Chapter 126

    The last time Lu Chen was hacked, Beijing Satellite TV did not speak.

    But if Beijing Satellite TV doesn't pay much attention to Lu Chen, or has always been unconcerned about his experience, it is really a big mistake, especially in the case of the interests of the situation.

    Old Hu is not awesome and can easily be regarded as a sick cat.

    Beijing Satellite TV That is the enthusiasm of the capital in the capital, once the anger is coming, there is also the ability to go to the sea!

    On the evening of the "Singing China" Program group arrived in Bihai, at 11:15, Beijing Satellite TV official V issued a strict wording on the Inspur blog.

    In this long blog post, Beijing Satellite TV said that it has noticed a wave of public opinion on the network, which is aimed at "Singing China" Lu Chen.

    After careful investigation by the "Singing China" Program, it was confirmed that Lu Chen had all the copyrights of the songs he created (including but not limited to the copyrights already transferred). The copyright registration websites are Domestic's "Music Chinese Music Library" and United. States' Universal Music Library, both of which are the most authoritative Music copyright agencies.

    Beijing Satellite TV therefore determined that Lu Chen did not have any plagiarism in his creation, and the blog post "Wandering Singer Old HAI" in "The Story of Me and In the Spring" in Chaolang blog has confused facts, misleading netizens, and fabricating A serious problem of smearing.

    In order to defend the honor and reputation of the "Singing China" players, Beijing Satellite TV, together with Lu Chen himself, reported to the Inspur blog and asked the Inspur blog to conduct an open and fair investigation!

    At the end of the announcement, copyright certificates for 10 songs, including Chinese and English, were also included.

    This is called rational, there are pictures and the truth!

    Beijing Satellite TV official V's announcement statement immediately received a lot of forwarding and comments.

    Inspur blog is a mess, because everyone did not expect. Beijing Satellite TV is so strong in the morning!

    In fact, everyone who knows the Variety Show Program knows that Beijing Satellite TV is strong. Not defending his reputation, what really defends is the interest of one's own, such as the dragon's counter-scale will kill.

    At 11:35, Inspur blog posted a bulletin on the home page.

    The content of the announcement is not long. The official website of Inspur blog said that after the investigation, the blogger "Singer Old HAI" blog post "The Story of Me and In the Spring" was reported by Beijing Satellite TV official V, and it was found that there was a violation, so it was deleted. deal with.

    In addition, through the trace of technique, the IP source of “Wandering Singer Old HAI” is Huhai, and it is exactly the same as the IP of the well-known blogger “rice group”. "The rice group account is also temporarily closed.

    If the announcement of the previous Beijing Satellite TV official V is to blew the horn of the counterattack, then the official announcement of the Inspur blog is to directly capture the flag, and instantly cut down the head of the culprit!

    Even the skin is clean.

    The rice ball group is a large V with 7.5 million fans in the Inspur blog, and is also famous for marketing Large-sized.

    The wandering Singer Old HAI is actually his small-sized, and many people feel that one's own is fooled.

    Doesn't it mean that one's own is the wandering Singer for more than 20 years? How did it suddenly become a famous big V?

    It’s a pothole!

    The size of the blog that originally forwarded the story of "My Story with In the Spring" has deleted one's own blog post, canceling the praise as if nothing has happened.

    Some are slow, or Log out. As a result, the comment area was smashed – do you want a face?

    As for the rice group's blog, it is even more tens of thousands of Lu Chen fans and passers-by!

    Since the rice group's account has been blocked, he can't do it even if he wants to close the comment or delete the blog post. He can only watch one's own being beaten by the whip.

    This big V number is basically a waste.

    In contrast, Lu Chen’s blog has returned to normal, and many passers-by who have stunned him because of misunderstanding have come back to apologize to him and praised the addition of powder. The atmosphere in the comment area is warm and peaceful.

    Originally aimed at the Kuroshio of Lu Chen. It disappeared in a blink of an eye.

    This is the trend on the Internet, and it tends to go faster. Unless someone pushes the ball, the ongoing time is short, not to mention that it is now directly killed by a stick.

    At 11:47, Tan Hong, who has 20 million+fans, made a speech on one's own blog.

    He expressed his support to Lu Chen through Bowen, hoping that the latter would not be affected by the plagiarism, which would affect the play of the next night's blue sea race, otherwise it would be a shame.

    Tan Hong also deeply lamented the goodness of many netizens. These netizens were too easy to be misled and were impressed by a fabricated story. They misjudged a very talented young man.

    In fact, the biggest loophole in "The Story of Me and In the Spring" is that the so-called Jingping Singer did not register copyright after creating the work. Even if the network did not do the filing, it completely violated common sense.

