Chapter 127 An extraordinary opponent


The electric kettle's spout spouted long steam, and the low-pitched screams echoed in Xiaoxiao's dwelling.


    The next moment, under the action of the automatic thermostat, the switch on the base jumps up and instantly cuts off the power.

    Chen Xiang skillfully picked up the kettle and poured the boiling water that had just been boiled into the pre-prepared dough bucket.

    A bucket of high-cooked beef roast beef noodles, plus a half-pack of hot and sour mustard and a spiced marinated egg.

    It is already 9 o'clock in the evening, this is his dinner.

    There is really no way. Today, all the employees in the company work overtime. It is very Luck to be able to return to the rental room before 9:00. Sometimes working overtime until 11 or even later, Chen Xiang will sleep directly in the office.

    Chen Xiang didn't want to complain about it, because for a third-rate university graduate, the job of the underlying code farmer is one of the best he can find in more than a year.

    At least he can rely on wages to feed one's own and survive in this big city of 30 million people.

    When Xiang Fa was soaked and cooked, Chen Xiang went straight to the front of the computer.

    This evening is the last game of the "Singing China" PK Tournament, which will decide the top 10 singers in the country.

    He wants to cheer for Lu Chen keep it up with thousands of members of the Lujia Legion!

    Chen Xiang first met Lu Chen, still a few months ago.

    At that time, he wandered around [Whale TV] and inadvertently clicked on the recommendation of the newcomer on the homepage. As a result, he entered the [Lu Fei live broadcast room] and got to know the newcomer anchor who could sing and talent.

    He likes to listen to Lu Chen's singing, likes the anchor's optimism and humor, and prefers the other's original folk songs.

    The real reason for Chen Xiang to become iron powder is that Lu Chen is also like Beijing. It is also a family of drifting ants.

    Chen Xiang watched Lu Chen become famous in [Whale TV] and watched Lu Chen out of the anchor circle. All the way to a broader world, and stood on the starry stage.

    In Lu Chen’s body, what he saw was one’s own dream that he has been striving for!

    In this evening's game, Chen Xiang's extra attention, when working overtime, there are no snacks, Luck's is 7:30 Program starts live broadcast until now, Lu Chen has not played.

    Otherwise, he can only play back the recorded video, and can't cheer for Lu Chen with hundreds of thousands of fans.

    On the computer screen, the 5th pair of PK players just finished.

    The singer of the patrol team will use Mu Xiaochu's sweet song "Small City Nocturne" to win the challenger of Bihai's home singing area with a total score of 91.68. Won the 5th National Top 10 places.

    Compared to opponent, her advantage is only 0.12 points!

    Chen Xiang came back late, so I only saw a little bit of PK on both sides.

    However, this did not prevent him from applauding Mu Xiaochu and filling the live broadcast room with a celebration barrage.

    Mu Xiaochu and Lu Chen are all from the Beijing singing area.

    All the way through, this charming girl like a girl next door, showed it to everyone. It is a tough will, tenacious courage and commendable strength.

    And her relationship with Lu Chen is very good, the two like brothers and sisters, have exposed several faces on the live broadcast video.

    As the so-called love house and Wu, Lu Chen's fans also liked Mu Xiaochu.

    Everyone kindly called her: Xiaochu sister.

    Now seeing Mu Xiaochu once again defeating the opponent, the live broadcast is full of joy, and the barrage floods the screen.

    Chen Xiang laughed and hit enter. The filled content was sent out.

    "Congratulations little sister. Win the top 10 in the country! ”

    But this is not the real focus.

    The player goes off and Host plays again. I finished the 10 second advertisement word in super speed.

    He asked Chen Feier to draw the 6th pair of PK players.

    Lu Fei lively quietly inside the live broadcast room, everyone is waiting nervously, anxiously looking forward to.

    This PK battle has already passed halfway, and there are 5 players on the patrol team and Bihai singer go on stage.

    Only the last 10 players will be left. Will Lu Chen be selected?

    The scene of the TV camera was directed at Chen Feier, who pressed the draw button with ease.

    The LEDs immediately start scrolling photos on the big screen, and Speed ​​is fast.


    As Chen Feier pressed for the second time, the picture was fixed instantly.

    Lu Chen VS Xi Jia!

    Lu Chen, this time it is finally his turn to play!

    "Thumbs up!"

    Chen Xiang excitedly patted the mouse and almost shook the instant noodles that were brewing on the table.

    But he still has to eat noodles now.

    Lu Fei live broadcast between the moments of boiling, the amount of the barrage sent to the extent of horror, dense!

    Those who did not know the truth saw that Lu Chen had already defeated the opponent.

    Although in the eyes of hundreds of thousands of fans, this PK game Lu Chen won without any suspense.

    Didn't someone smear the Luchen blog on the wave of the day before yesterday? The trouble was soaring, and the result was swollen by the Beijing Satellite TV. The four big judges were very strong. Who would win if he didn’t win?

