Chapter 188 Friends

    There was a Celebrity interview in the TV Program. He said that one's own star journey was bumpy, and after numerous difficult twists and turns, he stumbled and walked to the present, and he wanted to give up several times and went to a plain life.

    But when he stood on the stage and heard thousands of people shouting the name of one's own, all the hardships and pains were gone, feeling that all the efforts were rewarded and the original heart remained unchanged.

    At this moment, Lu Chen knew the Senior outside.

    Although at this moment in the Forgetting Grass Bar, there are not many guests, only one or two hundred, but they are not ordinary people, there are industry peers, Singer mixed in Houhai, the owner of the bar. ..

    It feels really good when everyone is shouting his name and expecting him to go to stage to sing.

    As if you are like the master of the whole world!

    It was difficult to hold the heart, Lu Chen took the stage and stood under the bright spotlight.

    The bar quickly calmed down.

    Lu Chen smiled a little embarrassedly. He said to the microphone: "Today is an important day for Jianhaoge to say goodbye to singles. Then I will send a song as a gift."

    The applause that just calmed down again.

    Everyone's eyes are all concentrated on Lu Chen's body, with expectations, curiosity, and excitement.

    Lu Chen borrowed a guitar from Qin Hanyang.

    He smiled and said: "There are friends here, so the name of this song is called…"


    In the next moment, Lu Chen plucked the strings and played the prelude.

    His eyes looked at I'm free, and the dark eyes flashed.

    Then, a slightly low singing voice was gently introduced into everyone's ears.

    "In these years, one person. The wind has passed and the rain has gone. Have tears, have a fault, remember what to insist on?"

    "If you really love, you will understand, you will be lonely, you will look back, you will have a dream, you will end up in your heart!"

    "Friends go together for a lifetime, and those days are no longer there. A word for a lifetime, a lifetime of wine…"

    "Friends have never been alone, you will understand a friend, there is still pain and pain, but also go and me!"


I don't know when the perhaps played the first note in Lu Chen, and the original, lively, joyful and forgetful grass bar became quiet. very quiet.

    Behind the bar, the bartender David put down the bartender in his hand for a long time…

    In the crowd, the snow bunny girls no longer wander around.

    On the upper level of the bar, several invited guests will head out to the railing and want to hear more clearly.

    More people are surrounded by the stage, they stare at Lu Chen, listening to the song. Look carefully and thoughtfully.

    There is also a touch of touch.

    friend. What a precious word!

    The lyrics of this song are very simple and the melody is not complicated. Lu Chen’s singing does not have any illusion.

    He played and sang like this, as if to tell a story about vicissitudes.

    Inciting people in the place, especially the soul of the Music people!

    The lives of many of them are actually a wandering movement. Because of the special nature of the work, they often go back and forth in different places. Sometimes, the baggage is often too late to open, and it is necessary to report to the next stop. Wandering days.

    On the road of Music, every time they set off, they never know what kind of results they will have. The only thing that can depend on collision and search is one's own, and friends!

    They have no way to pinpoint a sense of stability that can last forever, and the only feeling that can bring them peace of mind, in addition to family and loved ones, there are only friends!

    Beijing drift is not easy, friends are rare!

    "One sentence, one lifetime, one life, one glass of wine" short four words, the preciousness of friendship in the wandering life, it is rare to gather wine tonight, the Ming Dynasty will go to each other, although only one sentence, It represents the pledge of a lifetime.

    Just such a friend, how many people can you have in your life?

    Friends are an encounter.

    Thousands of worlds, red dust, in the crowds, in the sea, friends can meet each other, can come together, mutual understanding, mutual understanding, and approaching each other, it is a fate.

    In the journey of people coming and going, gathering and separating, in different life trajectories, in the heart of different experiences, they can meet each other, meet and meet each other. It can be said that it is a kind of Luck, and fate is not always there. It should be cherished!

    It is like singing in Lu Chen’s song.

    "Friends have never been alone, you will understand a friend, there is still pain and pain, but also go and me!"

    "Friends go together for a lifetime, those days are no longer there, a word for a lifetime, a lifetime of wine!"

    Chen Jianhao stood in the crowd and his eyes were a bit sour.

    The man has tears and does not flick, but he is not sad.

    He is not sad.

    Because tomorrow is his wedding day, during the ups and downs, he suddenly found that there is always a person who really deserves to be cherished waiting silently at one's own side, not missing.

    It’s just the memories of Era in the past, which are evoked by the voice of Lu Chen.

