The beginning of the hundred and twenty-two chapters of the list!

    The Chinese original Music list, referred to as the original sound list, was founded by dozens of media such as China Music Association, Fetion Music, Easy Network, and popular radio station. It is the most authoritative and popular Music list of Domestic.

    The original sound list is released once a week on weekends. According to the popular index, the top 50 popular popular songs are released. The list index is based on the data provided by the major Music media, including playback, download, on-demand, purchase, etc. .

    In the popular Musical World of Domestic, the ranking of the original sound list represents a large part of the current trend.

    The Chinese original Music rankings were ranked in the 4th week of August and announced on time on September 27.

    So the insiders who paid attention to this list were surprised to find that they saw something very bad.

    That is the name of Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen, "Brothers sleeping in my upper shop" / Popular index: 2135, ranked 49th this week!

    Lu Chen "Youth Jinshi" / Popularity Index: 3714, ranked 30th this week!

    Lu Chen "Love Wind" / Popularity Index: 4056, ranked 28th this week!

    Lu Chen "Era 谣" / popular index: 4470, ranked 25th this week!

    Lu Chen, "You at the same table" / Popular index: 5389, ranked 16th this week!

    Lu Chen "The Flowers" / Popularity Index: 5778, ranked 14th this week!

    Lu Chen "The brightest star in the night sky" / popular index: 7262, ranked 4th this week!

    7 songs, as a newcomer who has just debuted, Lu Chen actually won one of the seven important seats on the original sound list with one's own personal debut album "You at the same table"!

    It is a miracle!

    In the history of the original sound list, the rankings of many works on the same album are very common. But basically it's two or three, but if it's a superstar. It is not uncommon to see the five or six songs on the same list.

    But 10 albums from a single album, 7 of them are really rare!

    This must require that the entire album's work is of a very high average level and can be highly recognized by the public. If it is easy to achieve before the appearance of the original sound list in the 1980s and 1990s, it is really too difficult.

    The reason is very simple, the original sound list is the original list, foreign cover works are not to be on the list.

    At present, Domestic's original Strength is declining. One or two albums are normal. There is basically no company that is willing to put all seven or eight boutiques on one album – violent things!

    Lu Chen's "You at the Same Table" is undoubtedly a different kind, it is first sold in the Fetion Music network. It even sparked the industry's thinking about the original Original Music, and set off a campus folklore in the popular Musical World.

    The quality of the works on the album is too high. The 10 songs are excellent works, and there is a classic existence. It can be said that it is a masterpiece of Dacheng, and Lu Chen’s talents in creative creation are fully exposed.

    Therefore, in shock, everyone feels that the emergence of this miracle is taken for granted.

    The original sound list is on the list of the third week of September. Three works of Lu Chen have already appeared. After the fermentation of the front section time, it is not so unacceptable to explode on Monday.

    What is really eye-popping is that Lu Chen’s impact on the original sound list is clearly just starting. Next week’s “The brightest star in the night sky” is very likely to win the top spot, and then all 10 songs are on the list.

    All 10 works of an album are on the original sound list. That is the real miracle that cannot be surpassed!

    It seems that Lu Chen is creating such a miracle.

    The popular Musical World, which has always been quite quiet. It was stirred up by Lu Chen’s album!

    More people are focusing on the New Generation singer.

    He has improved a lot in the invisible in the circle.

    On September 25, Lu Chen participated in the official rehearsal of the Beijing Satellite TV National Day party.

    September 29th. Lu Chen completed the live recording.

    In addition to the "Singing the Chinese" singer's "Singing and Singing", he relied on "I Love You China" to play solo, and the time of debut appeared even more than a lot of Celebrity artists.

    "I Love You China" uses the second real main theme version. In order to get rid of the influence of Wang Bin’s scandal, Beijing Satellite TV played a focus on the Inspur blog by playing two works of the same title in Lu Chen.

    Also let Lu Chen follow the benefits.

    His cooperation with Beijing Satellite TV this time is undoubtedly a win-win result!

    On the morning after recording the Beijing Satellite TV National Day, Lu Chen drove to Chen Feier studio.

    After entering the new century, Domestic's Entertainment Circle has grown stronger and stronger. With the emergence of new media and the influence of foreign countries, many big coffee superstars have left the original contracting company and established one's own personal studio and company. .

    There are undoubtedly many advantages of self-built studio or company. First of all, the artist can fully grasp the fate of one's own, and will not be controlled by the contracting company in the business, and will pinch all aspects of interests.

