Chapter 128—Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart

    A song sings, applause.

    Xi Jia’s original work “Unmanned Island” is undoubtedly the biggest highlight since the opening of the PK competition in Bihai singing area tonight. The top 10 chiefs face strong enemies and light up one's own trump card. Win a full house.

    Unique sound lines, strength vocals, lyrics, and bright melody…

    Under the passion of the live band, this new song seems to be like the sudden rain of the summer night island, conquering the 5,000 people on the scene with lightning speed.

    Many viewers stood up and greeted Xi Jia with a strong applause. Thanks to her for contributing a good song to everyone.

    Xi Jia’s fan fans raised their fluorescent cards and shouted her name.

    The atmosphere at the scene reached a new climax!

    Faced with the applause of thousands of spectators, Xi Jia's chest violently fluctuated a few times, the white face like a jade appeared on the excitement of the flush, the eyes are a little more crystal clear.

    She holds an electric guitar and is deeply embarrassed to the audience who support one's own.

    Then turned around and thanked the live band.

    When she got back straight up, she had two more tears on her face, but she still smiled and smiled joyfully.

    Inside the four judges, Chen Feier stood up and applauded her.

    After sitting down, the sweet Singer King smiled and asked: "Singing too well, Xi Jia, I remember that you were singing other people's songs in the previous game. Why did you come up with this original work tonight? ?"

    Xi Jia wiped the tears and said a little embarrassedly: "Because this song I wrote for a long and long time, there has been no suitable opportunity to sing to others, but this evening is different…"

    After a pause, she continued: "Tonight is the PK game in the Bihai singing area. I want to use this song to express my love for my hometown, and thank all the fans and audience friends for their support! ”

    "thank you all!"

    The applause that just had a break was ringing again.

    Chen Feier encouraged: "Say well. I will give you 10 points! ”

    She pressed the scorer and added 10 points to Xi Jia.

    In the warm applause, Xi Jia once again said: "Thank you Teacher Chen."

    Immediately after Tan Hong, Lin Zhijie and Yan Zhen commented, they played 9, 9 and 10 points!

    All four are added together. Xi Jia’s total score is 38 points, which is also the highest judges score since the start of the game.

    The audience applauded.

    This "Unmanned Island" is a typical fast song, which is very suitable for the taste of young people.

    Its lyrics and melody have their own unique features. If they are packaged and promoted, there is no problem in boarding the original sound list. Maybe there is a chance to rush to the top ten position.

    But how good and classic you can say is not. Because this song lacks sufficient connotation, it is only under the almost perfect interpretation of Xi Jia that it has obtained such a high judgment score.

    Originally, it is a plus item, and the strength of singing is also indispensable. "Singing China" is not the "strongest singer" after all, so Xi Jia's performance is the key to scoring.

    She scored such a high number of judges, which inevitably put a lot of pressure on Lu Chen, who came out later.

    In particular, Xi Jia relies on original works.

    Go to the tour PK competition. The scores of the four judges are much higher, and it is easy to get a perfect score.

    Even Lu Chen, the total score of the first two judges is only 36 and 37, but only higher than the opponent.

    Now that Xi Jia has scored 38 points, she has taken advantage of the home court. The threat to Lu Chen is naturally great.

    This threat and pressure reacted to the live broadcast of [Whale TV], and Lu Chen fans could not calm down.

    "Xi Jia is really amazing. Although I am the anchor powder. But you must say that this song is good. ”

    "It is very nice, Chen Feier gave 10 points."

    "You say if you want to?"

    "what! I really served you guys. Lu Fei is not an opponent that has not met a lot. ”

    "Nothing, Lu Shuai will win!"

    "If the anchor is lost, I will live broadcast the keyboard!"

    "Chocolate keyboard?"

    "Hey, you don't want the crow mouth, I Believe Lu Fei is big, it will win!"

    "Support for anchors…"

    In the midst of discussions, Lu Bai, the number one fan of Lu Fei’s live broadcast, suddenly pulled out five aircraft carriers.

    After stunning the audience with the master stroke, he said coolly: "Lu Shuai will win, no doubt, win this PK, everyone will come to the group to grab the red envelope!"

    The live broadcast room was awkward.

    The local take action is not the same, and instantly suppresses all the noise.

    At the scene of the game, after the four judges made a bright spot, Xi Jia went on for a while and changed to Lu Chen.

    The rules of the Tour PK match are different from the singer promotion. Except for the judges score, the number of votes for the on- and off-site audiences will be announced at the same time. Of course, the time of the votes is exactly the same.

    Lu Chen took the one's own guitar and walked onto the stage again.

    “Four judges, good, live and the audience in front of the TV, everyone!”

    "I am Lu Chen!"

    After that, he went to salute.

    The audience at the scene was still very face-to-face, and the applause was quite enthusiastic, but it was incomparable with the previous ones.

    Instead, there were two female fans sitting in the front position, shaking their fluorescent cards in their hands.

    The two budding characters above "Lu Chen" are very eye-catching.

    "Hello there…"

    Tan Hong nodded. He smiled and asked: "Lu Chen, everyone is looking forward to your performance this evening. The former Xi Jia player scored 38 points. Do you feel the pressure?"

    Since the appearance of "Singing China", Tan Hong has become a well-deserved chief judge with his rigorous style and professional judgment. Some people on the Internet say that he is too strict with Singer, but no one said that he scored unfairly.

