The one hundred and fifty-seventh chapter

    From the day the capital was born, every pore was full of dirty and bloody.

    These two famous quotes perfectly explain the essence of business. The early expansion of the Domestic Internet industry is the bloody killing and annexation process. It follows the jungle law of the weak meat. Some giants are killed from the Red Sea. The face is full of wolves that devour everything.

    They call it business rules.

    However, the political system of Domestic has determined that this infinite barbaric expansion must be contained, because the result of the monopoly is to kill the spirit of innovation to a great extent, making it difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises to gain a foothold.

    In the case of Domestic, the giants who grew up and grew up, facing the foreign predators, were very weak.

    This situation finally caused the vigilance and reflection of the upper echelons of society. After a difficult game, in September 2005, the Commercial Creative Copyright Protection Act was officially released, which was supplemented by the Supplementary Regulations of the Patent Copyright Regulations.

    This regulation is aimed at new Internet-based industries. It protects the original creative business model of enterprise units from plagiarism, imitation and encroachment by others, which in turn promotes the expansion of the industry's Level Up, forming a good market competition atmosphere and avoiding a vicious circle. Among them.

    According to the regulations, commercial creative copyrights only accept applications from business units, and after the examination, they will issue creative copyright protection certificates, valid for 12 months.

    Also in other words to give you a year of development time, one year later will face the market's brutal competition, if you can not develop and strengthen the status of the establishment during the protection period, then you should not complain if you are beaten.

    After the establishment of the commercial creative copyright protection regulations and the implementation of the regulations, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Information Technology and the General Administration of Copyright jointly established the Office of Commercial Creative Copyright Protection, referred to as the Chuangbao Office.

    The Chuangbao Office is responsible for the approval, supervision and arbitration of commercial creative copyrights. The department does not have much power.

    The implementation of the regulations and the establishment of the Insurance Office. It also protects the interests of small and medium-sized Internet companies to a large extent and gives them room for survival and development.

    Currently three of the seven Internet giants in Domestic. It is precisely because of this regulation to protect the growth, there are many small and medium-sized creative enterprises that benefit a lot, it makes everyone dare to innovate and be brave to innovate!

    Interestingly, due to the excellent results of the Domestic Business Creative Copyright Protection Regulations, the United States countries facing the same problem have adopted similar programs and established corresponding institutions.

    Lu Chen, a month ago, asked Lu Xi to apply for a creative copyright protection application for the crowdfunding model in the name of Lu Chen studio, but so far there is no news.

    It is not easy to apply for copyright protection. The Chuangbao Office is not the “Greater China Music Library” that is supercomputer-controlled. A cumbersome manual review is required, and the time process is naturally long.

    And because of some unclear factors, even if you have an original creative model, you may not be able to get final approval.

    In the industry, this protection certificate has also been dubbed the "golden birth certificate."

    It is said that as long as the company that got this certificate is immediately concerned about venture capital!

    Lu Chen did not have the ambition to make a big impact in the Internet industry, but he did not want to ruin this good idea. So please ask Li Mubai to inquire, at least ask about the progress of the review, whether there is any hope for review.

    If there is no hope, then he will directly operate the crowdfunding online line, no longer waiting for it.

    After reading the creative copy of Lu Chen, Li Murong indulged for a moment and said: "The idea of ​​your project is very interesting. But is it not related to private fund raising? ”

    Private fund raising belongs to minefields. The crime of illegal fund-raising is very heavy, and the crowdfunding model really has similarities.

    Lu Chen replied without hesitation: "From the perspective of business and financial flows. Crowdfunding is actually a form of group buying, which is fundamentally different from illegal fundraising! ”

    “All project crowdfunding cannot be backed by equity or funds. Project sponsors are not able to promise any financial gains to their supporters. They must be paid in kind, service or media content.”

    “Support for a project is a purchase, not an investment!”

    His face showed a confident look and continued to talk: "For example, I want to make a record, start crowdfunding on the platform, and call on the fans to come and subscribe, as long as they meet the funds needed for the production and release, they will succeed."

    “This model can also be promoted to more levels, such as the development of new products, recording can be crowdfunding, publishing can be crowdfunding, filming can be crowdfunding, even if charity relief can be done through crowdfunding!”

    For this project, Lu Chen rummaged through the memory that one's own got in the dream world. Many details were kept in the heart, so in the face of Li Murong's doubts, his answer is not leaking.

    This confident self-confidence makes Lu Chen show some temperament Charm that does not match his age.

    Su Shi’s eyes sitting next to Li Murong’s eyes lit up.

