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Chapter 125—Preparing for the rain

    South Island, Bihai City.

    It is already 10 o'clock in the evening. The southernmost city of this motherland is still full of vitality and vitality. In the distance, the Haitian A-list is innocent, and there are campfires on the beach stretching for several kilometers.

    Couples in pairs are walking along the long embankment, walking hand in hand between the coconut trees, the sea breeze blowing, the air is full of romantic taste.

    Bihai, a famous tourist city, is also the last stop of the National Tour of Singing China.

    Lu Chen stood in the room on the 26th floor of the Regency Hotel, overlooking the beach and the sea through the thick floor-to-ceiling windows.

    He is holding a cell phone and is talking to Chen Jianhao.

    After the end of the PK battle in the deep sea singing area, Lu Chen, along with the other nine winners, flew to Bihai City following the "Singing China" Program group.

    When he got off the plane and took the bus to the hotel, he received a call from his sister Lu Xi.

    I know that one's own has been blacked out on the Inspur blog.

    However, Lu Chen did not feel a little accident, because Chen Jianhao had long reminded that Jin Hongwei would not be willing to give up.

    Seeing the "Singing China" national tour is about to end, the other party can't wait to jump out.

    Change the law to black him, remember the enemy to the bones.

    The so-called "Wandering Singer Old HAI" blog post, Lu Chen has already seen it on the Internet with cell phone.

    Jumping beam Clown only!

    Jin Hongwei’s gunman was still very good. A blog post was written so that even Lu Chen’s mother was almost moved.

    But what about dry goods? Can these photos of the manuscript be used as evidence of his plagiarism?

    In other words, the IQ of some netizens is low.

    Of course, the energy of the other party is still very big, and such a big storm is on the wave of the wave.

    Lu Chen wants to praise Jin Hongwei.

    If you change to a newcomer with no roots and no bottom, it is estimated that it is really possible to get out of the dark, and you can't wash it in the South China Sea. It’s the result of a stunned ending.

    But now Lu Chen is not the Lu Chen who just participated in the draft. He is no longer a loner, and there is already a strength behind him that supports one's own. It is by no means an object that can be kneaded!

    This Strength does not refer to Lu Chen studio, the current studio is still very weak, can not deal with this situation.

    What really stands behind him is the "Singing China" Program group, which is Beijing Satellite TV!

    Last night's deep sea station PK competition, "Singing China" Viewership Ratings broke 5%, reaching 5.17%.

    More than 5 points of Viewership Ratings represent a big heat, representing a huge amount of advertising benefits.

    The beneficiary is precisely Beijing Satellite TV.

    Lu Chen did not dare to say that "Singing China" is a program that is red because of one's own. It is too arrogant and ignorant.

    But his excellent performance is a must!

    At this time, if Beijing Satellite TV still doesn't support him, that's a weird thing.

    These things are not all analyzed by Lu Chen’s own, and most of them are Chen Jianhao who just called the call.

    "You are not really a Celebrity now, but you have already enjoyed the real Celebrity treatment!"

    Chen Jianhao smiled and said: "Can I say Congratulations?"

    If you are an ordinary newcomer, who will spend so much effort to come to the blacks and eat enough?

    Lu Chen smiled bitterly: "Building Hao brother. You don't want to joke with me, there are people who want to go to court with me. ”

    "I am not afraid of shadows!"

    Chen Jianhao said categorically: "You just wait, in Beijing, Jin Hongwei counts a bird?" Naturally someone will teach him self-conduct, all you have to do is defeat the opponent and win the last PK game! ”

    "This is also your best counterattack!"

    Although Lu Chen is not the kind of hairy guy who is easy to be impulsive, he is also motivated by his powerful motivational words. He said without thinking: "That is the building of Haohao, you will wait and see!"

    "Haha. now it's right…"

    Chen Jianhao smiled and said: "When you come back from Bihai. Gather in the grass and let everyone celebrate together for you. ”

    Lu Chen certainly agreed. Then the call ends.

    As a result, he just put the cell phone back in his pocket and the phone in the room rang again.

    On the first night of the trip to Bihai, Lu Chen was doomed to stop.

    Calling him a call is the Music Director of the "Singing China" Program group.

    Gu Rui let Lu Chen go to room 2607.

    For the Bihai PK competition on the evening of the 20th, Beijing Satellite TV packed all the 26 floors of the Lijing Hotel early to house the "Singing China" Program group, four judges and singers.

    Lu Chen lives in a single room at 2029.

    Because there was something in the studio, Li Feiyu had already returned to Beijing in advance, and did not follow him to Bihai City.

    Hanging up the phone, Lu Chen immediately left the room of one's own and rushed to the front of Room 2607.

    As a result, Zhang Junhua and two other singers were met.

    They obviously want to go outside the hotel, and they slammed into Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen nodded to Zhang Junhua.

    Zhang Junhua smiled and nodded, then passed Lu Chen, and neither of them spoke.

