Chapter 186 is not simple

    In Lu Chen’s dream world, the song “Flower Woman” is one of the masterpieces of the Singer classic Music.

    This song explains that in the dream season, the hero who is eager to be loved is silently waiting for one's own dream lover, leading her and inspiring her to go out and become mature.

    But these things can't be said to people, but they are even less active, and they have a strong desire to retreat.

    There are four sections in the whole song. The same lyrics need to be sung repeatedly, but the emotions expressed each time are not exactly the same, so only the very good female Singer can truly grasp the essence of the works.

    Lu Chen wrote "Flower Woman" to Chen Feier, after careful consideration.

    First of all, this work is not something that anyone can sing well. Singing the feelings in the songs requires the precipitation of the years and the experience of life. The young Singers who are ten or twenty years old can't sing the true taste.

    For example, the sample of "Flower Woman" is to let Wang Jing of the Nirvana studio sing, she should sing well, the melody syllables are in place, but the singularity of the mature vicissitudes can not be sung.

    Chen Feier is completely different. She is a large-scale Singer who has been debuting for more than ten years. After the baptism of the wind and rain, she is fully capable of driving this work.

    Secondly, Chen Feier intends to transform through the new album. If this "Flower Woman" can be successful, then her transformation will undoubtedly be a matter of course, she can get rid of the image of the sweet girl who has not changed for ten years. Let everyone see the other fascinating side of this day.

    That day he and Chen Feier went shopping together and sang K when they found her other side.

    This is a big challenge, and Lu Chen just likes to challenge!

    Imagine a Singer in the background of the heavens under the guidance of one's own…

    What a sense of accomplishment!

    Chen Feier did not let Lu Chen disappointed.

    Even beyond his imagination.

    Chen Feier's interpretation of this work is perfect, the traditional nostalgic gentle watery song, inadvertently touches the heart of the listener. He heard her loneliness and heartbreak, and heard her longings and true feelings.

    What is really scary is. The accompaniment she is now auditioning is still a rough semi-finished product, and the Voice has not undergone any post-modification, and the effect is already amazingly strong.

    Chen Feier can make the name of the queen, relying on obviously not just luck.

    After singing this "Flower Woman", Chen Feier took off the monitor headphones and walked out of the studio.

    She did not sing the second work Lu Lu wrote for her.

    The eyes of the queen still have crystal tears, but she is not ashamed. The beautiful and delicate face with a kind of sadness and happiness after returning from happiness is very touching.

    "Singing too well!"

    Lin Zhijie sincerely praised: "The song is also good. I have just suspected it, now I am convinced! ”

    He erected the thumbs of both hands at the same time as Chen Feier and Lu Chen.

    Chen Feier wiped the tears in her eyes and smiled. "The main song written by Lu Chen is good. My album uses this song as the album name and the title song. Are you optimistic about Lin Dao?"

    "completely fine!"

    Lin Zhijie nodded heavily and said without hesitation: "The name of this song should be called Flower Woman? Mainly nostalgic Love Song style, it is very suitable for you to transform! ”

    An album. It is often necessary to first determine the main song, and then the entire album will be created around the main song, thus ensuring the unity of style.

    He asked: "Isn't Lu Chen still wrote one?" Why not sing? ”

    This "Flower Woman" makes his ears seem to have been washed once, but it is still unfinished.

    Chen Feier smiled and said: "I can't sing, the second song will sing again next time."

    She doesn't really sing, but she has too many feelings in this song. If she sings, I can't control the mood of one's own. Affect the image of oneself.

    After all, it is a flying stone record. There are so many people in the listening room!

    Lin Zhijie understood it when he thought about it. He smiled and said: "That is just right. I let the MSN combination also sing a song, please ask with Lin Zhijie. ”

    The Music Director of the Flying Stone record has a special feeling for the MSN that one's own personally established, so even if the performance is too eager, he does not care about the strange eyes of others.

    This opportunity is very rare!

    If you can get the recognition and even appreciation of Chen Feier, then it will be of great benefit to the future development of MSN.

    As for Lu Chen, let alone.

    He is counting on Lu Chen to help producer MSN's debut album.

    Chen Feier smiled and said: "Okay…"

    She and Lin Zhijie have known each other for many years and are friends. This little bit of help must be helped.

    Carrying a few new people is really nothing to her.

    Lu Chen also nodded. He also knew Lin Zhijie's thoughts.

    Chen Feier’s advice is on the one hand. The most important thing is to let one’s own listen to the original sound of MSN, so that he can create songs for MSN.

    Lin Zhijie quickly summoned the three girls of MSN.

