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Chapter 168, thank you, senior

    Chen Guodong's fans in the Inspur blog are not many, only 200,000+, which is a small V.

    However, he is very popular in the popular Musical World. He is a contributor to many Music websites and magazines. He has a wide network of contacts, so there are many Celebrity artists and celebrities in the blog.

    After the release of "The Most Silent", it received a lot of forwarding.

    Such as Musical World superstar Tan Hong, Chen Feier, Fei Shi record Music Director Lin Zhijie, famous artist Zhang Yurong, popular radio station Host Shu Pingda V have given a positive evaluation, forming a wider influence on the Internet.

    On the second day, September 16th, the words "Lu Chen", "You at the same table" and "Most people in silence" were simultaneously listed on the home page of Inspur Blog!

    There are also a lot of bloggers posting their short films on their blogs at the colleges and universities. The content is basically a live video of the student performers playing Lu Chen's album.

    A guitar, a handsome guy, a ballad…

    Most of these videos were taken with cell phone, and the picture quality and sound quality were not good, but the atmosphere was great enough to illustrate the popularity of Lu Chen's original songs in the student community.

    People in the industry were shocked to find that the "campus folk songs", the kind of folk songs created by Lu Chen, even with the release of his debut album, unwittingly had a wide range of influence and was recognized by countless young people!

    When Lu Chen used the "campus folk songs" for publicity, many people dismissed them and even dismissed them as unconstrained monks.

    It is now entirely possible to leave a strong slap in the history of the popular Mexican music!

    Some entertainment record companies have keenly noticed this market and are brewing the same style of work.

    Lu Chen’s wave of blog fans has surged by hundreds of thousands.

    Also on September 16th, "You at the Same Table" sold over 300,000 on Fetion Music online!

    Broken a pair of glasses!

    To know that Singer's album sales on the website are mainly concentrated in the first week. In particular, the sales of top three days are the most important, and the latter must be all the way down. There will even be a large dip.

    The reason is very simple. Online piracy will be rampant with the popularity of the album, and it will appear in the post, forums and Fetion group for free download by others, which cannot be contained.

    Under such a situation, even the work of superstar big coffee, the downward trend is irreparable.

    "You at the same table" No. 8 on the Music on the shelf, has been on the 16th for a full 8 days, has already passed the gold sales period, the sales volume should be a day is not as good as one day, into the late accumulation stage.

    But no one thought of it. The album was sold 50,000 on the 16th of September. It is simply unbelievable and extremely embarrassing – too damn is outrageous!

    This miracle once again strongly proves Chen Guodong’s assertion about "the silent majority."

    Because at this time, there should be not many intrinsic fans of Lu Chen to buy the album.

    The success of "You at the Same Table" caused Lu Chen's original decline of popularity to break out again. Many entertainment Manager Corporations and advertised businesses have made call or take the initiative to contact Lu Chen studio.

    Performances, endorsements, buying songs…Let Lu Xi be busy and turn around. There is no break in the cell phone all day long.

    Of course, Lu Chen certainly gave it to one's own sister.

    He believes that my sister will be able to handle it well.

    As for Lu Chen’s own, of course, it’s not possible to be idle.

    At 1 pm on September 17, he went to the Beijing Satellite TV building to participate in the rehearsal of the Satellite TV National Day party.

    Beijing Satellite TV basically has four big parties each year, the New Year's Day Spring Festival Gala, and the December 31st New Year's Eve Gala. The Taiqing Party on June 8 and the National Day Gala on October 1.

    The Spring Festival Gala and the New Year's Eve party have always been the highlights of the TV station. Relatively speaking, the scale and investment of the Taiqing party and the National Day party are worse. Viewership Ratings has never been high.

    However, Beijing Satellite TV has a great influence in the capital city. Even with the lower National Day party of Viewership Ratings, there are still countless actors Singer who breaks his head and wants to stand on its stage, even if it is brushing his face.

    Lu Chen’s chance to go to the stage on the Beijing Satellite TV National Day party was originally that he got a "Singing and Singing" and won the "Singing China" championship. It is even more natural. No one can gossip. .

    Otherwise, with the identity of his independent new artist and the connections within the circle, there is basically no play.

    For this National Day party, Lu Chen still attached great importance to it, so he rushed to the TV building in advance.

    With the invitation letter and identity card sent by the TV station, Lu Chen went through the security check and went to the T1 studio in Beijing Satellite TV.

    The new studio is just two months ago. It can accommodate up to 3,000 people at the same time. The total stage area is 3,500 square meters. The decorating atmosphere is advanced and it is a leader in the industry.

    Lu Chen has been here before, and it is a familiar road.

