Chapter 184 is not convinced

    When Lin Zhijie received a call from Chen Feier, Lu Chen opened his Chinese X7 and just entered the art park.

    Chen Feier is sitting in the position of co-pilot.

    She did not take the Mercedes-Benz business car that was worth more than one million yuan in the back. It seemed to have a special liking for Lu Chen, a car that was more than 200,000.

    The area of ​​the New Age Art Park cannot be said to be very large, but it is very rare to be in the Millennium Emperor's Capital. If it is built into commercial or residential real estate or office buildings, the value must be astronomical.

    Because it is Haidian Park in the southwest, Beijing University in the northeast, and the remains of Yuanmingyuan in the north, the geography and humanities and the surrounding environment are not replicable.

    The layout of the New Age Art Park is completely different from that of the ordinary commercial district. There are no high-rise buildings, some are rows of trees, flower beds, grasslands, and a distinctive low-rise building is surrounded by thick greenery. It feels more like coming to a large forest park.

    Lu Chen is the first time to come to the New Age Art Park.

    Following the System Notification of Car Navigation, he stopped in front of a gray-white building.

    There are only three floors in this building. The yellow and black flying stone record LOGO hanging on the wall is very eye-catching. The metal material shines in the sunlight, telling Lu Chen that he has not come to the wrong place.

    And Lu Chen also saw Lin Zhijie and others standing at the gate.

    Lu Chen and Chen Feier got off the bus together, and the people of Fei Shi records greeted them. The meeting was a warm greeting.

    "Miss Chen Feier!"

    Although Chen Feier has been working with Fei Shi Records for many years, the relationship between the two sides has been good. The former has also been to Fei Shi records many times, but the number of gifts on Fei Shi records is still very thoughtful.

    "Lu Chen…"

    After welcoming Chen Feier, Lin Zhijie put his attention on Lu Chen’s body: "Welcome welcome."

    Lu Chen shook hands with him. Smiled: "Thank you Lin Director, please also advise."

    Lin Zhijie smiled heartily: "I can't dare to teach." Your achievements in Music have surpassed me. I will introduce you to the colleagues of several companies! ”

    Through his introduction, Lu Chen met Yi Xiangjun, deputy general manager of Fei Shi Records, and manager Lu Tai of manager…

    There is also the chief composition and arranger Fan Jun.

    I don't know if it is an illusion. Lu Chen feels that this chief composer is not very friendly to one's own. When he shakes hands, he smiles and smiles. He seems to have hidden some kind of machine front.


    Lu Chen did not care too much. Accompanied by Lin Zhijie and others, he followed Chen Feier into the Fei Shi record.

    This record company, which has been famous for 30 years in the world and has the best scale, has occupied this three-storey building, so the space inside is very generous. In the style of decoration and decoration, it shows a rare atmosphere.

    Rows of fully transparent floor-to-ceiling glass bring in the outdoor sunlight and scenery, and the simple but elegant layout makes work in it a pleasure.

    On the walls of the aisles of the corridors, there are also large portraits, all of which are photos of Celebrity artists who have been or are still under the record of Fei Shi Records. They are also famous for Lu Chen!

    The quality of employees of Fei Shi Records is very high. Perhaps is also used to the big name Celebrity. No one is watching Chen Feier, and he greeted the greetings with courtesy.

    This kind of atmosphere makes Lu Chen secretly sigh, the depth of the flying stone record!

    After a group of people sat down in the spacious and bright VIP reception room, after the tea coffee was delivered, Lin Zhijie asked: "Feier, is the title song of your new album really determined?"

    to be frank. I just heard Chen Feier on the phone and said that it has been confirmed. When Lu Chen fought her new album title song, the Music Director of the Flying Stone record could not believe it.

    As early as more than a month ago. Chen Feier began to invite songs for one's own album. Lin Zhijie helped recommend several new works by well-known authors in the circle. As a result, she was not very satisfied.

    Chen Feier's requirements for this album are very high, first of all the transformation of style.

    As everyone knows, it is not easy for a famous Singer to change his style, because his/her fans group has long been fixed, everyone is used to and likes the original style of Singer.

    Therefore, once the transformation of the work can not be satisfactory, the result will inevitably lead to the loss of the original fans, but also can not attract new fans, the popularity and brand value will be greatly reduced.

    In the popular Musical World, Singer, which has been eliminated by the market due to the failure of transformation, is countless!

    Chen Feier is even more difficult.

    She is a sweet song for more than ten years. The voice and image have long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Although she is facing the problem of shrinking the market, she can still eat for a lifetime by eating the old one.

    However, Lin Zhijie is also very clear that Chen Feier is not pursuing fame and fortune now. She has already earned enough money and her reputation has reached its peak. I don’t know how many awards I have won.

    What she pursues is undoubtedly a breakthrough in her career!

