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Chapter 151, the male child is self-reliant

    This Hanfu woman is in her twenties, but she is wearing a white-brown flower embroidered pair of braids, and she is dragging her milky white satin embroidered lily skirt. Two black and smooth silks hang down to the waist, and her head is chic. Double show.

    This is a very popular retro dress, a well-made women's Chinese clothing is expensive, and it is not easy to wear a real ancient rhyme. The temperament is indispensable.

    But for this woman, it is not a problem at all.

    She seems to be like a figure who has walked down from the ancient lady paintings. The skin is as white as a snowflake, the eyebrows are light and the eyes are like stars, the temperament is elegant and cold, and people can't help but think that they can't play.

    As she stepped into the room, the room seemed to add a touch of color.


    When I saw the Hanfu woman, Gao Yue asked in surprise: "Qin Qing, how come you?"

    The Hanfu woman said very politely: "Professor Gao is good, Professor Chen is good, Hello Leader Zhang, Chen Shuhao."

    She greeted the four guests in a row, and the beautiful eyes finally fell on Lu Chen.

    A little bit of curiosity and scrutiny.

    Chen Pu and Zhang Wentian both smiled and nodded. Chen Jianhao praised: "Qin Qing is getting more and more beautiful, and you will be beautiful again. I am afraid that no one will be worthy of you in the future!"

    Qin Qing grinned and said: "Chen Shu will be very happy, how can it be so exaggerated."

    Her Voice is pleasing to the ear, such as the jade bead rolling gold plate, listening to the ear in my heart, giving people a very comfortable feeling.

    And her smile is like a flash in the pan, and immediately restores the original elegance.

    Chen Jianhao said to Lu Chen: "Xiao Lu, this is Qin Qing, who is studying folk music in Beijing, and you will go to Jingyin to attend classes later. If you encounter anything, please ask her for help. ”

    Lu Chen got up and said: "Hello, I am Lu Chen. The land of the mainland, the morning of the morning. ”

    Qin Qing nodded: "Hello."

    Her look is faint, there is an indescribable temperament.

    After greeting, Qin Qing said to Gao Yue: "Professor Gao, I heard that you want a big drum here. There is only one Taiwanese drum in our tea garden. I don't know if it meets the requirements."

    Gao Yue said with a smile: "Yes, there is a melody for the first song, and it is possible to have a drum."

    The Taiko drum is a kind of Taiko, and the Taigu originates from China. After being introduced to Japan, it was carried forward. In modern times, it was passed back to Domestic. It was mainly divided into the big Taiko, the Taiko drum and the peaceful drum, which are usually called drums, drums and snare drums.

    The two customer service personnel sent a taco drum with holes around it and a red rope around it. And a wooden stick perpendicular to the drumhead is best for men to play.

    Qin Qing’s eyes lit up and asked, “Can I listen here?”

    Zhang Wentian smiled and said: "You can come, we welcome too late, and listen to Xiaoqin, you also give some advice."

    Qin Qing replied very seriously: "Okay."

    She sat down at the corner of the elegant room, where there was a koji.

    Zhang Wentian can't wait to say to Lu Chen: "Small land, come again!"

    Lu Chen nodded. Pick up the drumsticks.

    This kind of taco drum he never played before. However, I have seen other people play and know that the method is quite elegant.

    Fortunately, he just used the drums to accompany him. No need for clever tricks, the current two-handed cymbals ring the prelude.

    Even if you don't use the Chinese drum, the real leather drum knockout is not exactly the same as the chopsticks just now. Just a short prelude, it makes people feel like burning.

    Singing again, Lu Chen did not deliberately push down the Voice.

    "Pride is facing the heavy waves,

The blood is like the red daylight!

    Bold like iron, like steel,

The chest is hundreds of feet,

Eyes are long,

I am struggling to make a good job!

    Be a good man,

Be self-reliant every day,

The bloody man is brighter than the sun!


    In Lu Chen's dream world, this classic theme song is inseparable from the same series of Wuxia movie. It is called the pinnacle of the song, and the lyrics sing the heroic spirit of the hero.

    It was adapted from the Order of the Ancients. Whether it is the melody or the lyrics, it is extremely imposing, revealing a kind of "junial world" majestic, passion can suddenly shock every listener!

    The melody of the song is sighing and sighing, saying that it is atmospheric. This "qi" is not only the momentum of the song, but more importantly, the national courage of the Chinese descendants, the greatness between the heavens and the earth. These "qi" are merged together and born. The most exciting and most powerful soundtrack in Chinese movies at the time.

    Recalling the film plot in the dream, Lu Chen’s momentum suddenly increased and the emotions were fully integrated into it.

    He sang more Strength!


Let Haitian gather energy for me,

Going to the ground to go to my ideals,

Look at the blue waves,

Also see the blue sky is vast and arrogant,

I am a man who is self-reliant!

    Strong step by step, everyone is doing the pillars, do a good job,

Use my hotness to shine a thousand minutes!

    Be a good man,

Hot blood heat,

More light than the sun!