    Mu Xiaochu, Su Jiajia and Ning Yu came over and said, "I am thankful to Fei Jie, thank you Lu Teacher."

    They all know that Lu Chen is likely to write songs for one's own album.

    Lu Chen is the author of the qualification and ability to create the album title song for Chen Feier. They just listened to the "Flower Woman" and they all felt the power of the two.

    I think that one's own has the opportunity to sing Lu Chen's work, MSN girls are a little excited.

    At present, in the popular Musical World, there are not many combinations of male and female groups, and the competition is for the young people's market.

    The number of idol groups is too large, the competition is too fierce, and the problem of homogenization is very prominent. Many men and women groups have imitated the style of Japanese and Korean in Europe and America, especially the influence of the Korean group.

    It is really too difficult for MSN to copy this successful route, and it is necessary to find another way to stand out.

    So what do they use to talk?

    It must be a good song that is truly outstanding and can be sung by countless people!

    Lin Zhijie put his bet on Lu Chen.

    Now is their chance to perform.

    Three beautiful girls entered the studio.

    In the gap between them, a man in the listening room greeted Chen Feier: "Philippine sister!"

    Chen Feier smiled and said: "Hu Xu, hello."

    The handsome man is nearly 1.8 meters tall and looks like a mature man's Charm. He is almost 30 years old. Voice is a bit low, and the speech has a very special taste.

    His name is Hu Xu. Is a very famous actor, has played a role in a number of film and television dramas, the evaluation in the circle is quite good, is a potential artist.

    When Hu Xu came in, Lu Chen recognized him.

    Chen Feier once had a cooperation with Hu Xu in a movie, and both sides knew each other.

    Entertainment Circle said that it is very big, and that small is actually very small.

    There are often intersections between Celebrity artists, and even if they don't know each other, it is easy to have an opportunity to know.

    As the so-called acting and excellent singing, Hu Xu intends to develop towards the popular Music. He sang two episodes of the drama series and came up with a solo album, so it will appear on the flying stone record today.

    There are also sings and excellent performances, such as Chen Feier, with her fame in the music world, even if one's own is not active, there are quite a few film companies looking for an invitation.

    It’s just that Chen Feier didn’t have much idea about film and television dramas. Friends have been through a few small characters.

    Hu Xu praised: "Today my luck is so good, I heard a really good song…"

    His gaze looked at Lu Chen and took the initiative to take action: "Is this Lu Chen?"

    Lu Chen nodded and shook his hand and said: "Hello Hu, I have seen your movie."

    Hu Xu smiled heartily: "I have also seen you playing the Chinese game, I admire your strength!"

    Lu Chen modest: "Hu Xu big brother is too praised."

    Hu Xu shook his head and said: "Don't say your talent in Music. Just about your appearance. It is also possible to develop into the film and television circle, which is much more handsome than me. I am worried that I was robbed of the rice bowl when I saw you! ”

    The people around him were teased by his words.

    Lu Chen was dumbfounded – this is a bit interesting.

    To talk about it, don't say Chen Feier before, even if you look at Hu Xu, you can also see people in another world.

    But now, he and the other party can talk on an equal footing and even make jokes with each other.

    However, Lu Chen was keenly aware that Chen Feier passed on a one-meaning look to one's own.

    In his heart, he smiled and said: "Hu Xu is too modest."

    I did not continue to talk about the topic mentioned by the other party.

    At this time, the MSN girl group started their singing in the studio.

    The songs sung by the three girls are the famous song "Rainbow after the Rain" by the former women's group.

    This rhythm is bright, melodic, and the lyrics of the lyrics are very suitable for female chorus, and they also fully express their voice characteristics.

    Mu Xiaochu's Voice is as sweet and clean as ever, and has a bit of a natural flavor.

    Su Jiajia's voice traits are more neutral, slightly hoarse, very resistant.

    As for Ning Hao, her voice recognition is not as high as that of Mu Xiaochu and Su Jiajia, but she definitely has to beat the latter two in terms of singing skills. The breath control is free and the rhythm of the song is very good.

    In the chorus part, the three-person combination brought to the audience a very layered girl. Although their cooperation with each other is not very tacit, there is almost no place for disharmony or conflict.

    As a minority group, MSN is fully qualified regardless of its appearance or singing voice!

    After they sang, Chen Fei patted her palm and smiled: "It's really good, very nice."

    The three girls expressed their gratitude.

    Lin Zhijie almost couldn't wait to ask Lu Chen: "Lu Teacher, do you give me some advice?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "There is no opinion now. Let me think about it after I go back!"

    At this moment, Lu Chen still does not know, Lin Zhijie does not just want him to write a song to MSN so simple!


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