The 123rd chapter is also a hundred thousand.

    In August, Hangzhou City is like a fire.

    Just after a light rain, the sky has returned to a sunny day. Under the sunshine of the hot sun, the water vapor on the ground rises, bringing moisture and sultry, but also giving people a feeling of not real around.

    Although the climate is not so pleasant, the West Lake at noon is still crowded.

    Hangcheng, one of the seven ancient capitals, is also one of the most famous tourist scenic spots in the country. The number of tourists received by Gundam is more than 70 million per year. Especially on holidays, the major scenic spots are simply unstoppable.

    Crowded and beautiful, Lu Chen is most impressed by the provincial capital of this hometown.

    Here, he has had countless good memories.

    However, after returning to Hangzhou for more than a month, Lu Chen actually had a strange feeling.

    Fortunately, he still remembers the way to the restaurant, otherwise he will go out in front of several friends.

    Passing through the long alleys, there is a quaint big house in front, white walls and green trees, the lacquered doors are open, and the four red lanterns hanging under the eaves are written with four white bottoms. Black characters.

    Egret Restaurant.

    But see the pair of couplets on the colonnade in front of the door: two yellow 鹂 翠 翠 翠 / a line of egrets on the sky.

    "Lu Chen, is this a restaurant?"

    Mu Xiaochu looked at it curiously, and all the eyes in the sly eyes were surprised.

    It's no wonder that she is surprised, because it doesn't look like a restaurant at all, but the garden house of the ancient gentry's family, and the atmosphere of the scholarly door is always coming and going.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "This was originally a Jinshi mansion, and it has been changed into a restaurant for many years."

    The Egret Restaurant is an old-fashioned brand of hundreds of years, featuring local Hang Bang dishes. There are many branches in Hangzhou.

    But the most authentic is the Egret restaurant on the edge of the West Lake. The master of the master is the Level 1 chef.

    If you ran temporarily, it must have no place. Lu Chen happens to have a VIP membership card for Zhang Bailu Restaurant, so it is possible to book a box position in advance.

    Since the accident at home, he has been eating at the Egret Restaurant for the first time.

    In addition to Mu Xiaochu, Li Feiyu and two members of the "Singing China" squad team.

    Zhang Junhua and Lin Biao.

    Zhang Junhua is two years older than Lu Chen. He graduated from the Northern Music Modern Music Department. In the Beijing Top 10, he used the original "Love Ocean" to top the list of high scores. Later, he was overtaken by Lu Chen.

    Despite this, Zhang Junhua is also a very talented young Singer, who is said to have signed up for an entertainment company.

    Lin Biao is a player in the Shengjing singing area. In the first PK match, he defeated Zuo Qiuqing and became a patrol team.

    Lin Biao and Mu Xiaochu are the same age students. They are also active in school. They are very active, rap and sing and dance, and have one's own original works, so the popularity in the team is quite high.

    "Singing China" National Tour PK. The earliest Beijing 10, after the first stop Shengjing, the second station Huhai and the third stop in Hangzhou, there will be left Lu Chen, Zhang Junhua and Mu Xiaochu.

    The top 10 singers are not weak, so the competition is very cruel!

    Last night, the game in the Hangcheng singing area ended. Today, the Program group and the patrol team are still staying here for a day. Tomorrow, they will depart for the next stop.

    Therefore, as a native of the province, Lu Chen naturally wants to do his best. Zhang Junhua and Mu Xiaochu were invited to play.

    After three PK matches. The trio is familiar with a lot, and can be regarded as an ordinary friend.

    Li Feiyu has always followed Lu Chen as an assistant.

    As for Lin Biao. This guy is familiar with his personality, and he seems to like Mu Xiaochu a bit, and he followed.

    Lu Chen is it does not matter, anyway, a pair of chopsticks.

    After presenting one's own VIP gold card to the waiter of the restaurant, the five people quickly came to the scheduled box.

    The box is a small room with a small area. The completely antique decoration is very elegant. When you open the window, you can see the bamboo forest and pond outside, and the breeze is not hot.

    "Morning brother, this place is really good!"

    Lin Biao exclaimed: "Have you been here often? Consumption must be expensive, right? ”

    When I came out today, I said that it was Lu Chen’s treat, but no one thought that he would bring everyone to such a place.

    Lin Biao is still tender, so I feel a little embarrassed.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I have been there twice, and the membership cards are sent by others. The consumption here is actually not expensive."

    Although the Egret Restaurant is a hundred-year-old brand, the consumption level has always been very popular. As long as there is no big dish, even the ordinary working class will not have any pressure to eat it, so the business is extremely hot.

    The price of the head office on the West Lake is slightly higher, but it is also within the scope of acceptance.

    The key is that the Hang Bang dishes here are the most authentic. Lu Chen’s guests naturally want to let some friends taste the real taste.

    Lu Chen’s VIP card is a small gift from a friend of Lu Qingsheng’s shopping mall.

