Chapter 187 thanks and apologizes

    Mu Chen crowdfunding, this name is determined by Li Mushi's decision.

    “Mu” represents her and Li Mubai. “Morning” is Lu Chen, Lu Chen is the chairman and legal representative of Beijing Muchen Crowd Network Co., Ltd., and Li Mushi is the CEO and CFO.

    Although Lu Chen accounts for 51% of Muchen Crowdfunding, according to the agreement between the two parties, his shares will be diluted sooner or later. The company will introduce venture capital and equity incentives, and will not rule out the possibility of listing in the future.

    Lu Chen has no intention of developing in the IT industry. His eyes are always on the stage under the spotlight.

    But the success of crowdfunding network is also his success!

    The first crowdfunding project on the website platform is Lu Chen's album, which is directly related to Lu Chen's vital interests. The more successful the crowdfunding network is, the higher the value of the shares he holds in his hand!

    Therefore, for the establishment of Mu Mu Shi, who is the first person to raise the crowd, Lu Chen is grateful and admired.

    If there is no Miss Li Jiada from this returnee, then the online operation of crowdfunding network will not be so smooth, the future is difficult to say, and he will be involved in too much time and energy.

    Basically, it can be said that it is a success!

    In the past two and a half hours, Lu Chen is still a little excited to recall.

    The publicity blog post of Inspur blog was released at 8 o'clock in the evening. The crowdfunding network was launched online. In just 190 minutes, the amount of crowdfunding has climbed from 0 to the current 500,000+. The process is very thrilling!

    As of 10:30, the number of registered members of the website reached 26,820, the first, third and fourth support items were full, and the 2000 sets of limited commemorative packages were sold out. The pre-sale volume of single albums reached 13,000+!

    500,000 crowdfunding goals. It is enough to ensure that Lu Chen's physical record album achieves a small profit.

    Originally, he did not have full confidence in this, but the fact is that 500,000 is just getting started. There is still a huge room for growth, which represents a lucrative profit!

    Lu Chen discovered now that he underestimated the influence of one's own and underestimated the potential strength of the fans!

    Unconsciously, Lu Chen already has a large number of real iron powder, or a real meal.

    This discovery made him more happy than achieving the crowdfunding goal.

    Lu Chen thought about it, Li Mushi was watching him.

    Originally, Li Mushi was not very flustered by Lu Chen and had doubts about the business ideas put forward by Lu Chen.

    She even suspected that Lu Chen was close to Li Mubai's purpose.

    Around the children of Li's family, there has never been a shortage of people who are inflamed!

    But returned to Beijing. In the process of establishing Mu Chen crowdfunding, Li Mushi gradually abandoned his prejudice.

    The Wharton graduates have to admit that Lu Chen provided a genius-like idea, and the friendship between the latter and Li Mubai is also sincere. The two even quarreled because of the issue of shares.

    Lu Chen originally intended to give the controlling stake to Li Mubai, and Li Mubai firmly refused.

    This made Li Mushi have more affection for Lu Chen, and she even found many advantages of the latter.

    Needless to say, Lu Chen's appearance. Tall and handsome, sunny and healthy, I can see that it is the kind of regular exercise. It is not the kind of creamy little or new emerging artist. It is very manly.

    His talent in Music is obvious to all, not only won the champion of "Singing China", but also successfully launched his debut album, and initially gained a foothold in the Entertainment Circle.

    Li Mushi never looked at the Entertainment Circle's entertainer Celebrity. But Lu Chen gave her the feeling of maturity and reliability. There is no such young man's arrogance, and there is a different Charm.

    If Li Mushi is not…Uh huh. She may really like Lu Chen.

    Miss Li’s eyes could not be transferred to Lu Xi’s face.

    The latter is at Lu Chen's side, and is concentrating on using the cell phone to brush the blog.

    There was a faint smile in the eyes of Li Mushi.

    Lu Xi did not notice the eyes of Li Mushi, she always pays attention to the movements on the Internet.

    “Lu Chen, many fans said that they didn’t buy the commemorative package, I want to increase the number of support!”

    There was an excited look on my sister’s face: "Would we like to add it again?"

    Lu Chen was also a heartbeat and could not help but look at Li Mushi: "Chief Li?"

    It is not in the 1980s and 1990s that the sale of CDs alone is basically a loss.

    A genuine record is only 15 yuan, only the cost of production and distribution, 200,000 sales are barely guaranteed, if you add publicity fees, 300,000 sales will not make money.

    Now that a record wants to sell 300,000 sales, that's really not easy!

    In contrast, the profit of peripheral products is higher, such as a 100-dollar package, the cost is up to 50, the sales volume is 50,000 yuan, and the 188 package can earn 100!

    As far as the current situation is concerned, the 1,000 reservations for each of the two packages are too conservative, and it is ok to increase to 3000 or even 5000.

    That is a few times the profit!

