The 154th chapter album is completed!

    Era 荏苒, time passes by little by little, and unknowingly disappears like a white pass.

    In August, the golden moon in the blink of an eye has passed. Beijing, a super city with a population of 30 million, has entered the osmanthus fragrance in September. The hot summer is not in the autumn, and it is about to usher in the best time of the year. .

    Blue Sky Creative Park, Nirvana Studio.

    In the studio, studio manager Wang Changsheng, Music Director Wang Jing, sound engineer Wang Hui and three other members of Nirvana studio gathered together and stared at Lu Chen with a nervous or anticipation.

    Wang Changsheng's forehead oozes fine sweat, his eyes are a bit stunned, and his right hand can't help himself.

    Wang Jing’s eyes are still bright and bright, but the movement of the beriberi biting her lips exposes her inner feelings.

    Wang Hui was the most uncomfortable. The whole person was shaking. He pressed his fists on his mouth several times, as if he was trying to bite hard, otherwise he would stop shouting out loud.

    However, Lu Chen couldn't see it at all. He was wearing a huge monitor and listening to the voice that belongs to one's own.

    "Every time I can't find the meaning of existence, whenever I get lost in the night."

    "OH ~ the brightest star in the night sky, please illuminate me forward~"

The song is gradual, but the sound is lingering, still in the ear, as the blood in the heart is still hot!

    After a long time, Lu Chen breathed a sigh of relief and opened his eyes.

    Under the gaze of everyone, he took off his headphones and nodded and said, "Yes."


    The simple three words, instantly bursting into the joyful frenzy in the studio, Wang Hui first shouted loudly, and then the members of the three Nirvana bands all slammed the palms.

    Wang Changsheng was relieved to reveal a happy smile, and even Wang Jing, who has always been calm, laughed like a spring flower.

    They have reason to be happy and have reason to cheer. More reason to celebrate!

    The first album produced by Lu Chen in Nirvana studio is also the largest and most important list ever received by this studio since its inception. It took two months to go before and after, and it has finally been announced.

    Although there are certain problems in the arrangement, accompaniment, recording, and post-production, there is no such thing as the best, but everyone has all reached one's own maximum ability.

    Ten songs of the entire album, can not be said to be perfect and innocent, but also qualified to be called sincerity boutique.

    Lu Chen is already very satisfied.

    100,000 yuan can make such an effect, completely beyond his expectations, perhaps the arrangement is slightly green, and perhaps the accompaniment is not well-rounded. This is really enough for this "You at the Same Table" album.

    This is green and immature, does not affect the main style of the work, and even better reflects some kind of temperament of campus folk.

    He said with sincerity: "Thank you!"

    Lu Chen first took a take action to Wang Changsheng. For this album, the studio manager was busy and busy, letting the production team have no worries. There is no credit and no hard work.

    Then there is Wang Hui.

    His work is the hardest, and the recording and the post are basically done by one person, often working overtime until late at night.

    There is Wang Jing.

    The arrangement of all the works is done by her. The Jingyin graduates have a good grasp of the style of the album, and when encountering problems, she tends to adjust the adjustments tirelessly.

    Finally, there are three band members. It is also very hard.

    Even if they are mainly for one's own and studio. Lu Chen is still grateful.

    Because Lu Chen one's own participated in the production process of the album, it is very clear that everyone's efforts and efforts!

    So he would like to thank everyone in Nirvana studio for shaking hands.

    The following things are simple. According to the contract, Lu Xi, who came with Lu Chen, paid the balance of the production fee to Nirvana studio, and also got the album's master disk and lossless high-quality audio files.

    The "You at the Same Table" album has a total of 10 songs, in addition to the title song "You at the same table", there are also "Love in the Wind", "Brothers sleeping in my upper shop", "Cinderella", "Juvenile Eight works including “Time”, “Beauty”, “Those Flowers”, “Era 谣” and “Open-air Cinema” form a unified campus folklore.

    The last song, Lu Chen, originally intended to use "Once You" as the finale and egg, but considering the influence of "Singing China" and the overall style, he finally chose "the brightest star in the night sky."

    As for "You Once" and "Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart", put it on the next album.

    Counting it up, such a lineup is a luxury, 10 songs are not a boutique, no matter the melody or the lyrics have enough highlights, there are more real classics as the core.

    The first album of my life, Lu Chen will never be vague!

    However, the name of the album made him hesitate for a long time. From the perspective of publicity, "the brightest star in the night sky" is undoubtedly the most suitable, but it does not fit the theme of campus folk songs.

    After careful consideration, Lu Chen chose "You at the same table."

    Lu Chen studio has already talked with Feixin Music. Lu Chen’s debut album will be placed on the Fetion Digital website for initial and exclusive sales, waiting for this audio file.

