Chapter 188 Single Party


    Numerous glasses were lifted high, and the golden liquid in the cup swayed with a white foam, and a little light shone in the bright light, and the air smelled the unique flavor of the beer.

    The guests who came to the sorrowful grass bar, with the cup of wine, simulated to the late Chen Jianhao, Congratulations, he is about to bid farewell to the single, step into the marriage hall.

    Once a celebrity said that only men who have been married and formed a family will truly understand what is called responsibility and can truly mature.

    It has also been said that marriage is the prison and grave of men, and the eagle flying high from the wind has been tied to its wings.

    Among them, bitterness, only one's own know.

    But no matter what, friends gathered here, in order to send the most sincere blessing to the prospective bridegroom.

    Enjoy the last single Era!

    In the laughter and applause, Chen Jianhao drank a large beer.

    Everyone has a good spirit, and the boss of Chen Da, who is obsessed with worry, is obviously younger and younger. It is also full of pride when drinking alcohol. Anything that comes to the toast is not rejected.

    In the evening, the bachelor party, the Forgetful Grass Bar, removed most of the wine tables and replaced them with long dining tables filled with various drinks and refreshments, as well as decorative flowers.

    The melodic music echoed in the bar, and the waitress in the uniform of the snow bunny took the plate and walked lightly through the crowd, adding a lot of joy to the scene.

    Compared to the bunny girls in foreign bachelor parties, they are much more conservative, but cute enough.

    Without a striptease girl, it is also a little Xiaoxiao benefit for the prospective groom and his friends.

    clang! clang! clang!

    Someone rang the plate.

    When everyone's attention turned, I saw him jumping to the stage. Turning on the microphone and saying: "Fellow friends, distinguished guests, I suggest that let our prospective groom Jianhao first come to us to perform a Program. Singing or dancing, or telling a joke, can you say that? ”

    "it is good!"

    Many guys who feared that the world would not be chaotic immediately yelled and even whistled.

    Chen Jianhao was pushed to the stage by people.

    He smiled bitterly: "Let me sing and dance this old bone. Isn't that what I want?" You are too embarrassed! ”

    The owner of Blue Lotus, Chang Wei, directly revealed his old bottom: "Chen Laodi, you should not be modest. You were the famous rock and roll Little Wang in the circle, even if only half of the skill is left now, you can still live in the field. It!"

    Rock and roll Little Wang child!

    Lu Chen almost squirted the beer in his mouth.

    Think of the young version of Chen Jianhao, dressed in long hair and holding a guitar and rock and roll. The picture is not too beautiful!

    Everyone is laughing, and the buzz is one after another: "Sing a song!"

    "you you you…"

    Chen Jianhao pointed out anger at the boss of Changda and said: "You give me waiting!"

    The words are squatting, and the songs have to be sung.

    Chen Jianhao is not vague, or a bit of wine, and he shouted the band.

    Co-operating with a classic rock and roll song of the Black Crow band, "Reborn in Tomorrow."

    The Black Jay Band is a national rock band active in the late 1980s and early 1990s. They have produced 3 albums in total. With a total sales volume of more than 20 million, it is regarded as the mainstay of the country.

    Unfortunately, in September 1993, when the black singer lead singer and soul figure Gao Yi was rehearsing at the concert, he accidentally fell from the stage and caused serious injury to the skull. Finally, he died at the morning sun people's hospital, only 32 years old.

    Gao Yi’s accidental death is undoubtedly a heavy blow to Guo Sha. The black crow band, which has always been a leading role, has never recovered. Disbanded after two years, leaving the country fans with endless sorrow.

    The fall of the black crow band. It is also the epitome of the country's decline. Due to the rise of the commercial popular music, the pure rock and roll have been severely impacted, and the market is shrinking and the influence is getting smaller and smaller.

    Some rock and roll Singer follow the trend, take the initiative to change the style of too personal and ideal, and sing light rock and roll or folk songs, but there are also many rock and roll people who stubbornly guard the final position of the country, do not bow to the market. .

    But these guardians are mostly unknown.

    By now, Guo Sha has become a distant term, and only a very small number of people are still struggling.

    Chen Jianhao sang this "Tomorrow's Rebirth", not only the fame of the Black Crow band, but also the pinnacle of the national shake, as long as Singer who sang rock and roll has been sung!

    Lu Chen saw the other side of Chen Jianhao.

    In Lu Chen’s long-standing impression, the owner of this forgetful grass bar is cold and deep, and with the savvy and market slogan of a businessman, he never reveals his inner feelings easily, and his usual mood is not in color.