    Of course, Lu Chen first had to seek the advice of Li Mushi. After all, she was the actual controller of the crowdfunding network.

    What Lu Chen didn't think was that Li Mushi had indulged and replied: "If you ask for my opinion, then I suggest not to increase it!"

    "The so-called limited edition is definitely a limited number. If you miss it, it will be precious and valuable. Otherwise, you will not be satisfied with it. If you grab it, you will feel uncomfortable."

    "From the perspective of the website, the involuntary change of rules is the embodiment of credibility."

    "I suggest that you announce the crowdfunding success on your blog, and then apologize to the fans, saying that they can't increase, let them wait for the next opportunity, the more lively the better!"

    Lu Chen feels that Li Mushi makes a lot of sense. He even thought of a business vocabulary – hunger sales.

    Although Lu Chen did not like this deliberate business behavior, this time it was an accident.

    He thought about it and nodded and said: "That's it, the limited edition package is no longer added, and a CD player supporting 15 yuan will be given an extra poster!"

    The poster belongs to the printed matter, and the cost of the printed matter is greatly reduced as the number increases. For example, the price of 1000 prints and 10,000 prints can be said to be different.

    Giving a poster adds a little cost, but if you can drive the sales of the album is also worth it!

    Li Mushi smiled and said: "This is all right. In addition, I want to tell you a good news, that is, the creative copyright protection of Crowdfunding has been approved, and the document will be available at this latest! ”


    Lu Chen is a surprise!

    For crowdfunding network, this creative copyright protection proves to be too important, otherwise in this mode alone, others want to copy the imitation is simple!

    Once the industry's predators have an interest, how can a small crowdfunding network compete with it?

    Now that the copyright protection approval has been passed, the crowdfunding network has a valuable development time, even if it is only a short one-year time, it is enough to grow and become strong.

    no doubt. In this case, Li’s family played a huge role. Otherwise, it’s estimated that 99% of Lu Chen’s own Strength is not able to get this certificate, and he should not expect to earn a large bucket of gold by virtue of an idea.

    "of course it's true!"

    Li Mu Shi’s eyes waved and stared at Lu Xi without hesitation. “Hee sister, we went out to celebrate at night. How about having a drink in the bar? ”

    Lu Xi did not suspect him, smiled and shook his head and said: "Next time, it is very late, and you have to rest early."

    Li Mu Shi smiled and nodded.

    At 11:30 in the evening, Lu Chen posted a new blog post on one's own blog.

    In this long blog post of gratitude and apology, Lu Chen first expressed his most sincere gratitude to all the fans who supported the "Crowd at the Same Table" album crowdfunding project. Because of everyone's support. This crowdfunding project was a complete success in just a few hours.

    Then he apologized to the fans who didn't book a limited edition package, although the number of packages booked could not be increased. However, he decided to give a bonus poster to fans who support the 15-yuan CD.

    In addition, more updated peripheral products will be withdrawn soon, so don't be disappointed if you don't book it now.

    After Lu Chen’s blog post was released, he got a lot of fans’ responses.

    Most fans understand that after all, limited editions are very common, they are happy with the success of crowdfunding projects, and those who have already ordered want to get the record as soon as possible.

    The good interaction between the two parties has created a hot topic that attracted a lot of attention on the blog. With the support of the original fans, the number of registered online crowdfunding websites has been rising.

    On the second day, September 24, the number of registered members of Crowdfunding Network exceeded 100,000!

    As the first and currently the only crowdfunding project, in addition to the three support options that have been sold out, the only non-limited 15 yuan support has reached 50,000+.

    The amount of crowdfunding at "The Same Table" has exceeded 1 million, reaching more than 200% of the target!

    And this crowdfunding project has a set-up time of up to 15 days, and it can be said that the potential for endurance is endless.

    Due to the on-line operation of the crowdfunding network and the success of the first batch, coupled with the influence of Lu Chen, the crowdfunding model inevitably attracted some attention outside the circle.

    Many entertainment media companies and Singer have found that there is such a creative album and peripheral product distribution method, which first collects money and then customizes the delivery on the basis of ensuring profits, which greatly reduces the risk.

    Some companies approached Mu Chen crowdfunding projects and tried to operate in the same way.

    The savvy people outside the circle or in other circles are keenly aware of the advantages and potential markets of this new financing model, and the creative copyright protection certificates obtained by Crowdfunding.

    But for Lu Chen, the crowdfunding network basically has nothing to do with him.

    In the following days, his work has been full.

    The first is the official rehearsal of the 25th rehearsal and the 29th of the Beijing Satellite TV National Day party.

    On the National Day, Lu Chen will also attend the wedding of Chen Jianhao and Na.

    At 8 o'clock on the evening of September 27th, the Chinese original Music list was updated on time in the fourth week of August.


The second is to send it, and ask for the monthly guarantee ticket in April! ! !

    PS: Here, the author also wants to thank everyone for their support and love this month, and apologize for the lack of updates. (To be continued~^~)

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