Chapter 159, Winter to Taipei to see the rain

    Lu Chen had studied piano before, but he did not learn much, and at most he was amateur level four or five.

    Later, he changed his guitar, and the piano was naturally discarded. It was only recently re-opened.

    Playing the piano is a very pressing thing, and it is used to accompaniment very well, especially the romantic lyrical songs. The piano accompaniment effect is not comparable to other instruments, so Lu Chen went to practice hard.

    There is no need to achieve professional standards, and it is enough to hold amateur people.

    The most important thing is that if you put aside your utilitarianism, practicing the piano is actually a very happy thing. Listening to the beautiful music is flowing at one's own fingertips, and the mind can be sublimated.

    Lu Chen did not play such a valuable piano.

    The sound of this Steinway is excellent, even if he listens to his not very professional ears, he can hear the huge difference between the piano and the ordinary piano. The bass is very strong, the midrange is warm and generous, and the treble is bright and gorgeous.

    Especially the midrange is the most outstanding, with strong appeal and performance, worthy of the name of the piano emperor!

    When playing Steinway, Lu Chen felt very stressed.

    I am afraid that one's own bad skills have tarnished this million-dollar artifact.

    But he is still confident. When his fingers are pressed gently on the warm keys, his mood quickly recovers.

    Then the prelude was played.

    Soothing, soft, uncomplicated structure, the sound of the sound of the piano echoes in the piano room.

    The name of this song is called "Winter to Taipei to see the rain."

    "Winter to Taipei to see the rain,

Don't cry in a foreign land.

    Looking at the rain in Taipei in winter,

Dream is the only baggage.

    Gently come back and don't wake up,

Just when I never stayed away~

If you meet each other,

No one knows you better than I do!

    It’s still a day.

    Rain or rain,

I don't have any more under my umbrella.

    I am still my mother.

    You are still you,

Just one more winter!


    When Lu Chen began to sing, Su Shi leaned on Li Murong's body and looked at him with a smile.

    However, when she heard the first lyrics, she could not help but tremble.

    There was a very complicated look in her eyes.

    "Winter to Taipei to see the rain" is a song that mourns the loss of love. The lyrics express a sense of lingering loss, revealing the singer's inner feelings, but still optimistically face reality.

    This song is lyrical and calm, with a light and beautiful, is very suitable for female voice to Singing.

    Lu Chen sang this song. It weakens the taste of sadness, adds to the maturity and deep feeling, and uses a slightly bitter and clear voice, and a slightly lonely emotion to interpret, so it has a different Charm.

    Since there is no sound reinforcement equipment, he deliberately reduced the sound of the piano and reduced the appeal of many works.

    But still pokes the tears of Su Shi.

    Su Shi grew up in Taipei. Her family was not good. She went out to work after she finished her high school. Later she was excavated by the scouts and entered the Entertainment Circle. With her outstanding appearance and voice, the star path was extremely bright.

    Only she knows one's own, how hard it was during that time, and the seemingly hidden scenery on the surface is a dangerous stream. The gambling father, the manager who is speculative, the ruthless signing company, the smashing competition opponent …It seems to be like a mountain on her body. Let her breathe.

    Recalling Era in the past, Su Shi felt that one's own is such a Luck. In her most difficult time, she met Li Murong, and she made a lifelong relationship.

    She and he met in the rainy day.

    Li Murong took her and her sister back to the mainland to settle down, and she never returned to Taipei after she left the music scene.

    Only in the dream, Su Shi will dream of the rain in Taipei and dream of those who have been familiar with it.

    It is hard to leave.

    Li Murong is not her first love.


Looking at the rain in Taipei in winter,

Don't cry in a foreign land.

    Looking at the rain in Taipei in winter,

Maybe I will meet you.

    The streets are cold and clear, but they are crowded.

Every corner has memories.

    If you meet, you don't have to escape.

I will eventually pass away.

    It’s still a day,

Rain or rain,

I am no longer familiar with this city!

    I am still my mother,

You are still you,

Just one more winter! ”

    Unconsciously, the glittering tears fell from Su Shi’s eyes and weakly leaned into Li Murong’s arms.

    Li Murong hugged his wife and stared at Lu Chen’s eyes.

    This kid, intentionally, right?

    Fortunately, after Lu Chen sang it again, there was no repetition.

    Snapped! Snapped!

    Su Shi straightened up, wiped the tears from his face, and laughed and slammed the palm of his hand.

    Li Mubai also followed the applause. He didn't feel like Su Shi. He just felt that the song was good.

    As for why the blind man will cry, Li Bai will not think about it.

    That is the life of my eldest brother!

    Lu Chen stood up and said: "Scorpion, I am sorry, this song is not very suitable."

    He just had a sense of heart, and suddenly he thought of this song, and he did not think too much and took it out.

    It’s not a good idea to think about it now.