    And to achieve her goals through a new album is a great challenge for any creator.

    Can Lu Chen do it?

    Lin Zhijie does not doubt Lu Chen's strength and talent, otherwise he will not force the public to insist that Lu Chen to produce MSN's debut album, but Chen Feier's situation is completely different.

    Her fans are mainly two generations after 70 and 80. MSN is mainly after 90 and 00!

    This determines the great difference in the style of the song.

    Lu Chen’s creative talents are basically concentrated on folk songs and light rock and roll. He will not let Chen Feier transform to folk songs or rock and roll.

    Think about that picture, Lin Zhijie will be drunk.

    Chen Feier chuckled: "Linda, wait until you have heard it, I know, I Believe Lu Chen's new work will not let you down, my album will be around these two songs!"

    Her Voice is soft and sweet, but with an unshakable firmness.

    Yi Xiangjun and Fan Jun and others looked at each other in dismay. They did not expect Chen Feier to have such great confidence in Lu Chen.

    Is Lu Chen’s new work really good?

    Yi Xiangjun faintly regretted that one's own previous opposition to Lin Zhijie seemed to be a bad decision.

    Fan Jun secretly clenched his fist, and his heart was more convinced.

    This kind of dissatisfaction is actually a famous senior, vigilant, jealous and even resentful to the newcomers in the younger generation.

    But in front of Chen Feier, Fan Jun did not dare to expose his inner feelings directly.

    He needs to wait for a more appropriate opportunity.

    Lin Zhijie smiled and said: "That's really good to listen!"

    Suddenly, he said: "Feier, we have just set up a female group called MSN Girl Group, and I want them to come to know you. Please give me a lot of advice."

    Lin Zhijie and Chen Feier have known each other for many years, and they have also produced the album of the latter. The relationship between the two is very good.

    So taking advantage of this opportunity, he wants to recommend MSN to Chen Feier. If the big day coffee is willing to carry it, it is a great help for MSN!

    "MSN beauty girl combination?"

    Chen Feier first stunned and immediately smiled: "The name is a bit interesting, let them come over."


    Lu Chen's look is a little weird. He knows that MSN is the first letter combination of the three characters of the beautiful girl, but this name reminds him of a chat software in the dream world.

    After half a minute, the three members of the MSN girl group appeared in the VIP reception room.

    3 people wear the same style of white dress, but the color of the skirt is divided into red, yellow and purple, basically the same height, the same pretty cute, revealing youthful atmosphere.

    Their faces are full of excitement and excitement. After coming in, they will be simultaneously saluting Chen Feier: "Philippine sister is good!"

    Chen Feier nodded and smiled: "Hello…Xiaochu? ”

    She was surprised that one of the members of MSN was amazed by Mu Xiaochu.

    Mu Xiaochu shyly smiled: "Fei sister is good, the school is good."

    The last three words are for Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen was also surprised: "Well…Hello, Xiaochu. ”

    He did not expect Mu Xiaochu to become a member of the women's team after signing the Fei Shi record.

    Lin Zhijie smiled and said: "I will introduce you to…"

    Mu Xiaochu, 19 years old, is from the Beijing Foreign Studies University and one of the top five singers of "Singing China".

    Lu Chen and Chen Feier are already familiar with her and do not need to introduce them.

    Mu Xiaochu is a member of M in MSN.

    S member Su Jiajia, also 19 years old, was originally a trainee of Fei Shi records.

    Her looks are sweeter, the goose egg face willow eyebrows, the lips are red and white and cheerful, and the tiger teeth are still laughing.

    The last one is Ning Wei, 20 years old from the Northern Music College, which is a real class.

    Ning Yu is the oldest of the three, the best and the most beautiful.

    Her eyes are very moving, and when she smiles, she seems to be talking, and people are attracted to it.

    MSN beauty girl combination, really worthy of the name!

    Chen Feier shook hands with them and praised: "It's really beautiful, Lin Da Ge, your vision is very good, I Believe, their combination will be successful!"

    Lin Zhijie said: "That depends on everyone's support…"

    He said, he looked at Lu Chen meaningfully: "Lu Chen, I am ready to invite you to the song, you are a Junior Brother sister with Xiao Xiao, you must help this busy!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "You have said Lin Da Ge, then I definitely have to come up with good works."

    Who sells songs to sell? Not to mention that he still wants to fly the record.

    The CD of the same table, the production and distribution of the posters, and the distribution of the posters must be completed by Flying Stone.

    Lin Zhijie laughed, he did not continue on this topic.

    Otherwise, the faces of Yi Xiangjun and Fan Jun could not be hanged.

    He said: "Let's come together to listen to your new work!"

    I don't know how, the Music Director is full of confidence in Lu Chen's new work.

    He can't wait to hear it!


The first one is sent, and the bottom ticket is guaranteed! ! ! (To be continued~^~)

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