    Even if it is a first draft, as long as it is uploaded to a large website such as Fetion Music, it can prove the originality of one's own work without costing it, and it is also legally effective.

    This kind of basic copyright common sense, not many Singer do not know, the truth of this story can be imagined, but ordinary netizens do not understand, it leads to the spread of plagiarism.

    Tan Hong sincerely hopes that similar incidents will not happen again, and will not damage the original Strength of Domestic.

    On the surface, Tan Hong’s blog post was a bit late, and the content was a bit suspicion.

    But in fact, while he is lamenting the truth about the truth of the netizens, he is also slap in the face of those people in the industry who are forwarding the original blog posts. They don't understand, you don't understand?

    Nothing more than ulterior motives!

    None of these people dared to jump out and refute, even if they were fanned out, they could only contain blood.

    Tan Hong’s fans are many, and the love of the house and the Urumqi let Lu Chen’s popularity in the Inspur blog skyrocket again, and actually appeared on the front page of the celebrity list in a few hours!

    Later, Chen Feier, Lin Zhijie and Yan Zhen both sent a blog post to support Lu Chen.

    The third day of an entertainment newspaper's third edition of the news headline is: "Singing China" four big judges to support newcomers!

    On the morning of the same day, Lu Chen also published a blog post.

    At this time, the storm has basically subsided, because Beijing Satellite TV and Tan Hong and other big-cafe support, so whether it is a blog, post or forum, the criticism of Lu Chen has disappeared.

    He first thanked Beijing Satellite TV in the blog post, and also thanked four judges such as Tan Hong and Chen Feier.

    Then Lu Chen said that after the wave of one's own in the wave blog, he knows more about the sinister and complicated things, so he is grateful and grateful to the fans who always trust and support one's own.

    He wants to tell all the fans, although one's own is misunderstood and humiliated and cursed…

    But he still has the dream of pursuing Music, a heart that insists on the same!

    Tomorrow evening, the final game of "Singing China" National Tour PK, Lu Chen will offer a new work for all supporters.

    Please look forward to, thank you!

    Finally, he also Beijing Satellite TV, "Singing China" Program group, Tan Hong, Chen Feier, Lin Zhijie, Yan Zhen, and Lu Chen support group, which is Lu Jiajun's group V.

    Lu Chen’s long blog post, “Thank You,” was quickly reposted after it was released.

    The size of the Beijing Satellite TV and other Vs have been given encouragement or support.

    In just a few hours, the number of posts and comments in the blog post exceeded 100,000+!

    Lu Fan’s fans talked about the most, but he was going to come up with new works, just to reveal the mystery.


    On the evening of August 20th, "Singing the Chinese" Bihai singing area PK, is also the last national tour, live broadcast broadcast to hundreds of millions of viewers nationwide in the indoor hall of Bihai Stadium.

    The indoor hall of Bihai Gymnasium can accommodate 5,000 spectators and has become a huge stage after a temporary renovation.

    The 5000 positions were packed, all 24 cameras were in place, all the staff in the Program group were on duty, and when the chronograph jumped to 7:30, the theme song of "Singing and Singing" suddenly sounded in the stadium.

    On-site Host was on the stage, first read the short advertisement with the intense Speed, and then invited the judges to play.

    Tan Hong, Chen Feier, Lin Zhijie, Zhen Zhen…

    The four national audiences are already very familiar with the big judges one by one on the stage. Everyone's appearance has aroused the applause and cheers of the audience, especially the two Heavenly King days, and they are madly sought after. .

    Next, it is the exciting PK draw.

    The singer's 10th singer will VS the top 10 players in the Bihai singing area, and their fate will be in the control buttons of Xiaoxiao in the hands of the four judges.

    Tan Hong first pressed the button and pulled out the first pair of PK players tonight.

    On the big screen, the photos of 20 players were quickly displayed, and they were rolled up and down.

    Until Tan Hong presses again, stop!

    The first pair of PK players were instantly produced, by Zhang Junhua of the patrol team VS Lin Meiru in the top 10 of the Bihai!

    The two went to the stage, each singing their own songs, and then the judges and the on-site and off-site audiences.

    The high scorer won and won the top 10 in the country.

    The losers are naturally eliminated, and the PK game has no resurrection, so it is extremely cruel.

    Such a rule is undoubtedly not entirely fair, because the two strongest Singers are likely to collide, and then one of them must be kicked out, or the top 10 in the singing area, or the team singer.

    But this has just improved the stimulating and ornamental nature of the PK game and increased the topicality of the Program.

    All the way down the PK, many players who have been eliminated are very pity.

    They are not not strong, but unfortunately have encountered a stronger opponent, no luck to move on.

    Lu Chen is undoubtedly one of the most powerful opponent!


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