    There are already a lot of entertainers in the backstage of the studio. Lu Chen has seen many familiar faces in it. They are all famous Singer Celebrity in the circle. The lineup of this party is undoubtedly quite powerful.

    Under the arrangement of the TV station staff, he sat down in the reserved position.

    Also in the background, the arrangement of the dresser position is very particular. First of all, the top-level big coffee superstar is not mixed, and they have separate VIP VIP suites available.

    Followed by a B-list Celebrity idol, occupying space close to the stage entrance and exit, separated by a partition, while C-list, D-list, five-line, eighteen line artists are arranged in the large dressing room. Neatly unified position.

    As for other ordinary entertainers, such as accompaniment and accompanying dance, they can only stand at the corner and even go to the outer circular corridor to wait for preparation. It is not easy to drink.

    When Lu Chen participated in "Singing China", the number of players was limited, so the background was very generous. Now the rehearsal situation is completely different, and it is very lively and crowded.

    The staff of the TV station must hold an electronic amplified microphone to make a call, otherwise it is difficult to hear the Voice.

    After Lu Chen was seated, there was no chaos running around to make people mess up, and the take action machine played on his own.

    His mentality is very relaxed.

    Because today is the first rehearsal, there is no need to make up and dress up, and it is a song.

    "Lu Chen, senior!"

    As a result, Lu Chen just landed on the newsletter, and there was a voice full of surprises next to him: "You are here!"

    Lu Chen couldn't help but look around and suddenly smiled: "Xiaochu!"

    It’s not someone else who greets him, it’s Mu Xiaochu!

    Mu Xiaochu is a sophomore at Beijing Foreign Languages ​​College. He is only 19 years old this year.

    Don't look at her delicate and flexible, shameless, in the "Singing China" game all the way through the singer, borrow a sweet song "Small City Nocturne", with a total score of 91.68 points to win the challenger of the Bihai home singer Yan Zhanpeng, won the first 5 national top 10 places.

    In the final national finals, the girl with a sweet voice won the fourth overall score and was signed by Fei Shi.

    After nearly a month, I saw this beautiful and lovely girl like a girl next door. Lu Chen was very happy. She smiled and got up and asked, "When did you come over?"

    Mu Xiaochu grinned and said: "I just came over and I am with Zhang Haohai Senior Brother."

    Lu Chen noticed at this time that Mu Xiaochu was standing next to a young man in a black jacket.

    The jacket is twenty-five years old. His height is quite different from that of Lu Chen. He looks handsome and stylish, and has a kind of idol temperament, but his look is a bit like a smile.

    "Brother Zhang …"

    Lu Chen took the initiative to extend his hand to the other side: "Long time no see, how is it?"

    Zhang Haohai is also one of the top ten singers of "Singing China". He is a mountain city man, Jingping Singer, who has strong singing ability and is good at dancing. He won the third place in the finals and signed the flying stone record.

    Lu Chen and Zhang Haohai are not familiar with each other. Apart from the original competitive relationship, there is no hatred or contradiction between the two, so the attitude of the other party is slightly hostile and makes Lu Chen a bit puzzled.

    "Singing China" is over.


    Zhang Haohai shook hands with Lu Chen faintly and said: "It's better to have a good time, you have an album."

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "It's just luck."

    Since Zhang Haohai is not salty or not, he will not take one's own hot face to paste the other's cold ass.

    Mu Xiaochu said very seriously: "Lu Chen, you are not relying on luck, but strength!"

    "I bought a few copies of your album for classmates. They all said that they are very nice and want to see you!"

    She smiled shyly on her face and said softly: "When can I ask the seniors to have a meal together?"

    Zhang Haohai's face is a bit black.

    Lu Chen suddenly understood.

    I dare to feel that Zhang Xiaohai has an idea for Mu Xiaochu. It is not good to see the latter take the initiative to come close to one's own.

    He shook his head secretly, but he promised it: "No problem, my cell phone number you have, you can call me at any time, I invite your classmates to eat!"

    Mu Xiaochu surprised: "Really?"

    Lu Chen nodded seriously: "Of course it is true. As a senior, how can I deceive my school girl?"

    Mu Xiaochu was teased: "Thank you, senior!"

    The two of them talked intimately, and Zhang Xiaohai finally couldn’t stay any longer. He said, “You talk, I am gone.”

    Mu Xiaochu and Lu Chen nodded and didn't talk.

    After Zhang Xiaohai left, the two men smiled.

    Lu Chen can see that Mu Xiaochu did not like Zhang Xiaohai, but he was just a polite face.

    Mu Xiaochu said: "Thank you, senior."

    In the same sentence, the meanings of the front and the back are very different.


The first one is sent, and there is still at night. (To be continued~^~)

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