Chapter 163, Li Mushi

    Capital International Airport.

    A Boeing 747 was firmly parked on the tarmac.

    The CA897 flight has just flown from Beijing, United States, to Beijing for a 13-hour flight.

    In the arrival hall on the first floor of the T1 terminal building, Lu Chen, Lu Xi and Li Mubai are standing in the crowd.

    They came to greet Li Mubai’s sister Li Mushi to return home.

    After a while, a large number of passengers appeared in the passage ahead, and the entire arrival hall became smashed.


    Li Mubai found a familiar figure among the passengers and quickly waved.

    It was a beautiful woman in her twenties. Dan Fengyan’s eyebrows and eyebrows were bright and fangs. I saw her wearing a new beige white Chanel autumn outfit, which was slender and slender, and a pair of long legs caught the attention.

    From the gaze of the passengers around us, we can see how outstanding she is.

    Li Mushi, Li Mubai's second sister, Wharton graduate student!

    Although after a long international flight, Li Mushi still seems to be mentally awkward and has no fatigue.

    When she heard Li Mubai’s greeting, she heard a sound and turned her head, and her pretty face showed a charming smile.

    Dragging the dark blue suitcase, Li Mushi walked out of the gate and quickly came to Lu Chen and others.


    She put down her suitcase and suddenly reached out her hands, grabbing Li Mubai's cheek with lightning and left and right.

    Squeezing his brother's face hard, she smiled and asked: "Do you really want your sister?"

    "It hurts!"

    Li Mubai licked his mouth and did not dare to struggle. He could only plead with ambiguity: "I know it is wrong!"

    Li Mushi let go and smiled and asked: "Where are you wrong?"

    Li Mubai was crying and screaming at the face of one's own and said: "Sister. Let's go home and talk about it. Let me introduce you first. This is my good friend Lu Chen. ”

    "Hello there!"

    Li Mushi took the initiative to take action on Lu Chen, and said with a smile: "I am very happy to know you!"

    In front of Li Mubai, she is a queen-like sister, and she became a capable business person elite.

    "Welcome back to China!"

    Lu Chen smiled and shook hands with her, and introduced one's own sister: "This is my sister Lu Xi."

    Li Mushi’s smile suddenly became very charming, and Lu Xi was hugged with open arms: “I thought about what you would be like when I was in United States, and now I’ve finally met, no disappointment!”

    She came over and kissed Lu Xi’s face.

    Lu Xi did not think she was so enthusiastic. I only reacted when I was stunned: "Hello."

    The two had already passed the phone number many times before and discussed the crowdfunding network online.

    Li Mushi and Lu Xi are of the same age, and the majors of learning are the same. Naturally, there are many common topics.

    So although it is the first time a real person meets, it is no stranger.

    Lu Chen helped take the suitcase and everyone left the terminal together.

    Li Mubai drove one's own all-electric Porsche F17 four-door sports car.

    On the car, Li Mushi looked at the interior inside. He said: "Xiaobai, how many million did this sports car cost?" Now that your family has broken your pocket money, you can't afford it, and let me forget the tripoly. ”

    Although the Porsche F17 belongs to the electric car, the usual maintenance costs and insurance premiums are still very high. This luxury sports car paints a slap in the face and costs more than 100,000 for the whole vehicle to re-spray.

    Li Mushi’s embarrassment really poked the pain of Li Mubai.

    He and Lu Chen joined forces to engage in crowdfunding. The funds are all from home. However, as a condition, Li Mubai will be self-reliant in the future. If the crowdfunding network is profitable, he can get dividends. If it is a loss, you have to drink the northwest wind!

    And this matter has not been discussed, Li Mubai did not want to go on the boat.

    He said with a bitter face: "Thirty percent is too embarrassing, sister, if you want, you will be given 50% off."

    After the family broke off, the Tang Li Sanshao really couldn't afford a sports car.

    Li Mushi is willing to, he is really willing to let go.

    Just three folds are too bad, basically a new car!

    Li Mushi said that there was no discussion.

    Sitting in the morning driving of the co-pilot, I feel that this is very interesting to my sister.

    Lu Xixin always feels that Li Mobai’s sister is a bit strange, but he can’t say it.

    However, Li Mushi’s character did not say that she did not have the delicateness of the rich woman, and she was generous and beautiful.

    All the way to talk and laugh, the four people came to the creative park Lu Chen studio.

    Although the idea of ​​the crowdfunding platform comes from the hands of Lu Chen, the registration website and the application for creative protection are also in the name of studio, but after working with Li Mubai, crowdfunding network will be separated to set up a separate company.

    Li's energy is very large. He actually rented a 500-square-meter office building on the 29th floor of the same building to serve as the headquarters of the new company. It has just begun to be renovated.

