Chapter 147

    Tang Qiaoqiao has always been a very proud girl.

    But her pride has always hidden in the deepest part of her heart, and she never shows it easily.

    Because her family is very ordinary, if she puts her pride on her face, I don't know how much trouble it will cause.

    Tang Qiaoqiao is also a very smart girl.

    Since signing EMI, she has been working hard to learn and strive for every opportunity. As long as it is the work arranged by the company, even if she is tired again, she will seriously complete it.

    Even so, it is still too difficult to be in the talented Manager Corporation. The manager Li Zhi, who was arranged by the company, has a good character, but is not good at intrigue, and can't help her too much.

    More often, Tang Qiaoqiao can only rely on one's own.

    So when she accidentally knew that Zhang Qiong and Zhang Shuhui forced Wen Zhiyuan to give up buying songs to Lu Chen, she resolutely pulled Li Zhi Gao to apply to the latter.

    She wants one's own to save money and buy Lu Chen's work.

    Because of her keen instinct telling Tang Qiaoqiao, her chances of waiting are coming!

    Under the insistence of Tang Qiaoqiao's ruin, Wen Zhiyuan agreed to her request and helped to apply for a fund to let her successfully get Lu Chen's new work.

    So proud!

    What a good name, although this song may not have much connotation, the melody is not to the extent of Undefeatable, perhaps is simply nice, but after Tang Qiaoqiao sang it again, I know that this song is too suitable for one's own.

    "And I smiled at you again and again, how come you haven't seen me well~"

The lyrics on the surface describe the relationship between men and women, but is it not a portrayal of her life experience?

    Tang Qiaoqiao worked so hard for so long, and Luck Goddess smiled at her for the first time.

    Her dream is to make one's own "uneasy heartbeat." I heard it all over the world! ”

    Tang Qiaoqiao held the microphone in his hand as if he had grasped the whole world.

    And at this moment. She can finally show one's own in front of everyone, so a little pride!

    The applause in the audition room continued and was warm.

    No way, Song Xun has been applauding, who is the manager of the following who dare not look like this?

    Even Zhang Qiong had to hold his nose and take a few shots.

    The face with the delicate makeup is about to be distorted. It is just a bite.

    Song Xun went up two steps and said to Lu Chen’s take action: “Lu Chen Teacher, thank you for creating an excellent work for our company’s artists, and it’s great value for money!”

    His attitude is different from the previous one.

    Fortunately, it was polite and courteous. Not from the heart of respect.

    Now Lu Chen has proved the strength of one's own, even the vice president of the Manager Corporation has to be solemn.

    A good song is a newcomer!

    Lu Chen smiled lightly and shook hands and said: "Song is too polite, and it is my responsibility to provide good works."

    Lu Chen's attitude of not being arrogant, so that Song Xun secretly admired, more and more firmly established the idea of ​​establishing long-term friendly cooperative relations with him.

    An excellent songwriter who is in the midst of a creative period. That is a real gold mine!

    As long as you have experienced the Golden Age of the Popular Culture World in the 1980s and 1990s, you will understand this.

    Song Xun said to Tang Qiaoqiao next to him: "Are you called Tang Qiaoqiao? You sing very well with this song. The company pays for the full cost of the song. First, give you a single. If you have good grades, you can consider making another album. ”

    Song Xun knew very clearly about the twists and turns that occurred during the purchase of Lu Chen.

    Zhang Qiong steals chicken and does not eclipse the rice. The deputy general manager is happy to see jokes. He is not afraid to expose his ugliness.

    Since it was beaten. That's about to be strong enough, otherwise where is the effect?

    Tang Qiaoqiao was happy to jump out of a heart. Quickly said: "Thank you, Song, I will work hard!"

    She is still too tender. I didn't expect that one's own money to buy the song can share the corresponding rights. Song Xun did not take any risk to lightly collect this part of the benefits, but just put a sweet date.

    Of course, from another perspective, if there is no company support, even if we get a good song, it is very difficult for her to become famous. Now it is not ten or twenty years ago, packaging publicity hype is the key.

    Therefore, even if Tang Qiaoqiao knows that he has suffered a loss, he will not raise any objection.

    Song Xun nodded, and then said to several subordinates: "Old Chen, you and Xingguo discuss, the songs of this song are placed on the side of the Tianzhu workshop, according to high specifications, we must ensure the quality of the boutique! ”

    "Old Wang, according to the characteristics of Tang Qiaoqiao and the song, your department quickly gave me a set of publicity plans."

    "And you…You are the economic person of Tang Qiaoqiao, right? ”

    The named Li Zhi Gao was flattered and stuttered: "Yes…Yes, Song Zong. ”

    As a half-way manager, his presence in EMI is too low. Song Xun knows that he is a manager of Tang Qiaoqiao. The name is not easy to remember.

    Song Xun did not care, saying: "You come with Tang Qiaoqiao and come to my office to talk about something."