    Since the last meal at the Egret Restaurant, the relationship between Zhang Junhua and Lu Chen has been far from a lot, and he has to say hello when he meets the most.

    The only thing that hasn't changed is Mu Xiaochu.

    When she passed by, Lu Chen keenly noticed the look of Zhang Junhua’s eyes.

    That is obviously a schadenfreude. It is estimated that he knew what he was hacked.

    After all, it is not a passer-by.

    Lu Chen came to 2607 and quickly knocked on the door.

    The 2607 is a large suite. It was used by the Program group as a temporary command. There are a lot of computer equipment inside, so it looks quite messy, and the smoke is quite diffuse.

    Many hotels have special smoking suites, the ventilation conditions are the best, but there are seven or eight old smokers in the 2607 room. Simultaneously open fire even if the exhaust fan whispers.

    "Small land is coming…"

    Gu Rui saw Lu Chen, and recruited him to let him go: "Come here."

    Lu Chen said hello politely: "Chen Tai is good, ancient Director is good, Zhang assistant is good…"

    In addition to Gu Rui, sitting in the rest area, there are two other people. They are Chen Qi, deputy director of Beijing Satellite TV, and Xiao Zhang, assistant to Chen Qi.

    Chen Qi is over fifty. The face is very beautiful, and the majesty of the high-ranking people.

    He nodded and said, "Sit down."

    Lu Chen sat down opposite Chen Qi.

    The deputy director grabbed the cigarette on the coffee table and asked: "Small land, can't smoke?"

    Lu Chen quickly refused: "Thank you, Mr. Chen, I don't smoke."

    "It’s right to not smoke…"

    Chen Qi’s face was a smile, saying: “Young people should know how to cherish the body. As Singer, you can protect one's own scorpion without smoking or drinking less.”

    He pulled a cigarette between his fingers, but refused the lighter that the assistant Little Zhang handed over.

    Playing with cigarettes, Chen Qi said in a deep voice: "We have already known about the events happening on the Internet. Someone intentionally swears, this is not just for you, but also for our Beijing Satellite TV. ”

    "I asked Lao Gu to call you over. I want to tell you that you don't have any ideological burden. This matter is handled by our TV station, and we must give you a fair!"

    Although it has been expected. But now I heard Chen Qi make a guarantee, Lu Chen still has some excitement.

    Many times, it is really good to take a back on the big tree!

    He was grateful: "Thank you Chen Taichang!"

    "Not my own thing…"

    Chen Qi waved his hand and said: "But before that, I have a very important question to ask you. You must answer it truthfully, otherwise our TV station may not be able to help you."

    Lu Chen’s heart moved and asked: “Chen Taichang. Do you want to ask the copyright of the song? ”

    Chen Qi smiled and said: "Yes."

    The boy is very smart. have a future!

    Lu Chen said without hesitation: "There is no problem, all my original works are registered in the Greater China Music Library." More than that…"

    His eyes looked at Chen Qi's assistant: "Zhang Assistant, can you borrow my computer for use?"

    Of course, the assistant will not refuse, and lend one's own laptop to Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen gave a sigh, and quickly opened the browser and typed the URL of the Greater China Music Library.

    He logged into one's own account and transferred all the works that have been sold or publicly sung in "In the Spring", "You at the same table", "Flying higher", "Love in the Wind".

    Lu Chen said: "There is no problem with copyright, and I have also registered foreign copyrights in the Universal Music Library in United States!"

    After waking up, Lu Chen relied on memory to write two original works, "You at the Same Table" and "Cinderella". He went to the "Greater China Music Library" in the first time to inquire and register the copyright, even if this is the case. Light savings.

    Later, Lu Chen earned more money and took the work to the Global Music Library to register.

    The nature of the Universal Music Library and the Greater China Music Library are identical, except that the latter is the authoritative website for registered copyrights of Japanese and Korean Musicians in Europe and the United States.

    Since the two are not the same, if you want to guarantee the global copyright of one's own works, you must register once, and the cost can be said to be quite high.

    Many of the Musicians of Domestic do not pay much attention to this piece, or they are reluctant to pay US dollars, but do not include Lu Chen.

    It is because of this precaution, so he is not afraid of the smearing on the blog.

    Chen Qi and Gu Rui looked at each other. The former smiled and said: "Xiao Lu is really…Then there is no problem. ”

    They are not afraid of rubbing their wrists with others, and they are afraid that Lu Chen will drop the chain.

    But Lu Chen is more savvy than the two imagined.

    Not only the Domestic, but also the foreign ones.

    Gu Rui said: "Small land, you download the copyright certificate of these works, there is a Little Zhang computer."

    Lu Chen said: "Okay, ancient Director, I still have something to discuss with you."

    "What do you say?"

    Gu Rui smiled very kindly: "As long as you don't violate the principle, you can say it."

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I want to change the entries of the day after tomorrow. I don't know if this is a violation of the principle?"

    Chen Jianhao is not saying that using one's own performance to defeat the opponent is the best counterattack?

    Then he will be real!


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