Chapter 166

    The popular Musical World in September was originally very calm. There was no superstar in the circle to release a new album or single this month, so the four Music websites became the stage for the New Generation Singer idol competition.

    Fetion Music, EasyMusic Music, popular radio station and China Voice have started Singer artists' debut albums since the beginning of this month, but the most eye-catching ones are undoubtedly the showdown between the four new rookies of Fetion Music Network!

    Cui Zhengzhi, Lu Chen, Zou Yu and Ling Xiaoxiao are among the best performers in the Domestic New Generation.

    Everyone thinks that Cui Zhengzhi, who occupies time, place, and people, will inevitably become the final winner.

    Cui Zhengzhi also thinks this way, so when he was interviewed by the media, he dismissed Lu Chen.

    However, the facts gave him a slap in the face!

    At 7:00 pm on September 9th, from Cui Zhengzhi and Lu Chen's first album for 24 hours, the sales volume of "Fire" was 67,520, and the sales of "You at the same table" was 65,117, the gap between the two narrowed to more than 1,000. Zhang.

    In fact, whether it is Cui Zhengzhi or his signing of Orange Field Entertainment, it is clear that the actual sales volume of "Fire" will be reduced by 15,000. If Lu Chen does not buy the list, it means that he is behind 13000+ sales!

    During the whole day, Cui Zhengzhi did not update one's own blog, nor did Cui Xiuyin write it.

    He even pushed down the afternoon notice and kept watching the sales data of the Fetion Music network in front of the computer.

    Like the devil!

    Cui Xiuyin did not dare to persuade him. He could only explain the apology to the company on the ground that Cui Zhengzhi suddenly fell ill.

    After all, temporarily dismissing the long-arranged notices is a very bad event for new artists. Even if Cui Zhengzhi is very open in the Orange Field Entertainment because of the relationship between parents, he is still questioned from the upper level.

    Cui Zhengzhi's state is really the same as sick. He didn't believe it, one's own would lose to Lu Chen.

    Although in my heart, I am desperate to say that Lu Chen also bought the list. But intuition tells this character's proud new idol, Lu Chen's performance is estimated to be true.

    But how is this possible?

    The works in Lu Chen's album have been published in advance, and they can be found on the Internet. He did not invest in publicity, so he made a temporary speculation. How could the results be so good?

    How can it be!

    Cui Zhengzhi couldn't figure it out, and he couldn't wait to give up the computer on the table.

    If it is not for the company to buy a list for him, then now he has to bear the humiliation of being beaten by Lu Chen!

    Lu Chen also can't figure it out.

    He also stayed in front of the computer, watching the number of beating on the weekly sales list of Fetion Music, and Li Mubai sitting next to the fast-food box. Hundreds of tears can not be their sister, wrong, it is puzzling!

    Lu Chen first set the sales target for "You at the same table" is 100,000+. Later, Cui Zhengzhi increased the cost of publicity hype, and the expectation increased to 150,000+, ensuring that one's own can still make a fortune.

    But never imagined that the first day of sales reached 60,000+. If there is no situation of large-scale diving, then the total sales volume can exceed 300,000+, reaching the standard of big sales.

    Lu Chen feels a bit inexplicable, and it feels like he was suddenly smashed by a pie falling from the sky.

    His gaze fell on Li Mubai's body, revealing a doubtful look.

    Li Mubai swallowed the rice in his mouth and said, "You don't have to look at me. Now I am so poor." In the past two days, I have been advertising for you in the Fetion group. I have no money to buy you a list. I didn't know what it was like to buy a list! ”

    "I have eaten this money." How can I eat this? but…"

    The poor Li Jia San Shao, now fell to the mixed box of rice.

    Li Murong’s words made him lose his pocket money this month, and the Lord like him, how many flowers he had, would not have saved at all, so he was embarrassed at once.

    Porsche's sports car has been given to Li Mushi, a four-fold vomiting blood price, the latter actually still owed no money.

    Therefore, Li Mubai can only watch the crowdfunding network to operate quickly.

    He used to eat a box of 15 yuan in the past, but now he is very fragrant: "The big row is not bad."

    Lu Chen dumbfounded, but Li Mubai definitely did not help him buy the list.

    So this sales result is true!

    But why?

    Although there are millions and millions of live broadcast fans and blogs, most of them are passers-by, and there are not many real hardcores. Even if it is an album of 8 dollars, there will be no album. Too many people buy.

    This kind of situation is not only him, but also the new artists including Cui Zhengzhi. The fans are very savvy now, and it is easy to like new and old, and often chasing more than one Celebrity idol.

    Steady popularity and real meals require long time accumulation and training. Lu Chen’s rise is fast, the foundation is not stable, and he is much lower-key than other artists, so whether it is the outside world or his one’s own, They are not very optimistic about the sales of "You at the same table."

    The result is so unexpected!

