The 167th chapter of the silent majority

    Cui Zhengzhi's "Fire" is worth 40,000+ on the Fetion Music website. Those who are careful in the comments section of the album can find out that the comments inside are clearly polarized.

    More than half of them are praised, and many of them are short comments about “top good”, such as “too nice!”A wonderful album! ""There are countless good scores for 10 points like "Supporting Opa Oppa", and there is a lot of repetition of the same content.

    These comments are arranged up and down in a densely packed manner, and the formation is very neat.

    There is a taste of false prosperity.

    Of course, there are some praises for the detailed comments, but there is no doubt a lot less than the bad reviews.

    The low scores of the bad reviews are more realistic than the high scores. Many members who bought the albums don't have a high opinion on "Fire". The general view is that the album is too religious in the Republic of Korea. The feeling for them is the same, there are not many surprises and highlights.

    Some people say that they have regretted buying. Although there is only 8 yuan, it is enough to buy a single "fire" single.

    There are also people who ridiculed that the songs on this album are like the cosmetic of the Republic of Korea – all of them are poured out by a model, and several songs are like twins.

    Some people even want to refund money!

    In contrast, Lu Chen's "You at the same table" comment is also about 40,000, which is less than "Fire."

    However, more than 90% of the commentary area of ​​this album is highly praised, and most of the comments are all in a nutshell, not a simple response to a fixed pattern.

    Some people like "You at the same table", some people like "The Flowers", some people appreciate "Love in the Wind", and others have listened to "The Brightest Stars in the Night Sky" repeatedly, but still not tired.

    An audio member named "Morning Star" named "Morning Star" said in the comments: "I like Lu Chen's album. Because it brought me back to the beautiful campus Era, I remembered my first love. I remembered the brothers who slept in my upper store, remembered those who liked me and I liked them, and remembered the youthful years that could not be traced back. ”

    "Although I have heard most of the works on the live version, the complete album is still very different. The arranger and the accompaniment are very hard. The 8 yuan is worth the money. I hope to buy the CD. ."

    Another ID called "World Traveler" is written like this: "I have seen Lu Chen singing in China. I have a few songs that made me really touched, so after I knew that he was out of the album. , the first time to buy the download. No disappointment, it feels really good. ”

    "For this album, I want to say, Lu Chen, you are an extraordinary singer!"

    There are quite a few similar comments, and some even tell the story of one's own youth.

    This kind of commentary atmosphere is in stark contrast with "Fire"!

    At the same time, it also deeply stimulated someone.


    A valuable brand-name mouse was heavily photographed on the desk. The plastic at the bottom was suddenly split, revealing the circuit board inside, and it was completely dead.

    Cui Xiuyin, who heard the movement inside the room, hurried over and held the cell phone in his hand.

    She looked worriedly at the younger brother sitting in front of the computer and opened her mouth, but did not know what to say.

    Originally, she and Cui Zhengzhi should leave Shanghai and Shanghai to Shacheng today. As a result, the sale of the album was delayed. The subsequent itinerary and announcement arrangements will be changed. The consequences are very troublesome.

    It’s just that Cui Zhengzhi’s mood is too bad, and Cui Xiuyin doesn’t even dare to persuade.

    She is too aware of her brother's character. I am used to the wind, and I am upset when I encounter setbacks. All kinds of bad tempers will follow. Now it is still good to just break a mouse.

    Today is September 11th, Lu Chen's "The Same Table" album total sales exceeded 150,000, big sale is a foregone conclusion.

    There is even hope for achievement [Platinum Record]!

    Cui Zhengzhi's "Fire" sales directly dive, barely more than 90,000, the gap is desperate.

    In just three days, he seemed to fall from heaven to hell.

    Even if this sales result is very good.

    After a moment, Cui Zhengzhi asked: "Sister, is the company calling you again?"

    Cui Xiuyin sighed and said: "Yes, the company is very pissed off, has stopped the publicity of the new album, and no longer buys the list, so you must rush to Shacheng tomorrow, otherwise…"

    “And my parents also called and asked about your situation.”

    Cui Zhengzhi was bored for two days in the hotel. He did not answer the phone and did not answer the phone. The company was furious.

    Although she used the excuses of illness to smother, it is not a human being.

    Cui Zhengzhi reached out and closed the laptop and slammed the face of one's own. Voice hoared and said: "I know, we will go to Shacheng tomorrow, and you will reschedule me in the back."

    "it is good!"

    Seeing that his younger brother has revived, Cui Xiuyin is also very happy: "It doesn't matter if you lose this time. What you have in the future is the chance to defeat the Lu Chen!"