    He used to eat a few times with his girlfriend.

    It is a pity that things are wrong now, my father died for some reason, and my girlfriend broke up early.

    Only this Egret restaurant has not changed.

    A little sadness in the heart, Lu Chen called the customer service personnel to order.

    Waiting for the gap in the dish, Li Feiyu took the digital camera out and opened it. First, he pointed the scene to Lu Chen.

    Li Feiyu followed Lu Chen as an assistant. His main task was to record the hundreds of thousands of fans in [Whale TV] and live broadcast Lu Chen's tour PK experience.

    For the fans, this is undoubtedly a very new thing. Every night, the audience waiting for the broadcast in front of the computer is Gundam 500,000+, so that Lu Chen can still make a lot of rewards during the game.

    In fact, it is also possible to use live cell phone for live broadcast. However, in order to ensure the quality of the content, Li Feiyu is basically recorded in the daytime, and then the software is used for simple editing.

    If there is time, Lu Chen will broadcast the game on his own. If he wants to play the game, Li Feiyu will replace live broadcast.

    Through such interactions, the number of fans is increasing, and Lu Jiajun continues to grow.

    These warm and lovely fans are undoubtedly one of the important foundations of Lu Chen in the Entertainment Circle!

    Therefore, the reason for leaving the contract, Lu Chen will not easily give up the work of the network live broadcast.

    He is also constantly searching for better live broadcast interactions.

    Li Feiyu, holding the camera, said with a smile: "The opportunity is rare. In the morning, you will say hello to everyone, then I will shoot a few future superstar friends!"

    Lu Chen waved his hand and said, "Hello, I am your anchor Lu Chen. We are now at the Bailu Restaurant on the West Lake in Hangzhou. Please greet the three friends of the team to eat together."

    "This is a younger sister who everyone likes!"

    The camera scene immediately aimed at Mu Xiaochu, who smiled shyly and waved his hand: "Hello everyone."

    Today, Mu Xiaochu wore a short white skirt, like a small white flower, with a kind of soft beauty.

    Lu Chen is very fond of this character's school girl, but it is not the relationship between men and women, but the kind of care that her brother has for her sister, so she often takes care of her along the way.

    I shot Mu Xiaochu, then Zhang Junhua and Lin Biao, both of whom also gave face.

    After Li Feiyu finished shooting, Lin Biao asked curiously: "Morning brother, are you going back to do publicity?"

    Lu Chen explained: "No, it is played to others at night. Do you know the network anchor?"

    Mu Xiaochu, Zhang Junhua and Lin Biao nodded at the same time.

    Lu Chen smiled; "I am a contracted network anchor, so now it is a material."

    This is not an ulterior secret, nothing to say.

    Lin Biao surprised his eyes wide open: "Morning brother, I thought you signed in a big company!" How do you think about doing this, is it very profitable to engage in the anchor? ”

    Although he is unintentional, but talking about the network anchor, the tone is still a bit unpleasant.

    Zhang Junhua also showed his disapproval look.

    The network anchor is a new career that has come out in the last two years. Due to the low barriers to entry and fierce competition, there have been many negative news in the industry. For example, female anchors sell meat and sell chests, and there is no such thing as a bottom line.

    Corresponding media reports tend to be biased, which makes people feel bad about the industry.

    Both of them did not expect that Lu Chen's current career is actually a very strong network anchor. With his strength and talent, he can sign up to a big company, and he doesn't need to be so one's own.

    Lu Chen looked at the expressions of both of them and smiled and said: "I am an independent artist. I don't plan to sign the Entertainment Manager Corporation. In fact, it is very interesting to be a network anchor. It is nothing more than a performance of a joke and a lot of friends. ”

    "If you have the chance, you can try it too."

    Lu Chen did not intend to reverse the prejudice of the two people, because there are some bad phenomena in the live broadcast of the network.

    It is enough for him to have one's own conscience.

    Zhang Junhua couldn't help but say: "How much can this make? I heard that it was blowing very badly. ”

    In this heart, Lu Chen, in fact, has always been a little convinced.

    So I took the opportunity to swear.

    Lu Chen said faintly: "The water of the publicity outside is definitely there. Like me, the fixed salary plus the reward share, it will probably be a million in a year."

    He still said less.


    The chopsticks held by Lin Biao fell to the table, and Zhang Junhua’s look suddenly froze.

    Hundreds of thousands? It is also a million?

    real or fake?

    Mu Xiaochu simply worships: "Lu Chen, you are really amazing!"

    This sentence is very ambiguous!

    Lu Chen coughed and said: "The dishes are coming up, everyone is going to move the chopsticks, fill the stomach and say!"

    Big and big, eat the most.

    It’s just that someone seems to have no appetite.

    That Lu Chen can't manage it.


The third is to send it, and ask for a monthly ticket to seek rewards! (To be continued~^~)

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