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Chapter 180—The birth of a commercial Legendary!

    Meng Meng is an ordinary girl.

    Her family is ordinary, her grades are ordinary, her high school is normal, and her height is ordinary. It belongs to the ordinary in the crowd.

    Of course, the 18-year-old girl has one's own interests and hobbies. Meng Meng likes to sing and listen to Music, and even can hold a few simple songs with a guitar, although the level is equally common.

    The most glorious moment of her 18-year life was to sing a "Edelweiss" at the school's New Year's party last year, which won the applause and applause of many students.

    Unfortunately, I did not win the favor of the male gods in my mind.

    But Meng Meng is not sad, because she knows the distance between her dreams and reality. She likes to never confess, just like she likes several Singer idols, but she doesn't go crazy to chase stars and spend money to buy peripheral products.

    It’s all about cheating!

    She said to one's own, I like Singer to buy his album, and the rest are used to lie to fans.

    Sometimes Meng Meng is also incredible for the rationality of one's own.

    Until two months ago, she saw a video in the group.

    The content of this video is a program clip of a college graduation party. A very handsome boy is playing a song called "The Flowers" on the stage.

    It was this Meng Meng’s repeated readings of dozens of singing videos that made her know Lu Chen!

    The girl’s heart suddenly fell into disarray.

    Meng Meng became Lu Chen's fans.

    She searched the Internet for information related to Lu Chen, knew the latter's blog, post, flight group, live broadcast, and also joined the Lu Chen fans support group – Lu Jiajun!

    In Lu Jiajun, where the boy accounts for more than 80%, he can write a small fresh text and a song review, plus the identity of a girl. Meng Meng's ID "Mengmeng" actually got a very high popularity.

    This makes Meng Meng spend most of his leisure time in Lu Chen's fans circle.

    In this virtual big family. She is confident and beautiful!

    September 23 is Wednesday, a very ordinary day.

    At 10:25 in the evening, Meng Meng finally completed all the homework exercises today.

    The third year of study has been very heavy, although the parents do not have much expectations for her, but Meng Meng one's own wants to take a second university, so she is still very serious about her usual study.

    She hopes to improve her academic performance in the last year of high school.

    But this does not hinder her love for Lu Chen.

    Collapsed homework and papers, Meng Meng can't wait to land on the wave blog.

    Brushing blogs every day has become one of her habits. The Lujia Legion V of Inspur blog is one of her online homes. She likes to talk about music with thousands of friends in the discussion area. Chatting with Lu Chen’s song.

    In this way, Meng Meng has released the pressure from academics.

    According to the habit, she first opened the personal blog of Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen FMX, fans number: 6720056.

    Also rose a lot of powder!

    The number of fans who saw the blog went up by tens of thousands, and Meng Meng showed a smile of joy.

    When Lu Chen's popularity grows, she is always very fulfilled and feels happy.

    She used to see a brainless fan of Celebrity. I always secretly despise in my heart, and now it seems that one's own is also fast.

    Meng Meng spit out his tongue and his eyes moved to the latest blog post by Lu Chen.

    Her eyes are bright!

    The "You at the Same Table" album crowdfunding event started!

    Meng Meng has already known about this issue of the CD album on the online sales album of Fetion.

    She is holding her hands in favor and eagerly looking forward to it.

    The album downloaded from the website is very cheap and convenient, but it has no real sense, making her CD player useless. It is a huge regret.

    Meng Meng is like many Music lovers. I believe that the sound quality of CD is stronger than the loss of high quality audio files.

    Now that I have seen the long-awaited CD record coming out, she is very excited.

    Just to make her wonder is. "What is crowdfunding?

    After reading the contents of the blog post, Meng Meng was able to understand it. The original so-called "crowdfunding" is that everyone gathers money!

    If you reach the goal of pre-funding, then release the official CD album, if you can't reach the goal…

    How could it not be achieved?

    Meng Meng knows that there are many, many Lu Jiajun fans waiting for this CD album to be like one's own.

    She must do a part of one's own Strength.

    Meng Meng opened the website inside the blog post and entered the so-called crowdfunding network.

    The Speed ​​of the landing is very fast, the design of the website is simple and clear, and there is no ugly pop-up advertisement. The middle banner area is the publicity picture of the album "You at the same table". Lu Chen is very handsome with the guitar.

    According to the website guide, Meng Meng successfully registered a member.

    After the account is successfully established, she can choose which way to support Lu Chen's first album.

    There are a total of 4 choices.

    The first Lottery choice was directly ignored by Meng Meng. She never believed that this small probability Luck event would fall on one's own head and even the lottery ticket was never bought.

