Chapter 143 is not very bad

    "This song I originally prepared for Chen Feier…"

    If you change to another newcomer who just debuted, it would only make people laugh at the big teeth if they say this.

    But Lu Chen is really different.

    Chen Feier’s appreciation of Lu Chen has been fully reflected in the game “Singing China”. She only gave Lu Chen a total of five times, which is more than Tan Hong who likes to bring new people.

    In some online entertainment channels, even small news such as "Chen Feier's new emerging artist" appeared.

    Lu Chen did not see these Eight Trigrams, otherwise it is estimated to vomit blood – I am a good man?

    Wen Zhiyuan, Li Zhi Gao and Tang Qiaoqiao were on the spot and they were out of focus, but there was not much doubt.

    Lu Chen’s talent in creation is obvious to all, not by whoever brings it out and blows it up!

    Chen Feier invited him to sing, it is not an incredible thing.

    Wen Zhiyuan reacted, and he was very excited. "It turned out to be the song that Lu Chen Teacher wrote to Chen Tianhou…"

    "You don't think about it."

    When his words were not finished, he was interrupted by Lu Chen: "I will not admit it."

    Lu Chen understands Wen Zhiyuan's thoughts. For the newcomer Singer, this is undoubtedly an excellent hype.

    But first of all, Lu Chen cooperated. If Lu Chen didn't admit it, then even if the EMI company was hard-fired, the effect would be poor. I am afraid that he would be offended together with Chen Feier, and it would not be worth the candle.

    Wen Zhiyuan never imagined that Lu Chen was so shrewd, and at a glance he saw the idea of ​​one's own heart.

    His smile is inevitably embarrassing.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "It doesn't matter if you use my name to hype. Don't touch Chen Feier's Teacher."

    Even if he didn't mention it, he was a bit worried about bringing Chen Feier in. He knew that many entertainment Managers had to be forced to cooperate in order to hype. Don't say that it's a bit related.

    Therefore, Lu Chen did not lightly beat Wen Zhiyuan, lest the other party produce unrealistic thoughts.

    He is willing to sell his work to EMI. I don't mind if the other person takes the name of one's own for publicity, but it can't involve a third party, otherwise everyone will take a shot!

    Changed to another newcomer who has such a speech qualification, but Lu Chen said that Wen Zhiyuan is really convinced.

    He is even grateful.

    The work that Lu Chen took out was originally prepared for the day!


    Wen Zhiyuan said with a lot of enthusiasm: "Lu Chen Teacher, you can rest assured, we have a sense of proportion, then I am ready to contract, I am waiting for the day after tomorrow in the company!"

    Lu Chen took the initiative to extend his hand to him: "Then we cooperate happily!"

    Wen Zhiyuan laughed happily: "Happy cooperation!"

    He grabbed Lu Chen’s hand hard and his heart was very happy.

    The head of the manager of the EMI company manager. I have already made up my mind that I must apply for the song of the song.

    The original two-day time is not enough. The company's process is not so fast, but if you use the special affairs, Wen Zhiyuan still has considerable confidence. After all, this money is not a lot.

    It’s not good, it’s a big deal.

    In order to suppress Zhang Qiong's arrogance. Wen Zhiyuan is also going out.


    Refused to the warm invitation of Wen Zhiyuan and others to have lunch, Lu Chen returned to one's own studio.

    At 2 pm, he was here to be interviewed by a reporter from Fetion Music.

    In the course of participating in the "Singing China" competition, and after the finals, Lu Chen had several interviews before and after, and there were group interviews and individual interviews.

    However, the official interview with this special appointment was the first time.

    Although the other party is not a well-known newspaper or magazine, or a reporter from the TV station. However, Fetion Music is the largest and most powerful of all Music websites. Can get their special interview, for any newcomer. It is a matter worth celebrating.

    Even need to spend money to conduct public relations.

    The main reason why Lu Chen can get this opportunity is that his several works are very hot in the news of Music.

    Beijing Satellite TV's "Singing China" is a key partner of Fetion Music. All the songs of the contestants will be placed on the live version for the netizens to order for free.

    Although Lu Chen is an original work, it is no exception.

    His work has repeatedly rushed to the news page of Fetion Music.

    So far, the live version of the three original works of "Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart", "The Brightest Star in the Night Sky" and "You at the Same Table" have broken through 100 million, of which "Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart" is continuous. It took the top spot for 7 days until it was squeezed by the brightest star in the night sky.

    As for the other "Flying Higher", "Junior Jin Shi", "Those Flowers", etc. have a good performance.

    Lu Chen’s song even appeared in the situation of occupying the list.

    This kind of situation is so rare that the official of the Musical Music has to use the "technique means" to re-adjust the list and let several songs fall on the list.