    Li Mushi has just returned to China. She did not rush to go home immediately. One's own proposed to visit studio and the new company first.

    According to the results of the joint consultation between Lu Chen, Li Mubai, Lu Xi and Li Mushi, Lu Chen, the shareholder of, accounted for 51% and served as the legal representative of the company.

    Li Mubai took a stake of 5 million in cash and held 49% of the shares as the company's business manager.

    Equivalent to Li's valuation of crowdfunding network reached 10 million!

    Such a valuation can be said to be very kind, fully taking care of the friendship between Lu Chen and Li Mubai.

    Otherwise, Lu Chen alone provides a conceived idea that it is impossible to get such a high valuation in any venture capital. It is more likely that a penny of investment will not be mixed.

    Moreover, Li Jia is also responsible for the application for creative copyright protection.

    As a condition of cooperation, Li Mushi will be the first CEO of, responsible for the daily operation and management of the website.

    For such a result, Lu Chen is actually very satisfied.

    His original plan was to use crowdfunding network as a channel platform for one's own business. He did not think about investing a lot of time energy and money on the website to make it bigger and stronger.

    So being a pickpocket is his best choice.

    After looking at the circle and returning to the studio, Li Mushi asked about the Lu Chen album.

    Lu Chen’s debut album will also be the first project of Crowdfunding!

    "My album will be on the Music on the shelf tomorrow…"

    Lu Chen said: "Tomorrow is also the official online operation of crowdfunding network. I am still a bit confident about this one's own project. The target of pre-funding is 500,000, mainly for fans."

    "You have confidence!"

    Li Mu Shi nodded and said: "My big brother is very convinced of you, I am also optimistic about this crowdfunding platform, I hope everyone will have a good cooperation in the future, then I will come over tomorrow."

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Okay, it's hard for you."

    Li Mubai sent Li Mushi home. At the time of parting, Li Mushi took Lu Xi’s hand and said a lot.

    The brothers and sisters returned to the office.

    Lu Chen noticed that Lu Xi had a different look and could not help but ask: "Sister, what?"

    Lu Xi smiled bitterly: "Nothing, maybe I am a little bit more heart, we should first pay attention to the online situation!"

    Lu Chen didn't think too much, and turned on the computer and logged into one's own blog.

    In just a little more than a day, his blog fans increased by 300,000, and they are all active fans.

    This is the result of promoting hype on the web.

    Originally, Lu Chen did not intend to invest much publicity on the album of one's own "The Same Table". On the one hand, there is not much money available for studio, and every penny must be spent without spending.

    On the other hand, the media publicity's capital investment is bottomless. He does not accept announcements and commercial performances at present. In this respect, in addition to the cost of stacking high albums, the meaning is not great, and maybe the final loss.

    Lu Chen's album was first used to brush the grid, using a well-made record to prove the strength of one's own, while improving the number of coffee in the circle, so that cooperation with other companies has a full confidence.

    Compared with the online sales of Fetion Music, Lu Chen pays more attention to the release of CD records.

    Crowdfunding is born for CD distribution!

    But Cui Zhengzhi's provocation succeeded in arousing his anger, or more accurately, war.

    They have been given face-smacking. If you don't fight back, what is the name of the coffee station in the circle?

    So Lu Chen helped Chen Jianhao to find an internet marketing company to promote publicity.

    His actions are actually a bit late. Originally, online marketing required time to brew. It will be sold on the shelf tomorrow. It’s only a bit of a slap in the face, and the effect is much worse.

    That network marketing company did the same, but Lu Chen had one's own idea and insistence, and he also provided two materials for the speculation.

    The first material is the word "coming to war", as a network of hot words to speculate, directly revealing the grievances between him and Cui Zhengzhi, in order to attract the attention of those passers-by.

    The second material is Lu Chen’s video of the graduation party coming from the publicity office of Jianghai University.

    This video has been around for a long time, but it hasn't been moved before.

    He clipped a piece of one's own sing at the party and gave it to the marketing company for promotion. The focus was on the forums and posts to attract the attention of young people, especially the student body.

    In today's Internet age, most of the hot events on the Internet have the behind-the-scenes push. With the help of the strengths and fans of Lu Chen's own, it is impossible to promote his albums in a short time.

    To this end, the cost of Lu Chen's album has more than doubled!

    But the effect is really good, whether it is the "coming to war" hot words, or the graduation party video posts, just like viruses spread in blogs, posts, forums and Fetion groups.

    I believe that with the passage of time, the effect of promotion will get better and better, finally greatly increase the sales of the album!

    Of course, this is an ideal state, and the specific results have yet to be tested.

    Just start tomorrow!

    At 7:00 pm on September 8th, Lu Chen's first solo album "You at the Same Table" was sold at the Music on the shelf!


Second, send it, ask for a ticket! (To be continued~^~)

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