Chapter 169, Morning Sun District People

    Mu Xiaochu is a good girl.

    She is pure and cute, but she is also intelligent, and her appearance is also excellent.

    If you have any shortcomings, it is that she is not very tall.

    As for singing, Mu Xiaochu's talent is very good. Her voice is even praised by Chen Feier. She can reach the finals in thousands of national Singers, relying on luck.

    The most important thing is that she has a good impression on Lu Chen and is willing to get close to Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen’s feelings for Mu Xiaochu are also very good, but this feeling is not the kind of feeling between men and women.

    Mu Xiaochu is like his other sister, a sister worthy of taking care of and willing to take care of.

    Therefore, Lu Chen quietly helped her solve the trouble and drove away the annoying Zhang Xiaohai.

    Even if it may cause Zhang Xiaohai's hate.

    Mu Xiaochu was sitting next door to Lu Chen.

    Zhang Xiaohai's position is also nearby. This afternoon's National Day party rehearsal, including Lu Chen, the top five players in the "Singing China" Top Ten players are all coming.

    Of course, it is invited by Beijing Satellite TV.

    According to the original conditions of Lu Chen and Beijing Satellite TV, he licensed the copyright of "Singing and Singing" to Beijing Satellite TV for free, and in return will be on the stage of the TV National Day party.

    Originally, the two sides had a solo sing by Lu Chen, but now they have changed to the singer of the top five players, and the gold content has dropped greatly.

    When Lu Chen received a notice from Beijing Satellite TV a few days ago, it was uncomfortable.

    But he thought it would be relieved.

    This kind of party is also local in Beijing. There are undoubtedly many Celebrity artists who want to go to stage. There must be internal games and battles. Program changes are normal.

    For example, Mu Xiaochu, Zhang Xiaohai and another in the singer Singer. They are all signed on the flying stone record.

    And Fei Shi Records has a long-term good cooperation with Beijing Satellite TV.

    Lu Chen has no connections in Beijing Satellite TV, and he knows a few people. Moreover, he did not make efforts to carry out a strong public relations. If the program was not brushed down, even if it was Luck, the solo chorus was already given to the face.

    In this regard, Lu Chen’s understanding is very clear. He is not arrogant to think that Beijing Satellite TV needs to be one's own, and as a result of the argument, it is very likely that the relationship will be destroyed.

    In addition, Lu Chen attaches great importance to the performance of the party, but it has not reached the point where it is impossible.

    Therefore, Lu Chen’s mentality is very peaceful, and he will not blame and blame for injustice. He believes that as long as he strives to improve. One day, any stage of the stage will be covered with a red carpet waiting for one's own!

    Mu Xiaochu apparently did not know the inside story. From time to time, he came over and talked with Lu Chen about the chorus.

    The intimacy between the two attracted a lot of attention from others.

    Especially Zhang Xiaohai, the neck is almost twisted.

    Lu Chen when he is the air.

    drop! drop! drop!

    He was talking and smiling with Mu Xiaochu. Suddenly there was a tī dī dī screaming around.

    That is the reminder that many people's cell phone received a text message!

    A woman who stood behind Mu Xiaochu took the cell phone and looked at it, showing a surprised look.

    The woman is in her thirties, and her dry and thin looks are ordinary. She is a personal assistant of Fei Shi records to Mu Xiaochu, whose name is Zhou Fang.

    Lu Chen also has an assistant, but there are too many things in the studio today, he let Li Feiyu stay there to help.

    Mu Xiaochu turned around and asked curiously: "Fang Jie, what's the matter?"

    Since the sound of these SMS reminders, the atmosphere in the background has become very weird. Also a lot quieter.

    Anyone can feel that something is wrong.

    Zhou Fangfei looked around quickly. Bend down to lower the Voice and said: "Just Wang Bin sucked / poison was caught!"

    "Wang Bin?"

    Mu Xiaochu was scared: "Is that Wang Bin?"

    There are thousands of people in the world called Wang Bin, but there is only one person in the Entertainment Circle.

    Wang Bin is the old Senior in the music world. Debuted in the late 1980s, he was very popular in the 1990s. He has produced several million-selling albums, won many awards, and made great achievements in film and television.

    Although his influence in Chinese Musical World cannot be compared with Tan Hong, it can be regarded as a big coffee.

    This character is actually caught because of sucking/drug, it is definitely a big event that stirs up the taste of Domestic, and it is 100% headline!

    The news in Entertainment Circle was too fast, and it was caught there, and I received news here.

    Wang Bin is one of the heavyweight guests invited by the Beijing Satellite TV National Day party.

    Satellite TV has been advertised early, and as a result, it is bound to be a headache.

    Zhou Fang nodded and revealed the mysterious expression of God: "I heard that it was reported by the masses in the morning sun area. This year is the third!"

    The people in the Beijing morning sun area, it is a godly existence, Nemesis of the Entertainment Circle Celebrity artist!

    From the beginning of the year to the present, through the Beijing morning sun district, the number of well-known artists who have been arrested because of the absorption/toxicity, the retention of drugs/drugs, and the payment of physiological needs have reached as many as 10 people.