    Chen Jianhao remembered those friends who had accompanied one's own along the way. Some of them lost their way in the journey and lost contact, and some gradually disappeared without books, and even some of them abducted and turned against each other.

    But several friends have persisted and become true friends.

    The so-called friends, not every day to see the day / day to drink, but even if it has not been seen for several years or even called, but once you know that the other side needs help, even if they are thousands of miles away, they will come over and do their best!

    He is Luck, can have a few such friends!

    Recalling the past, Chen Jianhao was actually crazy.

    He was awakened by the applause around him.

    On the stage, Lu Chen returned the guitar to Qin Hanyang, and he leaned over to the snow bunny girl for a beer.

    Back straight up, Lu Chen raised his glass and said: "This cup, we respect friends!"

    "Respect friends!"

    Everyone is simply raising the glass and responding to his call.

    Lu Chen looked up and drank the glass of wine.

    He is a little drunk.

    But the bachelor party tonight is just the beginning, and more Programs are behind.

    Perhaps it was touched by Lu Chen’s song, or just want to know, when Lu Chen stepped down the stage, one after another guest came over to toast him.

    Lu Chen drank a cup and another, and at the end he didn't even know how much to drink.

    He even felt very strange – how is the amount of one's own wine good? Drink so much is not drunk!

    Unfortunately, this is just an illusion.

    At the end of the drink, Lu Chen’s consciousness was confused, and he was helped by the backstage lounge.

    Lying in bed drunk, there are countless memories in Lu Chen’s mind.

    All of them are memories from the world of dreams.

    Xu Bo, Mo Ran, Fang Mingyi…

    A period of life is flying in front of the eyes, it is so illusory, and so true!

    Vaguely, he heard that someone was singing a song in the ear of one's own.

    "This Era, shake it, this time, turn around!"

    "This Era, shake it, this time, turn around…"


    "Great morning, big morning!"

    Lu Chen was waking up and waking up.

    Shaking him dizzy.

    Trying to open my eyes, Lu Chen saw a familiar face – Xiao Fei Fei.

    He is still confused: "Brother Fei, how come you?"

    Li Feiyu dumbfounded: "Da Chen, today is the day when Chen boss is married, you are the best man!"

    Lu Chen suddenly woke up and instinctively turned and sat up: "Oops!"

    Today is the National Day on October 1st, and it is also a happy day for Chen Jianhao and Zhang Nana to marry. Lu Chen was assigned to the task of a best man – pick up the bride!

    Last night's bachelor party, he drank too much and completely forgot!

    Li Feiyu said quickly: "It's not too late, the team is waiting outside the road, you go to wash, wait for me to drive."

    Lu Chen finally sighed with a sigh of relief and rushed to prepare.

    There is a bathroom in the back-end small suite of the Forgetting Grass Bar. Lu Chen took a shower and washed away the alcohol and made one's own completely awake.

    Li Feiyu brought his dresses, and went out after showering.

    Follow the team directly to the hotel.

    Zhang Nana is not a native of Beijing. She used to rent a house, so she opened a room in the hotel as her family. Her parents came from her hometown.

    Interestingly, when the hotel picked up the bride, Lu Chen found that there was Su Xiaomei in the bridesmaid.

    Light Rain Media Director Su Guangmei Su Miss is a chance to catch up, no less toss them these best man.

    After three levels, stuffing red packets, guessing riddles…

    Fortunately, the bride Na sister is very reasonable, high-lift and gently put down, let Lu Chen and others do not disgrace the mission.

    The official wedding ceremony was held at the famous five-star Regent Hotel in Beijing.

    For the first time in life, Chen Jianhao did not treat the bride who had been in love for him for many years. The whole wedding was very grand, and the number of guests invited was as many as four or five hundred. The bridesmaids received the red envelopes.

    Friends outside the circle have come a lot.

    The scene of the ceremony was very touching, and Na Na even cried.

    It was really not easy for the two to be together. Chen Jianhao had no intention of getting married, and Na was not the ideal companion in his mind, but the truth of the latter touched him and finally achieved this wonderful cause.

    It is also a good story in the circle.

    Although she said that her sister's appearance is very common, she has now become a well-known strength female Singer through the cooperation with the band, and it is enough to match Chen Jianhao in terms of identity.

    After attending the wedding of Chen Jianhao and Zhang Nana, Lu Chen could not live on the National Day holiday.

    The next day, he took Li Feiyu to Jinling to shoot the first advertisement of one's own individual!


Note: "Friends" lyrics: Liu Siming / Composer: Liu Zhihong.

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