Chapter 141

    There is still no end!

    Wen Zhiyuan almost smashed the mineral water bottle in his hand toward the door of the room – let Laozi quiet?

    He took a deep breath and said in a deep voice: "Please come in."

    Since the ass sat in this position, Wen Zhiyuan felt that one's own had to endure Ninja's tortoise. There was a group of mother-in-law Uncle who was arguing with his fingertips. There was a group of arrogant soldiers who would stand on their own, and he was caught in the middle.

    Can live until now the blood vessels have not exploded, the past life must have burned 30,000 pounds of incense!

    The door was gently pushed open, and a thin middle-aged man came in with a Zamao girl.

    "Hello, Wen is in charge…"

    The middle-aged man came in and nodded and greeted, and the black face wrinkled into the orange peel had a flattering smile.

    At the same time, he followed his girl and said: "Warm supervisor, bother you."

    Seeing that these two are not the original two masters, Wen Zhiyuan suddenly breathed a sigh of relief.

    He stretched the action action and pressed it twice. He said with a smile: "You're welcome, sit down, there is water in the refrigerator, one's own."

    The middle-aged man quickly said: "Thank you!"

    He quickly walked over to open the refrigerator in the corner and took out two bottles of chilled mineral water.

    A bottle was first sent to Wen Zhiyuan's table, and a bottle was handed to the ponytail girl who had just sat down.

    Wen Zhiyuan likes to drink iced mineral water. Everyone knows that the bottle that he holds in his hand is drunk.

    The respect of the other party makes Wen Zhiyuan show a sincere smile.

    The middle-aged man is called Li Zhi Gao, the manager who was a half-way man.

    In the many managers of EMI Manager Corporation, Li Zhi Gao belongs to the lowest level. The time he enters is not very long, and there is no network of resources in the circle. So I can only go with very ordinary new people.

    The ponytail girl he brought is called Tang Qiaoqiao, 19 years old this year. 1.65 meters in height, big eyes and big eyes, looks good, is the top ten players in a certain draft program last year.

    EMI Manager Corporation launched her training after only half a year and more time. So far, she is just a small artist who brushed the small notice. Not many people know when she walks on the street and shouts her name.

    In recent years, there have been too many artists in the draft. Except for a few Luck children, most of them are similar to Tang Qiaoqiao, and even many have left the Entertainment Circle and returned to their original lives.

    The competition in this line is too intense!

    Tang Qiaoqiao is a trivial little role in the company's debut artist. So I lost it to Li Zhi.

    Wen Zhiyuan still has a good impression on Li Zhi Gao. Although the other party's ability is not good, but he is very respectful to one's own, and he is willing to do whatever he wants.

    If his men are like Li Zhi Gao, then his seat is comfortable.

    It is precisely because of this reason that Wen Zhiyuan is willing to take care of the other side under the appropriate situation.

    He asked cheerfully: "Old Li. What is it that you bring with you? ”

    Li Zhi sat on the sofa with a half-night buttocks and asked carefully: "Wen, I heard that you are ready to sing a song to the Chinese champion Lu Chen, right?"


    Wen Zhiyuan stunned, there are not many people who know this thing. Where does Li Zhi Gao listen?

    However, when he saw the look on his face, he understood.

    That must be Zhang Qiong’s stinky woman’s forefoot just out. The back foot is arguing outside. Deliberately hit one's own face, and even Li Zhi Gao knows!

    Wen Zhiyuan’s heart is an unknown fire. It is also not good for Li Zhi to have a high attack.

    He sighed and said: "Yes, now Lu Chen people have come to the reception room outside, and Zhang Qiong has to change people, so I don't know how to explain to him."

    Li Zhi's mouth is still very solid, and there is nothing to spit.

    I didn't expect Li Zhi Gao to show a surprise look: "Is everyone coming? Supervisor, smart, can you? ”

    He said that he was stuttering incoherently. Wen Zhiyuan understood it. He shook his head and said: "Old Li, I am not helping you. Lu Chen’s song asking price is 250,000. I can help Zhang Shuhui apply this money. If you are clever, there is really nothing you can do."

    Any Manager Corporation includes EMI culture, and its signing artists have an internal hierarchical sequence. The higher the level, the more resources are available. This is the clear rule.

    Inside EMI Manager Corporation, the artist is also under Wen Zhiyuan's hand. If Zhang Shuhui's ranking is B, then Tang Qiaoqiao is D. The difference between the two is really great.

    Therefore, Wen Zhiyuan can apply to Zhang Shuhui for the cost of buying 250,000 songs. Tang Qiaoqiao will also have a maximum of 50,000.

    Wen Zhiyuan is really helpless.

    The main reason is that Lu Chen’s asking price is really too high. No newcomer dares to open such a high price.

    Zhang Qiong’s opposition is not completely unreasonable.

    Wen Zhiyuan’s heart is bitter.

    At this time, Tang Qiaoqiao sitting on the sofa bit his lip and suddenly said: "Wen Shu, if I am willing to one's own half of the money, is that okay?"

    Wen Zhiyuan was shocked: "You…Are you one's own money? ”

    Singer one's own It is normal to buy songs, but Tang Qiaoqiao is a new artist who debuted soon. Wen Zhiyuan knows that her family is very ordinary. The money earned by the company will also be mixed in Beijing. It is difficult to eat well.

