Chapter 164 Collision

    Domestic's Internet began to sprout in the late 1990s and flourished after entering the new century. It has now become a huge industry of trillions and is one of the pillars of the economy.

    The advent of the network era, but also profoundly changed the world's economic structure, a lot of traditional industries have had a great impact, many industries to decline or even disappear.

    The recording industry is one of them.

    When the portable audio Music player was born and integrated into the smart cell phone, the traditional recording industry entered an irreversible recession, and many record companies have transformed themselves into new entertainment and new media.

    The singers of the 80s and 90s can earn a lot of money by relying on a big-selling record. Now the New Generation's idol artists are completely losing money, only for the brush and the popularity, and then through the peripheral products. , advertising endorsements, announcements, etc. to recover the cost.

    Therefore, online sales have become one of the main operating channels of Entertainment Manager Corporation. The large Music website such as Fetion Music, EasyMusic, etc. is an important battleground for Singer artists.

    Moreover, the sales performance of Domestic's four Music websites was calculated into the album sales, resulting in the new era of [Golden Records], [Platinum Records], [Diamond Records] and [Wang Crown Records]!

    Online sales + sales of more than 100,000, and through the China Music Association certification, you can get [Golden Record] achievements!

    Sales of 500,000 are [Platinum Records], and 1 million is [Diamond Records].

    As for the highest honor [Wang Guan album], the sales requirement is 5 million!

    The Music website certified by the Zhongyin Association includes Feixin Music, EasyMusic Music, popular radio station and China Voice. The certified physical store sales CD is limited to Xinhua Bookstore. As for the sales on Yibao Online, it is not included.

    The reason is very simple. The sales performance of Epro is too easy to fake. Moreover, the cost of fraud is very low, and the Zhongyin Association cannot ask a behemoth like Yibao to match one's own. So simply give up.

    As for the four music websites and the Xinhua Book Company, although it can be spent on selling, the cost is higher.

    Therefore, the authority of the Zhongyin Association is the highest in the Domestic.

    Every Monday, the Consonant Association will announce the top 50 records of Domestic sales on the official website, as well as the list of certified Golden Diamond Kings!

    For most of Singer, the achievement of [Golden Record] is enough to be proud.

    In the judging standard of first-class singers, a [Platinum Record] is indispensable.

    As for the real big-level superstar, the target of aiming is always [Diamond Record]!

    As for [Wang Guan Records], now is a miracle that can be met, in fact, even if it is [Diamond Records]. It often takes a long time to accumulate, and unlike the previous ones, it can sell millions or even millions of sales.

    The freedom of the Internet and the spirit of sharing have led to the unciction of cultural piracy in film, music and Literature.

    Lu Chen's first solo album "You at the same table", the reason why the online sales results are not optimistic, in addition to the powerful opponent, the main reason is that the songs in the album can basically be found online, many Internet users I have heard it all. The desire for consumption naturally drops dramatically.

    At 7pm on September 8th, the album was on the shelf of the Music Network.

    At the same time on the shelf, there is Cui Zhengzhi's "Fire"!

    Many, many people are paying attention to the sales situation of these two albums, paying attention to the confrontation of the four singers.

    In front of Zou Yu's "Flower of Bloom" album on the 4th on the shelf, the current sales are 70,000+.

    Ling Xiaoxiao's solo album "True Love Undefeatable" on the shelf No. 5, with a sales volume of 50,000+. There is not much difference between the two.

    so far. Both of them scored as qualified and there was not much surprise. It won't be too disappointing.

    At least [Golden Record] is stable, but the stamina of the two albums is obviously insufficient.

    There is always a rule in online record sales, that is, sales on the shelf 7 days time account for 40-50% of the total sales, especially the first three days is the most critical, known as the 72-hour law.

    How an album sells, whether it is a street, qualified or big sale, basically can be seen within 72 hours.

    Zou Yu's "Flower of Bloom" and Ling Xiaoxiao's "Undefeatable" can only be regarded as qualified, and the standard of selling is much worse. The performance of the two people is more or less disappointing to those onlookers.

    Originally expected to see a fierce competition, the result was so calm, everyone's eyes could not help but fall on Lu Chen and Cui Zhengzhi's new album to see if they could collide with dazzling sparks.

    Most people believe that Cui Zhengzhi’s victory is no suspense!

    If you don't say anything else, you can say that the publicity offensive, Cui Zhengzhi's "Fire", Lu Chen, at least three streets, its main song "Fire" is still firmly occupying the top of the news page of the Music News, really can be described as imposing.

    In contrast, Lu Chen is really too low-key, "You at the same table" basically has no big advertising investment.

