Chapter 187 is worth millions of meals!

    When leaving the Fei Shi record, Chen Feier was still in the morning car.

    This trip to the flying stone record, Lu Chen's harvest is not small.

    First of all, Lu Chen has already talked with Fei Shi records, and the other party will have enough time to make CDs of his debut album "You at the same table", as well as poster U disk and other peripheral products.

    And in terms of price, Fei Shi records also gave a discount of 5% off Lu Chen.

    Don't underestimate the discount is only 5%. It is necessary to know that the order and distribution profits of Fei Shi records are not high.

    Especially for the release of this piece, they are cooperating with Xinhua Book Company.

    The money in the channel is basically earned by Xinhua Book Company.

    In addition, Lin Zhijie invited two songs to Lu Chen as the main album of MSN, and asked him to cooperate with the producer.

    Producing an album is different from the meaning of the invitation song. The latter only needs to write the work, and pay the first hand to deliver the goods, and then at most point to the problem of melody singing.

    The producer in the Music industry is mainly responsible for the Music production part of the record.

    Music Producer must have excellent Music training and practical ability, relying on professional techniques and experience to create the best Voice effect for the record, this role is similar to the movie Director!

    The supervisor's task is to correct the errors in the pre-recording of the record in the recording studio, and to instruct the sound engineer to mix in the post of the recording.

    Therefore, the supervisor has a very important responsibility. The producer is responsible for the entire album and has a high voice and decision in the recording of the Singer album.

    Even if it is a help, it is very rare for a big company like Fei Shi Records.

    Because Lu Chen is not a member of Fei Shi Records, and Fei Shi Records itself has a lot of talents in this area. For example, Lin Zhijie is one's own, and he has produced at least hundreds of records. The experience is very rich.

    This undoubtedly reflects the Fei Shi record, or more accurately, Lin Zhijie's emphasis on Lu Chen.

    Even Lu Chen’s own did not expect that the Music Director of Fei Shi Records would invite one's own to co-produce MSN's debut album, knowing that he has no qualifications and experience in this regard.

    If you want to talk about experience, it is Lu Chen’s own "The Same Table" album that I just completed recently.

    Of course, as a producer, it is not a white job. Two songs are added to assist the producer. The price of Fei Shi is 1 million!

    Such a price can be fully invited to the industry's top author take action.

    Lu Chen certainly agreed.

    In addition to the generous rewards, accumulating relevant experience in this area is also very important to him.

    In fact, Lu Chen did not know that if he did not write the "Flower Woman" written by Chen Feier to the opponents of Lin Zhijie, I am afraid that this contract may not be able to get it.

    The stubbornness and pride of big companies. It’s not just what new people can shake!

    "Philippine sister…"

    While driving, Lu Chen asked: "What problem did Hu Xu have?"

    Previously in the listening room, when Lu Chen spoke to Hu Xu, Chen Feier gave him a look.

    That look Lu Chen is understandable, but he does not understand why Chen Feier hinted at one's own.

    Hu Xu’s evaluation seems to have been very good, people look good, and their manners are very good.

    Chen Feier smiled and said: "Hu Xu is this person…how to say. It is difficult for you to see the true thoughts in his heart, and the purpose of his work is very strong, but it is very well concealed, and most people can't see it. ”

    "I was worried that you were stunned by him, and he promised what he promised."

    Utilitarian, hypocritical!

    This is Chen Feier's evaluation of Hu Xu.

    Lu Chen understood and said: "Thank you for reminding Fei. I will pay attention to it. ”

    Compared to Hu Xu. Lu Chen certainly believes in Chen Feier.

    If Chen Feier is not out of concern for him, he does not need to tell him about it. Deliberately remind him.

    Chen Feier could not intentionally swear Hu Xu in the back, saying that it must be the truth.

    People like Hu Xu are undoubtedly the most correct choice to keep their distance and stay away from it.

    Chen Feier sighed softly and said: "Entertainment Circle is too complicated, people are unpredictable, and some people smile with you in person. There will be only a sickle behind them. If you don't pay attention, you may be used by people… ”

    She has been in the circle for more than ten years, and both good and bad things have been encountered, and she has a deep understanding of human nature.

    "Don't say this!"

    She shook her head and smiled. "You see that I am saying bad things about you for you. How do you want to thank me?"

    This sweet song is a little embarrassed.

    Lu Chen smiled bitterly: "Fei sister, if you want to thank, then how do you say how I will do it!"

    Chen Feier smiled at Hee Hee and asked, "Are you free this evening?"


    Lu Chen is depressed: "I really have no time tonight, I want to attend a bachelor party."

    "Bachelor party?"

    Chen Feier was surprised: "Will your friend get married tomorrow?"