    Because Lu Chen’s songs have been on the list, it has seriously affected many website partners who are playing lists, publicity and sales. The Uncle who spends money has opinions – the money can’t be lost!

    Such unspoken rules have long been a secret in the industry, especially the entertainment channel of the portal. If you want to show your face, unless you are a real big-name person, you don’t want to pay for it. .

    The same is true for Fetion Music. As the largest Music website of Domestic, it has Over a hundred million registered users. In addition to sales sharing, the most important thing is the advertisement and the list.

    Therefore, it touched the interests of the gold master, and it was normal for Lu Chen’s song to be suppressed.

    However, Lu Chen's own doesn't care. After all, the publicity goal of the work has been reached, and he will also cooperate with Fetion Music to sell one's own first album online version.

    At that time, as long as the results are excellent, Fetion Music will naturally hold a big hand, and it’s fine!

    This special interview also seems to make up for a little compensation.

    Most of the above are analyzed by Lu Xi to Lu Chen. She has been paying attention to the trends on the Internet.

    Blogs like Lu Chen are personally managed by my sister.

    In addition to the special interview with Fetion Music. Lu Xi also has a work report to Lu Chen, who needs his one's own decision.

    "The nearest clothing company that is looking for your advertising." I have already talked to them. ”

    "If you cooperate, you have to decide one's own!"

    This is the benefit of fame, and there are people sitting in the house who are bringing money to the door.

    Lu Chen was not brightened by his eyes. He quickly asked: "What kind of clothing is it, how much?"

    Think about one's own to shoot the first advertisement, he is a little excited.

    Lu Xi smiled slightly: "It's a costume, men's underwear, the cost of a century is 100,000!"

    Men's underwear?

    Lu Chen was suddenly not too light. He thought it was a suit trousers. The result was too unexpected.

    The underwear is of course worn by everyone. But think about one's own only wearing a panties on the mirror, was photographed as an advertisement publicity album or magazine inserts, Lu Chen feels that the picture is really beautiful.

    He couldn't help but have a chill, and the whole body's hair was erected: "Forget it, help me to reject it."

    Lu Chen didn't want to make money, but the money earned him unacceptable.

    The key is that there is too little money and it is not worthy of "selling the flesh". 100,000 is also a price tag that is less than half a song.

    For Lu Chen’s answer, Lu Xi did not have any accident: “Good.”

    Lu Chen asked: "What else is there?"

    Lu Xi flipped the notebook in his hand and continued: "There are several invitations to announce, I will help you back."

    The announcement in Entertainment Circle refers to artists participating in various Programs and public events, such as signing, talks, publicity, endorsements, press conferences, etc. Follow the intent of the entertainment company or Manager Corporation. Increase your exposure over a specific time period.

    Most of the notices are subject to a notice fee, which depends on the status of the circle. From a few thousand to tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, and a small number of free public notices of pure publicity, in general, is the only way for a new artist.

    Even the announcement artist who specially ran the notice was born.

    It is only a notice that the artist's position in the circle is very low, and it is a non-A-list Star that is too sufficient for Singer, idol or popularity, no specific company contract, or no Program.

    This type of person no longer works as usual in a fixed studio or recording studio, but travels between various Variety Programs every day to talk about the Eight Trigrams in the circle or the popular news and the secrets of one's own and other artists. Or, just play some whole people in some entertainment programs.

    All in all, it’s Low!

    As an independent artist, Lu Chen is not pressed by the contracting company, so he is very free to choose in this regard.

    Some Manager Corporation will force artists to participate in the announcement.

    Of course, without the company's network of resources, many notice activities will not take the initiative to find him.

    Lu Chen’s own is not interested in this.

    Because he doesn't have much time to spend the notice of time and effort and earn a few dollars.

    Lu Xi understood Lu Chen’s thoughts, so he went straight back.

    Also remind him: "If it is an invitation to Beijing Satellite TV, then you have to go anyway."

    Lu Chen nodded. He had to maintain the relationship of Beijing Satellite TV. Even if he didn't have the money to earn, he had to give face.

    Otherwise, it is too maverick, and it is not long-lasting in the Entertainment Circle.

    "The last is the offer of the two performers…"

    Lu Xi said: "When you eat a package of round-trip air tickets or high-speed rail tickets, a song of 30,000 yuan, if you agree, you can sign a one-year contract."

    The performance of the walk is also the focus of the artist to make money, but the other party's offer makes Lu Chen really a little sad.

    Who makes him a newcomer, and no contracting company support!

    He scratched his head and asked his sister: "Sister, you said that I don't talk about it, isn't it bad?"

    Lu Xi smiled: "You know."


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