."

    The greatest wealth that Lu Chen has is from the countless classic masterpieces in the dream world. He can't all bring one's own singing to these outstanding works, and he must sell a lot.

    But good things are worthless if they come out too much. This reason is very clear, so he would rather be in one's own hands. It will never be sold in large quantities.

    These entertainment media companies that come to the door obviously don't realize it, or they realize it, but they don't dare to gamble on the strength that he has. It is very normal to continue to wait and see.

    However, for a while, wait until the "Singing China" game is over, the situation will be greatly different.

    No more three or two kittens will come to the door.

    Lu Chen is very confident about this.

    He established a personal studio and walked the path of independent artists. He did not think about how to compete with his peers in the industry.

    Lu Chen studio is completely serving Lu's one's own. Studio will not sign people to dig people, not to grab resources but to create resources, it will undoubtedly be friendly cooperation with most of the peers.

    For example, the Nirvana studio that is making an album for him.

    At least the current Lu Chen, did not establish the ambition of an entertainment media empire, he wants to become a superstar like Tan Hong, and even more than one's own little idol, become a true perfect superstar.

    He wants everyone to remember the name of one's own. Bring all the classics of the dream world to this world.

    And to achieve such a dream. Perhaps may take a lifetime!

    Someone came and went away. Go back empty-handed.

    Some people have come, and it will not give up without taking something away.

    Lu Chen still welcomes such people.

    "Hello, Su Director!"

    On August 3, the day before Lu Chen left for Shengjing, Light Rain Media's Director Su Guangmei came to the studio.

    The young lady came with two assistants, and Lu Chen personally received them.

    After all, Light Rain Media is his current largest partner.

    Su Xiaomei dismissed Xiaoxiao's studio and didn't even have any interest in the visit. She said straight away: "Lu Chen, flying higher, this song we want, now we can sign the contract!"

    The band began to make a hit. "In the Spring" has been on the top of the original sound for three weeks. How can Light Rain Media, as a signing company, ignore Lu Chen's Strength?

    So Su Xiaomei came, even though she still looked at Lu Chen a little dissatisfied.

    Lu Chen smiled faintly: "This song is the second main theme of the album for the North Arrows?"

    Su Xiaomei was surprised: "How do you know?"

    What is hard to guess, the original light rain media first signed is the North Needle band, and later signed the band, and because the latter quickly got together a small album, so it was the first to debut.

    Nowadays, the band is very popular. On the one hand, the light rain media has to fight the hot iron. On the other hand, it is also necessary to introduce the North Arrows band to enhance one's own position in the industry.

    With the example of the band, the single title song "Blue Lotus" is obviously unable to meet the requirements of Light Rain Media for the North Arrows band. Their appetite has been lifted.

    "For copyright, you talk to the manager of our studio!"

    Lu Chen was too lazy to answer her question and pushed one's own sister to the other party.

    "Lu Xi, also my manager."

    He believes that Lu Xi’s ability is enough to eat and hold this lady.

    Never cheap light rain media.

    Su Liangmei and Lu Xi are the first to meet.

    When their hands were held together, the two men collided with each other, and there was an invisible spark in the air.


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