Chapter 155, Big Brother and Sancha

    Calling Lu Chen is Li Mubai.

    Li Bai’s tone is a bit excited: “Morning brother, my older brother wants to see you!”

    Li Mubai's big brother?

    Lu Chen stunned, but he quickly realized that Li Mubai's older brother should be able to help one's own.

    A few days ago, because of a very important matter, Lu Chen asked Li Mubai to inquire about whether the latter could help one's own to contact the relevant person, lest he could not find the temple door with the pig's head.

    Domestic is a human society. If you want to create a career, the network is really important.

    Li Mubai's family is extraordinary, and his character is very cool. There are definitely a lot of friends in Beijing. Ask him to help him better than one's own.

    No matter what you can't do, try it always.

    What Lu Chen didn't think of was that Li Mubai actually invited his big brother.

    Who is Li Mubai’s eldest brother, Lu Chen knows nothing, but listening to his tone, things are obviously eyebrows.

    It is also wonderful to say that Lu Chen and Li Mubai have never seen each other in reality. The relationship between the two has changed from the original anchor + fans to the taste of a few true friends.

    If there is no such relationship, Lu Chen will not ask Li Mubai to help.

    Just as Chen Jianhao’s view of Lu Chen – his pride is deep in the bones.

    Lu Chen quickly asked: "What time to see, where to see? I am one's own coming over. ”

    Li Mubai asked: "Where are you now?"

    Lu Chen replied: "I am at the Jinghua Hotel on the edge of the Creative Park. I invite people from Nirvana Studio to eat at night. My album has been produced and it is expected to be sold on the Music on the shelf in two days."

    "Is the album finished?"

    Li Mubai surprised: "Great, I will launch everyone to support. How can I help you get to the sales list, that is, the network download is not interesting. It’s hard to make a real album! ”

    The word "forced" is also taught by Lu Chen, and he learns the world of dreams. The antonym is "贱格".

    Li Mubai is alive and learning, and he often hangs on his lips. He occasionally comes up with a brush in the live broadcast room.

    According to his words, Li Bai is a high-powered man.

    As for his death to the head of Alsace, it is a proper high price!

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I ask you to help out just to make a record. The specific situation is more complicated. Let's talk."

    Taking advantage of this opportunity, he wants to meet one's own, the hardcore number one supporter.

    "it is good!"

    Li Mubai said: "At 7:30 in the evening. You come to the Beijing Second Ring Security District and call me. ”

    Lu Chen certainly has no objection.

    He is very happy.

    This has been a long-term plan, and finally has the hope of success!

    Back in the box, Lu Chen and Wang Changsheng and other people apologized, let Lu Xi continue to accompany everyone to eat.

    He one's own first returned to the studio.

    Lu Chen studio has a bathroom in the rest room. He took a shower and washed away the alcohol. Then put on a clean and tidy clothes and go out.

    Because of drinking at night, Lu Chen did not drive one's own, and stopped a taxi on the side of the road to rush to the District.

    The taxi driver is a local, but anyone who often takes a taxi in Beijing knows that the biggest characteristic of the local master is that he can talk about it, knowing the geography, knowing the geography, and the height of the temple is Jiang Hu. Everything is talked about.

    The same is true of this middle-aged driver. Hearing Lu Chen said that he was going to the Pingan District of Beijing Second Ring Road, and the scorpion immediately opened. The drooling is simply endless.

    Ping An District is one of the earliest high-end communities in Beijing. Its location is extremely advantageous. 70% of the buildings are villas, and the people living in it are not rich and expensive.

    Ping An District created a new record of national housing prices when it opened its trading game more than a decade ago. It has now risen at least 10 times, and a large villa is worth at least one million.

    Speaking of Beijing's housing prices, the old driver lamented that one's own was suspected of being overpriced at 5,000 yuan. The result was that the same position could not be bought for 50,000, and regretted that the intestines were green.

    Lu Chen listened to him all the way to the mountains, time is flying fast.

    Very Luck, taxi did not touch the block on the road, Lu Chen arrived at the safe District at 7 o'clock.

    After paying the car, he got off the bus and called Li Mubai.

    As a high-end community, the security of Ping An District is very strict. Lu Chen can't get inside without a pass.

    Li Mubai soon came out.

    This is the first time Lu Chen has seen his real person!

    Li Mubai is one year younger than Lu Chen, and the height of 1.75 meters is still standard.

    He cut short hair, his appearance is not handsome, but at least the facial features are correct, and the body is full of young people's vitality, and a hip-hop style dress is very eye-catching.

    "Morning brother!"

    Seeing Lu Chen, Li Mubai laughed and ran over, and opened his arms to give Lu Chen a solid hug.

