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The 120th chapter

    "Life is like a big river. Sometimes quiet, sometimes crazy…"

    "Reality is like a shackle, tied me up, can't break free…"

    “This Like a mystery is as sharp as a knife, and it hurts me again and again…”

    "I know the kind of happiness I want, just in the higher sky."

    "I want to fly higher and fly higher!"


Beijing Satellite TV is very quiet in the studio, only the sound of Lu Chen’s singing is echoing, impacting…

    Resounding in people's ears, impacting their hearts!

    The original new song name Lu Chen sang is called "Flying Higher". This song he once sang once on the PK theme show of "Whale TV", and then he never sang it.

    Standing on the big stage of Beijing Satellite TV tonight, he used the one's own recognizable voice and the emotions of Strong to make this song perfect again.

    Compared to the live broadcast in the live broadcast, this time, "Flying Higher" has been re-arranged, adding rich timbre accompaniment, which makes the works both melody and rhythm have been sublimated, more shocking.

    Lu Chen took out all the strengths in this song.

    Especially in the climax of the chorus, he completely opened the voice and challenged the new height of one's own Voice.

    This naturally gave the audience 1,500 spectators, as well as the audience in front of the TV computer with a great impact.

    At the same time, I also deeply touched the four judges.

    In the preliminary game, Lu Chen, who sang "Singing and Singing", was a bit lazy and casual. He sang this melodious Love Song with a deep affection, which gives people a feeling of comfort, sweetness, coziness and even warmth.

    And to the 32-into-16 strong promotion. Lu Chen changed his work to a folk song. A sad and nostalgic "you at the same table" did not know how many people touched. Let them recall the beautiful years of youth.

    In terms of the value of the work alone, "You at the same table" is undoubtedly better than "singing while walking".

    This young and outstanding singer is the biggest surprise for "Singing China" to the audience!

    Whether it is Tan Hong, Chen Feier and Lin Zhijie are looking forward to the final of the Beijing singing area in the evening, Lu Chen can also come up with the same outstanding and wonderful original works, bringing you another surprise.

    It’s just that they are very clear, it’s not easy.

    It is not surprising that a young singer can produce one or two good works, but if you want to create a good one after another, you need a high talent and a deep foundation.

    Can young Lu Chen do it? Can he also showcase refreshing inspiration?

    In addition to Lu Chen's hardcore fans. No one knows the real answer until he goes to the stage.

    As a result, Lu Chen did not disappoint everyone. His new work is still wonderful, or more exciting.

    Moreover, his style has changed again, as if the emotions suppressed by the heart have been vented through this song, completely let go of the embrace of one's own, and strive to break free of all shackles and rush to the highest peak!

    "I want to fly higher. Fly higher! Dance like a wind, get rid of the arms! ”

    "I want to fly higher and fly higher! The wings rolled up the storm, the heart whistling, flying higher! ”

    "Flying higher, flying higher…"

    Many and many on-site audiences stood up, regardless of Lu Chen’s singing. They slammed the palm of one's own. Encourage him to cheer for him!

    Such a warm and exciting scene is invisible to all the players in front.

    Because these viewers are not the ones that the TV station invited. They don't have pre-reported lines, and they don't assign the tasks they need to shoot. Their emotions are completely real, and their expression comes from the heart!

    The atmosphere at the scene is not felt in front of the screen.

    Until Lu Chen screamed out the last few lyrics.

    "I want to fly higher and fly higher! Dance like a wind, get rid of the arms! ”


All the audience got up and greeted him, including four judges.

    Everyone is using the warmest applause to set off the storm and help Lu Chen fly higher!

    At this moment, no words are needed, and applause is enough to express everything.

    Many people believe that this moment of the scene will become one of the most profound memories of their lives.

    The live broadcast's scene switches to the waiting area of ​​the big stage.

    Tonight's singer final, Lu Chen added two members of the family and friends to the scene to help out.

    They are Lu Xi and Chen Xin.

    After Lu Chen talked with Chen Xin that day, the girl from Sichuan and Chongqing resigned on the second day and officially joined Lu Chen studio, becoming an assistant and office clerk near Lu Xi.

    After a few days of trials, Lu Xi was quite satisfied with her, so the Lu Chen game was brought over at night.

    Chen Xin is also applauding. Because of her excitement and excitement, her round face is red and red, as if she is a ripe apple, showing a little pretty and cute.

    In contrast, Lu Xi wants to hold a lot, and the speed of applause is not bad.

    However, the crystal clear flash of the corner of the eye tells people that her heart is not as calm as the surface.

    This "Flying Higher" will also impress Lu Xi deeply.

    She suddenly discovered that one's own brother is no longer the naughty child of the year.

    He grew up and matured, and he already has the wings to fly!

    She suddenly felt a little confused.