    Music is Music's largest Music website, with a market share of more than 50%. The original newcomers like Lu Chen are independent artists. It is very difficult to publish publicity on their website.

    However, because Lu Chen’s live version of several works performed in “Singing China”, Feixin Music has achieved great success and downloaded numerous reputations. Therefore, the website attaches great importance to this cooperation.

    There are various rules of light and dark in the Music of Music. There are black-box operations on the homepage list. However, they cannot ignore a singer who has great market potential, so they are willing to exchange some of the benefits.

    This relatively equal status is hard to come by, and it is also the strength of Lu Chen.

    Otherwise, Lu Chen can go to the competition of Music's Music Opportunity Easy Music, popular radio station, etc., with the quality and popularity of his works, sales performance will not be too bad.

    Fetion Music doesn't want to be cheaper, even if the latter's market share is not as good as one's own.

    According to Lu Chen’s plan, after the sale of the Music on the shelf, the cooperation of the Fei Shi record was also launched.

    Fetion + Flying Stone basically constitutes a perfect album sales channel, referred to as "".

    However, there is still a very important issue that has not been resolved, so it is definitely necessary to take the flight channel first.

    "Little morning!"

    The call from the ear made Lu Chen suddenly wake up.

    Lu Xi asked curiously: "What is it?"

    Lu Chen just wanted to find out the things that the channel was issued. Now that he has come back, he replied quickly: "Nothing…"

    He also said to Wang Changsheng: "Manager Wang, I have already booked a position at the Jinghua Hotel. At night, I invite everyone to have a meal together. Now the time is almost gone, let's go together!"

    Nie Pan studio's serious and responsible work attitude makes Lu Chen very good, and will definitely continue to cooperate in the future, so he is willing to further enhance the relationship between the two sides.

    Lu Xi mentioned that if the timing is right, then Nirvana studio will be directly acquired to strengthen itself.

    But my sister's idea, Lu Chen is not willing to support for the time being, because he can see that Wang Changsheng's family has a deep feeling for this studio, and also spent a lot of effort in it.

    So unless he is offered by the other party, he will not buy Nirvana studio.

    When Lu Chen Studio really needs to grow up, it is not a problem to ask someone to build a shed.

    He does not want to be a savvy businessman, and he counts on gains and losses.

    "Great, thank you Lu Chenge!"

    Wang Hui immediately expressed his strong support. He smiled and said: "Every day, I eat fast food and lunch. I am going to eat spit. I want to eat big meal. I want to eat roast duck, braised pork ribs, sweet and sour fish…Ah! ”

    Wang Jing took a slap in his head and glared at him – can you be more shameful?

    Wang Hui was aggrieved.

    Lu Chen is smiling.

    Wang Hui is a very simple technique house, without complicated thoughts, and what is said by others.

    In contrast, his sister Wang Jing pays more attention to the details.

    Wang Changsheng said quickly: "Mr. Lu, let me have a meal at night."

    Nirvana studio earned Lu Chen’s money, but also Lu Chen’s dinner, it’s really embarrassing!

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "You are not welcome, Manager Wang, everyone is really hard, I have to ask for it!"

    Under the insistence of Lu Chen, this dinner was still invited by him.

    Everyone left the studio together.

    The Jinghua Hotel is right next to the Blue Sky Creative Park and it takes 10 minutes to walk.

    Lu Chen booked a large box in the restaurant on the second floor of the hotel.

    After the seat, Lu Chen handed the menu to Wang Hui and smiled: "When you come, you like something, don't be polite with me, this album can be made successfully, you are the first!"

    Wang Hui took the past with enthusiasm and said: "Lu Chen, I am very polite with others, you are really welcome. You are now a big local tycoon. You can earn more than one million in the draft competition. My old sister admire you! ”

    Wang Jing, who was sitting next to him, was red and shouted: "What are you talking about!"

    Wang Hui spit out his tongue and ordered a la carte.

    After the meal, the wine was quickly delivered.

    Lu Chen poured one beer into one's own and said with a smile: "I will respect everyone in this cup, thank you for your efforts and help me complete a great album, thank you!"

    He drank it all at once, and Wang Hui and others immediately applauded.

    In addition to Wang Changsheng, the rest are young people of almost the same age. Everyone likes Music. There are many common topics between them, so the atmosphere between the banquets is very lively.

    When I was halfway through, Lu Chen’s cell phone rang.

    Lu Chen took a look, the call information displayed on the screen made him suddenly brighten his eyes!


First, I will send it first. At night, I am very grateful to all of my friends for their support and love. Then the monthly ticket and rewards are really moving. Thank you! (To be continued~^~)

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