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    Cui Zhengzhi slept very well.

    For more than half a month, he has been running announcements in different cities. At the same time, publicity one's own albums are full of daily schedules. They are already exhausted and need to rest.

    The "Fire" album was finally officially released on the Internet, and the sales performance was obviously optimistic, so he finally could comfortably sleep and take up the spirit to cope with the next task.

    It was not until 9 am that he woke up.

    Pain quickly and stretched out, Cui Zhengzhi draped in a coat and ran to the bathroom to wash.

    There was no notice scheduled this morning, so he didn't need to worry.


    After cleaning, Cui Zhengzhi sat down at the desk outside and opened the computer.

    At the same time calling one's own sister: "I am up, what to eat for breakfast?"

    The computer is booting up.

    Cui Zhengzhi can't wait to see the sales results of one's own album, and then brush a few blog posts.

    He unbuttoned the shirt and revealed his chest. He prepared two photos of the selfie and a few words of exclamation. I believe it will cause the fans to scream and then ask the fans for support.

    Of course, he did not forget to step on one's own competition opponent, the statement discretion, it is best to be humorous.

    Cui Zhengzhi’s face showed a smile.

    Fans have called his tens of thousands of smiles in this practice "angel smiles" and have long been used to it.

    Even if there is no one around.

    "Come on!"

    The computer system just entered the desktop, Cui Xiuyin came in with the plate: "I see you slept very hard and didn't call you. Are you tired these days?" Try your favorite abalone porridge and stew for two hours. ”

    Cui Zhengzhi was in a good mood and smiled: "Come here. Let me first look at the sales results…"


    Cui Xiuyin hesitate a bit, put down the plate and said: "Or eat breakfast first. Look later. ”

    Cui Zhengzhi was very sensitive. He heard that one's own sister's Voice was a bit wrong. He frowned and asked, "What?"

    Cui Xiuyin smiled and replied, "Nothing, you have breakfast."

    "Do not!"

    Cui Zhengzhi shook his head and said: "You must have something…"

    His heart moved: "Is it related to my album sales, can't I score?"

    Cui Xiuyen said quickly: "No, your sales are higher than Lu Chen!"

    This is not right!

    Cui Zhengzhi is not a fool. The sales volume of "Fire" is too normal for Lu Chen. Why should he emphasize it?

    My sister’s look is even worse.

    He did not continue to ask, opened the browser with a mouse. Quickly landed on the Fetion Music network.

    At the first sight, Cui Zhengzhi saw the sales weekly list of the homepage, and "Fire" ranked first.

    Although it was on the shelf on Tuesday night, his debut album sales were very good. Up to now, a total of 14 hours of time, sales reached 47,852!

    In just half a day, I sold nearly 50,000 copies, and the big sale is a foregone conclusion!

    Domestic. Fetion Music has the largest number of genuine downloads. More than 100,000 paid downloads are hot, 300,000 are big sales, and the first day breaks 50,000. The total sales volume of 300,000 is not a problem.

    Cui Zhengzhi’s face once again showed a smile.

    A false alarm!

    But the next moment, his smile instantly solidified, as if it had been cast a petrified spell.

    Because Cui Zhengzhi saw it. Lu Chen's album "You at the same table" is ranked below one's own. Sales 40970!

    There are only less than 7,000 gaps!

    How can this be!

    Cui Zhengzhi couldn't believe the eyes of one's own and couldn't help but reach out. Suspected of hallucinations.

    In his view, Lu Chen's album can sell 20,000 on the first day, even if it is very great, 10,000 is very normal, now only 14 hours, how could it break through more than 40,000 to get close to one's own?

    Cui Zhengzhi suddenly thought of a question, Shen Sheng asked: "How much did the company buy for me?"

    Buying a list has long been nothing new. In order to create a hot sale, Entertainment Manager Corporation often spends a few days before Singer releases the album, which is used as a publicity promotion fee.

    Because the flowers are real money, so any Music website will not take care of the list, and even the Chinese Association is the default score, which is considered a hidden rule in the circle.

    After all, the cost of buying a list is very high. It takes 5 yuan to sell a complete album. It’s almost like a dozen and 200,000 to mix a hot gold record. It’s easy to be stupid.

    Buying a list is exquisite, some buy the first day or 72 hours of sales, but also have an average of 7 days or 10 days.

    Just like a few days ago on the shelf of Zou Yu and Ling Xiaoxiao, there must be a buy list, otherwise Ling Xiaoxiao that third-rate strength level, 3 days time can sell 50,000 + sales?

    Cui Zhengzhi signed the contract with Orange Field Entertainment. Orange Field Entertainment is famous for its wealth in the industry. This album is only a million yuan for publicity. It is inevitable to spend money to buy some sales.

    Cui Xiuyin is silent.

    A nameless anger suddenly rushed to the brain of Cui Zhengzhi, and a string called reason was broken in an instant.