    Applause, the time that lasted more than a minute, slowly subsided.

    Lu Chen said deeply: "Thank you!"

    When everyone's emotions almost returned to normal, he said first: "Your song reminds me of the In the Spring, the expression of emotions is very strong, and the lyrics are also very connotative."

    "Lu Chen, do you know?"

    "You let I Believe, the original Strength of the popular Musical World will never die, there will always be hope!"

    She pressed the scorer heavily: "So I will give you 10 points this time!"

    The audience again applauded the thunder.

    In the last game, Yan really gave Lu Chen a unique 9 points.

    Lu Chen thanked: "Thank you for your true Teacher."

    Tan Hong suddenly stood up and saw that he strode onto the stage and opened his arms to give Lu Chen a hug.

    "Write well, sing better!"

    His move was beyond everyone's expectations. Laughter and applause sounded at the same time.

    Tan Hong, who returned to the judges seat, also gave Lu Chen a score of 10 points!

    Chen Feier smiled and said: "Tan Big Brother likes to support new people. I also like this song. ”

    "Lu Chen, you are a good singer. I like your work very much, so I want to invite you as a guest of my Beijing concert in the second half of the year. Would you like it?"


    Whether it's 1,500 spectators on the spot or hundreds of millions of viewers in front of the screen, they are all surprised and surprised.

    Chen Feier admired Lu Chen, whoever could see it, but no one thought that she actually invited Lu Chen as a guest of one's own concert.

    For a newcomer who has just debuted. This is a very high honor, and it is also a great Luck.

    Chen Feier has always been known as the sweet Singer King in the popular Musical World. She has created a number of women's Singer record sales records. Although there is no previous glory, it is still a big coffee in the circle.

    Received Chen Feier's support and appeared at her concert. The effect is not worse than that on the stage of "Singing China".

Lu Chen was also awkward, but his reaction was very quick and he immediately replied: "This is my honor!"

    Chen Feier smiled and the camera scene accurately captured her look at the moment.

    Very touching.

    Chen Feier also gave Lu Chen 10 points!

    Finally, Lin Zhijie, he encouraged Lu Chen to add another 10 points to Lu Chen.

    40 marks!

    Lu Chen got all the judges scores in one fell swoop. Although he is promoted to the top 10 is already recognized as no suspense. However, this unsurpassable score has greatly increased the likelihood that he will be the leader of the team!

    Let's take a look at the voting of the live audience and the off-site audience.

    Host goes to go on stage. Standing next to Lu Chen, holding a tablet in his hand.

    He is here to announce the results of real-time counting.

    Player name: Lu Chen,

Player number: 007,

Singing tracks: flying higher,

Judges Total score: 40 points,

On-site audience votes: 1488 votes,

The total audience voted outside the audience: 1275280 votes,

Comprehensive score: 98.71 points.

    Nothing beyond!

    Compared with the previous game, in the same counting time, Lu Chen’s total number of votes from the off-site audience has nearly doubled, from 700,000+ to 1.27 million+, which is enough to see that he is now strong. Popularity.

    The total score of Gundam 98.71, he has not been a lot of suspense in the top 10 of the summit Beijing.

    To know that the first two outstanding players Zhang Junhua and Zuo Qiuqing, the overall score is only 94.23 and 93.17, and there is a big gap between Lu Chen.

    With this high score, Lu Chen's name appeared in the first position on the big screen leaderboard.

    The audience once again gave a warm applause!

    Also in the boiling is the [Whale TV] Lu Fei live broadcast, and "Singing China" official post.

    Especially in the post bar, endured for almost 10 minutes, the Lu powder people raised their eyebrows Exhale, everyone together with the previous questioning stickers and black stencils all over the face-smacking whip body, sneer ridiculed!

    Those who suffered face-smacking all disappeared, and even if they wanted to fight back, they did not have any weapons.

    Lu Chen got more than just the current highest score, and he also got the support of Tan Hong and Chen Feier, who even invited Lu Chen to be a guest of the concert.

    How can this be questioned, how can it be discredited?

    Only a few IDs die hard, saying that the game is not over, and the hand of the deer is still unknown.

    However, they are destined to be disappointed. The eight players who played after Lu Chen did not break his total score. Even Zhang Junhua and Zuo Qiuqing could not surpass.

    Therefore, Lu Chen undisputedly won the "Singing China" Beijing singing region top 10 champion!

    In addition to his chief honor, he also received a post-tax bonus from Beijing Satellite TV.

    100,000 pieces.


The second one is sent, and today I am sorry that there are only two more, and I will resume three more tomorrow.

    PS: I sincerely thank the old bookie Johnnie000 for the reward of 50,000 coins at night, congratulations on him becoming the chief Sect Master! I am also grateful to other readers who subscribe, vote, and reward.

    Thank you for your support and love! (To be continued~^~)

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