    But there are also a few sensible Voices.

    "Xi Jia is the top 10 chief of the Bihai singing area. She is still very good at singing!"

    "Well, Lu Fei can't care much."

    "Xi Jia seems to have graduated from Chuan Yin, and he is really strong. It is estimated that there is a good fight with the anchor."

    "I have seen her two games and there is indeed a level."

    "This is the third time the anchor is on the singer's chief?" It’s tricky, otherwise it’s so smart! ”

    "I don't know what Lu Shuai sang this time…"

    Of course, these worried and even questioned Voices are very weak, and they are quickly overwhelmed by the bombardment frenzy.

    Everyone's attention is concentrated on the live broadcast site.

    I saw Lu Chen and Xi Jia at the same time.

    Xi Jia, 23, is a native of the South Island. She has a long and fair skin, but her appearance is not good.

    The top 10 chief of the Bihai singing area is neutral, with short hair and earrings. The combination of T-shirt + jeans + casual shoes makes her look refreshed. When she laughs, there is a small dimple on her left cheek. .

    "Hello there!"

    The two men walked onto the stage in different directions and walked to the middle to meet face to face. Xi Jia took the initiative to extend his hand to Lu Chen.

    "I like your song very much. It is my pleasure to play with you on the same stage!"

    The girls are so generous. Of course, Lu Chen would not be poor in performance. He shook his hand and smiled and said: "It is also my honor!"

    The conversation between the two people was clearly introduced into the ears of 5,000 spectators through the microphone, and the tsunami-like applause and screams of the mountains immediately sounded in the stadium.

    "Xie Jia!"Xi Jia! ""Xi Jia! ”

    Many viewers shouted at the name of Xi Jia, and raised the fluorescent card in his hand to cheer her.

    This is the advantage of the home court.

    Xi Jia is the top 10 chief of the Bihai singing area and a native of the South Island. After many previous games, she already has a high popularity and naturally received strong support from the audience.

    Of course, 5,000 spectators are not all Bihai people. Supporting Lu Chen is not too small, but the momentum is worse than that of Xi Jia. It is estimated that after the PK, the number of votes in the venue will be weak.

    "Singing China" tour PK's rules and regulations, so that the team sing will usually have an off-site advantage, but in the face of local combat singers, it is difficult to get the upper hand in the field. The two sides formed a relatively balanced situation.

    Who wins and who loses, you have to look at the comprehensive score!

    According to the PK rules, the home players sang first, so Lu Chen temporarily retired to the waiting area on the side of the stage.

    Xi Jia replaced an electric guitar.

    She held the guitar in her arms very handsomely and said to the microphone: "Tonight, the song I brought to everyone is the work I created by one's own. Its name is called the uninhabited island. ”

    "I hope everyone likes it!"


    The audience was in awe. I can't think of Xi Jia actually taking out original works in this important game!

    Anyone who is familiar with Xi Jia knows. She started from the sea elections in the Bihai singing area until the qualifying, rematch and promotion competitions. Finally, ascend the summit, the top 10 singers, all sang other people's songs.

    Xi Jia's voice is very special, with the metal-like texture and the slightly pulsating magnetic characteristics, plus her first-class singing and excellent typhoon, so she has won the love of countless audiences, all the way to the present.

    In the blog, post and forum of "Singing China", Xi Jia's fans are guessing which song she will choose to sing at night, all kinds of sayings, but she did not say she wants to sing one's own works. of.

    Moreover, she is on the opposite side of the original work, sweeping the opponent Lu Chen, the strongest singer in the tour team!

    Isn't this the shortness of the enemy?

    Of course, many viewers don't know, whether it is the team singer or the singer, the entries are prepared in advance, it is impossible to say that when the go to stage PK is suddenly replaced.

    Because the tour PK tournaments are all accompanied by live bands.

    Xi Jia's own's own can't guess that it will be on the morning, but since she dares to come up with the first original work, it is definitely enough to use it in this crucial game.

    Xi Jia believes in the strength of one's own, and her self-confidence is also written on her face.

    She smiled with a smile on her head until the band behind her played a prelude!

    The steel string cymbals, with an unusual rhythm, a cheerful and melodic melody, instantly presented the unique style of the summer island to the four judges present and 5,000 spectators.

    Xi Jia’s unique female voice immediately joined the feast of hearing!

    Standing in the waiting area, Lu Chen suddenly straightened his waist and his eyes showed an unexpected and pleasant look.

    Even if he only listened to a small paragraph in front, he was keenly aware that this original work by Xi Jia was extraordinary, not only very good and very good, but also the fast songs that the audience liked.

    The top 10 chief of the Bihai singing area is definitely not an easy to beat opponent.

    But it was precisely her wonderful performance that thoroughly inspired Lu Chen’s war.

    Only by winning such an opponent, his victory is beyond doubt!


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