Chapter 156 Crowdfunding

    The violinist is very beautiful. He has a blue floral cheongsam on the white background to outline the graceful figure. The ice muscles are like a painting. The whole person seems to be a blue-and-white porcelain that has been refined through the kiln fire. It shines softly that can't be ignored. Light, 娴雅温润不染尘垢.

    Such a brilliant figure, Lu Chen recognized it at a glance – Su Shi!

    Su Shi is a Taipei native of Baodao. She used to be a smash hit on the island. She won the championship of the island's performing arts award at the age of 19, and became a rising Celebrity with its natural voice and temperament. .

    At the age of 21, Su Shi launched her debut album "Little Xue Chu Qing", and at the same time pushed her singing career to the peak, and was regarded as the future of the song world.

    However, what everyone is not surprised is that when the debut was only two years, when the star was in full swing, Su Shi suddenly rushed away from the popular Musical World and disappeared from the public's sight.

    Except for a handful of insiders, no one knows why Su Shi would give up one's own career. At that time, there were many rumors. Some said that Su Shi was given a golden house by the rich, some said that she had an incurable disease, and some said She avoided the world.

    But no matter how the outside world rumors, Su Shi did not have any response. The time of five or six years passed, and now she still remembers her, I am afraid there are only a few hardcore fans.

    In the Inspur blog, there are also Susie's fans group V, which is concerned with tens of thousands.

    Lu Chen did not think of dreams, Su Shi is actually the three sisters of Li Mubai!

    Lu Chen’s understanding of Su Shi is entirely because his first love girlfriend is Su Shi’s loyal fans, and Su Shi’s publicity poster is hung in the boudoir. The drawer is filled with various album versions of the album “Little Xue Chu Qing”.

    Lu Chen still remembers that his first love girlfriend is in his arms. When he sang the song "Love Snow" in his ear, the taste of sourness could not help but rise in the bottom of his heart. A time turned out to be a fool.

    "Love Snow" is the main song of "Little Xue Chu Qing", the most touching Love Song in the whole album.

    The sound of the music is lingering, the song ends, and the people are still there. The past Era is not traceable!

    "Mu Bai, this is your friend?"

    A gently Voice, let Lu Chen wake up in an instant.

    Lu Chen turned his head inexplicably, his eyes just in line with Li Mubai's eldest brother.

    Li Mubai's eldest brother should be the year of his life. The sword and eyebrows are profound and the facial features are smiling. There is a kind of elegant temperament that can't be said. A set of antique white gowns worn on him is very harmonious, like the characters in the book.

    His eyes were quiet, with a little curiosity, and people felt uncomfortable.

    Gentleman like jade!

    Lu Chen’s mind immediately showed an adjective that best suits each other.

    Such a character, and Su Shi really match!


    Lu Chen couldn't help but looked at Li Mubai again, and wanted to ask him – is this really your brother?

    Li Mubai reached out and grabbed Lu Chen’s shoulder and said, "Yes. He is Lu Chen, my best friend! ”

    best friend?

    Lu Chen couldn't help but groan, but he still kept on the surface and said, "Hello brother Li, come to visit at night, please forgive me for taking the liberty."

    Li Mubai smiled and said: "You are a friend of Mu Bai, that is the guest at home. Don't be too cautious. I am Mu Bigong, the big brother of Mu Bai, come over and sit down. ”

    Li Mubai pulled the Lu Chen. The two used to sit down at the tea table.

    At this time, Su Shi came over and brought up the teapot to give Li Mubai the first tea. Her movements such as moving clouds and flowing water are elegant and pleasing.

    Li Mubai heard the tea cup and smelled it, showing an exaggerated look: "Sancha, the tea you brew is incense, you burn the food better, I want to live in your home every day, but unfortunately the big brother is not willing!"

    Su Xiaoyue smiled and said: "Speaking nice, you really want to come and live, can your older brother still let you live?"

    Li Mubai laughed at Hee Hee and said, "He, I will be driven out by him for a long time!"

    He asked Li Murong again: "Don't you say big brother?"

    Li Murong shook his head without words, and he obviously couldn't help the one's own brother of rascal.

    Su Shi gave Lu Chen a cup.

    Lu Chen quickly said: "Thank you, Su…Ms. Su. ”

    Su Shi smiled and said: "You're welcome, you just call me three times like Mu Bai."

    Her smile was warm and friendly, and Lu Chen’s heartstrings could not help but relax. “Sancha, my former girlfriend liked you the most, and she was sad for a long time after you retired.”

    When I saw Su Shi, Lu Chen remembered the past and couldn’t help but say it.

    Su Shi put down the teapot and sat next to Li Murong. He smiled and said: "If you see her again, then apologize for me."

    Lu Chen smiled bitterly.