    The elegant atmosphere in the original tea room was instantly destroyed by Lu Chen’s drums and songs, but everyone in the room did not feel that he was cooking the crane and burning the piano, but he was very serious.

    In particular, Zhang Wentian is simply a brow-colored dance. He wants to make a good applause several times, and he is hard to resist.

    Qin Qing's hand gently taps the strings, and the stars are flashing with strange looks.

    She came because of curiosity. When she first saw Lu Chen, the latter gave her the impression that she was handsome and polite.

    It’s just that there are so many excellent boys who have appeared in front of Qin Qing. Lu Chen does not have any special features. Naturally, there is no special feeling at all. It is a common passerby.

    Until Lu Chen hit the drum and sing!

    At the beginning, she saw at a glance that Lu Chen did not know how to play the Taiko drums. It was completely to beat the Taiko drum as an ordinary leather drum, and the movements were clumsy.

    A "Men's self-improvement" makes her impression change instantly!

    Lu Chen’s rhythm of drumming is extremely powerful. His singing voice is filled with a heroic spirit that is inconsistent with his age and appearance. Even the girls like her have heard a lot of blood.

    He is so focused, as if everything around him does not exist. All the hearts are immersed in the song.

    It was this serious attitude that inadvertently touched the heartstrings of Qin Qing.

    A little more goodwill.

    “……Hot blood heat, more light than the sun! ”

    The drums suddenly stopped, the songs stopped abruptly, and the lingering sounds were still unfinished.

    "it is good!"

    Zhang Wentian’s first high-five applause, his look is not self-satisfied: “It’s it!”

    Among all the people present, he is the most chivalrous, otherwise he will not choose such a script as the first blockbuster of the comeback, so it is also the most easily touched by this "Men's self-improvement".

    In fact, when Lu Chen began to sing, the big Director has already decided. Just use this theme song.

    Based on this, the soundtrack of the entire film can be determined.

    He has no heartache anymore and can let go.

    Therefore, Zhang Wentian was grateful to Lu Chen for being grateful for his wonderful work for one's own.

    Gao Yue and Chen Pu also applauded, and the latter smiled: "Old Zhang, you have finally got your wish."

    "Good songs are good…"

    Gao Yue exclaimed: "We are really old."

    This "Men's Self-improvement" is perfect for the film that Zhang Wentian will start shooting, regardless of the tune or lyrics. Basically, there is nothing so picky, at most, Kungfu is added to the arrangement and accompaniment.

    Or find another person to sing?

    Lu Chen is still too young, even if it is his work, it does not mean that he can sing the best.

    Of course, this does not affect Gao Yue’s appreciation of Lu Chen, purely for professional reasons.

    Chen Jianhao directly rushed to Lu Chen and gave a thumbs up.

    He thought that one's own had enough understanding of Lu Chen, and now he found that the previous understanding was too superficial.

    Lu Chen is like an inexhaustible treasure, and the total energy source continues to surprise people.

    This style of "Men's self-improvement" is completely different from his previous work. There is a Grandmaster weather in the atmosphere. Strength can only be described as unfathomable.

    Qin Qing was surprised and listened to what they said. It seems that this song is the original work of Lu Chen?

    This is amazing!

    Lu Chen held the drumstick and said with a smile: "Thank you."

    In the face of appreciation and honor, Lu Chen was never complacent because he knew the source of glory of one's own.

    It is precisely this humility that makes the two professors and Zhang Wentian particularly good.

    Zhang Wentian said: "Lu Chen, I want this song. Which company are you signing up for?"

    There are rules and regulations. He wants to buy songs from Lu Chen. First, he has to negotiate with Lu Chen’s contracting company.

    Because according to the artist's contract, Lu Chen's works, the contracting company has full or priority copyright.

    Unless he is the top big coffee, it is impossible to be exceptional.

    Lu Chen’s answer is that Zhang Wentian’s surprise: “Leader Zhang, I’m one’s own, I have opened a studio. If you like this song, I can give it to the investors of the film for free.”

    A large-scale theme song that invests over a hundred million has a very large influence. Don't say that it is a free license. Even if it is a bad money, Lu Chen is willing to do it. It is best for Zhang Wentian to owe his personal feelings.

    If you want to make more money, your eyes must be put in the long run. It is not the wise man to make a small profit.

    Zhang Wentian first stunned, he did not expect Lu Chen to be one's own open studio, not relying on other companies.

    However, his reaction was very quick, and he laughed happily: "Free, don't, the cost is still given…"

    After a pause, he asked: "The main actors in my movie have all been fixed, but there are still a few supporting actors with few scenes. Do you know if you are interested in trying?"

    Lu Chen suddenly rejoiced: "Thank you, Leader Zhang, I am very interested!"

    |||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_START|||If such an opportunity is missed, it will be thundering!


Note: “Men’s self-improvement” song: Huang Zhan, adapted from the ancient song general order.|||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_END|||

    PS: The second one is sent, the fingers are stiff again, depressed! (To be continued~^~)

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