    She didn't know what she thought of, she nodded slightly, and there was a smile in her throat.

    Snapped! Snapped!

    Lu Chen’s voice just fell, Li Murong slammed his palm.

    The Li Jiada praised: "It's wonderful. This is the best new creative model I have heard in recent years."

    He turned his head and said to Li Mubai: "Mu Bai, all the friends you know, only Lu Chen is really worthy of your interaction, I don't want to run over at night."

    Li Mubai scratched his head and smiled, smiling a little silly.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Large brother is too praised, it is actually a small idea."

    Li Murong shook his head: "Even if it is a small idea, it also has a golden value. Is the profit core of your crowdfunding platform a project commission? How to ensure the success of the project and the project sponsors will not run away from the risk is probably the biggest problem, you need to conduct a rigorous project review, you alone can not do it. ”

    The crowdfunding model is mainly composed of project sponsors, supporters and platforms. The crowdfunding failure is simple. It is enough to refund the money directly to the supporters. But if the project fails in the implementation process, it means that the supporters will not get any Compensation.

    This is the platform's exemption clause, but the failure of the project will also hurt the enthusiasm and confidence of the supporters, which means the loss of credibility for the crowdfunding platform.

    Li Murong’s problem can be described as a hit!

    Lu Chen said calmly: "Yes, because I am currently building this platform for one's own service. If the expansion is bigger in the future, it is necessary to introduce professional managers and formulate more perfect and guaranteed terms."

    Li Murong nodded with satisfaction.

    In today's young people, there is very little Lu Chen who is so calm and thoughtful.

    He smiled and said: "I will forget that you are an artist."

    This is not a low, but praise, because Lu Chen performance is more like a mall elite!

    "What happened to the artist?"

    As a result, Su Shi did not agree, and said: "I am still an artist!"

    Li Murong smiled and did not explain it. He just held her hand gently, and his eyes were full of affection.

    Su Shi was a red face and shyly bowed his head.

    Li Mubai finally couldn't help himself, and said: "Big brother, don't you love the nephew show, say so much, can you help?"

    The Li Jiasan’s thoughts are very simple. If you can’t do it, give a sentence, what do you do?

    Big Brother is really unhappy!

    With the cultivation of Li Murong, I could not help but glance at one's own brother.

    He thought about it and said: "Lu Chen, how much do you prepare to make this project?"

    Lu Chen’s heart moved and said: “My original idea was to make a quick sum of money. If Li’s brother is interested, he is very welcome to buy shares, and holding is no problem!”

    Lu Chen had planned to get one's own service after he got the "golden birth certificate". If there is interest in venture capital, if the bid is reasonable, he will sell it. I believe that this money is enough to repay the debt of the family.

    If Li Murong is interested, then it would be great!

    With the other person's body temperament, it is impossible for him to do something that is arrogant, even if the situation really appears, it will be repaid to Li Mubai's human feelings.

    With a memory of the world, Lu Chen is fearless.

    His dream has always been on the highest stage of the Glittering Radiance, and has not changed.

    But intuition tells Lu Chen that Li Murong may not be able to see it.

    Li Murong smiled and said: "I said that Mu Bai met a true friend…"

    "Let's do it, you two partners to do this crowdfunding platform, and share your own one's own consultation."


    Li Mubai immediately jumped up and said: "I don't do it, how can I grab the shares of Chenge!"

    "sit down!"

    Li Murong said: "What is called robbing, you have to pay for one's own investment and share, help your friends to do their business, so that you don't have to drink all the time to pick up the girl and see what you are now!"

    "Moreover, if you don't have your shares, then in what name do I intervene in this matter, do you think that the people who created the insurance office are so good to talk, just ask for a meal and let them help?"

    Li Mubai suddenly became like an eggplant that was beaten by frost. He honestly sat down again and his eyes kept turning.

    Li Murong sneered: "You don't want to sneak a sneak peek. After investing in shares, you won't give you money at home. You have to rely on one's own to earn, otherwise you will obediently follow the arrangement at home and marry the family." child!"

    Li Mubai is like being beaten by the sky, and he has no expression of love.

    Li Murong gave him a fatal blow: "Mu Shi returned to China next month. This project is just for her to practice her hand. By the way, I will supervise you. In the future, my career will be indispensable. You can't lose it. !"

    "Li Mu Shi…"

    Upon hearing this name, Li Bai’s classmates were shaking and their faces changed.

    He suddenly fell to the ground and hugged Su Shi’s leg.

    "Scorpion, help!"


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