    He jerked his hand and slammed it on the table, screaming: "Come on!"

    Cui Xiuyin trembled and whispered: "10,000."


    Cui Zhengzhi’s look has become embarrassing.

    After deducting the number of 10,000 buy charts, the actual sales volume of the "Fire" album is less than 40,000!

    If Lu Chen did not buy it, it meant that he lost to the other party on the first day!

    Cui Xiuyin said: "Lu Chen is definitely buying a list, otherwise it is impossible to be so high, impossible!"

    Is that true?

    Cui Xiuyin said nothing.

    Lu Chen is different from Cui Zhengzhi. Lu Chen is an independent artist. There is no contracting company behind him. He opened a small studio in one's own operation, and even publicity is reluctant to spend money. How can he pay a heavy price to buy a list?

    If he simply wants to beat Cui Zhengzhi's export gas and buy the list, how much does it cost?

    Is Lu Chen so stupid?

    Cui Zhengzhi seems to have seized a life-saving straw and said: "Yes, he must have bought the list!"

    How could Lu Chen not buy a list, how could it sell more than one's own!

    I must have bought it!



    The same moment. Lu Chen, who is just ending his workout in the Creative Park Park, wonders at the cell phone: "What do I buy?" How can there be so much money to burn? ”

    Calling Chen Chen is Chen Jianhao. The bar owner actually asked him if he was spending money on the sales of Music on the Music. He gave a negative answer.

    It’s a joke!

    Lu Chen also wants to make a profit on the album sales, at least to recover the cost, how can it cost this kind of money?

    How rich is he to promote publicity, the effect is not ten times stronger than the buy list?

    Chen Jianhao on the phone said with a smile: I believe you, but some people do not believe that the phone calls to me here to inquire, so I will call you to ask, since there is nothing to it. ”

    Finished. He cut off the call in a very good way.


    Lu Chen wanted to ask more questions and could only slam the cell phone back into his trouser pocket.

    But it feels like there is a good thing!

    He laughed and walked in the direction of the building where the studio was located.

    Back to the office, Lu Chen just entered the door, and saw all the colleagues in studio, including sister Lu Xi and Li Mubai, simultaneously standing in a row, looking at one's own with a smile.

    Lu Chen suddenly groaned: "What's the matter with you?"

    boom! boom! boom!

    next moment. With three boring explosions, the three color sprays were unscrewed by Li Feiyu, Chen Xiang and Li Mubai at the same time. A colorful strip of colored strips hit the ceiling and fell down.

    Floating on Lu Chen's head and body!

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "What is going on?"

    Li Mubai rushed up and gave him a big hug. He smiled and said: "Morning brother, congratulations on your album sale!"

    Lu Chenxiao: "Sell it very well?"

    Last night, "You at the same table" on the shelf, he did not pay attention to sales. What to do. Just pull the ticket to one's own in the live broadcast of [Whale TV] and on the blog.

    Including the morning, Lu Chen did not even open the computer. Going outside to exercise.

    Lu Chen's mentality is very good, no matter whether the sales volume is high or low, no matter whether he can recover the cost in the end, he is not particularly concerned about it, and he will not worry about anxiety.

    Cheng is also happy to lose. He has already done his best to one's own, so he is worthy of his heart!

    But now I have a surprise, Lu Chen is still very happy.

    Who is too rich to make money!

    Lu Xi smiled and said: "Everyone has been waiting for you for a long time, just waiting for you to come back to celebrate, Feiyu also went to the supermarket to buy a few color tubes, giving you a big red!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Thank you all."

    When he received a call from Chen Jianhao, he had a guess and it is now confirmed.

    "You at the same table" sold very well!

    "It’s very good, it’s definitely a big sale!”

    Li Mu Bai Xing hurriedly pulled him to the front of the computer and pointed at the screen and said: "Look!"

    Lu Chen immediately saw that on the sales week list of Fetion Music, one's own album was only listed below Cui Zhengzhi, and the current sales volume is 41137!

    More than 40,000!

    It’s not enough to sell so many quantities in less than 24 hours.

    Because of this achievement, there is a good chance to hit the 300,000 sales red line!

    And if you really sell 300,000 copies, then the total sales will reach 2.4 million, 50% of the total is 1.2 million, and then deduct 10% of sales income tax and production publicity costs, at least 600,000 profit!

    It doesn't seem to be that much, but to know that most Singer sells albums on the web, it's a success to earn publicity costs.

    Even if it is a big coffee like Tan Hong and Chen Feier, their albums will definitely be hot, and the cost of making and publicity is often very high. They will not rely on this piece to make a profit.

    Online sales earn hundreds of thousands, it is really against the sky!

    So there is every reason to celebrate!

    Lu Chen took a deep breath and let the joy of drowning one's own body.

    It’s time to pay so much.


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