    Su Shi turned and looked at one's own husband and said: "In fact, you should blame him for being right, it is his fault!"

    Although it is a strange tone, the gentleness in the scorpion seems to overflow.

    In this way, Li Murong smiled bitterly and raised his hand to surrender.

    Li Mubai said, "Big Brother, can you help him with the morning brother?"

    Li Murong was undecided. He asked Lu Chen: "Can you talk about your project first?"

    The smile on his face is still gently, but there is a bit more sharp in his eyes, which is the savvy insight into the world!

    If a person with a ghost is caught by such a gaze, he will feel guilty.

    But Lu Chen is very calm: "Good!"

    He is well prepared and brings a copy of the project produced by one's own.

    Lu Chen took the copy and handed it to Li Murong.

    Li Murong was a little surprised. He didn't expect Lu Chen to be so prepared. He took the printing paper and read it carefully.

    This project that Lu Chen wants to do has been brewing for a long time. Simply put, it is a fundraising platform – crowdfunding network!

    His inspiration comes from the world of dreams.

    The dream world also has a huge Internet industry, which is not much different from the development of the world. Many things can be matched, such as QQ to Fetion, WeChat to Fetion, Alipay to Yifubao and so on.

    In the Domestic, seven Internet giants are firmly in control of most of the network resources and wealth.

    Lu Chen’s major in university is computer application. He deeply knows that the difficulty of Internet entrepreneurship today is far from the previous high-speed development period. If there is no strong capital and excellent creativity, the trade will rush into this place. The competition is extremely fierce in the Red Sea, and 99.99% of the results are dead and dead.

    So after getting the memory of the dream world, he focused on making money through original works and singing, and did not think about tossing in the IT industry.

    However, when Lu Chen decided to make and release his first album, his inspiration was touched!

    As an independent artist, Lu Chen's biggest difficulty is that without the support of Entertainment Manager Corporation, it is easy to make and distribute albums perhaps, but it is undoubtedly difficult to lose money or even profit.

    Lu Chen didn't want to lose money, he thought of the advantages of one's own – more than a million fans!

    So how can we make the most of this advantage to help sell the album?

    The crowdfunding platform is undoubtedly the best solution!

    The so-called crowdfunding refers to the mode of collecting project funds from netizens in the form of group purchase + pre-order. It uses the characteristics of the Internet and SNS to allow small businesses, artists or individuals to show their ideas to the public, to get everyone's attention and support, and then to get the financial assistance needed.

    Compared with traditional financing methods, crowdfunding is more open, and the ability to obtain funds is no longer the sole criterion for the commercial value of the project. As long as it is a project that users like, they can get the first fund launched by the project through crowdfunding, providing unlimited possibilities for more small businesses or creative people.

    For example, an independent artist like Lu Chen.

    In this world, the original prototype of crowdfunding has long existed, but there is no real Internet crowdfunding platform.

    It is like a small gold mine waiting to be excavated.

    When the inspiration was touched, Lu Chen keenly felt that this was an excellent opportunity for his career to have a greater chance of development, and he immediately set about preparing.

    The Chinese and English domain names of “Crowdfunding”, “zhongchou” and “crowdfunding” have all been successfully registered by Lu Chen, and he purchased a high-bandwidth independent server from a well-known network service provider and worked with Chen Xiang. Conduct website construction.

    The structure of the crowdfunding platform is actually very simple. After registering and filing, apply the ready-made website template, add the corresponding functions, and then access Yifubao and online banking. A complete crowdfunding network will be completed.

    There is a reference to the memory of the dream, Lu Chen did not spend too much time and energy in this regard.

    As long as he is willing, Crowdfunding can be put into operation at any time.

    But there is still a big problem inside.

    From the technical level alone, the crowdfunding platform has no difficulty. It is just like an ordinary personal website. Anyone who has studied website production can easily get it.

    The key is creativity!

    How can Lu Chen guarantee that the idea of ​​one's own is not copied, imitated or even encroached by others?

    This has to mention a bill that is internationally popular, that is, the Commercial Creative Copyright Protection Act!

    The Commercial Creative Copyright Protection Act was first introduced in 2005.

    That was the period of rapid development of the Domestic Internet, and the period of brutal and violent expansion of the giants. Many potential small companies with potentials under the attack of these predators, either collapsed or embezzled, can be described as chaotic.

    The most typical example is an interactive game called "Throat Elf", whose shiny elf company is quickly becoming popular with this game and earns a lot of money.

    However, the shiny elf company did not last long. The Fetion game was eyeing this fat, and soon launched the same model of “Finger Play Elf”. With more sophisticated production and a huge user base, it quickly slammed the “thumb spirit”. .

    Shining Elf, the original promising game company, has never recovered and finally ended up.

    And similar examples, there are countless in that period!


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