    Now she actually wants to come up with more than 100,000 to buy songs, really shocked Wen Zhiyuan.

    This is a ruin!

    The signing artists of Manager Corporation want to buy songs, and they are not arbitrarily arbitrary. According to the rules, they must be arranged through the company, because they also need to deal with the issues of production, publicity and promotion.

    In fact, many entertainment Manager Corporation, do not like the artist's own ideas.

    Tang Qiaoqiao asked Wen Zhiyuan to propose to buy songs from Lu Chen, which is undoubtedly a great courage.

    The time is also just right.


    Wen Zhiyuan still shook his head: "Half is not enough!"

    It is not his hard-hearted, but the company has the rules of the company. He is a Xiaoxiao Sect Master, and he has no ability to let the above rules break the order of Tang Qiaoqiao.

    Li Zhi Gao said: "Wen is the supervisor, Qiaoqiao is one's own out 100,000, I am out 50,000, you can help her apply for another 100,000!"

    He looked at Wen Zhiyuan. The attitude is extremely sincere: "It’s not easy for this kid to be a good helper. You can help."

    Old Li, is this crazy?

    Wen Zhiyuan is simply stunned. Can't believe it.

    50,000 yuan, I am afraid that this is all of the savings, how can managers be so chaotic?

    But at the same time as the surprise, the manager of the manager was also very moved.

    In the Entertainment Circle, there aren't many managers who can do this for signing artists. Most people try to squeeze out the value of the latter and finally spit it out like bagasse.

    Therefore, many Celebrity idols choose one's own friends and relatives as managers, even if the other party does not know how to do it.


    Wen Zhiyuan slammed the table and got up and said: "That! Since you are called my uncle, I will sell this old face to help you once as an uncle. I will apply for 100,000 songs for you! ”

    Li Zhi Gao and Tang Qiaoqiao are both happy: "Thank you Wen Guan/Wen Shu!"

    The two did not have much hope, just trying to fight for one's own.

    I can't think of it really touched Wen Zhiyuan.

    Wen Zhiyuan smiled and waved and said: "No thanks, if you want to thank you, then work hard. We will go to see Lu Chen Teacher now. Remember to be polite, don't be slow."

    It is also Tang Qiaoqiao's luck. If Zhang Qiong didn't turn his face with him, this opportunity would not fall to Tang Qiaoqiao's body, and if Zhang Qiong was forced to make him too intolerable, he would not want to fight for it once.

    He will not fight back, then Zhang Qiong will only step on his face!

    Wen Zhiyuan is actually betting that the strength of Lu Chen is as strong as he expected.

    A singer who wrote "In the Spring", "You at the same table", "The brightest star in the night sky", should you write a song suitable for girls to sing?

    Wen Zhiyuan, who took Li Zhi Gao and Tang Qiaoqiao to the reception room. There is no complete grasp in the heart.

    EMI Culture Manager Corporation. Reception room.

    Lu Chen and Li Feiyu have been waiting for 10 minutes.

    To be honest, Lu Chenxin is a little bit unhappy. He took the initiative to run the door to try the sound, and he waited on the sofa.

    But the front desk lady is very beautiful and very polite, the coffee provided is also very fragrant, so I can bear it.

    Li Feiyu was fascinated by the front of the big breasted white skin, and peeked at the coffee.

    Lu Chen suspects that he is a front-end control – there is a Xiaomei sister in the studio!

    "This must be Lu Chen Teacher?"

    Just as Lu Chen began to feel a little impatient, three people appeared at the entrance of the reception room.

    Among them, the middle-aged fat man with a big waist and a round waist is like a Maitreya. "Sorry, I am really embarrassed, I have kept you waiting!"

    He came over and extended his hands to Lu Chen: "I am Wen Zhiyuan, the director of EMI manager. I am very glad to meet you."

    Reaching out his hand and not making a smile, Wen Zhiyuan’s sincere attitude made Lu Chen’s heart unhappy.

    He stood up and shook hands with the other person, smiling: "Well, you are not busy, we have not waited long, your company's coffee is very good."

    Wen Zhiyuan opened his hand and smiled and said: "This coffee was brought by our boss from Brazil. There is no Domestic. If you like it, I will let Little Wang pack it for you to try."

    Lu Chen was dumbfounded: "Wen is too polite to you, and I will call Lu Chen."

    Wen Zhiyuan is right: "You are one of the judges who sing the Chinese in the next season, and you can be named in the role of Teacher."

    Beijing Satellite TV The first season of "Singing China" was very successful. Viewership Ratings won the Shonan Satellite TV's "The Strongest Singer" and has already booked the production task for the second quarter of next year.

    At that time, there must be more Singer to participate. In the reason for Wen Zhiyuan’s application to Lu Chen’s invitation, Lu Chen’s identity as the next season’s judges was also written.

    Lu Chen modestly said: "It’s just a singer’s sea election judges.”

    "Singing China" has a total of seven singing areas. Apart from the Beijing singing area, other singing areas have different sea election judges. Lu Chen is one of them. It is not the four big judges who decide the championship.

    This point Beijing Satellite TV has long told Lu Chen that nothing more than a publicity gimmick.


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