    Netizens joked that these people are together and can shoot a prison blockbuster!

    The Entertainment Circle is glamorous on the surface, and in fact it is also filthy. Many artists choose to indulge one's own for various reasons, and the result is no return.

    Since many Celebrity in Beijing live in the morning sun area, this incident has been particularly troublesome. In particular, in recent years, the government has rectified the law and order and vigorously cracked down on illegal and criminal activities, thus achieving the name of the people in the morning sun area.

    The artists in the background of the studio hall learned the news through their respective assistants.

    There are a lot of whispers in the whispers.

    The words "Wang Bin", "sucking/toxic" and "grabbing", etc., floated from time to time.

    In the strange atmosphere, it took almost half an hour, and a staff member appeared in the background.

    He raised his microphone and asked: "Lu Chen, is Mr. Lu Chen?"

    Lu Chen stunned and instinctively stood up and raised his hand and said, "I am here."

    In the twinkling of an eye, he became the focus of the audience.

    Many of them are well-known Singer actors, and everyone’s eyes are curious and doubtful. Also surprised.

    Lu Chen feels that the pressure is really a bit big.

    Fortunately, the staff member immediately said: "Please come with me."

    Lu Chen quickly went over.

    When he left the background to go out, the argument behind him increased. Once again, it became awkward.

    Followed by the TV station staff, Lu Chen came to an office.

    The small office was smoky, and the scene made Lu Chen feel familiar.

    There are also two acquaintances – Beijing Satellite TV deputy director Chen Qi and "Singing China" Program group Music Director Gu Rui.

    The other people present are estimated to be people in the TV station.

    The atmosphere in the room was very depressed.

    Especially the ancient sharp, it is simply frowning, a face is quickly wrinkled into bitter gourd, boring head smoking.

    When he saw Lu Chen coming in, he barely squeezed out a smile: "Small land is coming."

    In fact, he is better than not laughing, laughing more ugly.

    Relatively speaking, Chen Qi wants to calm down a lot, pointing to the sofa next to him and saying: "Small land sitting."

    He introduced several colleagues to Lu Chen. They are Host, Deputy Director and Guide of the National Day party.

    When Lu Chen politely greeted him and sat down again, the deputy director of the Beijing Satellite TV asked him directly: "Do you know what Wang Bin sucked/drug was caught?"

    Lu Chen nodded: "Just know."

    Chen Qi sighed and said: "It is really unexpected to have such a thing. Wang Bin’s Program is definitely going to be withdrawn. Our opinion is to let you top."


    Lu Chen never imagined that Chen Qi actually let one's own to replace Wang Bin's Program!

    Gu Rui explained: "We originally gave you a solo program. Later, there was a change in the situation. Now there is another accident. I have discussed it with Chen Taichang, and you will replace Wang Bin. ”

    "In addition, the program that sings the Chinese top five chorus continues to be retained, which is equivalent to giving you two Programs!"

    Chen Qi said: "You are a good guy in Xiaolu, and you are the winner of the championship. Have this qualification completely! ”

    This is the original!

    It’s really a good thing for Savon to lose his horse. If Lu Chen had previously sang with the Beijing Satellite TV because of the solo chorus, I am afraid that this opportunity will not be able to turn his head.

    Lu Chen said without thinking: "Thank you Chen Taichang. Thank you, Ancient Director, I will try my best to perform the Program. ”

    Two Programs, definitely hi from heaven!

    In fact, what Lu Chen really wants to thank is the people in the morning sun area!

    "You don't worry first…"

    Chen Qi raised his hand and said: "Now the situation is like this. In the afternoon, there are several CCTV leaders coming over. They are sitting in the studio hall to watch our rehearsal. After a while, you will replace Wang Bin. Performance is not bad!"

    Gu Rui asked: "Do you have any thoughts on the choice of tracks for solo?"

    Temporary cuddling, Lu Chen is very young, although Chen Qi and Gu Rui decided to put the burden on him, after all, still can not be completely assured.

    Chen Qi said: "Would you like to sing the brightest star in the night sky, the champion?"

    Gu Rui smiled and said: "Wang Bin originally wanted to sing the new era of New China. Lu Chen’s song is probably…"

    "New China New Era" is the first melody work, the original singer is Wang Bin.

    Since it is a National Day party, then the theme style must be biased towards the main theme. In front of Lu Chen’s "Singing and Singing", plus "The Brightest Star in the Night Sky", Gu Rui’s worry is not without reason.


    Chen Qi hesitated, feeling that one's own hurriedly called Lu Chen, is it not considered thoughtful?

    Is it better to change someone?

    At this time, Lu Chen said: "Chen Taichang, Ancient Director, I have the first work is the main theme, should be very suitable for the National Day party?"

    He was keenly aware of the changes in Chen Qi's mentality, so he immediately put forward one's own opinion.

    If this opportunity is not good enough to grasp, then what kind of Entertainment Circle!

    Gu Rui eyes brighten: "What works? where is it? ”

    Lu Chen was embarrassed to point to the head of one's own and said, "It's still here…"


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