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Chapter 161 is coming to war!

    Lu Xi, Chen Xin, Li Feiyu, Chen Xiang and Li Mubai.

    Lu Chen’s bright eyes swept slowly from the faces of everyone present.

    Some of them are relatives of Lu Chen, some are friends, some are former colleagues, and the original fans.

    Because of the marginal meeting, everyone sat together and formed a team of Xiaoxiao.

    No matter what career you used to be, or what you did, everyone is now a newcomer to the Entertainment Circle. Without enough experience and strength, it is full of confusion for the future.

    Let Lu Chen have confidence is the unity of this team!

    The current studio is like a sprouting seedling, and it is very fragile, but the roots supporting the young leaves are flexible and full of vitality. Even in the face of the crushing of the big stones and the baptism of the storm, there is still a strong strength.

    He is fearless.

    "In fact, everyone thinks the problem is too serious."

    Lu Chen said with a smile: "We don't need to beat anyone. This album is successful as long as it is sold on the shelf, and we don't need to bother with others to compete for the sales list. The key is to recover the cost."

    "Our cost is very low."

    The album "You at the Same Table" has a low production cost and is unimaginable to most people in the industry.

    Generally speaking, a complete album with good quality and excellent performance costs between hundreds of thousands and millions. It is normal for more than one million, plus the publicity cost of three or four million.

    And "You at the same table" all the production costs, only 100,000!

    All 10 songs were written by Lu Chen one's own. He didn't need to spend 1 cent to buy songs from others. This first saved at least a hundred thousand or even hundreds of thousands.

    A good-selling songwriter, a song with a price of tens of thousands is normal.

    Secondly, in terms of arrangement, accompaniment and recording. Lu Chen did not choose a leading production unit in the industry, such as a big company like Tianzhu Workshop. Instead, it was placed in the notorious Nirvana studio.

    This saves hundreds of thousands!

    According to the words of Lin Shijie, the director of the music record, the album that Nirvana Studio produced for Lu Chen should have a real value between 200,000 and 300,000. He is a big bargain.

    The production cost of 100,000 is only equivalent to the price of a general advertisement for 10 days in Fetion Music Network!

    Plus this advertising fee, the cost of removing labor is 200,000!

    According to the contract signed by Lu Chen studio and Fetion Music, "You at the same table" only sells the album without dismantling the single. The average member price is 10 yuan / piece, and the VIP member is 20% off.

    Lu Chen Studio and Feixin Music are divided into 50%, each party is half.

    Even if it is all in accordance with the VIP price. As long as you sell 50,000 copies, you can recover the cost, which is more than the net profit.

    Such a profit rate is that Cui Zhengzhi, Zou Yu or Ling Xiaoxiao can't catch up.

    They have to pay tens of millions of advertising fees for the album, plus the cost of production, they have to sell at least four or five hundred thousand copies to protect the book, that is, unless it is cheating, it is completely impossible to achieve sales.

    Of course, whether it is Cui Zhengzhi, or Zou Wei, Ling Xiaoxiao. The companies they signed up could not think of relying on the network to sell the albums to recover the cost, mainly through the artist's business performance, advertisement, surrounding and so on.

    Therefore, the goals of both parties are different at the beginning.

    Lu Chen's requirements are not high, and the cost of recovery is very satisfying. As long as the album's word of mouth is played out, the number of coffee and the squad in the circle is improved, and there are opportunities for making money.

    Therefore, Lu Chen does not need to fight against them. Not even desperately to save money to gamble.

    "We just have to do one's own thing!"

    Lu Chen said to everyone: "He is strong and strong. What is the relationship with Cui Zhengzhi on the same day? Our goal is 50,000 sales, reaching 50,000 is to win! ”

    "50,000 small meaning…"

    Li Mubai said with disapproval: "Lu Jiajun has more than 50,000 members. There are over a million fans in the live broadcast, and there are 5 million in the wave blog! ”

    Lu Chen smiled and shook his head. In addition to Lu Jiajun's hardcore powder, how many fans of live broadcast and Inspur blog can be converted into paying users is completely unknown, especially the moisture of blog fans is great.

    His wave blog attention number is more than 5 million, reaching the basic requirements of the big V, but passers-by accounted for the majority, many of them were attracted in the last two blog battles, not really fans.

    It is too naive to expect these passers-by to pay for songs.

    Of course, there is Lu Jiajun's iron powder support, and there should be no problem with the sales of 50,000.

    Compared with the online sales of Fetion Music, Lu Chen is actually more concerned about the album, which is really hard!


    At this time, Lu Xi’s cell phone resting on his desk suddenly rang.

    She took it up and looked at it, then opened one's own computer: "Xiaomei said there is news for us to see."

    Xiaomei sister Xiaomei worked as a receptionist at Lu Chen studio. In her free time, she also helped Lu Xi to search and browse the news online, especially the Eight Trigrams news and insider news in Entertainment Circle.

