The one hundred and sixty chapter chapter is really chaotic

    On September 5th, Lu Chen's debut album "You at the Same Table" pre-heated publicity at Fetion Music.

    This album, which has been completed in more than two months, is undoubtedly the real business focus after the establishment of Lu Chen studio. Its sales success and failure have greatly affected Lu Chen's position in the popular Musical World.

    No independent artist has released one's own's first solo album so soon after his debut.

    As a recent singer, Lu Chen's talent is unquestionable. Many of his songs have been on the original sound list. The live version of the original works in "Singing China" is also frequently used in Fetion.

    Therefore, there are many people in the circle who are secretly concerned about the release of this album online, but not everyone is optimistic about the sales of "You at the same table". There is no shortage of Voices in the wave blog.

    First of all, Lu Chen did not make great efforts to publicize the album. He made an advertisement on one's own blog. The publicity location of Fetion Music website is also very common, giving people the feeling that they are ashamed of saving money.

    Nowadays artists want to not popularize through packaging. It is basically an idiotic dream. If the new Singer's album does not spend a lot of effort on publicity, the sales are often very bleak.

    Relevant stakeholders, such as Fetion's Music website and portal media, will also be ignored intentionally or unintentionally, and it is easy to give free publicity resources, which is considered a hidden rule in the industry.

    Like Lu Chen's original works in "Singing China", many songs were posted on the click list and download list of Fetion Music, but they all disappeared with the closing of "Singing China".

    The reason is very simple. Lu Chen did not pay for the advertisement at Fetion Music. How can this important promotion resource make him arbitrarily occupied? It is very good to be able to face the list.

    If Fetion Music is not a partner of Beijing Satellite TV "Singing China". It is estimated that there is no chance to be on the list!

    This time, Lu Chen officially cooperated with Fetion Music, which took the exclusive sales right. A Xiaoxiao advertisement is still worth 100,000 yuan in real money.

    Under normal situation, the album "Singing China" champion, Lu Chen's album is still very promising.

    However, he has hit several strong opponents!

    The first opponent Cui Zhengzhi, the runner-up of Shunnan Satellite TV's "Super Boys" in 2014, signed the company's Orange Field Entertainment, and on September 1st in the newsletter Music pre-heated publicity's debut album "Getting Fire".

    The China-South Korea mixed-age idol Singer is the main entertainer of the industry tycoon Orange Field Entertainment.

    His album has been brewed for nearly a year, and it is definitely a fine work. Its title song "Getting Fire" is currently ranked first in the list of Feixin Music.

    The second one is opponent. In 2015, the deep-sea TV ace variety program "National Idol" winner, signed the Starlight Media, and Starlight Media is precisely the holding company of [Starlight Show].

    Zou Yu graduated from Huyin and is a true talented woman. She also brought her personal debut album, "Flower of Blooming". On September 2, she began to warm up at Fetion.

    As for the third opponent, it is undoubtedly the old acquaintance of Lu Chen – Ling Xiaoxiao.

    Ling Xiaoxiao played in the finals of "The Strongest Singer". The result only got the 5th place.

    His defeat is strictly related to Lu Chen. The fans of both sides have fought in the Inspur blog, and finally Lu Chenfang won.

    This time Ling Xiao Xiao's debut album "True Love Undefeatable" landed on the news of Music on the morning, no doubt with a strong revenge.

    Ling Xiaoxiao's signing company is Jin Hongwei's Juxing Company!

    His personal album and Lu Chen production time should be similar, and began to warm up publicity on September 3.

    The four new artists, Xin Singer, also launched their solo albums at Fetion Music, and the time was so intensely pre-heated by publicity that such a situation has never been seen in the history of Fetion's Music website.

    Usually unless it is a mortal enemy. Or intentionally hype. Otherwise, there is a tacit understanding between the entertainment record and Manager Corporation, and the artist's first album will often stagger the publicity time. Avoid the appearance of playing against the stage.

    The competition of the popular Musical World is also very fierce. Every year, a large number of newcomers emerge, and the qualifications for the albums are all the roles that the companies are pushing. No one wants to see the red at the critical moment and the opponent.

    Killing a thousand, you may hurt 800!

    And Orange Field Entertainment, Starlight Media and Juxing are the top or top companies in the industry.

    I can imagine how the three sides will come together and how intense the scene will be.

    In fact, the main advertising position of the Fetion Music network has basically been divided up by the three companies, and in the blogs, forums, post bars, etc., their publicity offensive is fierce!

    In contrast, Lu Chen is simply weak!