    The second option is to support 15 yuan for a genuine record, Meng Meng subconsciously wants to choose support.

    But the third and fourth support options later made Meng Meng hesitate.

    Signature poster, support group order U disk, key ring, metal card…She really wants it too!

    It is contrary to her previous habits to buy the surrounding, which makes her very tangled.

    Although there is not much money, Meng Meng can fully support it. But if the classmates and friends know that her person who has never bought Celebrity products is an exception, is it a bit ugly?

    who cares!

    Meng Meng bit his teeth and manipulated the mouse to point to the fourth support item.

    She wants to buy a package of 188 yuan!

    But what Meng Meng didn't think of at all was that her mouse had just been pressed, and a prominent System Notification popped up on the screen – [This item is sold out, please forgive me, you can choose other support items! 】


    Meng Meng suddenly felt the thunder, how to sell it?

    At this time she noticed below the support button. There are display support numbers: 1000/1000!

    Limited to 1000 sets!

    Meng Meng realized this, she was late.

    Fortunately, the above 100 yuan package shows 975/1000. Description 25 sets have not been sold.

    So Meng Meng quickly ordered the third choice, otherwise it would be too late.

    [Please note that this item has been sold out, you can choose other support items! 】

    Actually still the same System Notification!

    Meng Meng stunned, and quickly pressed F5 to refresh the page, and found that it is already 1000/1000!

    The words "support" on both buttons have all become "sold out" and can no longer be clicked.

    Both packages are sold out!


    Meng Meng dropped the mouse and shouted with his hands on his head.

    Her heart is really depressed to the extreme.

    I have been there for a long time, and the blink of Kungfu has been robbed!

    I knew that she had not hesitated before, and maybe she could get a set.

    This is a limited edition commemorative version of Lu Chen's debut album!

    The first 15-yuan CD record does not have any quota restrictions. You can buy it at will.

    But Meng Meng feels one's own as if he has lost his beloved treasure.

    With infinite resentment, she landed in the discussion area of ​​the Lujia Legion V and posted a complaint about one's own grievance.

    As a result, Meng Meng found that there were more than one person who had the same experience as one's own.

    Many people are complaining that they have not grabbed the limited edition package, or hesitate hesitate. It is too late to buy again.

    Someone jumped out to show off one's own record.

    This guy actually opened 5 accounts and bought 5 sets of 188 limited edition!

    Meng Meng finally knows why one's own did not grab it. For the first time on the Internet, I was mad at someone.

    Then the other party was drowned by countless saliva, and it was sprayed out of the skin, and quickly disappeared.

    There is no way for everyone, so they rushed to Lu Chen’s blog and strongly urged to open limited edition support!

    Such a situation was not thought of by Lu Chen.

    When Meng girl is on the blog ridicule, he is in the 29th floor of the same studio in his own studio, the crowdfunding network headquarters – Beijing Mu Chen Crowd Network Co., Ltd.!

    This company divested the newly established company from Lu Chen studio. Occupy an area of ​​500 square meters. It took more than a million to renovate only, and it was done under the hiring situation.

    Nearly 30 employees have been hired in the company. Since the crowdfunding network was officially launched at night, more than half of the employees worked overtime in the office area to ensure the smooth operation of the website.

    And they were fortunate enough to witness the birth of a commercial Legendary!

    "The 100 and 188 packages are all sold out, it only took two and a half hours…"

    Miss Li Mushi, Miss Li, stood in front of the projection screen and expressed her enthusiasm to the employees. “We have completed the scheduled crowdfunding goal and our first project has been a complete success!”

    A newly established website, a new business model that has not been market-tested, the first operating project was declared successful in just two hours without any investment publicity investment.

    The 500,000 crowdfunding target has all broken through and is still rising.

    Although there are not many commissions for 7%, which website can earn money immediately after it is operated?

    Most of the websites are desperate to save money in the early stage, and they all rely on free to attract customers.

    Crowdfunding has subverted this conventional model, which is an incredible miracle!

    Among the staff present, there are senior insiders who have been dug by the headhunters. They are very clear about what this means!

    This company has a promising future!

    Everyone is very happy that one's own has joined as the first employee, because the company has promised that any employee can get an option reward as long as they work hard to make a performance.

    If one day crowdfunding online market, employees with equity may be able to become a millionaire!

    Such stories are common in the IT industry.

    Everyone could not help but cheered and slammed the palms!

    Li Mushi turned around and extended his hand to Lu Chen. He said with a smile: "Chairman Lu Chen, Congratulations you!"

    Lu Chen shook her and smiled: "Tong Hsi!"


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