    Several department managers and supervisors looked at Li Zhi Gao with a strange look. The envy couldn’t be said, and it belonged to the kind of "this guy stepped on the ****."

    They all know Li Zhi Gao, knowing that the other party is synonymous with the street in the company's manager.

    As a result, no one thought that a salted fish would have to turn over!

    Song Xun called the two to be re-talking about the contract in the past, which means that the company must hold the Tang Qiaoqiao!

    If you encounter a rising star, you may be able to follow the chicken.

    Such an example is very common in the Entertainment Circle.

    Song Xun also told Wen Zhiyuan: "Old Wen, you are good to enter Lu Chen Teacher, you have done a good job this time."

    If you work well, you should be commended. Song Xun will never praise the subordinates publicly.

    Even his words may embarrass some people.

    "Thank you, Song General…"

    Wen Zhiyuan feels like Zhu Bajie has eaten ginseng fruit, and there are hundreds of thousands of pores all over the body.

    He said in a hurry: "You can rest assured!"

    Of course, he must hold the good deity of Lu Chen, who can make one's own promotion and raise salary, and does not need Song Xun to explain.

    After squandering and giving orders, Song Xun finally said to Lu Chen: "Lu Chen Teacher, I am really sorry, I still have work arrangements, so I can't accompany you here. Welcome to come to our company for guidance."

    As the vice president of EMI, Song Xun certainly has one's own support. He hopes to have long-term cooperation with Lu Chen, but he will not be eager to immediately open the conditions to Lu Chen.

    This will not only make others look down, but also give Lu Chen a chance to ask for price.

    Specific cooperation can be discussed slowly.

    So his words are very beautiful, just beautiful.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Song always asks."

    Song Xun left with a large team of people, and soon there were only two or three kittens left in the audition room.

    At this time, Zhang Qiong came over and said to Lu Chen: "Lu Chen Teacher, I want to talk to you about buying a song."

    Zhang Qiong’s heart is regretful.

    But what she regrets is not to miss the song of Lu Chen, but to give Wen Zhiyuan a chance to turn over, and to make one's own prostitute resentment, completely a step by step.

    Therefore, Zhang Qiong had to make up for one's own mistake, and she took the opportunity to start in Lu Chen.

    As long as she can invite a good song to Lu Chen, then Zhang Shuhui will not blame her again, she can also recover the adverse effects, and will not become a laughing stock in the company.

    She even hopes that Lu Chen’s song sold to one’s own is better and stronger than this “so proud”!

    Zhang Qiong’s brain turned fast, and his face returned to self-confidence.

    However, Lu Chen did not show interest or a happy expression as she thought.

    He turned his head and asked Wen Zhiyuan doubtfully: "Is this one?"

    Previously, Wen Zhiyuan did not introduce Zhang Qiong to Lu Chen. Where does he know who is who?

    However, Wen Zhiyuan’s face changed dramatically, and Lu Chen was in his eyes.

    Seeing that Zhang Qiong actually ran over and wanted to intercept Hu, Wen Zhiyuan almost didn't get angry.

    Lu Chen’s inquiry was to make his mood turn around in a flash.

    The manager of the manager replied with a smile: "This is Ms. Zhang Qiong, my manager."


    Lu Chen said that he understood Zhang Qiong: "Ms. Zhang Qiong, if you want to buy a song, please discuss with the supervisor first. At present, our studio is in contact with the supervisor of the temperature, please forgive me."

    Lu Chen is not a fool, how can you not see Zhang Qiong and Wen Zhiyuan not paying?

    As a manager of Wen Zhiyuan, she actually ignores one's own boss and finds him directly. There is no rule.

    This woman is obviously very proud. Although she is very polite, she can't conceal the habit of arrogance.

    Lu Chen didn't like her very much, and she didn't want to deal with her.

    So he gave Zhang Qiong a soft nail.

    By the way, I also gave Wen Zhiyuan a big face!

    Zhang Qiong suddenly stopped.

    She did not think that Lu Chen did not give one's own face so much, and did not want to talk to one's own.

    Wen Zhiyuan was so happy that he couldn’t laugh. When he saw Zhang Qiong eating and drinking, he was full of comfort. He quickly said to Lu Chen: "Lu Chen, go to my office, I have something to talk to you."

    The director of the management department of EMI was simply grateful to Lu Chen, who not only pulled him back from the edge of the cliff, but also gave him a valuable opportunity.

    As long as he firmly grasps the line of Lu Chen, his Wen Zhiyuan is as stable as a mountain in the company.

    What can be done behind Zhang Qiong?

    Song is always staring!

    "it is good."

    Lu Chen promised to follow Wen Zhiyuan and talked with a smile and left the audition room.

    Zhang Qiong and a sad and disappointed Zhang Shuhui were left behind.


The first one is sent, today is still the same, just ask one, where is the monthly ticket? (To be continued~^~)

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