    Cui Zhengzhi nodded hard.

    But in his mind, there are still those comments that I have seen on the Internet. The bad reviews of one's own and the praise of Lu Chen seem to be like a root thorn, and he is going crazy!

    Lu Chen!

    Cui Zhengzhi firmly remembered the name, and he vowed to wash away the shame of today!

    On September 12th, "You at the same table" sold more than 180,000.

    On September 13, it broke through 200,000.

    September 15th, 250,000!

    At the 7-day time, the album created the best weekly sales record for the six-year-old Fetion Media. It even overwhelmed many of the best-quality Domestic Singer albums and became the best new album sales in years.

    In contrast, Cui Zhengzhi's "Fire" is inferior, with a total sales of 110,000 in 7 days, less than half in the morning!

    At this point, there is a lot less Voice on the Internet about Lu Chen.

    The reason is very simple, because everyone knows that Lu Chen is an independent artist. There is no powerful entertainment manager company behind him. It is possible to buy a sales volume of 20,000 or 30,000. It is completely different to reach this level.

    Singer's online sales are different from physical record sales. In the first week, sales often account for about 50% of total sales. 250,000 weeks of sales means that "you at the same table" is likely to break through the 500,000 mark.

    500,000 copies means the certification of [Platinum Records], which means 4 million sales!

    According to the 50% share, and then deduct 10% of the tax, Lu Chen can get a full 1.6 million!

    How much is his cost on this album? It is estimated to be hundreds of thousands.

    All the songs are written by Lu Chen one's own.

    It’s just making money!

    The industry inside the circle does not know how many people are jealous, and more people feel incredible.

    Why is this already on-site version, and there are no large-scale publicity hype albums that will sell so much?

    On the evening of September 15th, Chen Guodong, who was certified as the “Lecturer of the Music Department of Beijing Normal University”, issued a long blog post titled “Most Silent People”.

    As a university lecturer, Chen Guodong has little to do with Entertainment Circle, but in the popular Musical World, his name is widely known, and he is a well-known Music critic, amateur and many Muslim websites and magazines.

    In this long blog post, he focuses on Lu Chen's album that has been widely watched by the industry.

    At the opening of the blog post, Chen Guodong said that he attended the New Year's party at the Normal University on the 10th. He heard four songs at the party, namely "You at the same table" and "Sleeping in my upper store." Brothers, "The Flowers" and "The Brightest Stars in the Night Sky"!

    These four songs are all from Lu Chen's "You at the Same Table" album, and all of them have been welcomed by the students. The singing of several boys even attracted the audience's enthusiastic applause and applause.

    In contrast, several popular popular songs and dance programs are reverberant.

    This has caused Chen Guodong's deep thoughts. Why is Lu Chen's campus folk songs so popular with college students and sold so popular on Fetion Music Online?

    He analyzed that it should be that the album touched the feelings of "the silent majority."

    The so-called "silent majority" is actually ordinary young people and ordinary popular Music lovers, they live by you and me, some on campus, and some in the community.

    They like to listen to the popular Music, but they don't go to the stars. If they want to listen to the song, they go online to search for one's own favorite free download, and they won't easily comment.

    This huge group is often overlooked by Entertainment Manager Corporation at publicity because they are not like Celebrity's fans group can bring huge profits to one's own.

    Therefore, the popular market trend of Music is to cater to the fans. The most popular Japanese and Korean winds in Europe and America are the best evidence. Entertainment companies and Singer Celebrity are changing to meet the needs of these people.

    Domestic Music The decline of original Strength has a lot to do with this bias!

    But are "most people who are silent" willing to accept it passively?

    The answer is obviously negative.

    They even include some Celebrity fans, who have already become tired of this kind of imitation and copying the entertainment atmosphere of Japanese and Korean in Europe and America. They don't want to listen to the same songs, but they can't help.

    Because the whole market is like this.

    However, Lu Chen's appearance turned out to be like a fresh wind blowing into the popular Musical World. His original "Campus Folk Song" works undoubtedly let people see the new hope of local originality!

    So the energy that has been accumulated for a long time has erupted. The most direct response is to drive the sales of "You at the same table". There must be many people who usually listen to free songs, and they willingly take out 8 yuan to support Lu Chen.

    Therefore, Lu Chen can defeat the opportunistic Cui Zhengzhi with the ravages.

    The latter is precisely the representative of the Korean Wave Music.

    This is support, but also a silent struggle, is the "most people of silence" of Strength.

    At the end of the blog post, Chen Guodong believes that the popular Musical World of Domestic should really start to reflect!

    Don't ignore the "most people who are silent"


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