    In the simplest terms, Lu Chen debuted in "Singing China". After winning the championship, he did not participate in any announcements, nor did he shoot advertisements. Fans will meet face-to-face, and the low-key is not like an artist.

    Cui Zhengzhi, Zou Yu and Ling Xiaoxiao, which is not in the publicity one's own everywhere, today's fast-paced life, the rise and fall of Celebrity idols is very frequent, fans are very new and tired, and often do not entertain artists. It will soon be forgotten by people.

    Lu Chen is powerful, but he does not accept the announcement and does not speculate. The popularity that has been accumulated will not be exhausted.

    Now is not the 80s and 90s, a popular song can sing for ten or twenty years!

    "Our biggest problem is that most of the songs on the album have resources on the web…"

    Lu Chen studio, Lu Xi's manager's office temporarily served as a small meeting.

    In addition to the front desk Chen Xiaomei, other members of the studio were present, plus Li Mubai.

    My sister licked her wrinkled brow and said helplessly: "So the fans' buying desires will not be strong."

    Compared with Cui Zhengzhi, Zou Yu and Ling Xiaoxiao's three competing albums, Lu Chen's "You at the Same Table" is very transparent. All 10 songs can find free resources on the Internet, lacking mystery. And the sense of expectation, naturally greatly reduced the desire to buy.

    Especially in the face of strong competition, many popular music lovers are likely to search for pirated content online after Lu Chen's album on the shelf, and prefer to spend money on the other three new albums.

    Now Lu Xi has become more and more involved in the role of studio manager and manager. She spends a lot of time every day to understand the news in the network and the circle, and deliberately advises Lu Chen.

    She said: "I just got a call from the director of the Music business of the news, asking if we need to postpone the time of the album on the shelf, so as not to crash with Cui Zhengzhi."

    According to the agreement between Studio and Fetion Music, "You at the same table" warmed up publicity on September 5 and officially sold it on the shelf on September 8.

    Cui Zhengzhi’s "Fire" is actually on the same shelf!

    The Entertainment Circle New Generation idol is not an ordinary person. His father is a famous actor of Domestic and his mother is a well-known artist of Republic of Korea. Therefore, he has a wide network of contacts and supporters.

    He signed the Orange Field Entertainment, which is also a big company in the industry. He has a large number of Celebrity idols, and the cooperation with Shonan Satellite TV is very close, so he wears the same pair of pants.

    There are people in the background, more support from top companies, and Cui Zhengzhi looks handsome and stylish. It is a model of the Korean style new emerging artist that is popular with young people. The fans of Inspur blog are close to 10 million!

    No matter how much real powder or zombie powder is there, in terms of popularity, it is absolutely crushed!

    Cui Zhengzhi's debut album is highly regarded.

    But it is so intriguing to collide with Lu Chen so coincidentally.

    In general, it is not too long to warm up on the Fetion Music website and on the shelf. The three or four days are the best, five days are OK, and Cui Zhengzhi's publicity is from the 1st. of!

    Zou Yu’s album was on the shelf yesterday, and Ling Xiaoxiao’s album is today.

    The people present there smelled a thick conspiracy. Li Feiyu and Chen Xin couldn't help but reveal the worried look. Even Li Mubai, who has always been a big man, stood up straight and sat upright.

    The Li Sanshao was originally familiar with the face, but the Lu Chen album's first start is really related to him.

    Because he is the core figure of the Lu Chen fans group, it is an indispensable existence.

    It’s just that Li Mubai didn’t think how to trouble the release of the album, and it involved so many problems.

    He could not help but swear: "There is a chaos in your circle."

    Well, this sentence is also told by Lu Chen.

    Everyone is not a fool. No one will forget the grievances between Lu Chen and Shonan Satellite TV. To be purely coincidental, it is a bit insulting to IQ.

    Of course, like the giants like Shonan Satellite TV, perhaps simply disregards the Luchen, but as a partner, Orangefield Entertainment may not be, they will be happy to let Cui Zhengzhi step on Lu Chen.

    However, Ling Xiaoxiao, who had a direct conflict with Lu Chen, did not have much threat, because everyone knows what he is, and the quality of the album is unlikely to be high.

    Lu Xi analyzed that Ling Xiaoxiao was involved, and in all likelihood, he wanted to take advantage of the situation.

    The four singers are the first to launch a special album at Fetion Music, which is undoubtedly a good hype.

    Jin Hongwei is the famous hype king in the industry.

    There are tigers in front of the wolves, so how should Lu Chen face their challenges?

    All eyes are focused on him.

    Lu Chen was unexpectedly calm and smiled and said: "In fact, everyone thinks the problem is too serious."

    His smile is still full of confidence.


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