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    Too much to hold back!

    When Chen Jianhao heard that Lu Chen said that his first work met the requirements of Zhang Wentian, his heart screamed bad.

    Lu Chen apparently lost his normal heart in front of the big Director, too eager to perform one's own.

    A professor of Jingyin Composition Department, a professor of Chinese Department of Peking University, and two mentor-level figures worked together. They were not sure that they could come up with a work that would satisfy Zhang Wentian's satisfaction. Lu Chen dared to boast of Haikou here.

    Chen Jianhao has a little blush.

    Chen Jianhao called Lu Chen today, mainly for the purpose of the hearing. He and Gao Yue belonged to distant relatives, so he called the other party an uncle, the relationship is not deep, and there is not much problem in helping the hearing.

    The presence of Zhang Wentian is completely coincidental.

    Lu Chen can get a familiar face in front of this big Director. It is very good for him to stand in the Entertainment Circle and even enter the film and television circle in the future.

    But Chen Jianhao never dreamed that Lu Chen was so quick and quick!

    Of course he thinks that one's own can understand Lu Chen's mind.

    In the Pan-Entertainment Circle, the status of the artist, the size of the café, and his career are closely related.

    Generally speaking, the actor's perseverance is the highest. If you can achieve a movie with a sufficient amount of Movie King or Movie Queen, it is a well-deserved big coffee in the circle, which is respected by everyone.

    Although Singer may have more popularity than many actors, it is really a bit worse.

    Therefore, after many singers became famous, they desperately went to the film and television circle to become the so-called amphibious Celebrity!

    Like those of New Generation's idols, after the debut, they liked to shoot the drama series, and then the story of the dog blood also played with relish, in order to play a few episodes of the supporting role can be ups and downs. I don't know how many Eight Trigrams news was made.

    Therefore, no newcomer can maintain a normal mentality in front of Zhang Wentian.

    If you can get the favor of this big Director. Even in his blockbuster, even a face is worthy of hype!

    Just understanding and understanding, Chen Jianhao is still disappointed.

    Gao Yue’s affection for Lu Chen also fell from three points to one point in an instant.

    It is said that Lu Chen’s newborn calf is not afraid of the tiger. It is polite to say that he does not know that Immense World is correct.

    After all, Zhang Wentian was the old Jiang Hu. After a surprise, he quickly looked indifferent and nodded his teacup.

    In fact, it does not agree.

    He did not ask Lu Chen's work, clearly indicating the attitude of one's own.

    Chen Pu reveals a smile and smiles. "Really?" Then you sing to some of our old guys to listen. ”

    He is the only one who is willing to give Lu Chen a chance, even if the tone is full of ambiguity.

    Lu Chen’s heart is bright. Knowing one's own has caused a few dislikes of Senior.

    But since he dares to say, of course, it is emboldened!

    After a little thought, Lu Chen picked up the chopsticks on the tea table and took out a bamboo chopstick from the paper sleeve.

    He pinched the tip of the chopsticks with his right thumb and forefinger, and said with no humbleness: "The younger generation is ugly…"

    The voice just fell, and the chopsticks knocked down on the table at the same time.

    He used the chopsticks as a drum to slap the table and sang the prelude. Singing with the rhythm.

    "Pride is facing the heavy waves,

The blood is like the red daylight!

    Bold is iron,

Bone like steel,

The chest is hundreds of feet,

Eyes are long,

I am struggling,

Do a good job!


    Lu Chen only sang a few words. The two professors and Zhang Wentian's look have changed.

    Chen Pu is amazed.

    Gao Yue was surprised!

    Zhang Da Director suddenly opened his eyes. He stared at Lu Chen as if he had discovered something gem!

    Zhang Wentian is a very stubborn person. Stubborn to the extent of paranoia.

    He has strict requirements for one's own career. Whether it's shooting a drama series or a movie, he has never been sloppy and can do a great job, not just a nine-point stretch.

    In 1991, Zhang Wentian began to film "The Three Kingdoms Performing Arts" until it was filmed in 1994.

    Hundreds of people's drama crews have traveled more than half of China for three years, and there are countless scenes. The costumes, items, and buildings involved in the play are strictly in accordance with historical facts, resulting in a huge over-expenditure in the final budget. The burnt head was ruined and almost declared the project unfinished.

    But at the end of the filming, it was broadcasted during the prime time of CCTV's first program, creating a record of 89.35% of Viewership Ratings. Even though David's TV station was still there, it was a miracle.

    Shooting the drama series, not to mention the film, Zhang Wentian's seriousness and perseverance often make the investors cry and tears. After 2000, he shot a few movies and all lost money, and gradually became silent.

    However, the skinny dead camel is bigger than Ma. In the film and television circle, Zhang Wentian is still a big coffee. This time he has regained the mountain for ten years, he is also full of ambition and wants to be both red in word of mouth and at the box office.