    He doesn't really like to interact with the players, but more to point out the discussion on Music.

    The inquiry of pulling a home like this has hardly appeared before.

    It’s really Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen replied calmly: "The pressure is definitely there. Xi Jia's performance is very good. Her work is really good. If I can choose, I hope not to be PK with her."

    "Ok. Let's be a good friend! ”

    There was a burst of laughter and applause in the stadium.

    Lu Chen’s answer is undoubtedly very modest. And there is no lack of humor, and people can't help but feel good.

    The live broadcast scene camera scene instantly switches to the Siga in the waiting area.

    Lu Chen’s words made her pout and laugh. When she saw the scene swept over, she raised her hand and made a gesture of victory.

    Chen Feier smiled and said: "If you really become a good friend, if you are friendly, would you like to give her the top 10 places in the country?"

    The sweet Singer King squinted and his eyes flashed with glare.

    this problem…

    Lu Chen is a bit speechless. When did "Singing China" become a "tact response" Program?

    However, his response was very quick. He said with a slight thought: "I think the true friendship is based on mutual respect and mutual understanding. Friendship has nothing to do with interest, regardless of identity and status. ”

    "So I think, Xi Jia will not accept the quota I gave her, she wants to win the righteousness!"

    Lu Chen’s voice just fell, and the audience applauded again, which was more enthusiastic and sincere than before.

    For his wonderful answer.

    Xi Jia bit her lip and her eyes brightened.

    Chen Feier smiled and said: "Say well. Then start your performance, I am looking forward to it! ”

    It is her expectation that the audience sitting in front of the TV and the computer, hundreds of thousands of fans in the live broadcast of the Internet, are looking forward to the performance of Lu Chen tonight.

    What kind of work will he use to meet the challenges of powerful opponent?

    Holding the guitar in front of the microphone, Lu Chen is very calm.

    After so many matchups. He has been really honed. In the face of the big stage, it will not be awkward.

    But at this moment, his heart is not calm.

    It’s just a snap. Lu Chen thought a lot, and many past events flashed in his mind.

    He remembered the dark years that one's own had experienced, remembered the sadness of his father's death, remembered the hardships brought about by the great changes in life, and remembered the painful heartbreak after his girlfriend broke up…

    He remembered the days of Beijing drift, in order to earn more money and work hard, live like a walking dead.

    He remembered being blocked in the star show, remembering being forced to press because he refused to sign the contract…

    He has not forgotten that he was twice smeared on the Internet and even ruined!

    Although Lu Qian was all over the road, even though all the troubles had been solved, he had not said one's own voice and did not make a one's own counterattack.

    Anger, already smoldering in my heart, just wait for the explosion!

    And here is the best stage.

    Lu Chen stood up in his chest and burned a flame in his eyes.

    He held the guitar in his arms and turned to give a thumbs up at the live band.

    It can be started.

    Let the whole world come to listen to my Voice!

    The name of this song is called Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart!

    "Where is the world full of flowers,

If it does exist then I will definitely go,

I want to stand on the highest mountain there,

Don't care if it is a cliff!

    Use your strength to live with love and even the liver and brain.

Don't be satisfied with anyone, as long as you are worthy of one's own

I never chose to give up on ideals.

Even in the days of gray face.

    Maybe I have no talent,

But I have the innocence of dreams,

I will go to prove my life.

    Maybe my hand is stupid than my feet.

But I am willing to keep looking,

Pay all the youth without regret!

    I'm free running, facing cold eyes and ridicule!

    How can you feel the vastness of life without suffering?

Destiny, it can't make us beg for mercy,

Even the blood is full of arms!

    Keep running, with the pride of the red!

    The shining of life does not persist in the end, how can you see it,

It’s better to burn with it than to linger.

One day will sprout again!



Note: "Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart" word / song: Su Duo.

    PS: Let's talk about the author's past.

    The author was very poor at home. The parents were laid off very early. My sister gave up studying at the university to go to work. She was able to work as soon as possible. The author was the same, and went to vocational school to study fine arts.

    At that time, the poor tuition fees had to be borrowed, and the drawing pigments could not be afforded, and the days were too difficult.

    In the second half of the third year of high school, the author came out to practice, worked as an apprentice in a small company, and spent half a year free of charge, and then got a job as an art worker.

    That was 94 years and the salary was 350 yuan.

    Later, the advertising company grew stronger. The boss bought two Apple computers for graphic design. At that time, the Apple computer was very expensive, and one 50,000 pieces could buy a house locally.

    The author wants to learn, but the boss does not let the author be a good artist.

    How can such advanced expensive things let you play?

    However, the author was very reluctant, so he asked his friend to buy a textbook in Hangzhou. At night, he took advantage of the company, sneaked and ran to learn AI, PS, PM and other plane software, and learned the night and night.

    After a year, the author became the head of the company's design department, and spent eight years at the company.

    Until the author changed the code word, someone still called and asked if he would like to help.

    This perhaps is the reason why the author chooses this "Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart". The author wants to tell everyone that no matter what kind of suffering, as long as you persist and work hard, there will always be hope and future!

    The road to life is long and I am willing to share it with the king.

    PS1: The above content is free, and there is a third in the evening. (To be continued~^~)

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