Chapter 162

    On September 6th, Lu Chen's debut album "You at the Same Table" was on the second day of Fetion Music preheating publicity.

    At 9:10 in the morning, there is a small V named "Entertainment Circle Eight Trigrams" in the blog post of Inspur blog, Lu Chen FMX, the content is exactly the video clip of Cui Zhengzhi interviewed by Inspur Online Entertainment Channel yesterday.

    Entertainment Circle Eight Trigrams At the same time as the men’s morning, they added a smiley face symbolizing the unwillingness.

    “Entertainment Circle Eight Trigrams” is a well-known ID in the Inspur blog, focusing on fans of 1 million+. He specializes in forwarding the Eight Trigrams in various Entertainment Circles, and he can brush hundreds of blog posts a day.

    The people have the preferences of Eight Trigrams, especially the big things in the Entertainment Circle, which have always been the hotspot of the public. This small V is a fancy to the market in which it exists, and it has been relentlessly organizing and carrying entertainment news all the year round. The popularity on the blog is still very good.

    His favorite thing to do is to be the party to the Eight Trigrams news on the blog.

    Although most Celebrity artists will not pay attention to the Entertainment Circle Eight Trigrams, there are always exceptions.

    5 minutes, Lu Chen replied: Come to war!

    The simple 3 words, plus an exclamation point, are for the Entertainment Circle Eight Trigrams.

    He knows all three words, but he doesn't understand it when he combines it – howling is "to war?"

    The little V felt very interesting, so he sent another blog post asking about the meaning of "coming to war."

    He again Lu Chen FMX.

    However, this time Lu Chen ignored him and did not reply.

    But the Entertainment Circle Eight Trigrams men's fans are still quite a lot. Seeing this special blog post, they have responded to the speculation.

    There are a lot of answers, and some of them are simply open-minded.

    But soon there will be people based on the content of the post. The explanation should be the abbreviation of "come to the war."

    Entertainment Circle Eight Trigrams The man suddenly realized that he was 3 signs of laughter. At the same time Lu Chen FMX and Cui Zhengzhi!

    His intention is obvious, that is, he wants to provoke a battle between the two.

    It is a pity that neither Lu Chen nor Cui Zhengzhi have taken care of him.

    However, the words of "coming to war", which have different meanings, have been circulated everywhere in the wave blog.

    Lu Chen’s fans in the Inspur blog are 5 million+, and Cui Zhengzhi is 9 million+. Both of them are debut in the draft. One is the runner-up of Shonan Satellite TV’s “Super Man” and the other is the champion of “Singing China”.

    And both of them are very young, very talented, and will be the first album on the same website on the same day. This undoubtedly has the hot elements of entertainment Eight Trigrams, so many people including the certified V number turned to the Entertainment Circle Eight Trigrams male blog post, Cui Zhengzhi's provocation and Lu Chen's response spread to more places.

    Families familiar with Cui Zhengzhi know that the China-South Korea mixed idol artist is very direct, and he is never convinced. He believes that one's own will easily defeat Lu Chen, which is entirely reasonable.

    But Lu Chen’s response was really shocking.

    As an independent artist who soon debuted. Lu Chen gives everyone the impression that they are modest and courteous. Even if others get into his head, they will not fiercely oppose it, and use facts to prove one's own.

    But today his answer to Cui Zhengzhi's provocation is bloody!

    If you want to fight, then come and fight!

    Not silent, not patient. Not modest. Not arrogant, the simple 3 words are so powerful!

    The group that often plays the blog is mainly young people. Most of them are in the age of rebellion and impulsiveness. Therefore, under the deliberate rendering and dissemination of some people, this new vocabulary has more and more influence in the blog, and it is quickly introduced into the forum, posts, and the group. .

    The real fan of this word is Lu Chen’s fans!

    After many members of Lu Jiajun understand the ins and outs of the matter, all of them are filled with indignation, and no one has to organize the agitation. They landed on one's own account and killed Cui Zhengzhi's blog, posts and related forums, leaving " Come to war!"Domineering declaration.

    So face-smacking, Cui Zhengzhi's fans certainly did not work, and immediately battled with the Lu powder!

    September 6th is exactly Sunday, too many people are idle, and the result is getting hotter and hotter.

    In the evening, “coming to war” was on the hot search vocabulary list of Inspur blog.

    Thousands of bloggers have known Lu Chen, knowing the confrontation between him and Cui Zhengzhi, and knowing the album "You at the Same Table" that will be launched on the 8th.

    Just as this hot word appeared on the homepage of the Inspur blog, Wang Yu just opened a post in the 307 dormitory of the Beijing University of Technology graduate building.

    As the moderator of the Beihai City Forum, Wang Yu liked this part-time job very much. When the roommates went out to be romantic with the women's ticket, he sat in front of the computer, and the majestic lord patrolled the territory belonging to one's own. Once any disharmonious situation is discovered, it is decisively blocked.