    The big Director's stubbornness was once again exposed. Under the situation that the script had already been completed, the drama crew team and the actor team were all in place, it was really silent because the theme song was not selected and it was not turned on.

    Zhang Wentian one's own doesn't think so, what he wants is a feeling.

    Feeling in place, the shooting is naturally as smooth as moving clouds and flowing water, otherwise it is like a lack of soul, can not shoot what he really wants.

    The theme song is the soul of this movie!

    Zhang Wentian personally found four or five songwriters and wrote the theme song for the film.

    In all fairness, these works are of good quality, but none of them can satisfy Zhang Wentian.

    In desperation, he found two old friends, hoping to gain something.

    As a result, Zhang Wentian did not think of it. A small newcomer in the circle who met his meeting actually said that one's own works were appropriate, and even dared to sing on the spot.

    At the beginning, Zhang Da Director really took the look of jokes, and when Lu Chen was coming to make fun of it.

    However, he was shocked!

    Lu Chen used chopsticks to accompany the children. He lowered the Voice and sang not high, but he just opened his mouth and brightened. The melody of the lyrics contained a majestic atmosphere and passionate breath, which instantly shocked the soul.

    Different from Chen Pu and Gao Yue. The two professors were simply amazed, not saying how excited or something else. Zhang Wentian was really shocked.

    He has been searching hard, it is precisely this feeling, it is the charm contained in this song!


    The next moment, Zhang Wentian violently took the case and started his eyes: "Stop!"

    His palm is very hard, if it is not the work of the tea table in the elegant room, the tea bowl placed on it must be shaken off.

    Lu Chen was shocked and immediately stopped singing.

    That's right, this song needs to be "squeaky" with breath, otherwise it will not sing.

    "No, right…"

    Zhang Wentian bowed his head thoughtfully. Going back and forth a few steps, as if trying to find something.

    Chen Pu and Gao Yue look at each other in dismay, I don't know what the big Director is.

    Lu Chen’s work in front of it sounds very interesting, but it doesn’t make him so rude?

    Gao Yue smiled and asked: "Young man, is this song used by the generals?"

    The professor of Jingyin's composition department is a bit embarrassed. Just now he thought that Lu Chen was a sensationalist and wanted to show his limelight. Now he knows that the latter is really talented.

    Lu Chen quickly replied: "Yes, Professor Gao."

    Gao Yue asked: "What is the name of the song?"

    "Men are self-improvement!"

    This song is in Lu Chen’s dream world. It is a classic movie theme song, and its influence has overwhelmed all the same types of works, created by a character who is considered a Master.

    In his memory, the most favorite song is not Xu Bo, nor Mo Yan, but Fang Mingyi!

    "Men are self-improvement!"

    Gao Yue retelled it again and praised: "Good name. Good song! ”

    Chen Pu also nodded: "The lyrics are better."

    The lyrics of this song are very rough. Full of Jiang Hu's grassy scent, but with the melody of the tune, it was greatly sublimated. People can't help but burn with passion.

    "all good!"

    At this time, Zhang Wentian finally came back to God. He said aloud: "The only bad thing is the accompaniment. This song should be knocked with a big drum, and it has a real taste!"

    The big Director stared at Lu Chen with eager eyes: "You sing again, sing complete, accompaniment with drums!"

    Knocking with chopsticks is simply insulting this work!


    Lu Chen is powerless ridicule, here is a quiet and elegant tea house, where can there be a drum instrument?

    However, he really underestimated the teahouse named "Yuyu Tea Garden". Chen Jianhao called the waiter to say the request for the drums. The latter did not reveal a little accident or a distressed look. go with.

    Commanding the waiter, Chen Jianhao looked at Lu Chen's eyes very differently – you guys are hiding deep enough!

    The so-called no-sounding has been a blockbuster, and that’s it!

    Lu Chen noticed Chen Jianhao's gaze and could only smile.

    He did not think that he would play so big. Just because he had heard the screenplay that Zhang Wentian told, the "Men's self-improvement" appeared in his mind, and he said it without thinking too much.

    This song is very suitable for the plot, and Zhang Wentian Director's masterpiece will not humiliate the classic!

    Unexpectedly, Zhang Wentian's reaction was so intense.

    Of course, at this point, Lu Chen will be calm. He does not expect to be able to mix a character in Zhang Wentian's movie by a song. It is a great advantage to establish a friendly relationship with the big Director.

    And the creation of a movie theme song can be a great improvement!

    The force in the circle represents the value of the coffee position. The higher the strength of Lu Chen, the more valuable his work is.

    Such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, he will never miss it.

    After about 10 minutes, the two waiters carried a drum to the room.

    Also, there is a beautiful woman wearing a Chinese costume.


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