    However, Chen Jianhao, who is standing on the stage today, is a middle-aged man who has reached the age of no doubt. He is passionate and passionate. Under the accompaniment of the band, he screams and screams.

    His face rose red, his neck and his forehead were bulging, and his eyes were full of blood, as if it were a burning flame, with endless Strength!

    In terms of singing alone, Chen Jianhao is not so good, even to the climax part of the break, but the emotion he put into the singing, the people present are all moving.

    Applause, or roar with him, the huge sound seems to be able to overturn the roof!

    Lu Chen is in it and can't help but burn with passion.

    He raised his arm and clenched his fist, and screamed with the scorpion!

    "I will be born again tomorrow, and face the youth without regrets again!"

    "Please never forget my real name!"

    A song ended, the audience boiled!

    "Thank you!"

    After singing this "Rebirth of Tomorrow", Chen Jianhao seems to have exhausted all his strength.

    He was sweating and smiled and gasped. "Are everyone happy?" Like it or not? Not enough enough? ”

    "happy!""like! ""strong enough! ”

    The friends responded aloud, such a Chen Jianhao is not seen by many people, very fresh.

    Just the person who invited Chen Jianhao to go on stage to sing is called: "Jian Hao Ge, you have a little bit of energy, remember that you will have a bridal chamber tomorrow, if you have no strength, then you can't kill us!"

    Everyone laughed happily, and all the particles floating in the air were joyful particles.

    "I remember you!"

    Chen Jianhao glanced at the culprit and gave the microphone to Qin Hanyang.

    "Da Qin, look at you!"

    The single party held in the grass is the Singer. There are only four or five bands in the band, not to mention the old birds who are in the back sea.

    The days of this evening are special. Many people would rather earn less money and have to hurry to come and join.

    Qin Hanyang said nothing, the brothers with the band sang the first "In the Spring".

    If Lu Chen has become the Legendary in the Houhai Circle, then the band's "In the Spring" is a mythical story, and is admired by countless bars Singer!

    This song has been a long-lasting attack on the major Music websites. So far, it has also occupied a place on the original sound list, not to mention the fact that it has been a bullying for many weeks and has become a phenomenal classic.

    Although it is not pure rock and roll, "In the Spring" has awakened people's memories of the once glorious moment, and the band has become a hot newcomer to the popular Musical World. It is said that the invitations for the show are scheduled for next year.

    Now forget the grass bar, in the place where the band has risen and struggled, I heard this original "In the Spring", many people have a kind of feeling of honor!

    And the original creators of "In the Spring" are also.

    Everyone did not forget Lu Chen. When the band sang "In the Spring", someone immediately shouted his name.

    It is an old customer of the Forgetting Grass Bar.

    If you really count it, Lu Chen’s time to leave the forget-free grass bar is not very long.

    But for those old customers, Lu Chen has been away for a long time.

    They missed the tall, handsome young man, missing him sitting on the stage, holding the guitar and singing "You at the same table", the feeling that I could not understand through the screen.

    Everyone knows that Lu Chen’s footsteps will not stop at the forgetfulness. They are very happy that Lu Chen can go to a bigger and more glorious stage and also wish Lu Chen’s future and future.

    At the same time, they still hope to hear Lu Chen’s live performance again.

    Today is the best chance.

    Qin Hanyang said to the microphone; "Then there will be a small boss who asked us to forget the grass bar, let him sing a new song for us?" Have not heard of new song! ”

    "it is good!"

    Everyone applauded and responded enthusiastically to Qin Hanyang.

    For other Singers, such a request may be suspected of being intentionally difficult.

    But Lu Chen…

    The amazing talent he possesses in his creations is regarded as an incredible miracle in the circle.

    In just a few months, there are more than twenty original songs from Lu Chen’s hand.

    Although some authors who are in the period of creative creation can produce so many works in such a period of time, no one can ever be like Lu Chen, the first capital is a boutique or even a classic.

    The most ridiculous thing is that he has a imaginative imagination in his creations. His style covers folk songs, light rock and roll, Love Song and even the main theme. Le Sis seems to be endless!

    In the circle, Lu Chen even has the nickname of "melody upstart".

    Therefore, it is a difficult request for others. It is obviously legitimate and reasonable for Lu Chen, and it must be!

    New song, must be the original innovation!

    "Lu Chen! Lu Chen! Lu Chen! …"

    I don't know who opened the head. Everyone laughed loudly and screamed Lu Chen's name.

    It is clearly the single party of Chen Jianhao, but it seems to be the home of Lu Chen.

    However, Chen Jianhao did not care, but instead shouted with everyone, pushing the atmosphere of the scene to the climax!


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