    Sometimes he will be very enthusiastic to help the rookies who have just come to the forum, eagerly answer daily questions, earnestly praised, and get great satisfaction from it.

    Open this new post that was just released in the Free World section. To tell the truth, Wang Yu is resentful.

    Because this post belongs to the promotion post, and it is the official promotion post.

    The Beihaicheng Forum, also known as the Beihai University City Forum, has a history of 20 years and is a well-known BBS community in the country. It is famous for its large number of capital university students.

    A BBS community can have such a long time. First of all, it requires a constant stream of capital investment. It is necessary to realize profit or subsidize operating expenses through advertisements and the like.

    The official promotion post is also a way for the website to make money. The reason why the forum vigorously blocks those foreign advertisements, in addition to maintaining the normal order of the community, the most important reason is that the fertilizer does not flow outside the field.

    As a moderator, Wang Yu has an obligation to escort such a post, so that it is always in the forefront of the layout.

    As the moderator of the Beihaicheng Forum, he is also subsidized to meet the needs of his heart.

    Despite this, Wang Yu still does not like the official promotion posts.

    He felt that opening this post once, a sacred place in his heart was tarnished once.

    Ok. Although Wang Yu is a science and engineering man, he has a heart of Literature and Art.

    [The most touching Voice of the graduation season this year. I am crying, what about you?]

    Just looking at the title of the post, the goose bumps on Wang Yu's body are all up.

    He is completely open with his nose, ready to routinely add top.

    However, the next moment, Wang Yu lived.

    Because he found that the characters in the video freeze screen attached to this post, one's own is known.

    And very familiar.

    Lu Chen – the winner of "Singing China"!

    Wang Yu first met Lu Chen, not in this popular reality show Program, but in a few months in the forum called [Night in Houhai Bar, found a handsome guy. There is also a very nice song! 】Post.

    At the time, this post caused a lot of controversy in the "Free World" section.

    This is the first time that Wang Yu listened to Lu Chen singing and sang "You at the same table."

    He added the "Recommended Moderator" medal to this post.

    Posts in the forum section, if added with the "Recommended Moderator" medal, will be automatically placed in the 24-hour time, so that all people browsing the post can see.

    This high-level medal is not unlimited. Wang Yu's authority is 10, and in other words. He can only add 10 times to the post's "Recommended Moderator" medal every month.

    the most important is. Once the recommendation is placed on top, it will be judged by countless people.

    Therefore, those who love the feathers and value the reputation will never easily send the recommended medal.

    Even the official promotion post.

    Because of this "you at the same table", Wang Yu knows Lu Chen, knows the bar Singer, and later sees it again in the game "Singing China", focusing on the whole process.

    In the end, Lu Chen won the title of "Singing China". He was also excited to drink two bottles of beer to celebrate!

    Seeing this official promotion post now is related to Lu Chen. Wang Yu immediately chose to play.

    The picture of the video is very clear, obviously not shot with the cell phone. The background displayed in the picture let him know that this is a video clip of Jianghai University's 2015 graduation party.

    Lu Chen stood on the big stage with his guitar, and the huge screen behind him showed the words "the flowers".

    those flowers!

    Wang Yu almost jumped up. This song he listened to Lu Chen sang in "Singing China". At that time, he liked it very much. Later, he downloaded the live version of the audio file on the Music Network and kept it in the cell phone. in.

    This video was the first time he saw it.

    "The laughter reminds me of my flowers, quietly driving for me in every corner of my life…"

    "I thought I would always be by her side. Today we are gone and we are leaving."

    The moving songs quietly drifted into Wang Yu’s ears.

    Unlike the "Singing China" competition, Lu Chen used a guitar to accompany the graduation party. The sound quality is definitely not comparable to the live version recorded by the professional equipment of Beijing Satellite TV.

    But listening to this familiar song, watching Lu Chen alone in the spotlight, watching the changing picture on the screen behind him, those beautiful, cute, pure, passionate girls disappeared.

    His heart seemed to be slammed by an invisible hand, and even the breath stopped.

    Lu Chen’s voice floated in the auditorium, and the scene turned to the audience. Many girls were crying. They either sobbed alone or hugged each other to comfort each other and vent their emotions.

    Wang Yu was able to feel the atmosphere of the scene through the video.

    The sad atmosphere that made his nose sour and his eyes twitched.

    When the picture came back, Lu Chen on the stage was already wet with tears, and his face still had a faint smile, and the sing was so emotional that the voice was accompanied by a voice!

    Wang Yu feels that he sings much better than "Singing China".

    The moderator of the Beihai City Forum, without any thoughts, adds this to the post and sends the recommended medal!

    Is it an official promotion post, it doesn't matter at all!


The first is sent first, and there is still at night. (To be continued~^~)

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