Chapter 120, singing all the way


    A stack of paper was taken on the desk and immediately picked up again.

    Su Xiaomei used the manuscript paper as a fan to fan hard, and the breeze did not blow her heart's irritability.

    On one side of the fan, she gnawed her teeth and said: "I am really mad at me. Is there no air conditioning in your room?"

    The young lady feels that one's own is hot and steaming, as if she had just been exposed to the sun.

    Dong Yu looked at Su Xiaomei with a funny look and asked, "What happened?"

    It’s so hot outside, how can she turn off the air conditioner in her general manager’s office?

    It’s a problem with Su’s own eyebrows’ one's own!

    Su Xiaomei said with no anger: "Not because of that guy!"

    "I worked so hard today to go to the Blue Sky Creative Park on the Fifth Ring Road. I finally found his broken studio. I didn't expect the guy to ask a manager manager, and Lu Xi came to talk to me about the conditions."

    She pinched the contract inside, and the two willows were erected: "I don't want to say 200,000 songs, and I don't transfer all the copyrights. The contract is only signed for 5 years. It is a big lion!"

    I remembered the scene of the previous negotiations with Lu Xi in Lu Chen studio, and the fire in Su Xiaomei’s heart came up again.

    The other party's age is similar to her. Although she is polite and polite, she agrees to sell the copyright of the song, but she is not allowed to make a specific contract. The attitude is very tough.

    Miss Su Da is not so good to talk to, and when she is not satisfied, she screams and ran back.

    200,000 to buy the full copyright of "fly higher" she can barely accept, know that this song has been publicly sung by Lu Chen, and there are already live audio downloads in Fetion Music.

    Its value must be much lower than "In the Spring", the other party is still dead and holding a treasure.

    The more you think, the more you get angry!


    But what disappoints Su Xiaomei is that Dong Yu’s expression is not a bit different. No excitement or anger.

    It seems that such a situation has long been in her expectation.

    "Why don't you pissed off?"

    Dong Yu was dumbfounded. She pulled the drawer and took out a piece of paper from the inside and handed it to Su Xiaomei.


    Su light eyebrows are a bit unclear, so they picked up the past.

    Take a closer look. It turned out to be the latest sales data of the band's debut album "In the Spring" at Fetion Music.

    As of August 1st, "In the Spring" album package paid downloads: 110560.

    The title song "In the Spring" single downloads: 250150,

"Strong Reason" single:97803,

"I want to have a home" single:72610,

The total number of downloads is 500,000+!

    Music is Music's first online company to launch the genuine Music paid download service. Its paid download list has always been regarded as one of the popular music trends of popular Musical World.

    The band's "In the Spring" is a small album. There are only five songs in total. There has been a time on the Music on the shelf, and the current sales volume ranks first.

    In the single, "In the Spring" is also ranked first. Double list leader.

    This kind of achievement, for a band that just debuted the debut album, it is simply against the sky!

    In addition to honors, the 500,000+ paid downloads also represent a lucrative profit.

    Fetion Music downloads a high-quality genuine single for 1.0 yuan, and the album package downloads 20% special treatment.

    Then the package price of "In the Spring" album is 4.0 yuan, and the download number of 110,000+ is 440,000 yuan.

    The three singles totaled 420,000+, all of which add up to nearly 900,000 yuan in revenue!

    After entering the Internet age. Due to the emergence of new media and the proliferation of pirated resources, the traditional recording industry has been hit harder than ever. The sales of CDs have been declining year by year, and it has been lingering.

    So today's popular Musical World, except for a few underground Musicians, there is no Singer or the company still sells records to support one's own, all running the fans economy. Make money through advertising endorsements, peripheral development, and more.

    Celebrity released the album. Losing money at a loss is just for brushing and satisfying the requirements of the fans.

    The launch of the genuine paid download of the Music website has become a touch of color on the sales of Music products. But now online piracy resources are casual, and those who are willing to pay for songs are basically real powder.

    So don't look at the number of downloads that are only tens of thousands of thousands, which is already a very beautiful result.

    "In the Spring" is a triumphant singer, proud!

    Of course, as the copyright party, Light Rain Media is not able to take all the profits, but also has to share the account with Fetion Music.

    In addition, the cost of marketing is very high, and the income from the sub-ledgers is far from enough to smooth the cost.

    But you must know that Fetion Music is only one of the marketing channels, and it is not the focus.

    Looking at the thin paper in his hand, Su Xiaomei completely got the weight.

    Her anger gradually subsided.

    She also understood the purpose of Dong Yu – Lu Chen studio has the qualification to wait for the price!

    The sales score of the album single is here, anyone can log on to the website to view, if it is replaced by Su Liangmei one's own, what reason is not insisted, not tough?

    Now Lu Chen and Lu Chen studio are not big enough, and many of their peers in the industry are not responding, but it would be naive to underestimate their sensitivity.

