Chapter 152, offering a song

    Zhang Wentian has been squatting for nearly a decade, and is still a well-known big Director in Domestic and even internationally.

    Therefore, the return of this big Director will inevitably attract the attention of all parties. Even if there are several precedents for losing large blocks, it is easy to pull enough investment with his fame and connections.

    The Celebrity big coffee in the film and television industry, together with the stakeholders of the investors, will inevitably want to compete for the role in this new film, even if it is a match with the three.

    It doesn't matter if the film loses money. Zhang Wentian's work has always had the tradition of going abroad to participate in the exhibition, and he has won many awards. Who wouldn't want to go back to the red carpet at those high-profile film festivals?

    So even if it is to reduce the pay, many people are willing to brush a hard time.

    As a newcomer who has just debuted, and is also an independent artist, and is the identity of Singer, such a game Lu Chen is not qualified to participate, his influence and connections in the circle are still too small.

    If it is not a coincidence today, let him use the absolutely classic "Men's self-improvement" to impress the big Director, even if he runs a relationship to find a dragon set may not be available!

    Now, Zhang Wentian has offered to give Lu Chen a small supporting role. It is a surprise!

    Lu Chen experienced 3rd Rank in the dream world, which is a strong actor, but unfortunately his starry luck is always a supporting role, never a big red.

    This is a life of Mo Ran, which makes Lu Chen have a different feeling for the actor. He once vowed in his heart to realize his long-cherished wish in the world of one's own and become a real protagonist.

    But the rice has to be eaten bit by bit, the road has to go step by step, running too fast and easy to pull the egg. Lu Chen does not hurt.

    Therefore, he will popularize Music as the beginning of one's own career, and wait until it accumulates enough to go to film and television.

    It is because of such a good attitude. So Lu Chen didn’t think about taking the opportunity to Zhang Wentian’s role.

    The script, the drama crew, and the actors are all in place. Isn’t it awkward to have one’s own?

    It’s too stupid to get Zhang Wentian’s resentment.

    Being able to design one's own work as the theme song of the movie, Lu Chen is already satisfied.

    However, the things in the world are so wonderful, he has no desire, and Zhang Wentian has to return to humanity.

    Even if it was a small supporting role, Lu Chen was overjoyed and agreed without hesitation.

    It’s not silly at this time to play with temperament and restraint.

    Lu Chen's joy and excitement. Let Zhang Wentian can't help but smile and smile – this is right.

    If Lu Chen can remain calm and timid under such a situation, then he really has to doubt whether the former is a reincarnation, or the reputation of one's own has declined to the point that he cannot impress a young new artist.

    The big Director nodded and said: "The script and the performance contract, when you transfer the copyright of the work, talk about it, your play is behind, so you have enough time to learn the acting skills, good performance!"

    Singer is an actor. Unless it is a class, the acting is a big problem. Although Lu Chen’s role is very rare, he can’t slap on the face and mix it.

    Whether it is for big coffee or newcomers, Zhang Wentian’s request is strict and serious.

    Lu Chen said with pleasure: "No problem, I must work hard to learn."

    With a memory of life, he has the ability to control the protagonist. A small supporting role is naturally hand-to-hand.

    But in front of Zhang Wentian. Lu Chen can't show too much confidence, and modest is right.

    Zhang Wentian nodded and said: "As for the arrangement of this song. There is also a soundtrack for the movie…"

    Lu Chen said quickly: "In terms of arrangement and soundtrack, the ability of the younger generation is not enough."

    Just kidding, a big piece of soundtrack is a big project, and he is still very self-aware.

    This is the biggest weakness of Lu Chen, so he has to go to Jingyin to listen and learn to accumulate knowledge.

    Zhang Wentian smiled and said: "I mean I can't give it to you, but as the creator of the theme song, I hope that you can provide advice when necessary, arranger and soundtrack. I intend to let Professor Gao complete it."

    Oh! Self-love!

    Lu Chen suddenly made a red face, he thought too much – to calm down, then calm!

    At this time, Yu Guang, the eye of Lu Chen’s eyes, saw Qin Qing, who was next to him, snickering.

    A little girl's cute.

    Lu Chen can only smile.

    The arrangement and soundtrack of the film is very important, and Zhang Wentian is impossible to let him do it anyway.

    After all, his qualifications are too shallow and have no experience.

    Zhang Wentian gave Lu Chen a small supporting role, and there was compensation for it. Lu Chen provided the theme song.

    Gao Yue smiled and said: "It’s just that Lu Chen is coming to Jingyin to listen to the class. It is very convenient for us to communicate together."

    He is very understanding of the ambiguity of Lu Chen Xiaoxiao.

    Lu Chen said with gratitude: "Professor Gao, I want to learn from you!"

    Is this not his chance again?

    Since Zhang Wentian handed over the work in this area to Gao Yue, the latter is also a professor of the Jingyin composition department. The experience is bound to be rich and rich, and he can get the other person's careful guidance. The knowledge related to learning must be more effective.