    Lu Chen shook his head and said to Li Mubai: "Look at the situation again. If the sales volume of Feixun has dropped drastically, then we will officially launch the crowdfunding network, crowdfunding albums and commemorative suits."

    According to the plan, crowdfunding network was launched yesterday, and the website has already been completed. There is only one project for the time being.

    However, "You at the same table" was sold on the Music Online. I had to change Lu Chen's plan. After discussing with Li Mushi, I was about to push it back for about 10 days to avoid the situation of the left hand and the right hand.

    Li Mushi did not disagree. The office of the new company is still being renovated. She just returned home and has too much entertainment.

    I only suffered from Li Mubai, and the money didn’t have a car. I could only go to Luchen studio all day long to eat rice.

    Li Mubai tried hard to compete with the big row and nodded again and again: "Well, um!"

    But the development of things is always so unexpected.

    On September 10th, Cui Zhengzhi’s total sales volume of “Fire” was 82,584, a significant drop.

    What made many people stunned was that Lu Chen’s total sales of “The Same Table” reached 102,560, which was the first in the ranking of Ascend the Summit, and it was a big lead over the opponent.

    Compared to the first day, his sales decline is low, it is really incredible!

    Although many insiders who are concerned about this rookie showdown have already prepared for Lu Chen’s overtaking of Cui Zhengzhi, it is obvious that the latter’s counterattack against the superior Speed ​​is so fast.

    48 hours of sales broke 100,000, it is not only running a total sales of 300,000 big sales, but to the 500,000 [Platinum Records] shock!

    Lu Chen’s ambition is too big!

    On the blog, in the forum, in the post, the comment and discussion of the Voice immediately increased.

    Some people insist that Lu Chen will definitely pay a premium to buy a list, and do not believe that "You at the same table" can sell so well.

    Others believe that the possibility of Lu Chen buying a list is very small, "You at the same table" sells well because of the excellent quality.

    Some people scolded his success, and others ridiculed Cui Zhengzhi's failure.

    Even Cui Zhengzhi’s interview video was turned over.

    The most controversial issue is the membership forum of Fetion Music Network, which is already noisy!

    As the largest Music website of Domestic, the popular Music Forum has gathered a large number of popular Music lovers. The match between the four rookies this month has been a hot topic.

    On the 10th, Ling Xiaoxiao's solo album "Undefeatable" has a total sales volume of only 60,000+, and the latter sales directly dive, making people doubt whether the album can finally reach the standard of [Golden Record].

    And his album's evaluation on the website is very low, the member scored only 6.4 points, barely pass.

    Considering that he is very likely to spend money on the front of the list, the actual rating will be even lower!

    The layout of Zou Yu's "Flower of Bloom" is much better. The total sales volume on the 10th has broken 90,000, and the evaluation has 8.1 points. It should be said that the word of mouth is not bad, and there is no name for the woman who lives up to it.

    Whether it is Ling Xiaoxiao or Zou Yu, there is nothing hot topic worth talking about, so the focus now is on Lu Chen and Cui Zhengzhi's two albums.

    In the main comment area of ​​the sales week list, all the people are fighting for people, including Cui Zhengzhi's fans, Lu Chen's fans, and both passers-by powder and a large number of onlookers.

    Federated tourists 00567: Your sales at the same table are too fake, who believes in water!

    Husky second generation: the most stupid upstairs!

    Blue sky: I laughed at the dog's head upstairs. I bought Lu Chen's album and didn't like Cui Zhengzhi.

    Wood Ears: Cui Zhengzhi's fire is not bad, but this album is enough to listen to this song, not worth buying.

    Xiaozhi is the best: my family is the best, Oppa is the best, trouble Lu Chen troll army Do not appear okay? Thank you!

    AK47: Oh, is the stick powder rolling? Thank you!

    End of the world: I bought both albums. It’s fair to say that Lu Chen is stronger than Cui Zhengzhi. You all know how to score the album, and you’ve got the list, and you’re at the same table. buy!

    Popeye: Is it true? "Get angry, buy the list, then Cui Zhengzhi is not lost?

    Cheng Cheng Love: Nonsense!

    End of the world: I am not talking nonsense, everyone one's own look with your eyes, just open the rating comments will be clear!


    All the albums or singles sold on the Music on the shelf can be scored. The rating is good or bad.

    So far, "You at the same table" scored 9.2 points, and "Fire" was 8.5.

    It seems that the gap between the two is not very large, only 0.7.

    However, it is necessary to know that because of the phenomenon of buying a list, it is normal to follow the high score, and the website does not matter.

    Because spending money is Uncle, nature enjoys privileges.

    However, as long as you have the heart to explore, you will find the problem from these member ratings and evaluations.

    You can also find out the mysteries of different album sales.

    When the tide recedes, who is in the nude swimming, it will naturally be clear!


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