    She now sent a video link to Lu Xi’s flight.

    "Cui Zhengzhi's…"

    Lu Xi clicked on the link and turned the computer screen to show it to everyone.

    The source of the video is the Inspur Online Entertainment Channel, which is an exclusive interview with Cui Zhengzhi by Inspur reporters. is one of Domestic's largest portals. It has two advantages of Inspur Blog and Inspur Game. Therefore, Inspur's entertainment channel has great influence in Entertainment Circle.

    But it is not an easy task to get an exclusive interview with Inspur. Unless it is real, it must be paid for, and it is also an important part of publicity.

    On the 27-inch high-definition screen, Cui Zhengzhi is talking to the entertainment reporter's microphone.

    Inspur Entertainment asked: "Mr. Cui Zhengzhi, I heard that your first solo album is about to be released soon?"

    Cui Zhengzhi smiled and said: "Yes, this month, on the 8th of the launch of the Music in Music, welcome everyone to subscribe to buy."

    Cui Zhengzhi is 20 years old and 2 years younger than Lu Chen. He was a trainee at the Republic of Korea KGManager Corporation for three years and then returned to Domestic.

    Last year, he participated in the "Super Male Voice" draft of Shonan Satellite TV. Cui Zhengzhi won the runner-up title. He can sing and dance and has a strong Han Xing temperament, so he is very popular with many boys and girls.

    Inspur Entertainment: "So what is the style of your album?"

    Cui Zhengzhi replied without hesitation: "The passion, the warmth, can make everyone's heart beat faster. Among the ten songs, there are four songs written by me one's own, I believe that will not let everyone down!"

    Inspur entertained and laughed: "Everyone said that you are a very talented singer. As far as I know, Lu Chen, the winner of this year's Chinese singer, will be on the same day, with the first album of Fetion Music. Are you under pressure?"

    I heard that the wave of entertainment was obviously provocative, and everyone finally understood why Xiaomei sister would send this interview video to Lu Xi.

    “There is no pressure!”

    Cui Zhengzhi smiled confidently: "Lu Chen is a very strong singer, but I am stronger than him, my album is even better, so the winner must be me!"

    "He is so mad!"

    Chen Xin couldn't help but say: "I don't put my morning brother in my eyes."

    Li Mubai clenched his fist: "This guy…"

    Cui Zhengzhi is really crazy, and it is not ordinary confidence, as if it were a character.

    In the eyes of the fans, Cui Zhengzhi is sincere and not hypocritical. What is said that it is not false.

    But if I really thought that he didn't have a slap in the face, it would be a big mistake!

    The new artist returned from the Republic of Korea knows how to cook. When he is modest, he is still very modest.

    As for Lu Chen, it is obviously not his humble object.

    Inspur Entertainment remembered this topic very much, and further questioned: "Why are you so confident that a few songs on Lu Chen's album are still very good."

    Cui Zhengzhi nodded and said: "The song he wrote is good, but it is really outdated. It belongs to the nostalgic style of the 1980s and 1990s, and I know what young people like me really like!"


    Li Feiyu heard the lungs blow up quickly: "It's just a shame!"

    It is good to say that in fact, Lu Chen stepped directly on the soles of his feet, and everyone in the speech can hear it.

    You said that there is nothing to say to others in private, but the public interview is so unintentional, not to mention Li Feiyu and Li Mubai and others, even Lu Chen frowned.

    The clay figurines still have three points of fire!

    They are all stepped on the head. If he is still indifferent, what can he be a man?

    Lu Chen is not a Ninja turtle!

    Chen Xiang pissed off said: "I used to like him very much. Now I know that he is so annoying!"

    Lu Xi calmly said: "He is an intentionally hype topic."

    After a period of study and research, my sister had a basic understanding of the various hype tricks in the Entertainment Circle. Cui Zhengzhi and Inspur Entertainment remembered what doubles she was singing. She looked at it at a glance.

    This kind of hype is considered to be very careful.

    But can't stand it!

    The key is that Cui Zhengzhi is not afraid to be said that he has full confidence that he can press Lu Chen on sales.

    With so many publicity advertisements going down, you can also die in the morning.

    The winners are not condemned, and the fans will only praise!

    Lu Chen suddenly smiled and said: "It doesn't seem to be serious. It's not good, sister, then we also spend some money on the Internet, no, it is publicity publicity!"

    Originally, Lu Chen didn't want to spend too much money on the promotion of this album. Now his thoughts have changed.

    Lu Xi suddenly brightened his eyes: "Do you have any good ideas?"

    Lu Chen said: "Let me think about it first…"

    His eyes stared at Cui Zhengzhi, who was flying on the screen, and there was a bit of coldness in his eyes.

    Since you want to fight, then come and fight!


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