    However, this kind of self-sustaining mode is usually only suitable for people who have already stood on the top of the circle. They have the strength and the humanity, and they are more famous. They can let others choose cooperation instead of suppressing the crowding. Naturally, they will mix very well.

    If it is a newcomer or a half-red and black C-list Star, it will be too difficult. There is no support and resources for the contracting company. Everything depends on one's own hard work. 99% is going to be finished. of.

    In the circle, there are many artists who are proud of their arrogance but not enough cafés to choose one's own business. As a result, they lose their blood and they are all forgotten.

    If Lu Chen is not supported by the huge wealth of the dream world, the highest level he can achieve is to sign an ordinary company as a small entertainer, and then rush to advertise in order to earn a living.

    He set up one's own studio directly, which is a big step ahead.

    And for most artists, this step may not be a lifetime!

    Chen Feier Studio, founded 7 years ago.

    At that time, she was already the sweetest Singer King in the popular Musical World. After her independence, there were countless people.

    Therefore, Chen Feier Studio is very famous in the circle, I don't know how many new people want to sign in his name.

    Celebrity studio is also a signable person.

    When I arrived at the place, Lu Chen wanted to wait downstairs. As a result, Chen Feier insisted that he should come up.

    According to the words of Fei Jie, since people are coming, how can they not sit up and recognize a door to drink a cup of tea?

    Do not care?

    Lu Chen can only obediently obey.

    Chen Feier Studio is a 38-storey luxury business building in the Beijing Central Business District. It is comparable in size to a small and medium-sized company, and there are not a few employees who serve her.

    "Philippine sister!"

    What Lu Chen didn't think of was that he had just walked out of the elevator and saw Chen Feier standing at the door.

    Today, Chen Feier is wearing a Chanel dress with long hair and a shawl.

    "Lu Chen…"

    She opened her arms with a smile and gave Lu Chen a nice hug: "Welcome!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Thank you, Fei Jie!"

    He believes that such a treatment, not many people can enjoy it.

    Judging from the look of the follow-up assistants behind Chen Feier, they can judge.

    Chen Feier let go of her hands. She stepped back half a step and said very seriously: "I want to thank you!"

    "The two songs you wrote to me are very good, I like it very much, great!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "You like it."

    He promised to write two songs to Chen Feier. After the day before yesterday, he directly sent the scores and demos to the latter.

    So there is a meeting trip today.

    "do you know?"

    This sweet song is flashing with a moving look in the eyes: "I have listened to the two songs for dozens of times, and I sang a dozen times. The more I sing the better, I decided that they are my new album first and The second main hit!"

    For any songwriter, the work can become a major album of the day-end big coffee, undoubtedly a very high glory and brilliance, once the album sells, it is definitely a good thing for fame and fortune.

    Generally speaking, it is the top creator in the circle who is qualified to play the work of Chen Feier's album.

    In addition, the post-stage Singer like Chen Feier, the album is very cautious and even grand, the choice of the title song must be excellent, it takes a long time and a lot of energy to be sure.

    Lu Chen wrote two songs to Chen Fei's hands in just one or two days. She decided to make the first and second majors of the new album, in addition to the great trust of Lu Chen. I really like these two songs.

    In particular, Chen Feier is facing a transitional barrier. She has placed great expectations on this new album. It is really not easy to make such a decision.

    It is also because of this decision that Chen Feier invited Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen smiled: "I feel the pressure is great."

    Chen Feier smiled and said: "I Believe your strength, my album is built around your two works, first visit my studio, then we will go to the flying stone record."

    Chen Feier and Fei Shi Records have always maintained a very good relationship. Most of her albums have been produced by Flying Stone. This new album is no exception.

    Chen Feier invited Lu Chen to go to Fei Shi Records today, which is to prepare the main theme of the album. In addition, there are questions about the overall style of the arranger and the album.

    As the songwriter, Chen Feier hopes that Lu Chen will participate in it and make suggestions for her new album!

    For Lu Chen, being able to get involved in a new album production in a movie world, including one's own name in the song list is also an excellent opportunity to enhance his reputation and career.

    Therefore, the two songs Lu Chen only asked Chen Feier to have a friendship price of 500,000.

    Chen Feier certainly doesn't care about 100,000 and hundreds of thousands. Don't say a song of two or three hundred thousand. Even if it is one million, she can afford it. But it represents a good friendship and contractual relationship established by both sides.


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