    The so-called bachelor party is a kind of pre-marriage custom that has been passed from abroad. The friends who hold the party for the groom who is about to bid farewell to the single, usually have a variety of fun programs.

    Of course, in the context of the Domestic, the bachelor party is definitely not a stripper.

    Lu Chen explained: "The groom is the bar owner I used to work for. The name is Chen Jianhao. Now it is a friend. The bride is Zhang Nana of the band. I am her sister."

    "Chen Jianhao? Zhang Nana? ”

    Chen Feier thought for a moment and said: "I am a familiar familiar with the name Chen Jianhao. It used to be in the circle. Zhang Nana I saw it in the front section time. The song she sang is also written by you?"

    Lu Chen nodded.

    Chen Feier suddenly came to the interest: "Can you tell your story?"

    Lu Chen scratched his head a bit: "In fact, there is nothing to say, if you want to know the Philippine sister, then we will find a place to sit down and eat and talk. I will treat you at noon."

    Chen Feier smiled and bent her eyes: "Well…"

    She thought about it and said: "My sister doesn't eat your meal in white. The CD of my new album and the surrounding area are also working in your crowdfunding network. I think that is quite interesting."

    "Philippine sister, are you really talking?"

    Lu Chen was moved. There is something I can't believe in one's own ear.

    This is simply a big pie falling from the sky!

    His album was successful in crowdfunding, but crowdfunding wanted to really open the scene. Attracting more people to attention, it obviously needs strong publicity and input.

    If Chen Feier’s transformation can also be carried out in the crowdfunding network for crowdfunding, the number of fans attracted is definitely much more than that of Lu Chen. At that time, she shouted on the blog, which is more effective than any advertisement. Be strong!

    In addition, don't say that the crowdfunding network has earned income.

    In fact, even if Lu Chen does not want a penny, he is willing to help Chen Feier to run the album.

    Once the fame and the plate are played out, there will be a risk investment, and when he sells a part of the shares, it will be enough to pay off the rest of the family.

    Really a good thing!

    The value of this meal must be at least one million?

    Chen Feier glanced at the stunned Lu Chen. Said: "Of course it is true, I still lie to you?"

    Lu Chenxiao: "Thank you, Fei Jie!"

    He quickly opened the car navigation, searched the high-rated Western restaurant on the top, carrying Chen Feier to eat.

    This meal must be done please!

    Superstar is not easy to eat. When I got to the place, Chen Feier had to go to the nanny car that followed, and found the hat and sunglasses to cover one's own. Lest it be recognized by people.

    Lu Chen picks up a good place, the environment is elegant, the service and dishes are very high grade.

    The meal was very pleasant for dinner.

    Lu Chen told her about one's own work in the forgetful grass bar.

    Chen Feier is very sorry, if it is not a bachelor party, then she can go with Lu Chen at night.

    After the lunch, Lu Chen sent Chen Feier back to her studio, then drove to the forget-free grass bar.

    Marry so big. Lu Chen originally wanted to help. However, Chen Jianhao refused.

    According to his words, the current Lu Chen time is precious. There is no need to waste on these boring things.

    Although Lu Chen is not bored.

    On the gate of the Forgetting Grass Bar, the signboard “The Dongjia has a Pause business” has been hung. When Lu Chen enters, the waiter inside is setting up a party.

    Bartender David saw Lu Chen very surprised: "Hey, see who is coming, our superstar!"

    Lu Chen smiled and gave the other party a punch, then flew to the background.

    Everything inside is so familiar, and the scenes of the past are in my heart, which makes him very emotional.

    In the afternoon, Lu Chen helped arrange in the bar.

    These things did not need Lu Chen to do it, he just used this way to say goodbye to forgetting the grass!

    Here, it carries a lot of memories.

    When night fell, Chen Jianhao’s friends came.

    The band is coming, Captain Qin Hanyang's temperament has changed a lot.

    A little bit of Celebrity.

    The owner of Blue Lotus, Chang Wei, also came and brought the North Arrows band.

    It is worth mentioning that although the North Arrows took two works by Lu Chen, their new albums have not yet been listed. Although they also signed in Light Rain Media, the scenery was all taken up by the band.

    However, the lead singer of the North Needle Band, Gan Lang, is still full of energy. Seeing Lu Chen also deliberately greeted him, thanked him very warmly for the song he wrote, and said that the new album of the North Needle band will be available in the near future.

    As time goes on, more and more people appear in the bar.

    Most of the people are not aware of Lu Chen. It is estimated that they are not the same friends in the previous circle. Many of them are Singer Music people. However, many people recognize Lu Chen, and they have come together.

    Now in the circle of Houhai, Lu Chen is already a legend!

    Many of the bars, Singer, regard him as an idol.

    At 8 o'clock in the evening, the Lord finally appeared – will soon bid farewell to the single Chen Jianhao Chen Da boss!


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