    Lu Chen patted his back with a force and smiled: "Li Bai!"

    Although it was the first time that a real person met, the two had talked online many times and they were quite familiar with each other.

    Therefore, it feels like a reunion of old friends who have not seen for many years, from the heart of joy and excitement!

    No strangers and alienation.

    Li Mubai let go and said: "Go, go to my house, my older brother and Sancha are already there."

    Lu Chen asked curiously: "Is this matter going to trouble your older brother?"

    The two talked while walking, Li Mubai explained: "This matter is just a small thing for my big brother."

    "But the big brother always has nothing to do with me, so I ask for help from Sanchao. Sanchao likes your song very much, saying that you are very talented, and my older brother is the most painful for me. This is called the curve to save the country!"

    His face showed a smug look, a look of "I am very clever and beg you to praise me."

    and many more!


    Lu Chen listened to the feeling that it was not right – Li Mubai's big brother regardless of him, he asked for three, the big brother hurts three…

    Your circle looks a bit messy!

    Probably paying attention to Lu Chen’s weird look, Li Hebai Hee Hee said, “You don’t want to be jealous. I’m a big brother, but there are three nephews. He entered Baodao in his early years. Sancha is a Taipei native. ."

    Baodao people!

    Lu Chen suddenly realized.

    As early as 1967, Baodao returned to the embrace of the motherland with Xiangjiang. In addition, the Australian city that returned in 1969 is also the three special administrative regions that implement the one-country, two-system policy.

    Different political systems, the laws of the SAR are also very different from the Domestic. The most typical one is the Marriage Law. The three major SAR marriage laws allow polygamy.

    For example, Aocheng's famous gambling king He Liangwei owns a seven-star Aojing Hotel and three luxury casinos. The business scope covers gaming, real estate, logistics, entertainment and other industries with assets exceeding 50 billion.

    What He Liangwei is most relishing is not how much he has, but he has a total of seven-room wife. In addition to the original grandmother, the other six include four Miss Aussie and two Miss Xiangjiang, which is truly Life winner.

    It is precisely because of the differences in marriage laws, so many rich people in Domestic have tried to transfer to the three major SARs. What they want is to have more than a few roommates, and to enjoy the benefits of the people while opening up the family and importing them!

    However, after entering the new century, the feminist movement is soaring, and the call for the three major SARs to abolish this unfair marriage system is getting stronger and stronger. Therefore, both Baodao and Xiangjiang are brewing the marriage law and abolishing polygamy.

    It is said that the resistance is heavy.

    Said, the two came to the front of a large villa in the District.

    The area of ​​Ping An District is very large. There is also an artificial lake in the center of the District. A villa is built around the lake. They are patched together and separated by green belts to ensure privacy.

    The villa of Li Mubai's family is three stories high, at least six or seven hundred square meters, and there is a small garden in front of the door.

    The sky is already dark, and the street lights standing on the green ground emit a soft light, evenly illuminating the cobblestone path leading to the gate, surrounded by a peaceful and serene scene.

    Li Mubai stepped forward and opened the door. The magnificent hall was immediately presented in front of him. As soon as he saw the giant crystal lamp hanging from the dome, it radiated thousands of rays. The Huanghuang was like a palace!

    Li Mubai made an invitation gesture to Lu Chen and said: "Chen brother, welcome to my house!"

    Lu Chen smiled slightly: "Thank you."

    Li Mubai’s home is astounding, and it’s not going to make Lu Chen’s disappointment.

    When he was not in the middle of his family, the place where he lived in the house was also the villa in the best district of Binhai. Although it was not as good as the set of hundreds of millions of houses in front of him, it was considered rich.

    Lu Chen naturally stepped on the door, the living room was empty, no one was there.

    Li Mubai said: "Big brother listens to the Sancha playing the piano in the tea room on the second floor. I will take you up."

    Under his guidance, Lu Chen came to an elegant room on the second floor of the villa.

    It is said that it is a tea room. In fact, it is more like a large study room. The decoration is entirely Chinese antique. There are many celebrity calligraphy and paintings hanging on the wall. The air is filled with a touch of tea.

    I saw a man in a white gown sitting in a mahogany chair and listening to a cheongsam woman playing the piano.

    Seeing Li Mubai and Lu Chen come in, the white-shirt man erected his right index finger and made a snoring action.

    The graceful woman is playing the guqin with great concentration. The sound of the piano is like a scorpio. It is a melodious and smooth water cloud, listening to it, and letting people enter the cloud and the vastness of the smoke.

    Li Mubai and Lu Chen stood still until the other party played the ancient song.

    |||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_START|||Lu Chen was surprised to find that he actually recognized the violinist, that is, Li Mubai’s three sisters!


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