    Zhang Wentian encouraged: "Lu Chen's work has given me confidence. I will be exhibiting at the Capital International Film Festival next year. The best Music Award is definitely a battle!"

    The Capital International Film Festival, the Huhai International Film Festival and the Golden Peony Film Festival are the three major film festivals of Domestic.

    The Capital International Film Festival was established in 2000. It is hosted by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television and the Beijing Municipal Government. It is a large-scale film theme event with international, professional, innovative, open, high-end and market-oriented activities. Sex and professionalism enjoy a high reputation in the industry.

    The Capital International Film Festival aims to integrate Domestic international film resources and build a display exchange trading platform. Since 2010, it has held an annual awarding unit, including the best film award, the best director award, the best actor award, and the most 10 awards including the Best Actress Award, Best Supporting Actor Award, Best Supporting Actress Award, Best Screenplay Award, Best Cinematography Award, Best Music Award and Best Visual Effects Award!

    The Golden Ding Award of the Capital International Film Festival is still very high in gold content and has a certain influence in the international arena.

    Zhang Wentian's sword refers to the Jinding Award, which shows his strong confidence!

    Saying that the best Music Award is nothing more than a head, the best film and the best Director is what he really wants to pursue.

    It is in his realm. It doesn't matter if you can get a prize. What matters is the spirit of re-emergence!

    Zhang Wentian said this. It is also a tribute to Lu Chen.

    Chen Pu said disdainfully: "Next year? Can you take this film to participate in the exhibition within one year? ”

    Gao Yue laughed haha.

    Zhang Wentian is speechless and can only conceal a cup of water to cover up one's own.

    Chen Pu poked his death point, that is, his filming is too much to be dragged and worn. Other directors can finish the film in half a year. He often drags on for a year, which leads to a big increase in budget and a few deaths. investors.

    Putting down the teacup, Zhang Wentian said with great enthusiasm: "I will definitely finish it in a year!"

    The Capital International Film Festival was held in early December and is now at the end of August, even within one year. If you add the post-production time, it is very tense to take it to the film festival.

    He must also complete it, otherwise it will be difficult to explain to the investor.

    According to the requirements of the investors, after attending the Capital International Film Festival, it was released during the New Year's Day. Obtaining important awards will undoubtedly have a great impetus to the box office.

    Now is not the 80s and 90s, the investors are very smart. Always put the box office in the first place.

    Chen Pu snorted and looked unbelievable.

    Gao Yue hit the round field and opened the topic to ask Qin Qing: "Qin Qing, are you going back to the college in the afternoon?"

    Qin Qing nodded and asked: "Professor Gao, is there anything?"

    "That's just…"

    Gao Yue pointed out that Lu Chen said: "Can you accompany Lu Chen to the Academic Affairs Office, and you can find Lu Director or Director Chen. Give Lu Chen a side hearing. ”

    Send the Buddha to the west. Although he has already written a letter to Lu Chen, but Qin Qing led the way to help. That morning, Lu Chen can get a side hearing and a schedule, which can save a lot of trouble.

    Qin Qing was a little surprised, but there was no objection: "Okay."

    Her temperament is reserved, but Professor Gao’s opening is definitely a help, and it’s not very difficult.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I am troubled with a piano student."

    In fact, he can't handle it one by one, no need to bother with Qin Qing, but it is not good for Gao Yue's kindness.

    Qin Qing smiled.

    She got up and said, "Let's go, if it's late, the Academic Affairs Office will get off work."

    "and many more!"

    Chen Pu called: "Qin Shutou, you first let us play a song and then go, I have not heard you play the piano for a long time!"

    He said that he still stunned Gao Yue, and blamed the other side for the scenery.

    Qin Qing sat down again and said broadly: "Then I will give you a song for the elders."

    Zhang Wentian, Gao Yue, Chen Pu and Chen Jianhao all showed a smile.

    Qin Qing's family is extraordinary, not only beautiful and brilliant, but she is a master of piano and piano.

    There are a lot of guests who can come to Yucha Tea Garden. I can listen to her playing the piano. It is really rare!

    But when Qin Qing swayed the fingers and played the guqin, the smile on everyone's face turned into a smile.

    Because Qin Qing played, it is the ancient song "General Order"!

    Compared with Lu Chen's adaptation, she played the original flavor. The first part uses a large section of the shaking finger and the left hand to play the technique. The performance is the scene of the drum sound, and the melody is intense and mysterious.

    Next, in the second part, through the exaggerated squatting and sliding methods of the left hand, the image of the generals of the wise and brave is outlined.

    In the third part, the "fast four-point" technique is used to speed up the situation in which the soldiers marched forward rapidly. The fourth part depicts the scenes of the two armies confronting each other, killing the battlefield, horns, and winning the battle.

    The whole song is made in one go, the rhythm is tight and the momentum is full, showing the superb skill!

    Zhang Wentian and others listened to God.

    Lu Chen has a faint feeling that the school girl seems to challenge one's own in this way.

    Of course this may well be his illusion.


I went to the physiotherapy today, and my finger joints are much more comfortable. I will send it first, and at night! (To be continued~^~)

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