    Once you smell the smell of profit, those companies will inevitably flock like flies and participate in the fight!

    Maybe the price has to rise!

    Su Xiaomei couldn't sit still: "Then I will talk to her right now…"

    Dong Yu dumbfounded: "Isn't that just giving her reasons to continue to raise the price?"

    Su light eyebrows and a red face, and then sat down again.

    Dong Yu couldn't help but say: "I will negotiate with Lu Chen studio in the future, let the manager of the manager Song go."

    There is no criticism of Su Xiaomei's unwillingness to do business – you are a Music Director, don't rob someone else's work.

    Su light eyebrow bite her lip, her eyes turned and suddenly said: "We just dig Lu Xi to dig over it, I feel she is very smart and capable. Let her be the manager of the business department and negotiate with the guy later! ”

    This is called the Shield of the Spear of the Son. Lu Chen is not very resistant? Come and try him one's own!

    The more I think about Su Xiaomei, the more I feel that this idea is wonderful.

    As for whether you can dig Lu Xi, that is not a problem at all.

    The treatment, strength and development potential of Light Rain Media is enough to smash that Xiaoxiao's studio Sanjie!

    The front door is to the North Sea!

    Seeing the smile on the face of Su Xiaomei, Dong Yu touched the one's own forehead silently.

    She took out a document from the drawer and handed it to Su Xiaomei.

    Su Xiaomei returned to God, and then looked over and found that it was actually Lu Chen's personal information.

    Su light eyebrows could not help but stunned, Sister Dong What does this mean?

    Dong Yu said faintly: "You take a closer look at Lu Chen's family situation."

    Under her reminder, Su Guangmei's eyes fell on the family members of this information.

    Father: Lu Qingsheng (death) / mother: Fang Wei (Accounting of the Local Taxation Bureau of Binhai City, Zhejiang Province)

Sister: Lu Xi / sister: Lu Xue

Lu Xi? Lu Xi!

    Su Xiaomei almost jumped up. Lu Chen studio manager and Lu Chen's manager, isn't it called Lu Xi?

    In her Chanel bag, there is another business card!

    This time it is really big!

    Su light eyebrows face Pan Hongxia, did not dare to see Dong Yu.

    Losing her self-professional elite, but it is repeatedly making mistakes, actually still want to dig Lu Chen's sister to deal with Lu Chen.

    If it is not Dong Yu’s reminder, I really have to do that. Still not let others laugh!

    "what! I do not care! ”

    Su Xiaomei dropped the information in his hand and hurriedly grabbed one's own bag and escaped.

    Dong Yu was dumbfounded. She called the phone on the desk and called Song Xinwei to one's own office through the inside.

    Song Xinwei is about thirty years old. The suit is very well equipped with a pair of gold-silk glasses. The hair is combed perfectly and it is not handsome. It can also be said that it looks good. At first glance, it is the kind of elite person in the workplace.

    He is the deputy general manager and manager of the light rain media, and is also the right assistant of Dong Yu.

    Dong Yu will be Lu Chen's information. Together with the performance of the band, they were handed over to Song Xinwei, and at the same time told him about the situation in which Su Xiaomei had negotiated with Lu Chen studio.

    Dong Yu said: "In addition to the right of authorship, we must all take the copyright of this song. This is the premise of the negotiation, but it can be negotiated on the transfer fee. My authority for you is within 500,000."

    Song Xinwei was shocked: "Is it too much?"

    A song of 500,000 is a bit exaggerated, and the hard work of the top big coffee in the industry is just that!

    Dong Yu smiled and said: "Look at Song Manager's negotiating ability. This is a high flight. It is very suitable for the North Arrows. I don't want others to snatch it, and there are definitely people who want to grab it."

    Song Xinwei’s heart stunned and said: “I understand.”

    Dong Yu leaned back in the chair and said, "Let's go, remember not to let the other person feel that we are urgent."

    Inadvertently, she revealed one's own infinitely beautiful figure.

    Song Xinwei nodded, and there was a glimpse of the hot color in his eyes.

    The next day, he took his assistant to Lu Chen studio and negotiated the song "Flying Higher".

    But this time Lu Chen is no longer in Beijing.

    He followed the "Singing China" Program group to Shengjing and began a national tour PK tour.

    On August 5th, the Shengjing PK battle started. Lu Chen defeated the opponent with an original work, Love Wind.

    On August 8th, he moved to Shanghai and Shanghai, relying on "Juvenile Time" to win over Zhang Xiumin, the top 10 Shanghai Huhai.

    At that time, the total score between the two was only 1.75 points!

    On August 11, the patrol team came to Hangzhou.

    In one half of the home of one's own, Lu Chen swept the challenger of the Hangzhou singing area with "The Flowers" and went to the next city.

    He sang all the way, and he was invincible!


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