    Some people also analyzed that Lu Chen’s approach is sensible. Even if he saves money, his album sales will not be much better. It’s enough to brush up the word of mouth.

    Even if he responded to Cui Zhengzhi’s provocation on the blog with “coming wars”, many people think that it’s just that Lu Chen’s use of the latter’s small speculation is a behavior of taking a ride. It’s not really a fight with Cui Zhengzhi. You live and die.

    The simplest proof is that there is no Lu Chen's album advertisement on the major online media with Fetion Music, but the publicity of "Fire" is everywhere.

    On the Inspur blog, the hot word "coming to war" has been fired. How much can it do?

    In related blogs, forums, and post bars, there are not many people with the same views.

    Including Cui Zhengzhi himself.

    When the album "Fire" was on the shelf, he was in the five-star famous hotel in Huhai.

    During the album's publicity, Cui Zhengzhi has successively brushed dozens of notices under the company's arrangement. Today, he has done live activities in two shopping malls and a 4S shop in Shanghai.

    Back in the hotel, the sky is dark, he has not eaten, his body is very tired, but still full of spirit.

    The young idol artist is staring at the computer screen, staring at one's own and Lu Chen's album list on the Fetion Music home, staring at the numbers beating behind the two albums – download sales.

    At the beginning, the sales volume of "Fire" has steadily prevailed, and it has greatly advanced the "You at the same table"!

    Cui Zhengzhi’s face showed a smug smile.

    "Xiaozhi, you don't have to look at it, that Lu Chen will not be your opponent!"

    Talking is the manager sitting next to him.

    Interestingly, like Lu Chen, Cui Zhengzhi’s manager is also his sister, Cui Xiuyin.

    Cui Xiuyin was originally an artist. She did not make a big profit after debuting with the support of parents. She took several small characters of the drama series and her career has not improved.

    Later, she turned to the back of the scene and dedicated her heart to help her brother.

    Cui Xiuyin's appearance is very ordinary, even if it is carefully dressed, it is six or seven points. The advantages of her parents are basically concentrated on the younger brother Cui Zhengzhi. The latter will shine with great brilliance as soon as it debuts.

    Cui Xiuyin is not a brother. On the contrary, her favorite is Cui Zhengzhi, who cares the latter in every possible way.

    In the Orange Field Entertainment, she is known for her hard-nosed character, and many people dare not provoke.

    For Lu Chen, who is competing with his younger brother, Cui Xiuyin is completely dismissive.

    "As for his old work, he can sell you one-tenth of the sales, even if he is lucky!"

    Cui Xiuyin dared to say such a thing, it is very emboldened.

    Because Cui Zhengzhi's "Fire" album, in addition to his one's own creation of several songs, all other by the Republic of Korea famous pop music composer Li Zhongji.

    This album is also personally supervised by Li Zhongji. The standard is the first-class, original Republic of Korea pop style. It is the favorite hot song of young people nowadays. The melody and rhythm are impeccable.

    Cui Xiuyin believes that with this album, Cui Zhengzhi's career will certainly be able to take a big step and become the popular idol in the Domestic Entertainment Circle, and then step into the film and television circle.

    A wide Avenue of Stars has been rolled out in front of him!

    As for Lu Chen, huh, huh, nothing more than a small stone on the road, kicking it off.

    I ran into my home, Oppa, and he was unlucky!

    This sentence is not compiled by Cui Xiuyin's own, but Cui Zhengzhi's fans said in the post.

    Cui Xiuyin is deeply impressed.

    Although Cui Zhengzhi is proud and agrees with Cui Xiuyin's opinion, he still said: "Lu Chen's strength is still there. His brightest star in the night sky is good. Other songs are very common, too outdated."

    Cui Zhengzhi grew up in the Republic of Korea and received artist training at the Republic of Korea. He was the popular fashion of the Republic of Korea. He returned to the Domestic development market through “Korean Wave” and did not like Lu Chen’s folk songs.

    "But if he is too bad…"

    Cui Zhengzhi’s face showed his signature smile: “I’ll be boring if I win, sister, are you right?”


    Cui Xiuyin touched her brother's hair and said with a smile: "Don't look at it, eat first, don't starve!"

    The dinner in the hotel was just sent to the room, she was afraid of being cold and not good.

    Cui Zhengzhi nodded and shut down the computer.

    He is confident in the album of one's own.

    Just thinking of Lu Chen’s response to one's own in the blog, Cui Zhengzhi is really annoyed.

    I will let you know what is called the real power pie!

    He even thought about the contents of one's own blog post tomorrow, and he should not use the facts to fight back.

    Is that too much to see Lu Chen?

    Cui Zhengzhi laughed aloud and asked aloud: "Sister, what do you order for me?"

    "I want to eat meat!"


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