    "no no!"

    Su Shi said without thinking: "This song is very good, very good, I like it."

    She looked at one's own husband and said, "You don't want to be upset, I think, I have to make another album."

    Li Mubai supports: "Scorpion formidable might!"

    Li Mu couldn’t resist the murder of Lu Chen, and smiled bitterly: "You like it."

    Li Murong knows that Su Shi is very lonely with one's own. She has no relatives and friends on the mainland. Her sister is lonely after going abroad, and he is often busy with work and entertainment, and there is not much time to accompany him.

    Su Shi has only one of him. He has three wives.

    The most important thing is that there are no children at the time when they are together for so long.

    The guilt in the heart made Li Murong fade away from Lu Chen’s resentment and did not hesitate to agree to her request.

    Su Shi said with gusto: "I will have another concert after the album is finished. Or fans meet, don't know how many people still remember me? Lu Chen. You can write two songs for me! ”

    Lu Chen couldn't help but look at Li Murong.

    Looks like it's big!

    Su Shi firmly hugged her husband's arm and smiled and said: "You promised me, can't interfere with my business. I am so ill at home, I just have to find a job to do it?" How are you? ”

    The tears on her face are not dry, but the smile is like a spring flower, not a charming Charm.

    Li Murong sighed: "Can I say no?"

    Su Shi shook her head: "No!"

    Li Murong nodded.

    Li Mubai is afraid that the world will not be chaotic: "Xunzi, you have an album to open the concert, I will pull all the friends to support!"

    Lu Chen had the feeling of opening a Pandora's box, and quickly said: "The time is not early. Big Brother Lee, nephew, then I will go back first. ”

    Su Shi reminded: "Don't forget to write songs for me!"

    Lu Chen coughed twice and said, "Well, I am writing to let Mu Bai give you."

    He rushed to Li Mubai to wink.

    Li Mu Chief BAI is not too stupid, immediately said: "You can rest assured that I am responsible for supervising Chen Ge writing songs, I sent him back. The taxi here is not very good. ”

    Li Murong waved his hand: "Go ahead!"

    Both of them looked a little annoying!

    Lu Chen was relieved and quickly followed Li Mubai to leave.

    Su Shi and Li Murong sent him to the door.

    After Li Mubai drove to Lu Chen to leave, Su Shi asked Li Murong: "How do you feel Lu Chen?"

    Li Murong said with no anger: "Not good!"

    Su Shi first was shocked, and immediately smiled and swayed: "You are not jealous?"

    Li Murong calmed his face and did not speak.

    Su Shi was not afraid because she knew one's own husband and knew that Li Murong was intentionally installed.

    She smiled. "How do you say that I introduced him to Little Qian?"

    Li Murong groaned and said: "Do you want to introduce Lu Chen to Chen Qian?"

    Su Shi is a little unhappy: "What is your expression? Is my sister not good? Little Qian is so beautiful. Just love to play, Lu Chen tall and handsome and talented. It’s rare to be very sensible and should be able to control her. ”

    Chen Qian is Su's sister, but Su Shi with his father's surname, and his sister with his mother's surname.

    Li Murong dumbfounded, he never knows why, women always love to do things for others.

    But introduce Lu Chen to Chen Qian…Sounds very interesting!

    He couldn't help but touched his chin and said, "Well, listen to you, I am afraid that Chen Qian will not look at Lu Chen."

    Su Shi said with confidence: "She will listen to me."

    Li Murong shook his head secretly. He suddenly bent down and picked up Su Shi. He said, "Don't talk about them. Let's do one's own thing and live here at night!"

    Su Shi smirked, his eyes were soft and watery, and the air seemed to have a sly smell.

    At this moment, Lu Chen did not know that one's own was remembered.

    He is riding a sports car in Li Mubai and running on the Second Ring Road.

    Li Mubai said while driving: "Morning brother, you have to help me on the website. Big brother has to break my pocket money. I can't live this day!"

    Lu Chen thought about it and said: "If you can get a protection certificate, crowdfunding network is very promising. In fact, you don't need to personally manage it. You can't hire a professional manager. You just need to pull a business."

    Any business relationship, the previous relationship is very important, crowdfunding network expansion in the early stage, as long as you can pull a few powerful customers, the plate is put out on the track, the latter business is very good.

    "Let's pull a business?"

    Li Mubai suddenly put down his heart: "That simple, my friends in Beijing are still a lot."

    He knows that connections can make money, but he never thought about making money by connections.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Our first business has already been available. In a few days, my album will be sold on the Music on the shelf. I want to start the crowdfunding campaign at the same time, hoping to win a good start! ”

    Prepared for such a long time, the real test time is coming!


Note: "Winter to Taipei to see the rain" lyrics: Li Ziheng / Wu Ruoquan / Composer: Yan Tiezhang

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